Silentstalker vs World of Warplanes, Day 1

Hello everyone,

well, I’ve finally done it. After postponing it for a very, very long time, I’ve finally installed World of Warplanes to try it out and to see how well it will fit with me – and to share my opinions and experiences with you.

A little background first, so you know about how (un)biased I am. Let me start with saying that I hate flying in real life. Yea, I know, good start. But – that doesn’t prevent me apparently from trying out flying simulators, or, rather – arcade games in this case. I am saying this in advance so you know I am not fond of doing loopings 10 meters above ground and such stuff, but on the other hand, if necessity dictates, I can try. I played other simulator games, but that was a long, long time ago. Specifically, it was Aces of the Pacific and Aces over Europe, probably like 15 years ago. I know the absolute basics (like what flaps do and that it’s probably not a good idea to fly around with your landing gear open), but other than that, I am a complete newbie. I also have not seriously played War Thunder and I will not compare those two games. For now anyway.

So, yes. The installation. Time to download. It went smooth (as expected), Wargaming really has the installation software sorted out. That’s really good. The only thing – I had to disable the “torrent download” in the loader, just like with World of Tanks, otherwise it went a bit slow. Well, no problem.

2 hours later…

Okay, it’s installed. Good. Looking at the folder… 24GB? What on earth… the game just came out, it’s not like it has 1000 addons or whatever… meh. Time to turn this thing on. I use my classic “Silentstalker” acount for the purpose of testing. Intro movie – okay, logging in and…

Whoa. The hangar looks GORGEOUS. The plane is bleautifully rendered, I love it. My graphic card fan loves it a bit less apparently (hearing the sound not unlike an Abrams tank powering up), but whatever. What setting is this? So yes, first thing I went to do, I checked settings. I used practically the same settings for WoWp like for WoT. Medium details, shadows disabled, anti-aliasing and viewrange on full. The other settings I have no idea what they do, won’t touch them then, back to hangar.

The plane still looks great, but the hangar is very unfamiliar. Why so many popups about new planes? Away with them. The “battle” button is down under the plane and looks like the interface was reworked too. Ugh. Me no like. It feels… I dunno. Chaotic. Checking randomly various screens like the camo options, the modules, looks like everything has unlimited ammo? What is the upkeep, repairs? Well, okay, whatever, let’s look for tutorial.


So, clicking on tutorial and… I’m in battle and I am supposed to destroy some baloons. Looking around the screen, everything works smoothly, running at 60 FPS on the same details where WoT runs around 40-50? Nice! I also see the ping, but there is no lag indicator, which sucks, because I am having lag issues with WoT and I wanted to see, whether I will have them with WoWp. Controls are mouse – on default, so let’s try.

Default controls are responsive, I like that. I don’t have to turn the plane by keyboard (I was afraid of that), I only move my mouse. I destroy the balloons quickly and then the plane that comes after them. So far so good. Well, after that comes the FUN part of the tutorial. First comes the “turning” combat.

Now, I understand the concept of firing in front of the enemy plane so that the bullets hit it in flight, but they just fly all over the place. Can’t hit anything – this will require practice. The problem is, I put the mouse targetting reticle around the spot where I am supposed to aim, but the plane still feels sluggish and the machinegun fire just doesn’t “catch on”. By now I’d prefer to actually control the elevation and pitch with keyboard, but there is apparently no “combined” control scheme, so I left it at mouse. The second part of the “dogfight tutorial” (the “attack from above”) is even worse, I just can’t seem to hit the guy with majority of my bullets, took me two tries to get him down. Phew. Next. Team fight tutorial.

So, I am supposed to take down five bots. Easy peasy (or so I thought). So, I fly at him, line up my shot, shooting, he’s down… and the other one fucking RAMMED me. Ramming bots in tutorial. Brilliant idea. At that point I was like what the actual FUCK? Seriously, ramming bots. Okay, second try went a lot smoother and after getting rid of five bots, I feel like the best air ace out there. Good. Time to test my mettle against human opponent! Plus, the tutorial is rewarded by gold. Nice.

So, back in hangar, I was considering, which branch to actually level. I’ve read some reports on WoT forums that the heavy Germans are overpowered, I want something… I don’t know… average. Okay then, Americans or British (I like how Spitfire and Kittyhawk look). Americans? Okay, but… what the hell? The pilot looks like a RETARD. Time to change his appearance for the gold I made during the tutorial. But… I can’t? You can’t change pilot’s appearance? Why? Or did I miss some button that would allow it? Well… after a while of searching, I concluded I can’t and sold the US plane, leaving only the British one in the hangar (I like clean garage). Time to fight!

