Empire’s Border – map restricted to Chinese server

Hello everyone,

CypherHK (US server) made a review of the special Chinese server only map called Empire’s Border and he was nice enough to send the video to me. Now you all can have a look – we won’t see this map on EU, US and RU server and I actually think it might be a pity (so much work on a map only to give it to one server) – but, is it good? Well, have a look!


63 thoughts on “Empire’s Border – map restricted to Chinese server

      • Well the guy in vid said itsjust because we apparently complained about too many asian maps. I bet in WG it looked a little bit something like this:
        Serb: holy crap, are you absolutely sure this map is good, with many lanes and a chance for every tank type to play and balanced bases?
        X: Unfortunately, sir
        Serb: God dammit, there must be something we can do.
        X: Sir, we could send it for rebalance to WG EU
        Serb: No, no, ive got a better idea. My wot spies tell me there is some kind of free speech going on in EU, silentstalker and all, lets make this map a china exclusive
        X: Brilliant, sir. But sir, theres just one thing…
        Serb: What?
        X: Sir, you look like a hobo sir
        Serb: I know :(

  1. Too much asian maps? For real? We won’t get a nicely done map that’s been worked on for hours and hours just because someone complained about ‘too much asian maps’?

      • Yup. If WG removed everything that the players complain about and want removed we would not have a game left.

        • But we are also complaining for playing 20% of the time on just 3-4 maps.Something that will save this game is more maps…lots of maps…it is needed for diversity.I’m sick of every 3rd or 4th game to be on Erlenberg or Redshire.

          • We do have 30 + maps. That should be enough. Although in one patch (think it was 8.6…) i really thought that WG had banned my ELC on Malinkovka. I could not get it unless i was in a platoon created by someone else. I have like 90% winrate in the ELC on that map due to derp spotting there.

            Would be fun if WG made some maps just for the LOLZ. Like the one that was an april fools joke (tanks on moon), grass map with the tanks beeing miniaturized to kinder egg toy size etc, etc. Have n option where pple can tick in if they want to play the LOLZ maps to stop the whiners.

    • People don’t complain about too many Asian maps but about how all Asian maps are utter shit to play on. It’s the same story every time. It’s always extreme hills, choke points, crap objects littering the whole map and very restricted areas where the battle actually takes place.

      It would be nice, for a change, to have some Asian themed map actually accessible to tanks, with less mountain peaks, limited lines of attack ending up in very few choke points and with rubbish crap “decorating” the map but effectively only getting in the way.

  2. Shame, I have been waiting for this map since its first leak! Pretty sure everyone wants to drive through the Great Wall…

  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATT i have been waiting FOREVER FOR THIS MAP! just like masterfail, AND EVERYONE ELSE.

    OH WG why you troll so hard… such horrible.
    i like this map, the ones everyone was bitching about are simply too vertical and impassable.
    why do you preview and promise shit, only to tell us to screw off? LET PLAYERS MAKE MAPS!! issue resolved.
    you may have had “in house testing of player map creation” but that is no reason to deem it “worthless”.

    Also wtf is that marquee at the top there?

    • It was in Q and A that they tested to let players make their own maps, but none of them was playable…

    • That marquee is an ingame newsticker…it is in the eu client also, but noone on WG EU seems to have found out yet how to use it. ^^
      (To be fair idk if the EU server cluster even supports this feature.)

      – Greetings, locastan.

  4. I saw some of that map on an ST map which was in progress…

    There were definately the two “Town Gates”… the map I saw I’m sure was bigger with some more elements of Temples/villages on yet another lane behind a big hill…

    this looks like they cut out about 15% off the edge and reworked it slightly…

    I thought it was a shame it never appeared as it was a good map to run around in a training room and looked like it would be good to play with a fair amount of variation

  5. Pretty good map, i will be more than happy to drop it on our server! :)
    Arty can hit EVERYWHERE from what i see, and map is maybe 1kmx1km or more.

        • It doesn’t make sense to you because you didn’t take your meds.

          What were you moaning about in the first place anyway? Would you not like this map in the game?

          • I must be talking to a rock.

            Because of the whiners and haters we will not get this map, ergo my comment.

            If you dont understand that i will try a different approach:

            To all whiners and haters who cant be happy with what they have and must complain about everything including “to many Asian maps” i have one message to you: FUCK YOU ALL!

  6. Judging from the minimap, that map as a lot of accessible areas and a huge lot of interconnections between them, allowing for fast gameplay, diverse tactics and surprise attacks. Actually it looks better than all the crap maps WG.net has come up with recently. That is definitely I map I would love to play.

      • I remember seeing them working on this map a long time ago, when we still only had 2 asian maps and one of them had been pull for reworking.

        If wargaming listened to NA; the game would:
        1 – Be radically different than it is now.
        2 – We wouldn’t have gotten all the other Asian maps.

        I don’t buy it, for a minute.

    • A VERY vocal minority did, but the majority of them weren’t complaining about Asian maps because they’re Asian, but because WG has proven that they are completely incompetent at designing GOOD Asian maps.

  7. It’s a nice map to be sure, but I wouldn’t say it’s extraordinarily done.
    Balancing seems to be rather easy, if you ‘draw’ two diagonals on the minimap you see that all four ‘triangles’ are virtually mirror images. Then for covers put a town on the middle lane [as easy 'fair' cover for both sides], put the boulders on the top lane on mirrored locations and funnel the bottom lane into the hill climb…

    But OK, at least the map seems to be balanced for both starting locations, and there doesn’t seem to be a “winning location” there.

