Yuri Pasholok greets FTR readers :)

Hello everyone,

you might have noticed the comments under the last post are locked, I did that last night in order to stop the arguing about German and Soviet tanks and whatnot – and then I went to sleep. Little did I know I would have an interesting conversation with Yuri Pasholok this morning.

It started with a nice greeting from Yuri Pasholok to you, dear readers :)


Crueldwarf: Your post caused quite a stir in the English part of the forum because it was reposted on FTR
Yuri Pasholok: Yea, I’ve read it. I have a feeling that there are faggots sitting over there, for whom the Cold War is not over. I will have to write a post to piss them off even more.

Very classy, isn’t it? :) And this guy wants to be the next Hilary Doyle. Just for the record, “pidaras” (faggot) can also be translated like a “retard”, so noone bashes me about it again. Also, feel free to correct my translation, but I think I got it right. So, I told him to come comment on FTR, that it might be fun. Anyway, he replied with a longer post, the highlights of which are:

- we (FTR readers) are Russophobes
- they (Russians) know their history, we (apparently we all are Germanophiles) can’t even name the designers of the Panther
- we are all nationalists, while nations are dead, you can hang a Turkish flag over Germany and half of British colonies are living in Britain (and French in France) – “you deserve that, it is the fate of all empires” (he notes that the same thing happens in Moscow, but that Russia was a multi-national country even before)

He is right of course (in the empires’ fate part at least), but I really don’t see how that is relevant. I have the feeling he actually thinks I am German, or a hardcore germanophile. Anyway, there were a few more posts with pretty funny content (“Our (Russian) idiots are still smarter than your idiots”) and then I thanked him for his interview (after which he ranted on how I apparently think T18 HMC is Soviet, because I apparently generally claim “Soviet bias”, while T18 is OP, so “according to my logic” it must be Soviet).

Honestly, my opinion is, this guy is just odd. Obviously, he likes trolling, but for example when it comes to SerB posting trolling, he’s not that vulgar, unlike this guy. It’s impossible to take anyone like that seriously, but maybe that’s his point?

Still, he posts pieces of interesting information on his blog and I am going to repost them here. All in all, an interesting morning :)

Edit: he also likes the Poles apparently :) From his blog:


288 thoughts on “Yuri Pasholok greets FTR readers :)

  1. Everybody needs to chill the duck out on this issue (which has been somewhat blown out of proportion here).

      • On the translation – “pidar” in this context could also mean asshole or something like that.
        On history part – there are very different 20th century translation in Russia, which are also teached at schools still 30 years after CCCP collapse. So it`s quite hard for russians to comprehend, why doesn`t everybody loves them and why their grandpas may be similiar assholes to German grandpas. It just doesn`t add up with their historical knowledge and historical consciousness.

        • Indeed. Try teaching history to a Russian immigrant kid… Unbelievable how much Soviet ‘rewriting of history’ is still taught. Still, most of them eventually get the idea.

      • That means that if we are faggots, since Russians are better at everything, they are therefore better faggots? AMIRITE?

    • I think Pashlok’s commentary simply proves that the Cold War is not over, and he is just the same as the people he labels. Don’t ever kid yourselves, folks … The Soviets have not gone away, nor has the Cold War – it has simply been redirected.

  2. Through Serbian history Russians NEVER ever helped us even a bit, we have an obligatory love and respect for Russia!!!

    That’s why I have to say: “Брате Јури, НЕ дај се годинама, НЕ дозволи овом злочинцу СС-у да те понижава, докажи му да је Т18 Руски” :) :) :)

      • Ma, pusti ga…
        Anyway, i don’t feel like i have obligatory love and respect for Russia.
        As for this Yuri, meh, nerds gonna nerd.

        • Ma, nije prvi put da lupeta i uvlaci bez potrebe Srbiju u nevezane teme.
          Niti je tacno da nam Rusi nisu nikad pomogli, naravno, obicno kada je to bilo i u njihovom interesu (pomenimo samo srpske ustanke, I i II svetski rat) niti ja poznajem mnogo ljudi koji nesto narocito velicaju, vole i postuju Rusiju.

  3. “…and half of British colonies are living in Britain.”

    Yes mate, its called the Commonwealth.

      • Meh.

        We’re British and we’re so awesome we don’t care what someone else thinks. Or to Quote Cecil Rhodes:
        “Remember that you are an Englishman, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.”

        Now please readers, delete the word British/Englishman and insert the name of your country.

        Or in a more informal way of putting it:
        “Come and have a go if you think your hard enough!” Then I shall fart in his general direction.

        Seriously, what do I care if someone doesn’t like me? The world is full of tools. As long as you don’t think your one then crack on.

    • I like it when people wallow in their ignorance of the Commonwealth. What a shame his country is only a member the CIS, the EU wannabes. With all the corruption in his part of the world I suppose there is something to have angst about.

      • I don’t see why we’d take pride in being members of that gigantic and monstrous clusterfuck, the EU.

    • oh oh! a german tank as you avatar, you fanboy! :D

      but what i can see in the translation of his post:
      -he doesnt like immigrants (otherwise he wouldnt use that to slander on turks in germany for example)
      -i would wonder why he says that we think the cold war isnt over. most players of wot proaply didint even live during those times, neither have i :/ (okay…i was like 2 years old)
      -wow bashing the dead polish president… i wonder why those 2 nations still hate each other. my guess: retarded nationalism

      on a more personal note… he tries to be a serious tank historian but when thinks dont go the way he likes he starts to troll? way to argue…such smart. so tank. very historical. of russian superiority.

      • “-he doesnt like immigrants (otherwise he wouldnt use that to slander on turks in germany for example)”
        Well, most immigrants in Western Europe are just a nail to their coffin. Muslim people who do not assimilate and want the Shariah law to rule in the world.

        “-i would wonder why he says that we think the cold war isnt over. most players of wot proaply didint even live during those times, neither have i :/ (okay…i was like 2 years old)”
        I guess his point is that the Europeans and Americans have to hate all that is Russian, cause Cold War and shit.

        “-wow bashing the dead polish president… i wonder why those 2 nations still hate each other. my guess: retarded nationalism”
        No matter the reasons, one true thing is – the stronger the Russia is, the worse for Poland.

        • Well, if they have spread the happy seed of communism all across the easter Europe, and murdered all the political opponents, they shoulden’ t be surpised WE hate them.

          One more thing.
          Making fun of that tragedy, when the fault was partly on the russian side, shows just how stupid that guy is at times.

          • well this shows how russians in general doesnt care about other then russians i’ve seen this picture and jokes about this tragedy many times from russian folks even see on TV how russian moderator was laughing his ass off when someone made similar joke

        • Juding by history your eastern/EU are alreaddy in the coffin….fuck all countries except sweden. I hate you eastern racist trash people. If you are so good, why ur economy so bad?