So, the beginning of my first battle looks a lot like WoT, two teams, a countdown… nice. I am familiar with that. Ah, the map is called El-Halluf? Yay, is there that WoT valley out there somewhere? Can’t see it. Anyway, the engine overheat mechanism is also pretty familiar, so yea. My biplane actually looks kinda badass, so I’m quite content. I can only assume those red dots on the minimap are ground targets (why weren’t they mentioned in the tutorial? Or did I miss a ground attack tutorial somewhere?). Right, so, onward I fly to meet the enemy. Logic dictates I should start a battle with height advantage, so I climb as high as I can and… why is my engine stalling? Am I too high? Well, okay, they are below me. So I look down and I see pretty much everyone dogfighting at sea level. That’s not very safe.

I’ll try to attack then. So, full speed ahead, dive, dive, dive! I’m going to rip them apart with my guns blazing…. not. Everything went somehow wide (yet I was clearly trying to fire in front of the enemy). I really don’t get the targetting system. Whatever. The air is full with duelling planes and… it’s like 40 seconds into the battle and half of both teams are dead. Is that normal? o.O

Anyway, some biplane in front of me. No designation, cool. I lined up perfectly behind him. Both engines roaring, he’s trying to shake me off, but is not succeeding! After about 20 seconds of frenzied dogfight, I bring him down. His plane explodes and the wreck drops into the sea. I feel like the Red Baron himself!

So, uh… why does my score say -1? Oh yea, right. I fucking shot down one of my own team. What the actual FUCK?!!! The plane was NOT green marked and if I there was a “you’re shooting an ally” message out there somewhere, I missed in the heat of “combat”. By the time I type my apology, the battle is over, we actually “won”, despite my “heroic performance”. Ugh. Checking settings again, but I don’t see any IFF settings. Weird.

Alright, second battle. Now I know I have to be extra careful when shooting stuff, better to “alt-check” before blazing away. But the ground targets are easier to identify, so I’ll try that. Maybe it will give some bonus or something somewhere. Simple enough. I ignore the clusterfuck above water (same map by the way) and go straight for the closest red button… which is being attacked by someone else. Okay, I am not going to killsteal, going to find another one. Okay, some coast tent or base or whatever that is.

Oh, it’s shooting at me. The game should have probably mentioned somehow that the ground targets shoot back. Ugh. I can’t see any serious damage on my plane, but the machineguns don’t hurt it much, so I decided to return to the dogfight. Boom. Ally rammed me. Why or what the fuck was going, I have absolutely no idea. I kinda ragequitted, shaking my head.

And so ends my first experience with World of Warplanes…

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  1. How do you feel it compares to War Thunder? (Sorry if you haven’t tried WT!)

    Ramming is a problem in that game too. Maybe the ramming AI was to mentally prepare you for the silliness of player pilots?

    • ” I also have not seriously played War Thunder and I will not compare those two games. For now anyway.” I wonder if people actually read these posts. Good luck in WoWP, I had to uninstall halfway through the WOT gold event.

  2. Hehe, well, seems like your first experience with WoWP is similar to that of most people.
    The menu layout on the hangar feels weird. It looks similar to that of World of Tanks, but with stuff switched around, so it actually confuses you.
    Half the people on a match dying in less than a minute? Check. It happens quite a lot unfortunately, and that’s why battles tend to be extremely short.
    I can’t honestly say much about the aiming. You eventually get used to it, but for me it always feels sluggish, but I don’t know if that’s because of the game itself or because I have constant 200ms ping.
    I personally never had any problem identifying friendlies and enemies… So I don’t know what happened to you there.
    And the ground targets? Basically unless you are on a ground attack plane or a heavy fighter, for the most part you should ignore them. Only very high caliber machine guns/autocannons and bombs can do considerable damage to them.
    Oh and yes, the pilots’ ilustrations look like SHIT.
    One thing I personally absolutely loved though, is the music. On WoT I’ve turned the music off ever since I started playing it. But the music on WoWP feels much more epic and electrifies my skin in the middle of a battle. Such a shame that the rest of the game is basically a mess.

    • never play wowp with 100+ Ping its just impossible to play good thenwowp gameplay is just too fast for such a high ping

      • Yup. Unlike WoT, there’s no “camping” in wowp. Unless your defo of camping is “circlejerking on a spot”. also, planes stall too.

