31 thoughts on “New RNG video

    • Well, you don’t – the RNG used is quirky, as all the “digital ones” are. Most of the time it gives good enough results, but sometimes it just goes YOLO and does stuff multiple times in a row like:

      - ammo racks
      - engine fires
      - max damage
      - min damage


      So, the real propability is low, but sometimes it gets help :)

      Some nice stuff :)

  1. And just in the first scene (the ELCs) BUG BUG BUG. Seriously they have no shame. Post result of their failure as “RNG”…

  2. Leopard Pro. *Flying with Style* *music stops* “NOT”

    Looking at the ELC jousting(showing weird physics) 0___0

    Those Poor little ELCs getting shot and rammed to death pretty Hard :(

    Ammoracks Everywhere (O___O)

  3. You can tell it’s not the NA server because someone’s driving a Maus without a gold extinguisher

      • I’d totally drive a maus if it got buffed to not be worthless when someone decides to shoot skill again

        • Maus isnt useless, it only becomes useless if people are shooting gold. Even tds with 299mm pen need to aim for your little lower glacis frontally and will have a hard time hitting your sides if you are angled. Problem is the nature of maus, its a arty magnet and its too damn slow to survive a ambush or move in a discrete way. The guns is also not the best, but what do you expect with a tank with suck OP armor and HP.

          If tanks armors should be buffed and balanced around gold ammo, that would make all tanks shooting AP totally useless, because as it is now some tanks are strong as fuck if everybody are using AP.

  4. SS can you please send link to Rita Stream, you didn’t put one, when i Google rita stream i get some wired porno stuff.

  5. nice WG is promoting Team killing and making fun of it. Why is there tank pushing arty off the bridge? rng should be showing some funny achievments or lucky moment but this is just stupid

    • The title of the video has the phrase “funny and fail moments in world of tanks”, the part that your talking about was the “fail” part of the video.

      • rly team killing someone is a fail? its like ups sorry i didnt see you while i was pushing you off the bridge :)

    • Artys arnt OP now days, and the reason for that is the amount is less. How ever get a few competent tier 8-10 artys on each team and it will become 8.5 all over. Problem is people dont like to get killed, if you are moving in a slow tank expect to be a arty magnet even these days, and hence the argument that artys balanced out tds are totally bullshit.

      But if you are driving a faster tank, you have no reason to complain really even if there are 3-4 of them. And I must agree with many arty players, if you get killed by arty now days you either stand still too long/tracked or you got hit by chance while moving, or if you moved predictable.

      • or he is unlucky, cause even when fully aim , the normal sound i hear from my arty crews are “that was close”. Seriously, they neft arty a bit to much.

        • I think that the artys got a little bit more accurate since 8.8 patch, or what ever patch that they buffed the mid tier artys a bit. I feel my gw tiger p hits better now than before. Possibly some hidden buff, who knows. But yeah I dont feel the accuracy is the issue, but the aimtime and reload.

  6. The RNG is annoying as hell yes, but since all tanks have it you cant really complain. Often you only notice the times you get screwed by RNG and not the enemy. But if I think about it, I probably get screwed alot less than my enemies because I tend to not rush shots, and I also run maintenance and safe stowage = less change to get ammo racked. How ever, I will say if you have crappy internet connection and a PC with alot of lagg, the RNG is even more frustrating because you get trolled by high ping and low fps from the first beginning. Sad but true.