  8. If you ask me it looks like it would play similar to Dragon’s Ridge, which I seemingly was the only one that enjoyed playing on.

    Long route around for flanking meds, that the meds don’t actually use because they’re too lazy.
    Large-multi lane brawling area, where the lower one is where all the morons go to die, and all the other tanks shot down on them from the higher lanes.

  9. Map looks really big, I can imagine at the end of the battle staying one on one with somebody – it could take a while to find the opponent there..
    But in general it looks fun – many passages, connections and hills, even city. Shame it does not appear on other servers, and would be nice to know the real reason – WHY?

  10. Looks very nice. Scouts will be able to roam everywhere, get the hell out of dodge when spotted fast and do the job they are ment to do. Like it since i do mostly lights.

    Map is 1km x 1km. In the last part you can see the other tank spotted and the player turns his gun on him which gives you a range indicator. 230 m. On the minimap i see they are a bit more then 2 squares apart at that moment.

    Btw since we r talking about asian maps, i always liked dragon ridge. I understand why heavies and large TD s hated it but for lights and meds that i was driving it was tons of fun. They could bring it back and put a excluding heavies exception on it.

  11. ha indeed, it’s a shame that such a lovely map cannot be access via the capitalistic servers of EU/US/RU.

    you should contemplate about your western evil deeds and make amends to the great china and maybe we will bring this map to your region.

  12. I like it. Shame we didn’t get it… but yeah, I remember the “This map will suck. It has too many choke points and ambush positions. It will be campfest!”

    • Let them introduce an totally flat map that is truly LARGE, like 3×3 or 4×4 km. Make it a stone desert and call it *The foxes playground*. Would be somewhat historical reference to WWII northern africa. :-)
      No choke points or ambush positions. Let the RNG and accuracy of guns decide who wins this super long range shoot out. XD

      Not many terrain features so i guess resources needed to making such a map woul not be much at all. See below.

  13. People complained about Asian maps? But this was before Hidden Village… which is…. Asian?

    Also I don’t give a rats ass where a map is set a new map is a new map! Better than playing Ruinberg for the 20th time in a day!

    • Exactly that. So far we didn’t get a single Asian map that would be any good. Limited playing areas, choke points and extreme hills and mountains. That’s what we did get.

      If suddenly developers’ new approach would be to make (rework) city maps with two or three narrow streets linking the bases with inaccessible ground taking 75% of the map naturally players would complain. But of course there would be few fucking idiots out there saying people just don’t like city maps.

  14. We complained about too many *sh!tty* Asian maps. Well, Pearl River is ok, but Holy Crap, pardon me, Sacred Valley? Or even worse: Hidden Valley? Bleah!

    Throw those away (together with Severogorsk), and give us this one map in exchance!

  15. I want this map for US server :brick: I like this, large and make me feel comfortable. I hate narrow map :))

  16. It is really funny.
    We get Chinese Tanks, which the majority didn’t really want and then there is a really interesting map
    we don’t get even though the player want it.

    Come on WG… stop that shit.

  17. The Map is Beautiful, and looks to be great to play on. Please Wargaming, release this map to the rest of the servers.

  18. I want that map! It’s a paradise for medium tanks, and even light tanks would be useful. Anything with mobility = win on that map.

    I wonder if it’s so open because the Chinese server buy so many Type 59s, which would be beasts on a map like that?

    • And from what I can tell by the video, it’s the only somewhat well-designed Asian-themed map ever produced for this game…and it’s also the only region-locked Asian map. Seriously, WG doesn’t seem to know how to design a map that isn’t either “two to four chokepoints where a battle of attrition ensues” or “Sniper Duels across a wide-open area”.

      I’m not saying they should take every player suggestion out there, but WG should perhaps sometimes at least READ the suggestions for new maps and if it sounds good, perhaps consider having it on the test server for a little bit to see how people react to it. If the reception is positive, then add it to the game.

  19. Too many Asian maps? For hecks sake, this game is called World of Tanks. I take diverse period locations to be part of the game’s theme.

    This map looks awesome. I feel kind of ripped off that we don’t have it.

    The game needs more maps and more rotation. Too many maps are taken down for whinging when we don’t have enough to begin with. 32 seems like a lot until you spend even a single week grinding for high tier.

    I miss Dragon Valley (you know, it was NICE to have a map where hull down and agility was king.) I already miss Port (it looked freaking cool!)

    Going back further to maps I’ve only seen in screenshot, Mexico sounded like it could have worked with some more effort and Savannah… there’s just not enough maps set on the African continent. Again, a load of work on art and terrain assets that they threw away altogether instead of reworking. Seems like such a waste. Montanna sounded fun.

    I just counted five maps that have been discarded without rework. That’s about 13% of our variety lost and never regained.

    Dammit WG, make do and mend. Too much of the throwaway capitalist about you. z: )

    It seems like they spend months making these maps and take them down on a whim.

  20. I don’t think WG understands that the wiser amongst the community weren’t complaining about Asian maps because they were Asian, but because we’re tired of BADLY-DESIGNED Asian maps.