50 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest – T95E6

  1. I hate them for their decision for giving it as reward tank for CW because it lowers my chances to get it. I got the VK in last campaign but I guess it will be much harder to get this beauty and I really want it to my US collection :(

    • and bounce off ? It looks like m103 one.
      and side ? well there are like few tanks you cant easily pen from side…
      as long this commander copula is harder than one on pattons -.-

  2. I always wonder, how hard is to run a query over database of suertest server to find out all supertesters who have given tank whose commander has given name.
    In other words – how long will that supertester be supertester.

    Or maybe WG changed its mind entirely about supertest leaks.

    • As long as its a Russian supertester, WG has always been happy to even reward them for the leaks

    • The leak was made by copying the files from the super tester client to overwrite another tank in the regular client because super tester client has latent water marks identifying the user. Wag can still detect it but it would he harder to do in the live server.

      • Don’t standard WoT clients watermark also?

        In such case it doesn’t really matter which client was used.

    • Great minds think alike,they just disband Eu super test team for leaking test stuff without permission.Hell,this guy just captured this image in-game and it seems he moves on as a super tester.

      Last time Wg told the trick about how did they get caught leakers was the in-game screenshot function,it seems this guy used the same method too.

      So Russian leakers can continue to leak as long as they want but EU or NA,no supertest for you !

  3. Thank WG for making this tank an CW special! I will have a reason again to actively and seriously play CWs again! Otherwise im getting kinda boored of WoT, there no real reason to play them any more, once you get your few 1st Tier Xes…

  4. Not sure why Wargaming is making what could be their best choice for a new regular tier 10 medium into a CW reward. Not when the US has better tanks for this purpose.

      • Yeah CW is mostly 30 mins per night since you get there when battles pop 15 mins before.
        Still this is easily done.

        Even though I dont like the way Reward tanks work, saying CW is meaningless and that its impossible to get a tank is simply lazyness or a hope in changing WG`s mind so players can be bad.

        Getting into a Clan takes skill and work.

    • I have both and will get it. Well hopefully.

      And while I`m bummed at WG for not making my baby more easily used [Since this tank was groundbreaking in many ways] I understand this special of a tank that was the first ever planned for laminate/Glass Armor and the first US tank to seriously have a SB gun and about a hundred more things I dont want every schmuck in game to have one.

      I wish we had like 9k Tank limit 3k is to little IMO but making it easy to get is wrong as well.

      This tank was so OP in concept that doing it any justice and making it totally public can`t happen, every idiot and his brother would have one and ruin its name.

      Since I started T110/Epic Armor thread this was always the the goal, to get this tank ingame

    • I don’t know about u, but having a life, and using that as an excuse is pretty lame.. to me, it requires a lot LESS effort at winning a CW tank then it is to grind a line.. unless of course your a free XP junkie..then I stand corrected.

      • This, except the guys who are afraid of this are normally to bad to win in MMO style and so they want more of a grind, because who cares how long it takes as long as they just derp rush and get 200 xp a game.

        When you make tanks like Waffle and other greats able to be ground you get HUGE amounts of bad players who free exp etc.

        TBH with its popularity in the past few years im suprised WG isnt making it a shit ton of Exp and selling more gold. Artistic integrity? Lol yeah right, Serb is finally rich enough and doesnt need us anymore

    • I have a strange feeling that the Russian one gonna be a Random mission reward same like the IS6 mission. The tank is imo to much crap as a CW reward.

        • What? VK is amazing T10 if you play right, incredible sidescrapper the best bar none. Able to hold an entire city area on a corner with a Auoloader or 2 on its sides or better yet a T62 or med.

          Also it has way more depression than on paper.

