45 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest – T23E3

    • probably like a stock t20, that seems a m1a gun, engine probably a 500 hp one and you can imagine the rest of the stats(paper armor, good gun depression, the mantlet is like the shermans…)

      • yeah… The mantlet is like in …
        how this tank was called?
        … Jerman Shumbo? Or something like that…

        Sherman Jumbo ;)

      • The turret was actually installed onto the 76mm Shermans after the project was cancelled.

    • Premiums are supposed to use the historical gun, expect it to use the 76 mm M1A1.

      It might have Valentine LL style MM and be top tier every battle.

  1. A long, long time ago, in a patch far away, I remember a T23 driver kicking my butt. This was the tank that made me painfully aware how effective a hull down tank could be. Sadly by the time I was researching USA tanks this tank wasnt in the game anymore tho.

    Im not really sure, but is that a 76 or 90 mm gun?

      • The 90mm on the T25/2 has no muzzle brake on the stock turret. Ditto the stock 90mm(hellcat version) on the T25 AT.

        That is…here’s hoping it is the 90mm, not the 76 :).

      • On the picture the gun tier is 6 so definitely not 90mm M3…seems like the gun will be some sort of buffed 76mm with higher penetration value (128mm on tier 7? cmon) or modified 90mm with much lower dmg (around 160?) and maybe differ pene too (between 140-160)

        • 128mm at Tier 7 is LOL no. Dat T-44-85 had 126pen and was considered too shit even with pref. MM

          Unless this tank only sees Tier 7 battle, in which it may become a statpadder tank.

        • 160 damage? I doubt it. They buff the pen of historical guns, and I think if they’ll need, they’ll just make the soft stats worse.

        • The T23E3 doesn’t need a fake standard round. It could use the current premium round as standard ammunition.

          After WWII, the United States had a large supply of HVAP (APCR) rounds that were later used standard by 76mm armed Shermans in Korea. It is possible that the T23E3 could use this round to make the gun more competitive at tier 7 rather than a-historically over-buffing the (historical) AP pen like the T-44/85.

          In addition, it may be possible for there to be a new gold round for the 76mm M1A2 as – I believe – there were some other prototype high velocity rounds in development for the gun post-war. I may be wrong since I don’t have my Hunnicutt on hand, but it could offer an alternative.

          • Yeah that could work to.
            So if we speculate more here:
            Possible gun – M1A2
            penetration: 177/190+/38 (if using the APCR as std and the experimental round as gold)
            damage: 115/110/185 (may have to be buffed slightly to 120+?)
            ROF: 18.18rpm (as per current stats)
            Hull and turret was about 76mm (similar to T25/2)
            Hull traverse: 40deg/s
            Turret traverse: 42deg/s
            both will probably be nerfed a bit with a hp/t of about 14 making it more inline with the T25 than the T20.
            View range: +-380m
            Signal: +-745m

            Just a thought seeing as Wotwiki and the Forums dont have much on it.

            • 177 too much since the fucking SPershing, IS-6, 112 and KV-5 have less. It either has the M1A1/A2 with stock pen with only T7 MM, 140-150mm pen with pref MM (7-8) or with the 90mm M3 with normal MM.

              • Found some info from a 2011 EU forum post:

                •Hull : 76/50/38
                •Turret : 89/63/63
                Gun : 160 pen
                Top Speed : 56 km/h

                Gun was the same as the T20 90mm. So that would probably mean the T23E3 will have the 76mm M1A2 gun. Hopefully with the T7 engine it will have good hp/t, but with T6 suspension it will have poor traverse.
                Of course all of this is guess work :) but one can only hope for a decent premium tank.

              • Except APCR loses more pen over distance and doesn’t deal with sloped armor as well, I would rather have their AP rounds. Even then, I don’t see how that would be an issue.

                Also, I’m 100% sure that the gun shown is a 76mm.

  2. SS, do you have any new information about the new upcoming tank model file modernization, that will render our current skin/remodel mods useless?

    • Personally i’m hoping those of us who owned them would get them free like when they moved the T34 Heavy Tank from standard to premium. I doubt it will happen, but one can hope :)

  3. It would be funny if WG could find this guy thx to names of the crew…
    Not like it’s saved on servers…. ou wait…

    • It would be funny that someone leaking info to players gets caught and banned…
      Yea, I can see why you would laugh at that.
      Knowing how WG works, its more likely that when they give every tank to every player that they also give them all the same generated crew, there’s not a huge list to pull from but the combination could be used to figure it out if they really wanted, my guess it that these guys hide it in part to stop thousands of regular players giving them hassle.

    • He’s either already found or WG just wanted to release this. If they would be genuinely giving out this info, they should block all things, like where it saves the replays, the tanks and the crew.

  4. Hull much like Pershing, Gun is like 90mm on T25/2, for a Pre-tier8 medium is decent. I think. Hope it still keep the mobility as old one.

    • Not even close.

      Glacis will be 3″ (76.2mm)@47*
      Sides will be 2″ (50.8mm) and vertical
      Turret face will be 3″ (76.2mm)@0*
      Mantlet will be 3.5″ (88.9″)@0*

      Gun will be 76mm M1A1
      Engine will be Ford GAN at 500 horsepower
      Power/Weight ratio will be 13.8 horsepower/ton max

      Don’t expect anything glorious here.

      • We can expect it to br much faster at accel and transfer of power aka agility.

        Remember the Gan engine was actually putting out more speed in the T29 than the AVDS so I think they will heavily compensate for that.

        And as we learned from T62a vs M46 Power to weight is sooooo dependent on passability that HP/Ton is only useful with similiar traverse.

        I expect a super Fast much more agile T20 with a Rapidfire 76mm that actully makes enough money to run Gold 50% of the time in it which means 200+ Pen, a similiar feel to T71`s gun.

  5. I cant wait to spend my ESL gold (or euros) on this!!!
    On the other hand it’d be much better crew trainer tank for those US meds (T69 for ESL, Pershing too, Patton for fun, M48 for fun) than the SuperPershing

  6. Holy shit…it’s back. I know a few unicum pro players will be very happy if all the soft stats remain intact pre-deletion.

  7. If it gets its insane agility and 0-40 kmh in huge speeds [reflecting Electric shift] and gets 76mm Gold with earning potential all while being limited MM this thing could PWN

    Like a autoloader that runs forever….Think E25 but with a turret and less speed.

    Either way it has to out class the Ez8 if its a 7 this means huge Speed since Ez8 is fast and huge RROF or both. Also Camo is great ..it must be.