EU servers still lagging

Hello everyone,

as you probably know, the EU servers lagged like hell this weekend (to the point I actually didn’t play during the event, although I really wanted to) and according to some player accounts (bit busy to try myself), they continue to do so.

The good thing about the situation is that unlike the usual “talk to your ISP” attitude, Wargaming EU acknowledged the issue and they are working on it.

iScending (EU staff) has created a thread, where he posted regular updates yesterday. Today nothing so far, but if you want to know as fast as possible about this issue, you can follow it here:

I will follow it myself and will let you know when there are any news about this issue.

26 thoughts on “EU servers still lagging

  1. lagged as hell…click fire…shells leaves barrell 1-2s after -lel

    We need another server!

  2. Yesterday i got lot DCs, and logging into EU1 was really hard, sometimes i needed to restart my PC to log in (and i was not alone with this problem)

    I noticed there was “only” 80k on EU1 (because log in problems) and 140 on EU2

    And the test server is rummy too: i can’t log in with my own account, but can with a zero battle alt acc – WTF?

    • EU1 was indeed lagish..and when it went berserk was hard to log in on the second one too
      .but i managed to play lag free on the second one after that

      as a proof i got the new “tin can” ……borsig FTW


    • About the test server thing: Did you change your password recently? If so, you might want to check if you can login with your old password.

    • I experienced the same thing with the test server. Couldn’t log in with my account, but could log in with an alt account. I joined a training room with my mate but it was unplayable because of the lag…

      • I could not log on with my EU account but could do so with my NA account. Neither password has been changed for many months (it was probabl changed at the time we were offered gold to do so).

  3. Only played on Friday and EU1 was much more lagy than EU2. Had a few matches in a row with ~1s delay between input and effect but by all accounts the enemy suffered the same so in the end it felt like playing WoWp back in beta. Snails stampeding through molasses.

  4. Actually it was pretty smooth for me when playing all afternoon and evening (on EU2).
    There was the usual red-blinking server status indicator, but I get this often and it’s still pretty smooth. The only two instances where I figured that there was something wrong was about at 8 PM where I got a time in a match where I didn’t receive any data for a few seconds. Also I was unable to connect to either server at 11 PM onwards with the “chat initialization failed” message.

    EU3 pls :)

  5. It was really laggy. On Friday I was DCed out of CW, Saturday the same, played few games on Sunday, couple were ok, then a game with hellcat where shots were taking ages to get out of my gun and problems with movement. Ping was 30 – 40, spiking sometimes to 70 but main problem is packet loss.

    Checked my connection, traced it to EU1 and EU2 IP’s and my connection was near perfect, 20 ping when leaving UK.

    I don’t feel like even trying today if it works.

    screwed paying customer

    EDIT: some people are having lags, even severe, others nothing at all. Maybe it is a conspiracy against some players, we should check them for WN7 and such :P

  6. It looks like wg needs to:
    - start eu3
    - upgrade eu1 and eu2
    - all of the above.

    @ the thread on wot forums: No servers – no coffee! The most cunning machines have struck in unison and brought absolute terror and demoralization! It’s a prelude to the Reaper invasion! Tremble with fear, meatbags! HA-HA-HA-HA!

  7. Yesterday evening – total disaster on both servers.
    1) Queue – all weekend I waited for ~2 minutes in every game with Tier8 tanks. There was a point, when about 8000 players were waiting in the queue :-O
    2) Lag – there was huge lag sometimes with enormous ping times, sometimes even without. Lost couple of games only because of lag :(

    I really hope for at least some compensation because game just went unplayable at some point. And WG – please add the 3rd server, as clearly existing ones can’t manage this load..
    Luckily I managed to get the T-15 already at Sunday morning.

    • Yeah, nothing beats getting a lag while driving near the edge and falling to death/drowning…had a few of those this weekend.

      … or being ready to one-shot finish an enemy, carefully aiming, firing, seeing the shot go right where it should and then the servers go “meh, screw you”, the enemy tank jumps a few meters away and you get shot instead :)

      I had ok-ish ping, but horrible lags, suffered through 3-4 battles during the 3× bonus and then rather gave up in order to keep my sanity.

  8. Was in my T-49 Yesterday, sat in a bush chilling long enough for my camonet to come up, and I’m suddenly shot by 4 tanks at once. It’s like what? I’m in a bush! With a camo crew! then after being dead for 5 seconds my dead tank jumps forward out of the bush about 5 meters… Nice one WG thanks…

  9. Roflmao an old bug returned for me on the portal.

    My language is on english on the portal but i see everything in polish

  10. maybe they spent too much money into their bank of cyprus so nothing is left for hardware – e.g. servers, ISP etc ^^

  11. I lost my last 2 days of premium thanks to this crappy lag – managed only 5 battles in the end, through gritted teeth and lots of swearing.

  12. I’m on a 5 ms ping and all sorts of teleporting shit appeared to be going on all weekend.

  13. Yeah and the best thing is, some WG guy said during ESL Q&A, that “there is no need for EU3, because both servers aren’t even close to their capacity during peek-times”.

  14. Best was yesterday ESL Go4WoT.
    Rules stated that it must be played on EU1.
    And EU1 was completly not available after 18:00.
    Problems connecting. Problems with disconnects. Constant lags. Tanks riding without any controll.
    Few games finally had to be postponed.

    Hardware for 2 additional servers is not really that much.

  15. From the OP of the mentioned thread
    “Update 15:04 27/01/13: I have returned after yesterdays 11 hour shift. The coffee machine has been fixed and I’m back to vanilla espresso, so far so good. We have just had a meeting where the server issues were discussed and the escalated ticket is still open with the server team in Minsk. It is not only a server issue as it is affecting the EU and RU cluster and we are working with our ISPs to find a solution. As yesterday I will keep you posted when I get more info. There has been no word on compensation as of yet.”

  16. Yeah, the weekend was pretty horrible. Random disconnects, teleporting tanks, motion jerks, 2 min queues, all kinds of fun stuff. Still, playable enough to grind out that T-15, but the issues were very noticable.