  4. Wow, this guy is not a historian, he is a dog of the communist party. ( sorry, i not know the person who is in his profession, the party put there, instead of his traits.) Nevermind it is fun reading from stupid people.

  5. its like the ingame chatt with insulters and whiners with the difference that here we know its not kids….

  6. Well, whatever.
    Seems only fitting that some WG employees are as mentally unstable and childish as half their playerbase.

    • Very true,he is not the only one as an employee it seems.Though i’m wondering about,how many of them mentally stable and answers the questions wisely not with a childish attitude.

      I think problem is,those employees hired by WG trying to show off “We Russians rule the world,we know everything about WWII”

      I admit,they know lots of things,they have been at war literally but that does not mean,they are the only ones who lost their families or the most courageous nation in the world.

      After reading these words :” I have a feeling that there are faggots sitting over there, for whom the Cold War is not over.” Irony shows itself,actually he is the only one thinks The Cold War still continues and acting like that way.

      Guys just like this,really love to piss of the people with their unusual comments.

      • You would be surprised how many school boys think the USSR still exists and that Russians are automatically bad…

      • I don’t think you have enough IQ points to understand that some WG employees are simply fucked up brainbashed idiots.

          • Yes, I can understand his trolling, I know how many idiots post stupid and repetitive useless questions, but he’s also a communist lover and I think we have him to thank for some balance elements: he fought to keep OP-1S the way it is now and he won against the other guy who wanted to nerf it.

            • Id rather have him then a cold distant suit in charge.
              As for the kv-1s I agree, just nerf its deperession will help for now until furthrr rebalance is taken… though I can’t think of any other OP soviet vehicle he is responsible for( and give a good player a hellcat, it can wreck eve more).
              I haven’t noticed him being really communist nor it matterin really. In game there is more of a USA bias

              • Any party can actually claim bias. Some German tanks are totally overbuffed compared to their real life values, some Americans are also. I don’t think there is any inherent “bias” in the game, the “Russian bias” previous post title was more like a jab at all the RB claims.

                • There are other OP tanks than russians indeed (T18, Foch, T110E3 maybe), but russian tanks are more n00b-friendly. They are pretty straight-forward, don’t require many tactics, like germans for example.

          • Is he? From that “faggot”, I stopped taking him seriously, so I was entertained by the rest. He didn’t piss me off much, so that’s my victory I guess. Plus I get to post about him and make him look like an asshole, more free publicity for FTR on his blog, again, my victory. Doesn’t seem like good trolling to me.

            • faggot or esp ( US ) fagot 1 (ˈfæɡət)

              — n
              1. a bundle of sticks or twigs, esp when bound together and used as fuel
              2. a bundle of iron bars, esp a box formed by four pieces of wrought iron and filled with scrap to be forged into wrought iron
              3. a ball of chopped meat, usually pork liver, bound with herbs and bread and eaten fried
              4. a bundle of anything

              • A faggot is a useless or worthless thing, unless you live in the 21st century where it means a homosexual.

                What does the dictionary say about ‘gay’?


            • I meant SerB. Pasholock acted as a true douche here.
              As for Soviet tanks being more noob fiendly… I diaagree, but is it important?

              Terran are best beginner race in Starcaft yet aren’t op

          • I don’t mind the trolling. It filters out all the idiots. I thought he was going to do it in a more ‘sophistication’ fashion but I guess he’s going for the minimal effort/can’t be ass/lowest denominator.

    • SerB is a legend! He only trolls morons who deserve it and does it in the most entertaining ways!

    • SerB is Love
      SerB is Life
      You don’t talk shit about SerB
      SerB is our Glorious Troll Overlord.
      He’s probably more covered in pussy than you.

      • I wouldnt believe that guy had any pussy or any life for that matter. If he did he would leave that pos company called WG. I say it again, if swedish developers would made wota, it would be much better.

        The only “hole” serb gets is sticking “it” in the tanks cannons at kubinka.

  7. He is an oddball for sure. It is pretty funny hehe.
    Personally I think he is having a good time reading all the retarded shitposts from yesterday. People went serious apeshot about that translation…

  8. I don’t like it. SerB trolls people who are either trolling him or wasting his time with questions that they could easily find answers to elsewhere. Yuri is trolling when people are trying to have a serious discussion or even when he’s trying to lead a serious discussion. How can I take him seriously if even he can’t? Sorry, but he’s just hurting his own credibility.

  9. This guy is a joke, and should never represent wg in the historical department. Send him and his semi-racist arguments on welfare.

  10. Disgusting, that a nationalist and chauvinist like him still works for an international company like WG. Apparently, the Russians haven’t learned their lesson and don’t know their own history. If they would have learned their lesson, Putin and his regime would not exist.

    • Funny, he confirms that the 200 mm armor is their fantasy, but he is trying to convince about the historical basis of that.

    • What was your interaction like with him in a non-trolling, srs business setting? Because this guy just came across as a half-wit and very unpleasant to deal with.

      You don’t have answer if you don’t want to. I understand.

  11. I agree with the most of what he says.
    Most of the FTR readers are Russophobes for whom the Cold War is not over.
    According to them, being the German patriot is fine – even when you ignore historical facts, but the Russian patriot must be communistic faggot. You write about Russian bias, but you completely ignore there is shit-ton of OP tanks that are American, French and German. It’s quite pathetic.

    • You guys are as pathetic as we are. That’s confirmed in supression of Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and invaision of Czechoslovakia in 1968. If you’re in trouble, you use brute force. Oh, and, I remember a time when your fatass Brezhnev (who died PATHETICALLY in the middle of a power struggle between KGB and CPSU) thought about using nukes against China…

      • You just prove what I quoted, you are Russophobe for whom the Cold War is not over.
        Any FYI, I’m not – nor I can speak or read Russian. And like you, I was fed in school and through public media how Russia is bad. And I know shit in detail what happened 50 or 100 years ago. Because history is written by victor and because I don’t give a fuck. But what pisses me off how ignorant European players are. Not Russian bias, but Russian hate is the problem here.

        • Fuck you and fuck your russian agenda. This isnt russa, I bet in russia you wouldnt have the balls to write openly on forums due to fear of KGB. Go fuck russian and KGB. Typical pussy communists, coming here to EU forums and talk shit because ur too scared to do it in your own “cunt”ry.

    • Tell me one reason to respect a dictatorship like Russia, whose leader (or shall I say führer) Putin tramples on human rights, pisses on freedom of expression and uses fascist methods like discriminating homosexuals?

      The Cold War is over, since the Soviet Empire crumbled, but the categorical rejection of a dictatorship like Russia (which is masked as a democracy) still exists in the free world.

