Again, 300 gold for changing the password

Hello everyone,

today, yet another “Change your account password and get 300 gold” event was announced – it is active since morning.

These events are actually pretty smart. Players should change their passwords from time to time, but we are lazy creatures and this gives us some incentive. And what about EU server? Oh, that’s right… no 300 gold for you, evil capitalists! :)

44 thoughts on “Again, 300 gold for changing the password

  1. Gold for changing password “event” happend because those WG screw ups got hacked and personal data was stolen… It’s not smart, it’s desperate way to make sure no1 gets hacked cuz of their incompetence…

  2. what? no problem, changed my password to password1234
    and will harass their support forEver!
    will cost them more then 300 gold.

    • If they were hacked they would be offering it to ALL servers. This is just more Belorussian favoritism

  3. Knowing WG, there’s a good chance they’ll mess up and instead give out like 30,000 gold or something.

    So I’m looking forward to this ;).

    • Expecting the NA server to get something that the other servers don’t also get is an exercise in futility. Think of the NA server as the neglected “Middle Child” of the servers:

      The RU server’s the eldest sibling and gets all of the cool stuff first, and more of it.

      The EU’s second and while not getting as much as RU gets more than the NA server

      The SEA server’s the youngest and gets all of the attention from WG, who wants to increase the size of the playerbase on that server (hence the “Migrate to SEA” events that show up every few months or so)

      The NA server gets the leftovers, and besides The_Chieftain we don’t really have a whole lot going for us.

  4. Honest question – what’s the benefit of changing the password when you aren’t sharing it with another services? If your PC gets infected, or if WG gets hacked – it’s only worth changing the password right after the vulnerability is removed, but not earlier. But changing it periodically?

    I see no benefit from it, just a way to make it a bigger burden on the customer and service provider (changing and forgetting, trying old password by mistake and so on). Please enlighten me if you think otherwise. Remember – assume no password sharing.

    • There is no benefit. Some overpaid guy in a suit had to come up with something to increase security, and everyone copied him from there.

  5. All these events mean is that they’ve recently had a breach in their security and trying to play it safe.

  6. Drats, no gold for SEA servers either. We need to be more aggressive capitalists obviously lol

  7. “These events are actually pretty smart. Players should change their passwords from time to time, but we are lazy creatures and this gives us some incentive.”

    Well . . .

    Here are the possible reasons for changing your password:

    1) It was a poor password to begin with. Unfortunately, this is usually the case, as has been demonstrated by widely public database breaches.

    In this case, changing the password probably won’t do much good, the people who chose good passwords are inconvenienced for no reason whatsoever, and those who chose poor passwords will probably choose an equally crappy replacement.

    2) They put an unreasonable requirements on the password, limiting the entropy.

    This is not the case with Wargaming, as KeePass says I have a password with 100 bits of entropy. Hackers are unlikely to crack good passwords by brute force, unless Wargaming does something stupid with your password, like store it with a weak hashing algorithm.

    If they did everything right, your password shouldn’t be able to be cracked in a million years, much less in month.

    3) They got hacked.

    In which case, they should force people to change their passwords immediately, no excuses.

    The reason why a lot of businesses internally do a regular password reset is because of bad habits of people – saving passwords on post-its, sharing passwords with coworkers, etc. They just want to limit the effectiveness of rogue passwords.

    The business is highly responsible for the actions of their employees, so there is a big incentive to “clean up” the passwords every once in a while.

    However, for this to be effective, they have to *force* employees to change their passwords – they can’t be nice and request it to be changed.

    Things are a bit different for outside the business – it’s expected that we, the player, is responsible for our password, and we’d probably throw a big fit if password changes were mandatory. If I were to share my password, I’m responsible for the breach, not Wargaming.

    TL;DR: You don’t really have to change your password monthly to be secure, if you had a good password to begin with and don’t share it.

    In fact, if they really want to push for stronger authentication – they should consider offering authenticators and authentication apps, like Blizzard has been doing for their products.

    • Yes, but did you really expect WG to NOT show favoritism towards the RU server for once?

  8. Doesn’t work on the NA server either, so don’t worry, you’re not alone, and you still get better treatment overall than we do over here (for instance, we don’t have Gamescom, which means we don’t get gift codes given to us, or codes for rare premium tanks occasionally given away for us – the only thing WE get is a bad reputation…okay, okay, we have The_Chieftain, but besides him there isn’t much for the NA server to be proud of).

  9. uhm, how does changing your password increase security exactly?

    Your password is either compromised, or it isn’t. Changing it every now and then won’t help against that.