WG EU: CW rules and support fail

Hello everyone,

we all probably encountered some bad apples from support section. Most aren’t rude, but some just don’t bother reading the tickets you send them. Take a look at this case for example. Recently, in CW rules, WG failed to specify that draw would be considered a loss for the defender of the province (American CW rules had it though, that’s why it was discovered quickly and is specifically a WG EU fail). Infinity_ from (1337) clan decided to investigate the issue, because the clan, unaware of the rule, lost a province apparently. And here’s what happened…

(TLDR: first support staffmember didn’t bother to read the ticket and answered something that wasn’t asked, second admitted the mistake and confirmed WG EU fail in writing the rules)

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Good job, guys! At least they admit it…

29 thoughts on “WG EU: CW rules and support fail

  1. Well, at least they did read the ticket second time around.

    Not as epic as their previous fails tho. (No, I am not hoping for more epic fails)

  2. Another clan failed to read the conditions on the special battle window.

    Gets at least one every time.

    It’s not hard, I know you don’t know anything about CW SS but before battle you spend 15 minutes staring at a screen which has the conditions for winning clearly written. If the 15 players you have lined up (more usually) all fail to read than then you can’t blame WG for not putting it on a webpage which nobody looks at.

    • Yes, you’re right. It’s also the clan’s fault. But it doesn’t take the blame from WG entirely. Such an important change should have been written on the news page like the rest of the CW modifications have.

      • They put it in the news in the past and still clans got caught out because they thought they could just camp it out and win.

        Also this rule got changed randomly by mistake in the past and clans got caught out. It takes 2 seconds to read the battle conditions and verify they are what you expect. If just one clan member does that then you won’t have a problem.

        Sorry I have no sympathy at all for the clans who lost out to IMO their own stupidity.

        Always, always, always, always read the battle conditions, even if you think you know what they should be. Always trust them to be correct and anything else to be wrong. And if you are still confused then play for the win.

        • I totally agree, just read the battle conditions, i find it stupid if i have to go to webpage and find my info there. If info is right in game, i see no problem at all.

          But on the second topic here, the support, it is awful. Ive lost 100 brain cells over those auto answers. Or well this:

          Ticket ID EVY-799-97603

          World of Tanks
          Game Support
          Yesterday 3.08 we got land in ENSK map and Kanino-Timansky District. Today we had to defend it, but it got frozen in semi finals. Second semi final seems still not be finished.It had to start at 18.35 GMT, but its right now 22:13.


          Guillaume Vader 09 August 2013 12:09

          Dear Tank Commander,

          Thank you for contacting us.

          We are aware of the Clan Wars issues and they have been fixed since then.
          We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience of these issues and always working in order to bring an experience as smooth as possible.
          However this can happen for a feature still in beta stage, for this reason we cannot rollback the map or provide any compensation.

          If your issue is still not solved by now, please provide us with relevant information such as screenshots and steps to reproduce in order to investigate.

          We do want to ensure you that we take all players’ questions, feedback, concerns, etc into consideration, and if possible, we take the necessary action to resolve that issue.

          We can only hope that you accept our apologies and for your understanding. Again, thank you for your patience and interest in the game.

          You are always more than welcome to contact customer support for anything which requires our assistance.

          Kind regards,

          Guillaume “Decept1on”

          Wargaming.Net Support Service


          Best part is, they will not compensate what? That we did NOT lose province?

          • If you think WG support is bad try BT.

            Me: I have no internet connection.
            BT: Please run a speed test.
            Me: I have no internet connection.

    • Dunno what your clan does before CW but we do proper line up and explain tactic… no one has time to read rules before the battle, especially that there was HUGE topic on WG official site with rules about re-division.

  3. CW is fucked up, my old clan lost a territory 1 month ago, with Technical Defeat… while 15 of them waited for the battle.

    Support answer?
    Sorry the Clan War is still beta.

  4. Dear silentstalker i play the sea server.

    And i have come to find out that the moderators on sea server are selling spots on the map to clans for xp and gold. i dont personally have the evidence but i know who does. The moderators whose names cant be said will try to shut us down if we do anything.