      • Well, everyone living in the past, not the present doesn’t help. Grow up, move on and look to the future, where we can live in harmony without all this distructive, bullshit nationalism. I mean, don’t any of you see that hating on people because of where their mothers arbitrarily chose to shit them out is really, really stupid and childish?

      • One reason?

        How about common decency?

        It goes like this: you disrespect an individual, then you start hating a group of people, then you start hating a country and/or race and before you know it, youre in Auschwitz exterminating people. Thats how it works, the technology of evil.

        So actually in hating Russians for whatever your perception of Russia is, youre actually doing more harm to yourself than youre doing to them.

        • Ctfu go fuck your medium and heavy tenks, now when TDs are getting nerfed. Also since you are on the official forums, then gtfo.

          We have any reason to disslike the russian history and regime, as well as russian nationalists. We dont want their fucking communism/nazism in EU or this game.

      • See, my dear Mr KrankyK, even this reply confirms how your opinion is “adjusted” by what we know as forms of getting “most accurate and definitely true (we swear)” news: [s] Propaganda Machine [/s] Mass Media.

        Have we paid attention to the fact that recently, in India (with population WAAAY higher than Russia) supreme court had ruled to reinstate penalties for “Unnatural acts of sex” with prison sentences up to 10 years ? But we dont know much about it, it will not be on CNN.com (BBC? Is there a difference ?) since India still buys a ton of our, US, weapons and other junk. Not even mentioning that it is a largest ally in far east, if, say, China misbehaves.

        The truth is that there is no truth. My education, just like your education, was heavily influenced by political regime controlling as much as it could. It is only reasonable. Do not believe what you know about Russia. Unless you’ve lived there for 18 years, like i have, your information is third hand, at best. In US we are letting criminals walk judging by the amount of wealth they have acquired. The more wealth, the more heinous crime is pardoned. This is The Capitalist way, and it is fine.

        In Norway, in rural areas incest, child abuse and homosexualism [yes, i went there and put these three in same line. seems to be popular now, regardless if pro or counter arguments] are, practically, state sponsored.

        These are facts i saw, personally. I can add something wrong about every country Ive ever been to. Even in my beloved hometown, New York, treatment of lower class is significantly lower than any survival standards for civilized society allow.

        Wake up. we are drones. We are not ruling elite. We know nothing and we can forever speculate who is wrong and who is right. I am not saying everything is tiptop in Russian. Far from it. And Belarus, where i am originally from (Minsk, WG’s hometown, The Big Potatoe) is even worse off politically and humanitariangly (is that a word?). But shovingyour opinion to thousands of readers of what seems to be just a joke (crude and lame, but still) and making yourself look righteous human rights advocate is just as pathetic.

        • Comrade Vladimir is butthurted. Fuck off with your stereotypes. You are more brainwashed that Yuri Shitolok.

          • my stereotypes are based on in-person observations and communications with different people belonging to different cultures. Your statement, i assume, is based from something you overheard somewhere by someone who heard it from someone who was definitely there ! Also, I have successfully integrated myself with capitalist regime to acceptable level of personal wealth (not quite there to get away with murder though). Your sentiment of me being pro-soviet relic is a fallacy incarnate, as I am a part of one of the most liberal society known to man, according to pro-western doctrine. I just chose not to support either one of the doctrines since i have enough intelligence to realize it is complete bullshit, and lack political capital (or desire to acquire enough of it) to change it.

            You consider general russian populace a docile lamb, brainwashed into submission, yet you fail to see that you yourself is proving yourself to be one of them, just on the other side of the fence. Well done ^.^

            • Your statement, i assume….
              Again with stereotypes…somehow you “assume” you know every person you’ve “met” on the internet so you can theach them how to live and what regime should they accept as the only good one. I don’t give a fuck about you and what you did and where you went or where you live. I can perfectly say from your responses how stereotypical you are and know-all wannabe with huge ego.

      • What’s wrong with discriminating against people who think taking dicks up their asses (that’s right, actual dicks in their actual asses) is fine ? That’s rather a sign of civilization to me.

  12. Hi! first time posting here since the registration. From SS translation this Yuri guy behaviour seem to indicate a very frustrated person (who just discharged all the frustration inside him) and also one in which you can see the effects of decades of stalinistic soviet BRAINWASHING. Saying that russians know their history yet at the same time calling us all germanophiles, only proves even more patriotistic brainwashing. Not to mention the HUGE russian hate towards Company of Heroes 2 for actually telling REAL incidents such as shooting retreating deserters, saying such thing did not happen etc. Yuri Pasholok urgently needs to be sent to a medical exam. He needs psychological and psychiatric help. Get help. This is what decades of brainwashing does to your brain. Russians only know what Stalin-post soviet brainwash machine told them.

  13. Looking at his picture….wearing that helmet makes him look like that “Special” kind of person that rides the short bus. So I wouldn’t worry too much about his bias opinions. Someone in his line of work should be objective and not play favorites, it just makes him look like an uneducated fool.

  14. On tge one hand he is right, many of the people that post here write absurd BS on 1:7 kill to death ratios or at times somewhat racist jabs at russians …
    But the opposite is just as stupid, and he handles tge situation Very badly…
    And he ain’t as good of a troll as SerB either.
    Is this why Doyle does not work at WG anymor?

  15. Well SS as i said on previous occasions, youre cool and i respect your work (hence i read this blog) but really, in your posts you can very often read / sense anti Russian comments hidden between the lines. Not sure if thats attempt of humor, or you really have issues with them (as most of people from former eastern block seem to), but if i was Russian myself (and not just a clinically diagnosed Russophille) my reaction would be similar to Yuri’s (whom i consider arrogant more than its healthy just for the record).

    The whole “no X for you western capitalists!” which you can see here quite often does nothing but stir anti Russian bias, as you can see there are plenty of petty people who cant do anything in real life so come on the internetz to bash RU in any context available.

    If i didnt know better, id honestly suspect that the reason you do this (post this crap / let ppl coment) is to get attention/promote blog, which would be kind of cheap. But i choose to believe its not that.

    Also lol@ Zoran Miljković’s post.

    • Dude, the “no X for you capitalists” is a running joke. It’s not meant seriously, obviously (you do know that the owner of wot-news is actually a Russian guy?). I think people have a good laugh at it :)

      • Its a joke that you and other people get, i take it as such as well, its no problem. What im saying is that every time you post something related to Russia or Russians, in any shape way or context, out of 100 comments at least 20 will be pure hate and trolling (to the point where it looks like the real life hate for RU has become the same as hate for WG). Im not saying thats your responsibility (IMO you should never delete comments or lock discussions, if people are retards let it be seen) but when you post sarcastic, ironic or any other kind of comments, some people dont get them that way. Yuri is wrong for saying what he said about FTR, but im saying if i wasnt a everyday reader, some things wouldnt “appear” as they do.

