WoT ASIA (SEA) fail: tier 8 premium for 30 cents

Hello everyone,

some info about an interesting situation came up. Basically, on SEA (ASIA) server, Vietnamese players have the option to pay in Vietnamese currency (VND) – and the following happened:


Someone responsible for the shop in Wargaming made a decimal point mistake and set the price of a Lowe to 10721 VND, which is like 0,37 EUR. This bug is for VN players only and current fix ETA is unknown. Other tier 8′s have their prices wrong too.

20 thoughts on “WoT ASIA (SEA) fail: tier 8 premium for 30 cents

  1. Surely the only logical conclusion on how to get this straight is to gift every SEA player a free tier VIII premium tank.

  2. just got 23k gold 8k credits most tier 8 premium and 360 days vip for 100.000 VND ( almost 5$) late christmas present for Vietnamese:)) it’s suck to be you capitalist :)) (a joke, seriously the net can’t handle a joke nowadays)

    • I really, really hope that after wg asia fixes this you won’t be forced to pay full price. Dunno how it works in Vietnam, but IIRC, there was a casus in Poland: someone by similar mistake offered some audi model (almost brand new car) for like 10 polish zloty (~2-3 euro) on e-bay like portal and some other person bought it. Court decided that everything was fine, somehow. O_o

        • Well, there are some faults, that can render agreement non-valid, like one side being in – how do you call it? “Altered state of consciousness” due to being high or drunk – that’s just one example, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if such a mistake is a fault, but it seems that I’m wrong. Still don’t know how that works in Vietnam though.

          • Yeah, you are right… I bet that WG will take everything back from those who bought these packages, because if there is some error that causes them to lose something they just go and take it back. But when it would be good for the players (I’m looking at the double XP problem at the IS6 event) they simply back edit, and don’t evey say that they are sorry…

            • About a month ago (IIRC), WoT Chinese agent made a mistake which enabled people to get the JT88 for 6RMB or so. The item sold was meant to be 50 Po-471 premium shells, but players get the JT88 instead (along with a slot and 100% percent crew).
              When the mistake was discovered, all the JT88′s that were wrongly sent were deleted, and the only ones who benefited from this were those who bought and sold the JT88 for credits repeatedly. (If you buy a premium vehicle that you already have from the gift shop of Chinese WoT, you get nothing. Nevertheless 2 mil credits for 6 RMB is really cheap)

          • Well it not exactly like what they write up there. I stocked up some Mol point (1 VND=1 Molpoint), no problem so far, as i need much of points to buy things in other games. Went to gift shop, chose the payment method, no problem either, even their price there is still right. The point is when it take me to the confirm payment page, the rate is around 1 Mol point = 1 gold LOL. Which mean the error is between WG and Mol to put up(or agree?) to such a rate.

      • They decided to rollback by check all the log already. I could see someones fry their brain with all of them. For a joke, there are some players are thinking about buy lots of 1250 gold pack to troll WG =))