  5. Damn evil EU supertesters still leaking content… This one is gone, leaving out crew names = identified user…

  6. “2014 won’t bring too many full trees”…noone said anything about spamming us with premiums……for people to buy them…..hmmmm

  7. Nice another easy tank to get with my current clan, also love the idea of it being more unique so not everybody can get it, BTW for anyone whining how hard it was to get the VK cause they have a life… all you needed was like 18 games(wins) and your VK7201K was secured.

  8. Sexy, need to train up my American med crew.

    What’s with complaints about it being a reward? Clan wars is end game content and designed as such (Q&A shows they are focusing on it more). Join a clan and participate.

    • Maybe the fact that they’re making all the good options for endgame US tanks into clan wars rewards? The M60 was bad enough because those who play the US mediums had been asking for it as a tech tree tank for years. T95, we already know is supposed to cap the 2nd US medium tree. So hey, let’s take the BEST of the T95 variants and make it a clan wars reward!

      Clan wars rewards shouldn’t be viable endgame pub tanks. Because not everyone can obtain them equally. And as much as people say “everyone has a fair chance!”, with all the competition rigging that’s uncovered on this website, we all know that’s simply not true.

      • you bring up a very good point. I for one play mostly American tanks and was hoping that maybe someday the M60 would have been part of the second American medium line but when I saw it was a reward tank I sucked up my pride and moved on. Now the only real historical tank left for the Americans to use as a T 10 medium has been pushed into another reward and I feel its a bit contradictory to the original WoT model. So if there is a new American medium line (and thats a big if) will we get another late 1940s/early 50s Patton? If so which one can they even give us?

        I know there are quite a few different prototypes for the T-95, but the E6 was by far the most unique as far as stats and style and I would have loved to own one. Unfortunately I will never get it because My clan requires 3rd party voip programs that cause my system to crash, which means I cannot play clan wars. My own problem I know, but, 2 T10 mediums relegated to more World of Warcrap style awarding is a bit much.

        How about, add a Brit tank and a French tank to this CW awards list and GTF away from legitimate American tanks.

        • E6 wasnt the most unique IMO. The later ones with smaller E6 turret ans the tested 105mm SB was. Designations changed throughout.

          But collectors tanks is all they are good for. M60 is HUGE and has no armor.

          It`s basically a M48. Now if it was A1 I`d say that was messed up, but fact is reward tanks arent best at all.

          How many clans use M60 in CW? None
          How man VK`s? Not many
          Obj 907? It will never be with slow aimtime and 219 pen

        • Yeah I really feel that Wargaming has gotten off track with this. The T95 and M60 should be T10s in the US tech tree not reward tanks for clan wars. The T95E6 would at least give the US tree a different flavor as far as the gun goes for a T10 medium.

          If they want to do reward tanks they should be doing stuff from countries that pretty much won’t get a tree anyway or even export versions of some tanks. What they’re currently doing just seems to be incredibly short sighted.

      • Why shouldnt Reward tanks be viable CW tanks?

        It makes sense that CW tanks are for CW. T10 in general is useless to Pubbies, they cost money and Pubbies as a whole suck in them.

        Lastly M60 is not better than the T62a or O140 and is totally outclassed by the STB1. The VK is great but only in skiled hands it blows otherwise, its 2k DPM is lowest in class bar none, hell T9`s out DMG it. Obj 907 is gonna suck with a T54 gun and similiar armor at T10….Basically a T54.

        I agree T96 is amazing but TBH I doubt they will make it great.

        • So basically

          “Hey, we screwed up. We realize the M60′s shit for CW. Here, try this tank instead!”

          How many times are they going to rob the general playerbase of a very anticipated vehicle before they actually give the CW minority something they’ll actually use for a few weeks before the next flavor-of-the-month comes out?

    • No but the T95 had one less roadwheel than 110. Also that is E5`s turret so look how it is in comparison.

      T96 was also 42ish tons vs Pattons much fatter. Patton was much taller and much bigger by 20%

  9. Another CW reward tank, huh?

    Well that would be all fine and dandy…if it wasn’t always the same clans winning them every time.