        • Didnt I tell you to gtfo this place? We can say what ever we want because SS os no butthurt faggot like official moderators. We EU people do get discriminated against by WG because they know we have more money to spend than food-stamp russian.

  16. FTR is probably the best source of information on WoT in English. That’s why I read it.

    The game developers rarely publish any worthwhile information on their sites in English, everything is usually in Russian.

    It’s really nice to have a site like FTR that translates everything. Keep up the good work. :)

  17. The internet brings people from all over the world together. Cultures are different.

    Maybe what we see here is just russian culture and the way he baves is just the way russians behave? It might not necessarily be meant in an offensive way. After all, it is a very cold and poor country with a difficult history, one might expect Russia’s people to be somewhat harder and cruder than in other parts of the world.

    We should not be angry about Mr Pasholok and instead see this as an opportunity to learn about russians.

    • WTF? If the 5 minutes to correct a post are up, the system will just close the text window and everything you wrote will just be gone? Even when you are just about to click the send button?

    • 1000x time THIS. From what little dealing I had with them. This seems to be the case. This is why it’s so funny to see all the people here falling for the obvious trollbait.

    • It’s funny, indeed, but I don’t think that “historician” from big eastern company should post that kind of joke about huge tragedy, in which Polish nation lost their president and a lot of establishment. It just does not seem right.

      • Right or not right, it was funny. Ruskies dont care if its pollitically correct, humanly correct, or even “in taste” Its jus simple hur dur for them

      • Yeah, we lost a good-for-nothing president, what a waste… :P Too bad that there were innocent people on board, there could’ve been more guys from PiS (like macierewicz and the other twin), it would be a better trade – one plane, one tree and all the scum dealt with…

        • That.Tragedy is that were probably some decent people on board, but losing crooked politician that got to their throne on hate speech and ignoring economic problems (word of Poles I know) is hardly a tragedy.

          Wanna know why Poles and Russians hate each other? That is because they generally are same kind of ignorant assholes – sure, there are a lot of exceptions, but as general it is so. Just so it would not be that I have something against those, I will say that we Serbs are also pretty much the same.

          • Well, Poland has a long history of conflicts with Russia. Same goes for Czech and Germany. More than a thousand years of fucking each other up is not something that brings countries closer, I guess.

            • Hence my point about “arrogant assholes” – none is able to put up with past and work on future.
              French and English and Germany have practically same history, and yet they are able to work together. It is really something about… well, whatever, but for sure I noted it here (Serbia and whole Balkans in general), in Poland and Russia… Pity.

  18. Yuri Y U do dis?

    We don’t hate russians, we hate idiots, who in this case happens to be ruski(that means you in case you don’t realize that)!

    And it is you who seem to be germanophobe! This is the kind of behavior that makes us glad for now we only meet on test server!

    And no, nobody can top ruski idiots!
    And you claim to know history, excuse me but that’s history written by commies!
    Where in reality the russian hero is fake or in fact the criminal, and the criminal is in fact the victim!

    Now I put russian tank in fire, will it blow up?

    • >And you claim to know history, excuse me but that’s history written by commies!
      And your history is written by liberals/democrats. Can you show me, why your histroy is write and commie history is wrong?

      • Oh I’m not saying, ours didn’t do the same, i know plenty of bad examples! But i do know history, cause i didn’t study only the indoctrination versions of the state!

        I’m saying that’s the only version you know!

      • Yes. Easily. But to make it worth my while bothering first you have to demonstrate that you understand the difference between evidence generated by individuals free to go where they want, study what they want, ask any questions they want and write what they want, with all output being subject to rigorous peer review, and; evidence controlled by the state and where any deviation from the party line gets you killed.

        Do you?

  19. so he claims that we’re stuck in the cold war, while he himself is still stuck in the second world war? is that what I’m getting here?

    • I’m Polish, but I didn’t find that one offensive. Especially since what happened afterwards was a festival of hysteria, conspiracy theories and mass retardation.

      Oh, and btw – mr. Pasholok got the name wrong – it’s not “kurwa maneuver” it’s “Kaczyński’s maneuver” – fly into a thick fog, get one wing torn off, slam into the ground.

      • I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve done exactly that in various flight sims, but I usually went the whole hog and lost both wings rather than just the one. XD

        Also, funny thing about Poland:

        They’re stereotyped as idiots, yet on average they have the highest IQs of all people in Europe according to some studies a couple of years ago (I forgot which ones, if I find a link to the data I’ll let you know). Irony much?

    • I dunno, I’m Polish and I found it hilarious.

      Then again, I hate everything about this country.

      • The women too? :O

        Well, I only hate politicians and retards, but hey – you have them everywhere, so Poland is not that special in this matter.

  20. Read a bit of his blog (particularly conversations with SS and Zarax) and I must say that he is a quite unpleasant person. Firstly he is very rude and secondly he is always trying to go off the conversation and starts to talk about unconnected things to the conversation.
    And while he is saying everyone here is russophobe or whatever, he himself seems very stereotypical, and puts up his opinion of the hole population of FTR (in that count Zarax and SS) from the negative comments. (If I would be so narrow-minded as he, I would think only the worst of Russians after reading comments on some of russian sites)

    • For someone claiming to be an historian he doesn’t seem to know much about academic method.
      Hell, before researching tanks I talked with some of the world’s top punicologists and they were mostly nice people eager to confront themselves even with non-academics (If you ever played Rome:Total War check out Extended Cultures and I also worked on EB2).

  21. he claims that we think the cold war is not over? looks like he believes that hitler is still alive somewhere out there. that brings up the old question for me: who killed more russians, hitler or stalin?

    • Technically Stalin did. The majority of the people Stalin was responsible for having killed were citizens of the Soviet Union and of occupied lands in other countries, whereas Hitler, while a fair amount of the victims of the Holocaust were from Germany, the Slavs and Soviet POWs suffered losses comparable to or even greater than those of the Jews out of the approximately 15 million people that the Nazis killed.

      That being said, Hitler killed those 15 million people in just 12 years (though technically the actual order known as the “Final Solution” wasn’t issued until 1941, with Operation Barbarossa occurring in the same year, so well over half of that 15 million died in just 4 years), whereas it took Stalin somewhere in the realm of 30 years to reach the supposed final tally of 17-25 million that died while he was in power. Stalin killed more people, but he had more time to do it than Hitler did, and because Stalin was on the winning side of WW2 he more or less got away with it in his lifetime (only really being vilified after his death in 1954), so the question becomes “Who was worse?” That is an entirely different matter altogether and shouldn’t be discussed on FTR due to it being largely a subjective question.

