Next tier 10 discount…

Thanks to lucitribal for letting me know about this one.

Hello everyone,

not sure about you guys, but I almost forgot about the event with the tier 10 discounts – but it looks like the next tier 10 discount will be the Jagdpanzer E-100 according to the calendar on US server.

However, looking at EU calendar, I can’t help but notice the lack of tier 10 discounts. No tier 10 discounts for you, European capitalists!

(Okay, to be fair, the word is, they might return in February)

26 thoughts on “Next tier 10 discount…

  1. Yes! YES!!!

    Time to trade shots and pad DPG on the JpzE-100

    Would be even better if prem ammo also happened to be on sale -affordable autopen!

    • Because you need more than 299 pen to pen tanks. Fucking powercreep retards. How did you liked the game when Jagdtiger was the top TD and you couldn’t bought gold ammo with credits and you had “only” 276mm pen? You do realise fucktards like you are ruining this game because fuck aiming in a shooter game. Typical mediocre scrub desperately trying to boost his stats, but somehow even with autopen ammo fails to do.

  2. There currently is a discount of 15% on *all* tier 10 tanks and arties on the EU server until Jan 16th, 6:00 am. What do you want?

    • What do we want? Equal specials on all servers. It is okay when they differ once in a while when a special celebration is held, but general discounts/specials should be applied to all servers, not only to the ones with the best earnings ratio or russian players. Look at SEA server they get even more shafted then EU.

      • Well, I have bought three tier X since the 15% discount on them became available, and I will buy another one before it expires. I am not too unhappy even with “only” 15%. Saved me two or three hours (in other words: a day worth playing WoT) of grinding money per tank. :P

        • The thing is RU & US server had this special too and with the next troll “only RU” special you hopefully can sse what I’m implying. WG screws EU and SEA server because the earnings per player are not high enough. RU server is home server so questions there.

  3. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! I just bought the JT during the 15% discount and I haven’t played with it more than 10 games and now it will be discounted for 30%? Q_Q And I don’t have time to grind the JagdPz E-100 :((((

  4. i already have the JPE, trust me, you don’t want it, you’re and arty magnet, can’t see shit, and have no camo….terrible combo for a TD

      • Actually the jagdpz e100 and wte100 are pretty different. You can do more damage in less time with the wte100 due to autloader gun, but it has less penentration than the jagdpz e100. The wte100 is also more mobile and has turret which means you can shoot more flexible and prevent beeing flankes as easily.

        The jagdpz e100 on the other hand has more 1 shot alpha and penentration, but with much worse mobilty and no turret. Sure it has “armor” but that wont matter much in tier 10 games where majority of tanks have 258-300mm pen with regular AP.

        Some say the wte100 has bad camo, and thats right, but it has superior view range which means it will outspot tanks with worse view range, but with better camo.

        Still the jagdpz e100 isnt a bad TD, if you are used to play german tanks. It has gretty good armor beeing a td (but still the worst armor of all tier 10 TDs) and a good gun with high alpha, penentration and decent accuracy and aimtime. The key to playing the jagdpz e100 is like any other german slow tank, that is having enough cover between you and the enemy so you can shoot and then back off and reload. You dont camp and snipe but you dont push a flank alone either. But I will say, the limited mobilty and long reload makes the jagdpz e100 a tricky tank to play, unless you want to sit back and snipe only which in return till give you horrible stats since these days, you need to brawl and assault, even beeing a TD.

        I still think the jagdpz e100 is a good TD, with the other TDs overperforming a bit. But if you think you can play the jagdpz e100 like the other stealthy TDs, like hiding behind a bush ans snipe, you are wrong, it has too bad camo for that. Some can argume to use the 15 meter bush rule, but the slow mobilty and mediocre aimtime on the gun as well as narrow gun arch will make it hard to pull back and shoot. By the time you do that, the enemy is alreaddy “unspotted”.

          • Not really since those tanks will get higher rof in return. If we assume other tds are the biggest threat for the jagdpz e100 which i doubt. I got blasted like hell playing the jagdpz e100 back in 8.6 where TDs in tier 10 were alot fewer.

            • Some will not get rof in return e.g. t110e3/e4 or foch 155. And I didn’t say that JagdPz E-100 is extremely good, just that it’s not that bad. Personally I find WT E-100 crap, that’s why I’d prefer the Jagd. But compared to Foch 155 or Object 268 it’s underperforming.

      • It depends on what you mean with “right” or wrong. Please explain so I can examine it. Also we dont know your stats.

        @ Kinder.
        Yes armor means little in wota, when enemies are using gold ammo, but those few times enemies use regular ammo armor means alot, believe it or not. I have seen increase in gold ammo lately, not only by tanks like t69, premium tanks, t54, t62a, but all kinds like kv4, is8, t57, isu-152, etc. Tanks that dont really need gold ammo from the first place due to their borderline OP AP penentration. I still fail to see why any regular tank in the game should use gold ammo.

  5. T18 can get nerfed for all I care. I seal club with Panzerjager I, I actually like killing enemy T18 (especially other sealclubbers) with my PzJg I to feel morally superior even if I’m as lame as they are.

  6. Hey, EU gets Gamescom events and giftcodes, NA gets The_Chieftain and people who actually proofread things before posting them on the site…it’s still not quite even.