    They sell spots on the map to big clans reason why there are only a majority who rule sea
    and get the tier ten award tanks even if they didnt really win them

    Even players who dont even have a clan but have connections can get the tier ten award tanks. I find this disgusting and pathetic that people should cheat about it. What is your opinion?

    • made me lol, thanks. How exactly do the moderators do that? do they hack the servers and make sure that the small clans shells all bounce? and please enlighten me how you would sell something for xp in WoT, give someone your account details and have them grind the tanks for you? Or is this simply more butthurt over how evil big clans keep defeating small poor clans only due to being big and evil and nothing to do with in game skill

        • insider help to do what? make sure that all battles for certain provinces are technical defeats except for the one who “paid” for it?

          it’s perfectly possible for a big clan to make a sub clan and then give some high income provinces to that subclan while helping them defend their land, but how exactly would a moderator do that.

          anyway all this crying about CW being “unfair” is the same as if I was complaining that Luxembourg national team doesn’t stand a chance in the world cup qualifiers and therefore they must be rigged and spots sold by a “moderator”

    • That’s the most stupid thing I’ve heard. How should they sell you CW map spots? Lol. Why would anybody even do that if they have that kind of rights? Why don’t they just generate gold for themselves? Stop with your stupid conspiracy theory, please.

      • Escape artist go fuck yourself.

        Do you think i would post a something here risking somebody whos the moderators knowing that i know there dirty sods. Your just another close minded fool. Bet your not even on the sea server. Moron you have no idea how wg works moderators are employees of wg they can control almost everything on the server. Specially clan wars. I know people who have be banned because of this issue when they wanted to speak out on it.

        Silent stalker will do.

        • The only thing you are risking posting here is making yourself sound like an idiot, which you are managing to do quite well.

          I don’t know about SEA but on EU if there is any fuck up with CW (technical defeats etc) there is huge uproar on the forum and anyone interested notices, are you suggesting that somehow moderators are giving people provinces for free and no one notices this on your server?

          anyway I should probably stop feeding the obvious troll

        • Before you making ASIA (not SEA anymore) look like a dens of fool more than it already is, think what you write again.

          Do you think why Forum Moderators still allowed to join clans? Because outside forum, they have limited power on WG operational daily. Mick42, Carves, ChaosGhost…. all they can do is smearing your thread with red ink, deleting all porn you posted and banning you just for a single F-word. Normal Janitor duty. I really doubt they have access to CW inner working.

          Your clan lose to MP? They called eMPire for some reason….

          Only ‘admins’ have power for that i think….

  5. it was 4th time redivision of the world went with this rules and frankly if someone didnt learn it first 3 times it his own fault.

    2nd and 3rd time were explained ok.

    The 1st time they used this rules and they forgot to mention – that was the screw up.

  6. Yeah, WG system ftw! You ask them because of Draw menaing defeat for owner and their answer is about no Global map wipe after the campaign. Nothing new tbh.

  7. This is the new way “redistribution of the map” works, introduced with the second stage of the second campaign.

    In former times, redistribution was a complete wipe and all clans lost their provinces they worked (hard) for.

    The new method is way better since there is at least a chance to keep your land and it is only fair that you have to fight actively for it at least.

    And it’s no gift for the winner of the landing tournament at all, since now he has to do something and may get some tanks locked instead of the technical victory (vs. the civilians) in former times.

    Yes, the change is still quite new and WG should have reminded the clans about it. We are just an average Africa clan and knew the rule (at least the CW staff) and a LEET clan which also took part at the campaign definately should know it too.

    • Yeah we did know that rule before, but we did read the topic on WG page and there was nothing about it. That’s why we did not put any pressure to kill every one especially that we had one Foch155 near enemy base but with around 100+hp so we didn’t want to risk of losing it.

  8. Whatever your problem is there is a really big chance you’ll get some generic answers from support that has nothing to do with your issue just to get you off their ass. They don’t even read it. They just c/p generic answer hoping you would just give up and leave it as it is.