  22. He fails to realise that Britain has been receiving immigrants before Russia was a country.

          • Yes. Because of terrible succession acts, Kievan Rus was divided between sons of ancient rulers and then between their sons and so on. One of them founded Moscow and eventually this principality became the strongest and recombined old lands, creating Tsardom of Moscow which had grown to Russian Empire over a course of centuries.

  23. - we are all nationalists, while nations are dead, you can hang a Turkish flag over Germany and half of British colonies are living in Britain (and French in France) – “you deserve that, it is the fate of all empires” (he notes that the same thing happens in Moscow, but that Russia was a multi-national country even before)

    Yeah it was, and then commies killed most of their “national diversity” lawl…
    Seems like he doesn’t know that nearly half of soldiers in Russian army are muslims now…

    And fuck his “kurwa maneouver”, if he thinks that’s funny let’s talk about all those “funny” things that Russians and their beloved Stalin did, maybe Black Famine on Ukraine or suicidal rushes of Red Army? Or maybe something more recent, how are people in Georgia feeling anyways? Way more people died there so it should be way funnier for him right?

    • >Yeah it was, and then commies killed most of their “national diversity” lawl…
      It’s not “national” diversity, you, I assume, refer to ethnical divercity. And that is false – like quarter of my friends are koreans and I live in Kazakhstan, being russian/moldovian/belarussian. So much for liberal anti-stalinistic propoganda.

      • Seems like most and all are 2 same words for you. And it’s not like it was yesterday, there was plenty of time for ppl to get back there…

  24. The more he posts the dumber he looks.
    People like him create commnism loving, dirty, dumb and drunk russian stereotypes.

        • Well, I personally have nothing against gays. But also, I understand why some people drink alcohol (although I don’t drink).

          For some reason, JPK (and most FTR-readers, as Pasholok noticed) thinks that communism loving is bad.
          Well, I confess that to some extent, I use and test how radical your democratic world-view is :)

          Anyway, although I prefer communistic (as in red, not brown, ideology, which involves planned economy, forced progress, meritocracy, rather than nepotism, reasonable amount of censorship – I don’t consider USSR to be ideal example, clearly), I understand, and I think that all people must understand, that ANY ideology and ANY worldview involves propoganda.
          People like talking about “stalitist propoganda”, “nazi propoganda”, but people should face that modern european/western worldview/ideology is also a product of propoganda. That what Cold War is – recognizing oponents point as just propoganda and your own as universal truth. Sometimes I might say some pretty radical things, just to make that point. If someone considers his ideology and worldview to be absolute (as in religous/fundamental) truth, it means that Cold War is not over in that persons head. Cold War is war inside heads, not tanks.

          • It’s natural. People have deeply coded need inside them to BELONG somewhere. You know, us and them. Really neutral people are very rare and in a way they are just as “unnatural” as real fanatics.

            I consider myself to be Czech, not “European” (at least not in the EU sense – and yes, considering being something is a process, not a state for me), but at the same time I see the faults my country has. I am not a hardcore nationalist though, I recognize my country’s glorious moments in history (recently the pilots in Battle of Britain, before that the inter-war Czechoslovak army, the skill of Škoda and ČKD workers, the Legions before that etc.), but I see the flaws too.

            Actually, if Yuri Pasholok didn’t start insulting, I probably wouldn’t have any problem with his statement in general, I commented on the US forums that it’s outrageous, but that would be it… if he wasn’t a dick. Since he is a dick, I can use that to my advantage (more publicity for FTR for example).

          • “Well, I personally have nothing against gays. But also, I understand why some people drink alcohol (although I don’t drink).”

            This is probably the most illogical comparison I have heard for quite a while.

            Strangely enough,everything that followed afterwards did make sense (by that I mean constructively expressed opinion with arguments, not your subjective opinion on the matter – your preferences) …

            P.S. Well, you should study the “sexuality subject” more carefully. Just ask your self – how sane is to compare addiction with sexuality?…Back down from hate and try to be more objective rather then passionate. Do some research from different sources.

        • Can you tell me what the hell does “reasonable amount of censorship” mean ?

          How do you establish what is reasonable ?
          Who does it ?
          Who establishes who are the people that do it ?

  25. WG should shut this guy up.
    Seriously he hurting WG image

    He can keep his believe and opinion abt the tanks I dont care (well a little bit as it can effect WoT)

    But to goes out of his way and being a douch in express his opinion is unaceptable and that Kurma joke of his is very offensive and should not be ignore

    Ps. SerB trolling is more justifiled that this asshole and fun at time

  26. A true motherland lover this guy, hmm? Guess he’s honoring glorius comrade Stalin every day, driving his 20 year old moskvitch and taking his communist pills every day and being proud of it? What a deplorable, ignorant guy. WG should really shut him up!

    • When I turn on TV (Russian/CIS TV), I see liberal propoganda all over. Presidents are telling about how “modernization” is about to be launched (which is impossible), artists, actors, musicians tell about how awful was their life during USSR (of course, in USSR really good actor could get a Volga car and 3-room appartment. No mediocre actor can get profits on same level with industrial-oligarch. Which was more fair?). In 90-s people were brainwashed about “entering the world civilization”, as in USSR was not part of world civilization. Well, may be Greece was not part of world civilization during classical antiquity? Greece-Rome relationship was so much alike with USSR-Western World relationship.
      I have european propoganda going all around me. I think, that you can manage ONE public guy who is motherland-lover, huh?

      • Internet is a Western invention. By using it, you admit that European culture and science are superior :^)

        • Internet is a Soviet invetion. They even had their version of Facebook in gulags so they could chat with eachother on their break from mining stone. Therefore Soviet culture and science is superior. I rest my case.

  27. Yuri is just mad because with his piss-poor russian wage he can’t afford the next dose of krokodil he so desperately craves :^) Also, daily reminder: Russia and Belarus have one of the highest suicide rates in the world – they probably realize they are subhumans and simply can’t go on living ;)

    • Is anyone surprised that ftr readers are labeled as nazi-lovers and rusophobes when there are comments like this one? Really?

      • ozrel, unfortunately you are preaching to the choir. 99% of comments on FTR just show he is right about labeling FTR readers as such. Self fullfilling propecy if there is any.
        SS mistranslated and selective articles don’t help.

        So yes, I would say that for 99% of people here cold war is not over.

      • I’m Jewish you dumb fuck, so good luck trying to label me a “nazi-lover” :D. Also, since when are FACTS russophobic? Everyone can check Russian suicide rates on WHO site.
        Maybe I should clarify: I view only soviet-loving Russian as subhumans – I despise all communists, really, even Jewish ones. Real Russian culture was amazing, but it was completely destroyed by the revolution.

        • If you’re Jewish and view others as “subhumans” it’s double-shame on you then. Even between communists there were some nice people (like my friends dad – he was my dad’s pollitical officer; my dad didn’t like commies, but liked this guy, since his policy was “live and let live”).