        PS: Do a setting run before playing a game for 1st time :).

        also tips from me: if you play with mouse it’s easier to turn normally and kine up your shots. using a gamepad (that thing that looks like a PS/XBOX console stick) will give it the opposite effect: harder to line the shots and turn normally, but easier to do those crazy stunts and Immelman turns (as long you have altitude indicator)

        handy for making showy films and ninja moves =D

        also the planes were easier to control back then in Beta. They balanced the planes so that it’s “easier” to climb the plane (TBH didnt feel it) and harder to attack from top (REALLY felt that)

      • Unfortunately it’s not something I can control. Playing in the NA Server from Argentina means the the absolute best ping I can ever have is 180ms.

  3. First battles are really chaotic, because almost nobody knows what to do, it gets better as you progress further in the TT. So I’d suggest patience, because with a little bit of love this game is truly rewarding and fun, which reminds me, that I should go back to it as soon as my exams are over :D

  4. Nice to see you trying WoWp. Here is some advice; use free camera mode, remap your keys since using the mouse also means you can use the keyboard (my setup as a suggestion; pitch:W/S, roll:A/D, flaps:F, boost:X, airbrake:Y, next target:E, lock target:Q, bombs:C, rockets:Space), don’t attack ground targets in fighters, unless you have rockets and don’t put bombs on them either. Try to have fun and if you get rammed remember you get the kill as well.

  5. For me WoWp can be summed in 1 word:
    Just it’s not fun , and not frustrating. Only this Me410 = kv-1s in middle tier is shitty thing.
    In WoT you angle , change speed , aim in different modules , fight is personal. (I’m close range type player)
    In planes is more like:
    “I have bigger dps ? = frontal assault
    Better turning ? = circle battle
    Better speed ? = hit and run
    End of strategies

    • you forgot the P51s, they are essential the same BS as the Me410, because of aim assist for machine guns (12,7mm still count as machine guns and not as cannons).

      They can dish out nearly the same damage and are more agile and have nearly same speed for a bit less boost time.

      If you want to be somewhat usefull the only way to go is german attack fighter tree, till T6 -> BnZ and just laugh at all the slow fighters getting killed in seconds by you.

        • the point is they have aim assist, meaning they automatically aim at the enemy when the cross hair is anywhere near the enemy.

          • Actually have you tried these “OP” .50 in Mustangs? They are pretty much useless against anything semi armored, let alone Ilyushins – you need to waste like 3 minutes strafing one, time you sometimes don’t have.

            • Yes I did extensively during beta, just use AP shells or Premium AP shells and dont shot from the direct rear -> increased deflection.

              • Well, now even AP doesn’t feel powerful compared to planes of the same tier with 20mm+ autocannons. Actually I’m more inclined toward incendiary, with “quantity over quality” style of .50 I’m getting at least one fire in battle.

  6. Well, the biggest difference, compared to WoT is that ramming will kill you, no matter who rams you or who you ram. Bigger is no longer better. I remember in WoWP Beta, i got about 5 kills, and died getting rammed by my own teammate. The bigest horror is actually how the planes are set up in the countdown. When the battle starts, if everybody starts turning left, right, up down, someone is bound to ram someone else which is a pain. But the overall gameplay and graphics are nicely done actualy.

    • Later on in the beta, the spawn positions were spread out… that hasn’t been a problem since then.

    • Not true, Attack Aircraft can survive head-on ramming attack from light planes but the speed drops to 0km/h and if your altitude is low you’ll fall to the ground but when at much higher altitude you might recover with 20-30% hp.

    • Actually it depends on the hp of the planes…you can survive a ram from a Ar 68, for example, in a TSh-3…but you’ll lose more than 50% of your hp and several modules.

    • I was never rammed after the start and I started to play after release. But sometimes I hit friendly plane during combat. When people turn and shoot at the same plane its bound to happen. And sometimes its a “wtf” situation. Once I had a long dive with Bf 110E and I hit a friendly plane going in 90 deg to my path.

  7. As for bot ramming you – that really should prepare you for the madness of lower tiers, where a lot of players that don’t know better simply ram into you, cause hey, they get a kill. It happens less and less higher up the tiers you go, although collisions still occur at all tiers and not rarely they occur between teammates, when many people go after the same target, focusing only on shooting it and not on their surroundings

    As for you shooting down a teammate – that would be your fault entirely, the game loves to bitch at you the moment you fire at a friendly with a voice saying “Don’t hit your allies”, and unless you somehow screwed up the battle interface, it should clearly show you a green rectangle around any friendly aircraft.

