Tank Inspector and how to get it

Hello guys,

just a quick update on the Tank Inspector utility. A lot of people are apparently writing the Chinese developers for beta keys, when the Tank Inspector is already publicly available. No point in that. Hillin and other guys asked me to post that the Tank Inspector is freely available on this address:


No beta keys or anything needed. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Tank Inspector and how to get it

  1. Well, I’ve got a question: why do have to register online and create an account to use the Tank Inspector? Is there a special reason that there is no offline version, which works without registration?


    • I think the reason there is no offline version is the fact that it gets updated with hotfixes, but I don’t know. As far as I know, you kinda have to register.

      • It also displays some tank’s statistics like average win rate, survivability ect. Obviously it needs internet access tor that too.

        • But you don’t have to get tank Inspector access to your account stats, you can just only view tank stats without “merging” it with your WoT account?

    • Hi,

      There are many reasons. For example, some function requires querying data from our server, we need an authentication to get rid of abuse. In our future plan, configurations of tanks could be stored on the server and shared with others. Some features in connection with your WoT profile might also be introduced, which requires an account association too. For now it’s mostly an infrastructure.

      (From our FAQ: http://tankinspector.sinaapp.com/faq/)

  2. Hey SS, you should put the link into the Linx4U or you could make a new option up there next to the stream for tank inspector.

  3. weird program as hell.

    first day: downloaded, unzipped, launched perfectly with no issues whatsoever
    second day: updated my wot to 0.8.10 and now the program doesnt work at all (click exe – nothing happens. and yeah I already tried the hotfix on their website)


  4. Never tired it, don’t have anything to demount .7z files.
    Why can’t they put it up in nomral .zip or, if they really have to, .rar?
    And no, 7-zip is not a solution, it gave me a virus once, never again.

    • As there are many people encountering problem with 7-zip, we will release with a zip package next time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  5. Hmmm, I think I intalled it all correctly, and it works perfectly, except for one thing. I cannot resize the window, and if I make it full screen it simply cuts off most of the window. I can move it from side to side, but I cannot move it so I can see the bottom. Is there anything I can do besides upping the resolution on my moniter?

    • Hi,

      the minimum resolution requirement is 1280*700, this is limited by design, so sorry for no lower resolution support.