49 thoughts on “8.11 Review

  1. Hmmm….

    Adding more and more buildings to semi open maps.
    Flattening hills and making lots of crests.

    Maps will become smaller and smaller it seems.
    Less sniping, even more brawling and an even higher requirement for tanks to have strong turrets and very good gun declination.

    I just hope we get 2000×2000 maps soon. I’m not the brawler type.

    • I welcome these changes and the new map looks cool.

      1. People have been begging for Redshire to be changed ever since it came in.
      2. Since the TD buffs heavy players have been crying out for more cover so they can actually play rather than get blasted by objects, fochers and waffle wagons.
      There are still plenty of open maps – it just re-balances the strategies slightly.

      It is WoT, not WoTD’s, after all!

      +1 WG – first time I’ve done that in a while :)

      • Yes, but I dont see what was wrong with things like stug, jpz IV, and many other mid-tier TDs…

    • Have to disagree Merquise, respectfully of course. The way I see it, these map changes should combine nicely with the draw distance buff when it comes while still allowing for intelligent advancing. The base moves in Redshire and Erlenberg especially speak to this desire to elongate the maps without actually increasing their size.

      That said I think you may be right to point out that with the current render square these maps may not live up their full potential yet. Since everyone will still want to use the spots with good lanes of fire NE, SE, SW and NW.

    • Ah yes, they are finally getting around to (hopefully) fixing some of the worst maps in the game and you’re complaining why?

      Erlenberg degraded into a campy draw fest most of the time because teams tended not to cross the bridges and rather just watch them. So the winner tended to be the team that didn’t push across 10 mins in after nothing had happened.

      Redshire was massively imbalanced in pubs because most pub players don’t have the ability to execute anything close to what’s needed to win from the south, and the north side could just sit in 100′s of bushes and camp with TD’s because of it. This either led to the south side being destroyed, or a draw because north was too scared to advance either.

      Highway was another imbalanced map, with north having a massive advantage with regards to reaching the town and having good cover in a high ground position, though again these advantages were more prevalent in pubs than more competitive play.

      Not to mention, as someone else pointed out, there is still plenty of open maps which aren’t being changed, and more to the point the changes here aren’t really making them less open; a few buildings doesn’t make the entire map a city map.

      • I think they should make a flat blank map so all the nut jobs that can’t use cover can rush to the middle and die.

        • Legend has it that there was such a map during beta, called Mexico. Apparently it was rubbish.

    • Not really.

      Tiger I with a FuG 5 or FuG 2 would be amusing. 50% AP and HE load outs… It will be lots of fun.

      The German Geschützwagen’s will have a Field Day. =)

  2. 1. River crossing on Erlenberg looks ugly and I’d prefer to see it gone. The map is already much better with the change of bases and would play well without the fords. Those who play Assault know what I mean.

    2. It’s still unknown whether Soviets will be able to fight Soviets in Nation battles. SerB said they’re discussing it, and I hope it’s not going to be possible. It kills immersion/atmosphere and makes Nation battles pointless, and all it does is mask overpoweredness of KV-1S and some other tanks. Because if one KV-1S is fighting another KV-1S then they’ll both be around 49% wr (theoretically) but if KV-1S if fighting ARL-44 or VK, then it’s entirely different matter. Same with T18′s in tier II. If Americans can only fight non-Americans overpowerdness will be obvious, but otherwise it will be masked just as it is now. Because right now there’s a bunch of T18′s on one side, balanced by a bunch of T18′s on another side, and then of course it’s only logical that overall winrate will appear “normal”.

    • If you have trouble killing KV-1S with 36.01 then go play KV-1S and see how it is to be blind and inaccurate.

    • Actially i think this is an experiment for WG for this matter

      when national battles are implemented, it will create new statistical data whose the devs can compare against its same tier peers

      for example you mention a bunch of t18s in one side, and lets assume the other side has.. renault FTs, obviously the t18s side would have more favorable win chances, and the devs would be forced to accept that the vehicle is OP, thus they would have to readjust it. same with the KV1S, this same tier combat raw data will prove not only if a certain vehicle is op despite player claims knowing it, but also it can serve well to see how different nation’s tech trees work out and rebalance it to a more adequate performance.

      Im fairly sure WG knows this and its gonna use playerbase as guinea pigs to test it out

      • I don’t buy that. There are many vehicles in the game that are obviously underpowered or overpowered. WG doesn’t do anything because 1) balance costs money and 2) having overpowered tanks attracts the playerbase and keeps them playing, and 3) people don’t like change and complain even if balance is achieved.

        We’re not talking about making tanks 100% balanced, but situations where 1 Hellcat is more useful to the team than 2 Churchill Gun Carriers, for example. Or 1 T18 more useful than 3 Loyd SPG’s.

  3. If shit like this keeps going in a couple of patches, this game will become World of American MTs and HTs.

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    • You know what, you made a great point. You sure changed my outlook on this patch…All I have to say is..

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  5. Those are really good changes. I mean I am the kind of a player who dont likes campers. So that was just a buff for me with all that bush nerf. I really looking forward to redshire!

    • There is nothing wrong with tactical diversity (like tactical camping). The problems exist only when teams camp massively because you just can’t do anything else. As long as camping can be countered, it is no problem. Many maps have useful bushes for effective solo or duo camping. No one complains about these because they usually require skill and knowledge of the maps, and usually they just cover one path. But Erlenberg for example is just problematic. You can’t blame the campers when the best tactic is to camp, due to map design. The main difference between 45% and 55% player is not skill or game knowledge. It’s patience. Stuff like not crossing Erlenberg bridges.

      • I aggree with you. I was more talking about the stalemates that this camping causes. A good player will always counter camping, but in some venicles it is just pretty damn difficult!

  6. Overall interesting changes…let’s only hope it’ll prevent some of the camping situations on this maps.
    But about the new Ruinberg map…wasn’t it supposed to be a stormy map with rain and fire stuff?…I only see the fires, but not the rain.

  7. (Competent?!) English subtitles on the initial RU video? This is probably the most respect for non-RU players I’ve seen from WG. Only thing they could do better is simultaneous release of the different language videos.