    As for the ground targets tutorial – that actually used to be in the game at some stage of beta, but they scrapped it for some reason. Anyway, not all ground targets shoot back and not all are the same, some have low hp, some high, some shoot, some don’t, and there’s also the Headquarters which brings 3 points to the team but it’s much harder to destroy. Also, do not attempt to shoot ground targets if you’re flying a light fighter, the machine guns will do next to nothing to them. The only forward facing guns that are actually capable to hurt them properly are those on ground attack aircraft and on some heavy fighters (however, using a heavy fighter to bomb is usually a terrible idea, except in some special cases)

    As for the short battles – that’s very normal unfortunately, so far my record is a battle that lasted a whooping 53 seconds. Games on average last much shorter than WoT games, especially if one team dominates the other. They can take a bit longer when teams are evenly matched, but even then they do not tend to last that long

    As for aiming issue – practice makes perfect, it’s not that hard to aim, but it’s not exactly a piece of cake either. Also, the circle where you’re supposed to shoot only shows you where you need to aim IF the enemy plane remains at it current speed and heading. If the enemy plane is turning or changing speed, or both, aiming at that circle is going to guarantee that you miss, so try to use your bullet tracers to aim in those kinds of situations

    Good luck with your next attempts in WoWp, it’s a good game, maybe not as good as WoT, but it’s definitely not bad :)
    Oh and, be careful with performance issues, even though game ran smoothly for you today, it is prone to crashing, a lot, pre battle, post battle, and sometimes even in battle…

  8. I did my best to approach it open mindedly but had similar annoyances. I find it very hard to approach the battle when I don’t understand the spotting mechanics and enemies and allies are marked very poorly, it helps me very little to only see the fighter icons.
    I also had an issue with ground attack once I started on the Russian line, the tutorial is dogshit and doesn’t give me any help
    Anyway I actually managed to perform pretty well in my first tier 1 matches, more than a few kills makes me happy

  9. In fact there is a ground attack tutorial (right of battle button, one of 2 training options).
    And there is a message that you hit an ally plane,at least I hear such.

    And wait a little till you will go head on attacks and welcome in World of Ramming Planes, and say hello to RNG.

    Pressing Alt in battle changes minimap look, and spotting bubble is roughly 2km.
    Of course, there aren’t any distance measured in minimap.
    And you can set up controls as you want, combining mouse with keyboard (depending on mouse mode it will work better or worse).

  10. So…..
    1. Shooting needs some getting used to. Try to lead your pointer a bit further from the leading point
    2. You can set pitching and rolling in the controls. You can also assign different keys to different machine guns/cannons. I also advise you to turn on both the barometric and radar altitude, and also turn on the radar, it shows you the relative altitude of other planes.
    3. There IS a ground attack tutorial
    4. In higher tiers try not to drop below optimum altitude (especially with heavy fighters) aka the green area on the altimeter and when in a turning fight try to maintain your optimum airspeed (again the green area on the speed meter) because you are the most maneuverable in that speed range.
    5. There IS the WoT part of the El Halluf map in the lower middle of the map, by the lake coast (looks very shrinked though, when compared to WoT)
    6. Do not bother climbing sharply in a piston aircraft unless you are flying a heavy fighter, a P-51 or a Focke-Wulf. Although, stalling can sometimes be a viable evasion tactic…

    As for tech lines, well, you can’t go wrong whichever line you go down as there are no underperforming aircraft really. Just until the last patch heavy fighters and P-51s were domnating the mid and high tiers.

    If you have further dilemmas, SS, I’d be happy to help you.

    Edit: ninja’d by some guys above

    • well heavy fighters still dominate, its just so many people dont know how to paly them.
      Hell most of them don’t know how to play them when they reach T6 aka me410.
      They load bombs and go straight to the HQ to bomb it… wtf.

      The only threats so far in my bf110 e are other heavies and p51s, maybe fw 190 haven’t encountered them often enough to make an assessment.

      • I find heavy fighters not so dominating now, they are slow to turn/roll, so any sudden evasive maneuver and you can easily troll one in your TnB, let alone you fly anything faster

        And from P-51 point of view these are just victims – can’t outrun, can’t outturn

        • great you didn’t read anything, why again did i mentioned specifically the 51s… ah yes because they are a serious threat.

      • I don’t find Bf 110 so big threat, When Bf 110 attacks me I just turn against him, hit boost and start roling sideways. Most people can’t follow this. When he passes I just turn and he is mine. Bf 110 is not so fast to outrun a Spitfire. Of course if you are unaware of its presence or there are two HFs cooperating its a problem.

