Grosstraktor – leaked tier 2 German MT

Source: Livejournal post, VK community

According to the leaked data, it’s going to be tier German 2 medium premium tank.

Ingame values:
Armor: 13mm front, 8mm sides and back
Gun: 75mm L/24
Engine: 250hp
Weight: 15-19,32 tons



95 thoughts on “Grosstraktor – leaked tier 2 German MT

  1. Medium rly? Good, armor is crap, mobility likely aswell, but 75mm is nice on t2 :)

    • It’s a proto-med, that’s why :)

      But I thought it would come with multi-turret addon … Like the NbFz (which will be heavy tiers III if GrossTraktor is tiers II)

      • It’s like the British “Mediums”. It’s an interwar project, back in the day where the lack of engine and suspension technology meant you couldn’t simultaneously have size (Ergo, space to fit a gun) and armour.

        • Not sure how much use it would be though, since a shot from some tier 2s, like the Cruiser Mks I and III or the T18 (they can all use the same 2-pounder Mk.X gun, which with premium ammo can penetrate a tier 6 heavy tank from the front) would be able to penetrate the front, keep going and hit the engine and transmission in the rear, come out the other side, and possible penetrate another tank behind him.

          • I don’t think the 2 pounder can do that. shells travel 10x their diameter after penetration regardless of their penetration value (for example, the stubby 10.5 cm’s AP travels further inside the tank than the 8.8 cm l100′s AP does)

    • So the first german tank than wont catch on fire in the garage or during the countdown ? YES!!!

      • If you want German tanks that won’t catch fire, get a Porsche. From Tier VII on, it’s all diesel-electric transmissions, which means that there are no mechanical gearboxes or transmissions for the game to rule as engines. The Tier X even has a gasoline engine with the flammability of a diesel!

    • The Neubaufahrzeug was supposed to be released a few patches ago but was held back for “Rebalancing” I hope it comes soon, It is a heavy low tier probably 4-5, but the main reason I want it is historically it had a crew of 6 so I could finally have a proper heavy crew trainer for my tier 10 heavy tanks :)

        • Ok I didn’t know what tier it was supposed to be just that it was supposed to come out but didn’t for “Rebalancing” I hope it does indeed have a crew of 6 :)

      • I hoped the Leichttraktor would lead to the Grosstrakor which would lead to the NbFzg which would lead to the DW2.

  2. 75mm on tier 2? Really?

    110 damage and 43mm pen with AP, 175 and 38 with HE. You certainly won;t be needing any premium ammo.

    Tier 3 or 4 surely.

      • Jkeep in mind it will be huge (like Mk3 Medium huge) and and slow, and there are tons of auto-cannons around tier 2 that make cheese out of those 8-13mm of armor.
        It’s viable on t2 with that gun, speed, size and armor would balance it. T18 is a lot more powerful than that

          • Hey, whatever it takes to knock that King of Sealclubbing (the T18) off of its throne.

        • You can’t use the T18 as justification for it.

          If anything the T18 has no place in tier 2 either, it was OK when tier 2 TDs didn’t see tier 1 tanks.

    • Its guess its going to be a slow velocity and bad accuracy (L24, lols) gun. The size, typical thin armor and unwieldy gun doesnt even look like a half decent tank to me. Two-shotting stationary noobs, thats what I’m betting this tank will do best.

      Good noobstomper, perhaps?

      • Yes it’s grossly overpowered for T2, but somehow i didn’t saw you complaining about T18 that’s even more OP with the armor+speed+gun combo.

    • Over a year I believe, at least on the NA server. More specifically they were asking for either this, the Nebaufahrzeug or both.

  3. Gun is interesting, a tier 2 sealclubber glass cannon thing. Probably won’t be too OP tho, the hordes of red baron autocannoneers will see to that.

    • Not to mention the T18s will still be able to one-shot these things very often, since it gets a 75 mm gun AND strong armor, the lack of a turret only being a minor handicap if you’re up against multiple enemies and being flanked, but how many teams at tier 2 or 3 actually manage to coordinate an attack on a T18 like that? It NEVER happens unless there’s a platoon of seal clubbers on the team.