          If we start to generalise then this world turns from shit to hell.

          • Have you even read Talmud? It literally says that goyim are subhumans and Jews are master race (of course liberal judaists chose to interpret those fragments differently, in a more politically-correct manner, but there are still many ultra-nationalistic rabbis who openly say that non-jews are inferior beings). Nazis stole that idea from us, ironic, eh?
            Those “nice communists” you’re talking about would have no problem with excusing genocide. No doubt they could be nice people otherwise, just like many nazi murderers were gentle, loving husbands and fathers – but you don’t judge people by how they act at their best, but at their worst. Every communist would gladly kill “enemies of the revolution”, if they could get away with it.

            • “Every communist would gladly kill “enemies of the revolution”, if they could get away with it.”

              I really don’t think so.

              There’s a Russian tv series “Penal batallion” (“штрафбат”), in which you can see that some of the Red were bad to the bone, some didn’t have much choice, and some were nice guys. And some were not commies, yet still were the worst scum you can think of. Hell, even some German soldiers were nice guys.

              Never read Talmud, but I think if some holy book claims that some people are inferior to others, then it’s not holy at all. And yes, it’s very ironic, and it’s all the more reason to stop this “subhuman” crap.

            • “Have you even read Talmud? It literally says that goyim are subhumans and Jews are master race (of course liberal judaists chose to interpret those fragments differently, in a more politically-correct manner, but there are still many ultra-nationalistic rabbis who openly say that non-jews are inferior beings). Nazis stole that idea from us, ironic, eh?”

              I suppose the moral of the story is “You are what you hate”. :/

            • I believe they would, all nationalists or people holding on to a certan party or religion would kill, due to a life full of brainwashing and sexual abuse.

      • There are gonna be idiots from any nation no mind what. You just gotta roll with it.

  28. Yeah continue his weirdo-ism, and people will move on to greener pastures (i.e. War Thunder Ground Forces).

    Won’t be surprised actually if WG and WoT closes within a year after War Thunder Ground Forces goes live.

    • I wouldn’t touch wt with a shitty end of a stick, since it has one of the most hypocritical and dumb communities/playerbases ever. Well, at least the vocal part (the crusaders) are like that, some people play both wg games and wt, some just enjoy what they play and don’t bother bashing wg everywhere, but they’re minority.

      Won’t be surprised if wt stays open beta for like 2 more years and has playerbase a hundred times smaller than “world of” games. :P

      • You do have one point: the whole “Open Beta” thing will likely last a while, but it’s become a common phenomenon in the industry that’s sometimes referred to as the “Eternal Beta”.

        Why do they do this? Because it worked once, the game in question being Minecraft, and was amazingly successful. Unfortunately, the other companies riding on their coat tails that try to do the same thing don’t realize that Minecraft was the exception to the rule, not the rule itself, and that while novel at first, it simply bores players nowadays.

        The whole point is that it’s not a true Beta; the game is all but a full release, but the word “Beta” is used because it means less development time has to be spent on the game before it can start making money to fund itself, and is used as an excuse for the resulting glitches and other issues that come from doing this in order to buy them time in order to fix things. However, this only works if you get things fixed in a timely manner, which most developers utterly fail to do.

        It’ll probably take a few years for developers to realize this, of course, before they finally say “screw it, it’s an official release, we’ll just patch it periodically” (which has been Wargaming’s approach so far, since they don’t really bother with Open Betas and simply release their games straight out of Closed Beta, most recently observed with World of Warplanes), or they simply take the time to make sure everything is working properly and balanced before allowing the public to play it, the former being more likely as it still allows them to release an incomplete game in order to start making money sooner.

  29. BTW, I thougt WoT is a historical game, but I read FTR blog, and I belive now, this is Sci-Fi game. :D

  30. I’m not even surprised. Way to often some Russian nationalists come to EU chat and start/join convos about history and you can learn from them that :
    -Stalin was a saint
    -Famine on Ukraine didn’t happen/wasn’t caused by Soviets
    -Soviets won WW2 practically on their own, and that “little help” they got was insignificant (because obviously armies don’t need logisitcs or communication … and all those raw resources, fuel, food, tanks, planes etc.)
    -rapes were totally justified (because if someone rapes your wife it’s ok to rape his wife … and on your way there rape his friend’s wife (Romania etc.) and wifes of people living on the way to his home (Poland etc.) … and all the daughters too)
    -NKVD stuff never happened (fyi NKVD units moving after main army force and murdering any future potential political resistance which mainly were resistance fighters but also others)
    -and so on

    So I can imagine amounts of people brainwashed by generations with propaganda on RU forums.

    • You forgot mentioning that Russian citizens are poor because of Western conspiracy :D Oh, that Berlin Wall was to keep Westerners out, since they all wanted to escape from the hopeless misery of capitalism and live in the glorious Soviet Union, a land flowing with milk and honey.

    • Sometimes they even claim that the Katyn Massacre was either carried out by the Germans or never happened…even though the Russian government themselves admitted to being responsible for it after the fall of the USSR (granted, it was a very half-hearted, grudging admission, since they failed to purge all of the documentation of the event, which is how they ended up getting caught and effectively forced to admit guilt)

  31. The guys clearly trolling but honestly think he went to far I don’t mind Serb trolling actually funny sometimes but this guy just made himself out to be a DICK and hes meant to be responsible for histrionic research which is pretty sad.

  32. As I can only repeat myself: russian (soviet) imperialism is back on the track and pulled by the worst kind of nationalism. YP have spoken about multicult and multi-colored Moscow … Is he spoke about the capital of a nation which just inducted a “law against homo-sexual propaganda”, where chechen and other “asians” treated like second-rank citizens and so on??? … I hate hypocrites :S

  33. Yuri Pasholok always reminds me of a toothless, rabid dog. All bark and no bite. Always desperate to create some attention to fuel his constant, not-so-secret crave for a loving pat on the back. “Good boy there, Yuri. Look at all those ebil knebil germanophiles trembling before your fearsome, highly educated historical prowess!”

    Then good boy Yuri, smiling deeply, puts on his quaint little tankers hat, skims over some blueprints again for a couple of minutes (closely correlating with his attention span) – and proceeds once more with hacking together his next, of course thorougly researched and indubitably competent “historical article” on how things *really* were back then. That means for you, unwashed masses of the interweb! In the glorious soviet communist (war-)times he wishes he lived.

    But all sarcasm aside. Really, just look at that guy. A mug radiant with raw academical intelligence. A fine specimen, among all his fellow, pseudo self-educated, wannabe-”wikistorians” all over the world. His profanity and all around unprofessional, emotional biased style of writing only seals this verdict.