  11. how much gold for that tutorial? Since WoWp account is connected to the WoT one, I could use some free gold…

  12. - It’s super easy to ram someone. You just fly and out of nowhere – BOOM!

    - “The air is full with duelling planes and… it’s like 40 seconds into the battle and half of both teams are dead. Is that normal? o.O” Yup, the battles in average take below five minutes, twice as fast as WoT.

    - The next time, pay attention to your green interface bars on left/right of the plane. The left one is ideal flight speed, the right one is ideal flight height. Helps to get what your plane is supposed to do (avoiding stuff like trying to get too high with low-height plane). I think it’s mentioned in interface help (F1), but not sure. Just try to stay in dark green if possible.

  13. I play both WoWP and WT. WoWP is my “I can’t be fucked to plug in my joystick” game, WT is my “I can’t be fucked to dedicate 6 hours to actual sims” game.

  14. Go into the options, turn on radar, that helps with chasing enemies and avoiding friendlies.

    Team half dead before you even got to your optimal altitude? That’s normal.

    German heavies are not the easy mode they were.

    Don’t attack ground targets with your fighter, you have ground attack planes for that and they do a much better job of it.

  15. Ground attack tutorial only appears if you’ve unlocked a GA aircraft. It’s kinda silly, but it meh.

    As for the IFF, there are options just like in WoT. You can customize what information about your teammates, enemies and platoon-mates you want to see (name, plane, distance, plane type, HP left, et cetera)

  16. I love WoT and put a ton of time in it but I just can’t get into WoWP. I think Wargaming had the potential to do something interesting with it but overall I felt like the end result was kind of dull and the flying feels off. I really wanted to like it.

  17. Lol since September I left WoT, barely played it and played a lot of WoWP. Well I didn’t have such a bad experience at the start, but it still took me a while to learn during Closed Beta. Just give it time and watch out more for allies SS. I didn’t notice that it was hard to make the distinction between allies and enemies. The colors were pretty clear.

  18. Keep it up SS! I’m newb in aerial combat simulators too but in 900 battles i have 62% win rate and 3 Ace medals from the 121 games played after release and all that with huge lag and FPS drops(sometimes from 40 to 9fps). The key is to maneuver a lot and like in WoT play the RUSSIAN TREE… I-16e.m. pwns everything in tier 3.

    • I-16s are pretty good, but it all goes downhill from there. The best tress to go for are the German Heavy Fighter branch, the German Fighter branch and the US F-86 Sabre branch.

  19. A few points that may help you in understanding what’s going on, while sidestepping actual tactics:

    For some reason, the default flags above planes fade out v. rapidly over distance unless it’s the target you have locked; not very helpful for deciding WHO to go after (or who’s on which team…). As you’ve discovered, in alt-view they all become apparent; you can change this to toggle rather than press, and leave it on pretty much the entire battle. Intel is intel, and knowing how far to enemy planes is v. important, especially at the start. You want to avoid placing the enemies on your tail.

    Again, by default a lot of the instrumentation for your OWN plane is off… make sure you have speed, attitude and altitude on, and get to the green zones before you try any turn fights; recent patches made manouevrability fall off badly outside these. Barometric altitude and radar are important; one is how high you are (to do with performance), other is how far from the ground you are.

    Acuraccy of guns varies wildly; most notable, synchronized, hub-mounted or outboard guns face forwards, while wing-mounted are angled inwards to give an optimum range (often 300-400m). The reticle will show the worst case; individual guns may be more accurate. Try the Fw.57 for high-velocity, outboard 20mm guns that can snipe up to a kilometre away, and the entire american tree for planes, as the patch notes put it with “weapons spread … for dogfights”. Other branches vary, but the weapon positions usually guide you true.

    With regards to aiming, the lead-compensation reticle will guide you as if the enemy plane is moving at constant speed; you want to aim ahead if they’re diving and picking up speed, and behind if they’re climbing and losing speed. Use of brakes will also throw people off trying to us it in straight lines. If they’re turning, you have to aim towards the centre of the circle, not the tangent it shows you; this gets complicated and takes practice.

    It’s worth finding a mouse setup you like; try to understand the graph in the custom mouse setups. I prefer a setup that tends towards vector, so that it’ll settle where I point for small motions but stop me having to keep pawing the mouse so much for continuous turns. The other bars can be safely ignored, but explain some quirks you get regarding rolling once you understand them. I’ve yet to find a setup for them that works nicely for both high-roll fighters AND attack planes; you can have twitchy and unresponsive, both.