      • actually, I’ve seen someone with about 300 battles put a T18 in a position to get killed by another newbie. the first one decided to hide behind a building within automatic spotting distance of the T18 because the newbie was at about 50 hp, and the T18 was at about 10. so they sat on opposite sides of the building waiting for the other to come out. as this was happening, another take had come charging across the map and managed to get the killing shot into the T18.

  4. The fact that they specify it’s the Krupp model makes me wonder if they plan to add other Grosstraktors…

  5. Once they get around to implementing the multi turret mechanism anyone trying to flank this tank from behind will be in for a nasty surprise :)

    • Because standard 7.92mm rounds have been proven to be effective anti-tank rounds.

      • They can give tier 1 and some tier 2 tanks a reason to think twice about attacking it alone, or at the very least can annoy somebody for a moment (if the Panzer IC’s 7.92 mm MG is any indicator…granted the Panzer IC’s MG is based on an anti-tank rifle, but still, it could have its uses).

        • Normal 7.92mm rounds have under 10mm of pen. The EW 141 is based on the MG 151/15 and rechambered to fire the 7.92 from the 15mm case AFAIK.

  6. At least it’s better than previous crap combat car. Not to mention I have full skill LT german crews :D

    • Shame your LT crews will be useless on this Medium tank!

      Plus, don’t moan about the T7 CC, they don’t have to give out free tanks, be grateful!

  7. So it’s like a T18 without armor but with a turret…hmm…If it came down to a T18 versus one of these I guess the winner would be whoever hits their opponent first, assuming their shot does full damage.

    • You won’t propably deal full damage frontally to a T18, while the Grosstraktor’s armor will (s)crap itself on 75mm HE impact :)

  8. I like its looks somehow, cute little caterpillar. And with that gun it could be fun. Tier 2s are quite cheap so I’d probably get myself one, just for giggles.
    Not gonna complain if they are going to give it out for free tho.

  9. For some strange reason, i get the feeling this is the love child of the Leichttraktor and the Vickers Medium Mk. III, lol

  10. Ooh! Two turrets? Now thats my kind of tank!. All we need now is the Char 2C, 2C Bis and the FCM F1 to appear ( or any french premium to be fair) and i shall be a happy tanker!
    Keep up the good work!

      • That’s not too farfetched actually, since SerB himself said several times that it’s a tank he really wants in the game, but that it won’t be added until they figure out how to implement multi-turret functionality.

  11. That appears to be a tier 3, not a 2… the distortion of the tier looks identical to the Pz 739 Somua next to it.

    With the 75mm, it would make a lot more sense at tier 3 as well.

    • On the first picture it really seems so but on the second picture it is clearly a “II”. Makes sense as well. This tank in Tier III would be horrible…

  12. Why does WG bother with doing tier 2 prems? They have already stated that they wish not for experienced players to do such low tiers. Creating + giving out tier 2 prems is counterproductive… Most players with any tiers have passed tier 3 and might even reach tier 4-5 on their first ever gaming session…

  13. Word of advice for any further leaks.
    Also remove the names of the crew.
    Based on the names of the crew WG is able to easily find out who is the owner of this crew set and then identify leak source.

  14. Some time ago there was an uncertain statement, that WG does not want more new low-tier sealclubber premium tanks… Aaaad we got that! Really good :S

    • No, it was designed to be a medium
      it looks like a heavy tank due to its size and his second turret
      but in fact, many countrys had either rater large light/mediums or mediums and lights with multiple turrets (Exampels: Cruiser MK I, Vickers Medium I – III, T-28)
      here is another of SS’ articels about a Rheinmetall-branch for the german tree, containing the Großtraktor, Neubaufahrzeug and some Rheinmetall VK-Prototypes. Interessting read :)

      • Oh yes, now I remember. I read an article about it but that was some time ago I forgot.
        Thanks for help :)

  15. I like how you people keep talking about balance when it’s clear WG has abandoned all intentions of balancing the game at tiers 2 and 3. It really doesn’t matter to them or anyone. Drive OP vehicle, pad stats.

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