    • >SPG
      >’murica has naval aa guns on teh picture

      Much kwejk, such knowledge, wow.

      BTW – it was Russians that shot down Gary Powers and his U2 with anti-aircraft missile, just sayin’…

        • Nope. Russian post ww2 anti-aa systems were/are dangerous. In Powers incident, the US didn’t know the Russians had new missiles, that could reach U2 and after he got shot down, all recon flights over USSR territory were cancelled. The US had to develop new measures of getting their intel on USSR millitary installations – like SR-71 and spy satellites.

  34. Silentstalker, to be honest, you’ve totally fucked up translation of his previous post, so you are sort of responsible for this shitstorm.

  35. I’m wondering, does Gaijin have such colourful characters?

    And everyone, don’t forget Storm, the resident nice guy. (Still trolls now and then, but more sincere than SerB.)

  36. When the rest of the world was civilised and advancing human knowledge, the Russians were so backward they need an alphabet created for them so that they could communicate in written gibberish as well as verbal gibberish.

    The twentieth century started with most russians being plebs and greatful to those in power for allowing them to live and dig the ground for horrible tasteless vegetables. Then a wonderful Communist Party, through a series of purges, ensured that only the most docile and compliant individuals remained. Hungry and took a stick of wheat from the field? Death to you I’m afraid. That’s the only way to teach people that stealing from the people’s farms is wrong.

    And present day. Even though they have access to the internet, Russians still believe official Russian version of history, because to open one’s eyes to the truth can sometimes be too shameful and painful.

    Russia is now as it has been for a century now; A few hard men without a care for the desperate masses they force into servitude only to discard on the piles of rubbish found in most public parks to kill themselves with vodka and krocadil.

    Don’t hate them…just avoid them…crazy messed up people.

    • ..I wouldnt blame him if he makes a compilation of such posts and posts it where ever.. too stupid to be a true opinion tho, must be a troll

  37. It’s very funny to hear a russian saying he knows his history. I bet he even knows the history of countrys, that his beloved country did conquer.

  38. Well its ok when we poles joke about the Smolensk accident. But when a russian does it…. well its not right.

  39. One of the main reason i stopped playing WoT was since there was an obvious bias in it (Like why is one nations tanks so much easier to drive? why do they need the lower frontplate weakspot and transmission fire? or why did the E-50 and E-75 need that nerf so badly?).

    But i must say its funny to take a look back at it from time to time to see if they have finally managed to add some of all those features they have talked sooo much about (and in some cases things they said would never happen like historical battles and sutch) or finally fixed some bugs like “penetration-no-damage” that has been in the game for ages.

    And what is even more fun than that is to see people that still dont see the clear bias that the developers have shown so many times both with their comments, with their game mechanics and “historical facts”.

    Am i the only one here that think it is wrong that they use the Word “Germanophiles” so often but never “sovietphiles” or something similar for people claiming the superiority of soviet built stuff?

    • No… it’s just an obvious fact that Soviet tech engineering was the best in the world… that’s why you can’t be a sovietphile :)

  40. Lol. What does he think of the Chieftain’s review of the IS-4?

    Also, was he the guy that brought the VK7201 in the game in the current state?

    He is a moron. Does he prais the IS-3 too? As that tank is considered (by western historians) to be a bad tank.

    • So bad that Muricans and Brits started srsly developing their own heavies M103 and Conqueror after seeing them IS-3s, so bad that after one of the Israeli-Arab wars IDF considered using captured IS-3′s for real.

      BTW one of the WG staff said IS-4 was “meh”, so I doubt they’d disagree with da Chieftain.

    • He defended hieftain in front of Russian “wannabe” crowd saying that it is in essence fair review of a tank.
      IS-3 might have been bad but it had much more influence on western tank design then ANY German tank.

  41. In my typical response(yes i do react harsh on a slightest insult, it’s my temper) i would insult him, but i don’t feel like to :D Don’t know why. I guess all this bs in past 2 days just amused me more than pissed me off because some “historician” called me faggot xDDD

    • you can use it as ashtray or as fertilizer because it is clear that it is full of shit inside.

  42. he does have a point, there is some major american bias here, so when any one Russian mentions some thing russian is better every one MUST cry about it

  43. I wonder if ALL of Pasholok’s critics has all together worked in archives in all their (useless) lives more than Pasholok during any month of last year.

    But, of course, all of them knows better…

    • No one really cares about his knowledge\experience when he cannot make a proper post, instead he prefers insults and trolling. He can’t write to others like a normal person and participate in a normal conversation.

      You have the same shitty attitude as well.

      Вы, русские просто не можете остановиться.

  44. The whole WG staff behaviour proves that probably the most important thing when you apply for a job there is being a Soviet communist party member or something like that.

    • A commie sucker you must be, despite russia is a extreme capitalist country where the few have alot, and the masses are brainwached into believin eveyone has it “equal”. WG is for example a ultra capitalistic company, with greed even worse then those in USA/EU which are known for corporate greed.

      I hate communists thinking a ultra capitalistic country (russia, china, etc) is anything close to beeing equal for “all”. Sure, is that why Putin is wearing a 100000 dollar patek watch? Russian commies are brainwashed into believing in the commie bullshit, I dont see them wearing 100000 dollar watches, now how “equal” for all is really these so called commie states?

  45. Heyas

    The truth is, that Russians had a major advantage in their vehicles technology at the start of the operation barbarossa, however their tactics where simply too ancient for the blitzkrieg,

    the german army, facing a t-100 and the bt series tanks was not much of a problem, and thanks to their tactics what germans lacked in equipment made up with wits and ended collapsing the russian fronts so badly..

    However whenever a t-34 and kv1-kv2 was in sight, everything the germans tossed at them simply bounced and could only score a victory at suicidal ranges (25-50m) while their doctrine was 500-1500m, even the shiny new pak/38 50mm guns wouldnt do anything to them, under normal circumstances..

    also the russians where absolutely better equipped for their terrain characteristics, as their christie suspensions, better designed than germans would not get stuck in mud as easily, specially on the steppes, while germans where bitterly unequipped for it.

    however as war goes, germans learned and adapted and improved their suspensions, weapons and ammunitions, while russia, at that time was trying to make their production smoother and cheaper, as an example, at the start of barbarossa, a kv1 would cost about 918,000 rubles, and by 1943 the cost had descended to only 624,000 rubles, however this also caused to have some tanks with really bad manufacture, but only concerning their mechanical parts such as transmission, engine and waterproof on their suspension, while germans had to use a “standard quality” of materials productions and couldnt simplify their production for various reasons (not until late parts of the war), and by this time, russians focused more on quantity over quality in order to win the war

    in short, yuri DOES have a point, russians had better materials and had a technological advantage concerning at least, in their armor production model, however they fall short on tactical aspects and also in their guns, its remarkable that the t-34 medium tank had a slightly better gun than the kv1 (f-34) at the start of barbarossa, but both innefficient by the time the panthers would have been introduced at the battlefield, even their 1s and the kv13 fell short to this, with the IS tanks taking over the KV production at the fall of 1944

    What Yuri doesnt take in account either is that germans adapted to their environments and didnt stagnate like US production, but isntead improvised their models and suspensions to match that of the russians and succeeded at it

    However this being true, it doesnt justify the actions of Yuri’ Pasholok’s Trolling which really put a bad name for a company like Wargaming.