  20. SS, some thoughts:

    1) ramming – its notorious. Just don’t even try head on or playing chickens, because many don’t want to break off or break too late
    2) adjust HUD to your liking – default setting are just nope. Not obvious who is who, lack of instruments
    3) Accuracy – machine guns, especially lowtier ones aren’t exactly accurate, so just because you see that red aiming pointer doesn’t mean you’re in effective range
    4) leave ground targets for GAA planes – as you noticed fighters just don’t work
    5) heavy fighters WERE overpowered, but simple fix of removing “bullets upward don’t do damage” basically brought them back to the fold. Mustangs hold their own, like pretty much any kind of plane now (except GAA, these always were poor sods)

  21. WOWP is an OK game, but most people should agree War Thunder is a better flight simulator.

  22. Well maybe my first impressions with WoWp will make you feel better SS.
    First: For some unknown reason WG sent me an invitation key to early closed beta of WoWp so I was like… why not… Installed it (btw WG installing sorted out? wtf, it usualy takes me 5 hours to install 800 Mb patch…). First thing I noticed was… no RAF. Seriously Wargaming no british airforce in game about warplanes? Just Wtf?! Then joined battle and crashed into the ground in about 30 seconds. The controls were… controls practicly didn’t exist, it was more like riding on a wild steed than flying a plane. With all possible setting always the same result bang ground. Uninstalled!
    Second: It’s been a while and I heard that for doing at least 100 battles in CBT u get something so I was like why not, It was somewhere near the end of CBT stage. Installed and then completed half of the tutorial. The other half was bugged. You were suppose to follow AI bot instructor and that dummie was crashing into ground everytime… Not to mention the awsome 10 FPS on lowest settings yay! When you destroyed a ground target it said “enemy plane destroyed”. Ramming worked extacly like in WoT, planes just took some damage and kept going… I practicly went full bot mode (yeah shame on me) and completed 101 battles to get… beta tester title on forum yay… Uninstalled!
    Third: The token’s and promise of “free” premium account pushed me to one last try. It was like 2-3 weeks before ending of the OBT and official realse. Of course 10 FPS… Incredible garage lag, yay! The in game balance? What is that? Got enough tokens to buy like 2-3 days of premium then gave up. It was not worth the suffering.
    Fourth and hopefully last: Free new year’s gift tier 2 plane but only if you log into the game… Damn u WG! Installed and of course still garage lag. Tried 1 battle, still 10 FPS. Took a look on the players online: 5000 IN A FULL REALSE GAME… Loled and uninstalled.

    I played WarThunder planes but didn’t like it either. I’m just not a plane guy. But just to compare WarThunder gave me 60 FPS…

  23. You got rammed by your own teammate and you wonder why the bots rammed you in tutorial. Isn’t it kind of obvious :D It prepares you for real battles :P

  24. I will not play WoWp until ramming is removed from the game. I played a lot in beta for free gold and prem time and it was always an issue. You will die to kamikaze’s about 70% of the games.

    Remove ramming WG.

  25. Just to add my two penneth, having tried both WoWP and WT I can say without a doubt that WT is superior in every aspect of gameplay and performance (optimization). Back when I first tried WoWP (in CBT I believe) I wanted it to be a good game since I was also playing WoT on a regular basis, it was bad, and when I say bad I mean REALLY BAD. So anyway I thought ‘hey it’s just a beta, it will get better surely’, how wrong could I be, I reinstalled in early Sept to maybe pick up some free premium for WoT, and it was almost an exact copy of the game I’d previously tested in CBT, really bad FPS, fictional aircraft, incredibly bad control system, planes surviving a ram and one of my biggest gripes hitpoint bars. After about 2-3 tries I unistalled the game, about 9 months beforehand I’d installed WT and was thoroughly enjoying every moment of play and still do even after the 1.37 change to research.

    Roughly 2 months after this (late Nov/early Dec) I finally decided I’d had enough of the tomato team, bad optimization, arcade gameplay and fictional tanks that WoT provides, dropped my WoT account onto Ebay and got rid of it. Now it’s just a case of waiting for WT to release their tanks in OBT so I can see how they approach tank combat without falling back on crap gameplay mechanics like hitpoints and a very optimized game engine (no more 15 FPS WoT slideshow, WT gives me a constant 60 FPS and looks stunning while doing so).

  26. even the most experienced players sometimes do not avoid ramming or being rammed.
    noobs always ram, simply don’t mind it.
    just try not to ram yourself when you don’t want to
    after about 1000 battles you will be able to avoid 4 of 5 collisions or even more.
    but not always

    there are 3 reasons
    - your plane is not enoung maneuvrable to avoid
    - you are flying too fast to avoid
    - (the worst one) you don’t see other plane and get being rammed from behind

  27. 1) There is a small dot next to the ping in the upper right corner, that’s the lag indicator (green, yellow, red), and you will also get percentage numbers for packet loss in that corner as well.

    2) As someone else said, turn on the radar. Also, you can choose to push the alt button rather than hold it, that’s very useful.

    3) Good luck. It is chaotic and exhilarating and boring in turns. Welcome to air combat.

  28. You can control the plane both with keyboard and mouse. There are two sets of controls available. I put ailerons and pitch up on extra mouse buttons it really helps in the dogfight.

    The allied planes have green mark over them, enemy has red one. And the targeting circle shows only by the enemy plane. And AA guns are job for the attack planes :)

    My first impression was not great but when you get used to controls you start to like it.

  29. Firstly, I like to mention that I’m an Alpha tester of both WoWP and WT. Whilst everything in WT is nice the game is pay to win.

    Secondly, the vast majority of posts above this seem to follow outdated play, so much mentioned no longer exists in WoWP;

    1. There is no longer any aim assist
    2. BnZ like the P-51 and German Heavies has been nerfed, no concentrated fire and firing upwards does the same damage as firing downward
    3. Historically, calibers below 20mm and above 10mm are heavy machine guns.
    4. Machine guns have a maximum effective range of 400m, shooting past that is meaningless.
    5. Heavy Machine guns have a maximum effective range of 700m
    6. Cannon have a maximum effective range from 800m to 1100m depending on calibre
    7. WoWP had limited ammo but no overheat. IRL there was enough ammo for a maximum of 20 seconds of fire. When limited ammo was in place you only had 60 second continuous fire. People did run out of ammo. Unlimited ammo with overheating solves a lot of problems.
    8. The box around the aircraft was removed in Closed Beta.

    Many WoWP maps have more than one WoT map incorporated into it. El Halluf has El Halluf and Aircraft (north HQ). Lighthouse has Lighthouse and Fisherman’s Bay. Much like WoT you can look at any map you wish in Team Training, but you can add a bot on the other team to practice against. No need to await a friend to get the game going.

      • I’m also an Alpha tester of WoWp, and there are a few things that you have gotten wrong:

        1) There still is ‘aim assist’, albeit it only really works for grouped machine guns (it is slightly noticeable in planes with 6 or 8 MGs, but not for planes with hub cannons or only a pair of MGs). Since some high tier US planes have to stick with .50cal MGs while the rest of the high tier planes get 30mm cannons, the aim assist helps to overcome the .50cal’s lack of crits.

        3) The Germans had a 15mm cannon.

  30. Now imagine what the controls were like a year ago :)

    Best way to shake an enemy off your tail was fly close to a hill watch them augur in. Once in the beta I managed to do that to two enemy and an AI, at the same time.

  31. Okay SS! Few things you need to know-
    1- Bind like A and D to roll left and right…
    2- Use the middle mouse button to designate target (won’t TK anymore)
    3- Tier 1-2 is unplayable…people TK, people shoot right at each other until their planes just hit each other
    4- On El Halluf there actually is El Halluf and Sand River and Airfield. Its just hard to realize because your used to them being big maps not small parts of the WoWP map…but they are there.

  32. lol, AI just rams you? in WT, AI will bloody BOMB you on the run way. but yeah, the game was far more fun WAAAAY back in CBT. tried WoWP once after going live, did NOT like.

    *is holding out for WoWS*

  33. world_of_planes – do you read it?

    Lag indicator appears only when it starts to lag, but it is really better than in wot because shows packet losses in %.

  34. Nice to see you trying WoWP SS. My tips:

    1: Packet loss indicator exists, but only shows up when there is Packet loss
    2: Bind A and D to roll
    3: Configure the ALT key to be a Toggle. That way you can hit it once at the beginning of battle and you will have no trouble seeing who is a friend and who is a foe.

  35. yeah, you should definetly bind A and D to roll (use mouse controls). It helps ALOT with controlling your plane. Also, shooting in short bursts is more accurate than just going in guns blazing. Long bursts only for really close ranges.

    Btw, there is also a tutorial about bombing and rocketing ground targets. But they’re really not worth the time, you don’t get much XP or credits for them and I’ve only seen a battle won by points like 2 or 3 times in about 800 games. Capping is a great tool in WOT to lure enemies to you or to win even if your team is all but dead.
    But in WoWp ground targets are practically useless except to fight over your AA guns, which sometimes help you bring down enemies if you’re outnumbered.