    • Lol US didnt “Stagnate” the Sherman was wonderful for a medium tank, it was great at almost all roles. It was easy to make, very reliable, fast, great vs tanks or infantry and mostly RELIABLE. No other tank had its mileage.

      It did everything well.

      Next, hellcat was great. Jackson was great and M10.

      US tech didnt need to get better. Also if the war went on another year the Pershing was going to be the best tank BY FAR from 1945 to 1947. Most Armor/Gun/Agility by far

  46. WOW I’m impressed from this clearly educated “Historian”, got his M.A in Politburo Sciences and Ph.D from the Communist BS Academe of Soviet Morons.

    funny how those russkies village idiots talk about their “Culture” and Education.

    their science and technology do not exist, they steal from the West fuck them all and fuck this WG “historian” fag.

    • right now russian education are a big joke and it becomes shittier and shittier as you level up right now having a university degree = I put a lot of money in order to bribe all the teachers.

      • LOL very funny, look at american school first moron, russian high schools teach 2nd year math and science, while american ones teach fat kids how to get fatter

  47. He is arrogant , racist and immature. Also last time i checked and im Russian Pidoras is explicitly deragotary Faggot not a retard. He is just making excuses. There is a different about being patriotic and hatefull . Pasoshok is clearly deluding himself if he thinks he doesnt.
    And Moscow is swamped with Immigrants for example .Both Russia and especially Belarus has pretty extreme nationalist movements.And about us people living in the West being germanophiles and jerking off to german tanks well at least we dont have nationalists marching through streets wearing swastikas doing german salutes in such numbers as you have in Belarus and Russia.

    And about German engineers being terrible sure , they were ahead of their time with a lot of Stuff, entire soviet space program was stolen from germany. V2 everyone? 1 Picture as proof that the entire countries engineering was poor he just made himself look like an idiot. Overengineered a lot of time? Yes, poor hardly.

    • True, nazism in russia and those countries are extreme, I think russia is the worst offender in the whole world regarding nazism and with active members in top positions. Kinda funny when the country is suppose to be “commie”. I think russia has the biggest population supporting hitler in thw whole world, they even support breivik those fuckers.

  48. He’s just a troll, stop feeding him and you’re fine.

    Though I will note that on a technicality it can be argued that the Cold War didn’t end in 1991, because the Cold War had three factions as of the sixties: the US and its allies, the USSR and its allies, and China.

    The USSR and Warsaw Pact collapsed, but that doesn’t mean it ended, just like World War II didn’t end when Italy capitulated in 1943, or even when Germany did in May of 1945. It wasn’t over until only one side remained standing: the Allies. The Cold War won’t truly end until either the US or Chinese systems of government fall out of favor, as sad as it is to admit.

    • It’s also not named after the person who actually did it first. It’s named after a Russian pilot, Pugachev, but the first pilot to perform the maneuver was in fact Swedish.

  49. Also, from what I’m reading, this guy makes SerB look like a saint, and I HATE SerB! That’s saying something! :/

  50. I can picture Gaijin employees laughing all the way to the bank. Looks like Yuri got the CM manuals all wrong and he is trolling WG’s player base.

  51. Fuck that russian dude, he deserve to get a belt in his teeth. Who the fuck cares about russia really, brainwashed moron, go fuk russia and fuck serb that fat fuck. Hope I get banned for this, but they prolly wont ban me because I buy premium now and then. WG dont have the balls to ban me frum game, ahaha.

  52. i can’t ear this retarded russian troll over our awesomness
    like we say here , ” la bave du crapeau n’atteind pas la blanche colombe”

    if he’s happy in his shithole then be it

  53. omg it so bad that wg dont give a fuck about what image they are giving ( just remember serb insulting a trolling their customers ) and this vodka passed asshole can be as offensive as he actually was. Keep in mind that is wot “specialist” (which only means he are even more “special” that average russian are) and you can check his “nice” work on wot by some totally balanced soviet tanks.

  54. The level of hypocrisy in the comments to this and the previous post, is just as staggering as it is saddening. Ignorance is bliss.

    That’s all i have to say about that – Forrest Gump

  55. Yuri Pasholok was spot on in every aspect. Most ftr commenters are more concerned with imaginary boundaries created by men.

  56. Also. SS please let someone who is fluent in Russian translate or look over your translations.
    No offense, but you seem to make a big deal over things that you incorrectly translated. Realize that you have a responsibility here, most of the readers here do not speak Russian and have to take your word for it…and when they start commenting and discussing fallacies…well you get the point.

    I just read the link you posted to his blog. Pertaining to the kv-1s:
    He was saying that in light of the fact that this game has many OP tanks that range in their Nationalities…his example: T-18, U.S etc…that you shouldn’t be as critical of the fact that the kv-1s is Soviet. “Separate tanks from their nationality”.

    Though whether you choose to do that or not is your business, your blog.

    • hey troll

      [img]http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/filepicker/LL2TxFAaSbG2BFjGWWPt_GTFO.jpg [/img]

      tell me that pasholok didn’t call all European fags if not check the image and also you can do the same whit you other account.

      • Good question:

        He did not. And after SS failed at translating, and questioned him about it, pasholok explained it to him:
        “У нас слово “пидарас” означает не только половую ориентацию, но и то, что у человека в голове”

        Pretty much exactly what I am talking about…you take what SS said to heart and defend it…without actually checking it yourself.

        The only troll here is you. And I do not have any other accounts.

        Edit: I have nothing against SS. I use this blog daily as it is a great place to get WOT news. Everyone makes mistakes, the important thing is to learn from them and move on. This is a great blog, no matter what the community here has become…keep doing what you’re doing SS, you do it well.

        • lol yes sure because call some one retard is far better XD you troll are funny please keep on russian server were you can insult every body , rewrite history and cry about how much every one else hate you.

        • Either way “Fags” or not, he insulted everyone here…Why are you getting bogged down in the exact term?

          He would look just as stupid if he called us all another bad word. He is making horribly dumb assumptions based on a obvious superiority complex

          He will never be Doyle. Crack smoking COmmie.

      • I see a mentally challenged individual who supposes that all people who talk about translations quality on this blog are the same person.