    • Ground useless? After 1.1?
      They’ve changed the capping mechanism so that it goes two times faster from destroying ground targets.
      Now one skilled IL-2 can carry the whole team. Also bombers usually get more credits because credits counts from damage and you do a LOT of damage to ground targets.

      But I want to make an important note – this appends only if you play bomber. For every other class (except one or two planes, like F11C) you must not even look at the ground.

  36. For me WT was way easier to start – I ended my first two WT figts with 10 frags. In WoWp was like – damn, not again! Some heavy fighter came from above and oneshotted me for the first time. Second fight ended when I crashed my teammate. For a first plane shot down I had to wait about 5 games. I think that WoWp is tougher in the beginning but after a number of battles it starts to be way more fun. I had great fun when playing light and extremely maneuverable Soviet planes – line with I-15, I-16 and the rest. German lowtiers for me was meh as hell, especially that crap from a tier 1.
    You just need to get the basics and learn some most popular tactics. The best for a first time may be “run’ngun” – it means that you climb up and perform a dive attack. But remember, if you want to be effective with that, you have to climb up right after the attack. Getting in a dogfight after an attack may lead to a teamkill or a crash (and is dangerous in a heavy fighters for example, due to lack of maneuverability). But the most important thing is to learn shaking off the enemies from your tail. For that you really have to be aware what you’re fighting with and you need to know strenhgts of your plane.
    The most irritating and weird thing for me, after switching from WoT, was a plain sky – it’s kinda shocking when you realize that the only hiding places are a clouds way above or some places down low.
    My first impressions was quite similiar to yours but if you only manage to get through the beginning, the next steps would be much more fun and entertaining.

  37. tried it twice, never made it through the tutorial. First time I ragequitted, second time the tutorial kicked me, because I was failing for 30 minutes.

    Well, I guess no free gold/freeXP for my WoT account.

  38. Nice Article SS. Very fun to read and ofc, what u all ve in mind is good.

    Yeah the tutorial is better, but not that gd.

    The Settings:
    Well u ve there several options, and at least in the last Tab there r so many important things, nobody mention. The best thing is if u learn to fly with height and u dont know to switch from radar to barometer and ur radar gets destroyed and wont get any-more a right scale. So barometer is better.

    So In my experience, try out WT. It is in my opinion with all of this tutorials and the settings are also better documented. The last thing is the aiming with mouse. In WoWp is really hard and somehow bad. I definitely more like the one from WT.

  39. Since you are using the mouse, make sure you map your roll left and roll right keys. I use A and D respectively.

    It makes life easier. As you get better, there will be less and less ramming. It takes quite a while to learn how to avoid a lot of collisions.

  40. Hey SS if you are ever on the us cluster of WoWP look me up. I’ll go in a flight with you. BTW, IMO I would rank the top three tier one’s on their performance:

    1.) Soviet I-15
    2.) USA P-12
    3.) UK Goldfinch

    Good luck to you and see you in the sky.

    WoWP profile: FlakValleyExpress
    Battles Participated: 1,950
    Victories/Battles Ratio: 51.74%

    • WTF is a Goldfinch other than a bird? oh wait it’s a completely made up plane, no wonder I’d never heard of it. Well at least they’re continuing with the WG time honoured tradition of making shit up…

      5000 online at peak time is pathetic (or to quote Serb ‘How Terrible’) for a fully released new game, WT has 10 times that figure and it’s still in beta.


        The Goldfinch is an ‘upgraded’ Gamecock.

        5000 online at peak is only for the EU server. WT counts its game population on all servers as one, so it gives the impression of having more players. If Wargaming put all the WoT & WoWp servers together, it would dwarf WT.

        • “The Gloster Goldfinch was a single-engined single-seat high altitude biplane fighter of all metal construction from the later 1920s. It did not reach production and only one was built.”

          So unlike the Gladiator, it never actually saw combat, same MO as always eh WG? Also funny how it’s not listed as a RAF aircraft.

          Both are released games, WT is still in beta or do you not see any difference in your blinkered fanboy view? I only quoted WoWP since it’s a flight “sim” (I use the term sim in as loose a term as possible) aka a direct comparison.

          • They refer to War Thunder as a “Beta”, but it’s technically released. The term “Open Beta” lost all meaning long ago, and basically means “Released with continual changes, sometimes major ones”.