Straight outta Supertest: new Panzer IV (split?)

Source: VK Wotleaks community

Hello everyone,

so, we got some nice leaks here from the VK community… a new upcoming vehicle: Panzer IV Ausf.A – tier 3 medium tank. Since it is a regular tank and there is no real reason to just add a historical variant to the already existing Panzer IV that actually covers it (gun-wise), I think we can safely speculate that Panzer IV is getting split into more tanks. When? Most likely for historical battles and since they told us they are coming “soon” (9.0?), it’s likely to assume this will be a part of the patch…




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  1. Maybe they are making an alternative path to the PzKpfw IV that bypasses the PzKpfw 38(t) nA?

    • Hooray :-)

      No one else has to suffer the pain of hell that is the pz 38 na.

      Like seriously, this was a long time coming. I can just imagine the number of people who hated it so much they couldn’t bear with it to get the pz. IV

  2. seems like a lot ;) now they should split the tiger into early (hull and top turret for VK 36.01 (H), with 88mm KwK 36 L/56) and late (tier VII as it is now ;) )

    and after that the same for StuG III (tier IV with 75mm howitzer and L/43 and tier V with L/48, 105mm and L/70, and maybe with StuG IV hull option)

    and of course more like this ;)

      • It still doesn’t, because half of War Thunder’s tanks have no practical difference between each other. Even here in WoT, I expect the Panzer IV branch to have differences between them. Hell, maybe the PzIV at tier 5 will get the Pantherturm.

        • Really? It already had Schmallturm and they had to remove it to balance it since SU-85 lost 107 and KV was split into KV-1 and KV-2… What’d Panzerturm give it? L70 again?

          • Considering the VK30.01 H brought the L/70 and the Konisch to Tier 5, I see no reason why the Panzer IV can’t get an RoF-nerfed L/70 in a Panther turret.

            Either that or a VK30.01 turret with some other gun. Perhaps the Konisch as well?

  3. Sweet. It is about time they got a split going.

    Plus I did expect this to happen from information I was able to collect. And like SS said it will be needed in order to do Historical Battles. The Pz IV is the most widely used and has the longest production run of any wartime German tank. It is also very reliable in combat.

    • It would also present a line past the Pz.38NeuesAss, which is the horriblest thing ever. I saw this coming already when soviets got the T-40, T-60 T-80 line of decent lights up to T-34.

  4. I thought the Ausf A had 20mm turret armor? or is that only for the upgraded turret (upgraded from what? the A was the first version)

    • It will probably also encompass pre-war and pre-designation versions. The 16mm of armor on the turret could either be the IV-A’s armor over the parts of the turret that aren’t the gun mantlet, or a preproduction turret.

      On the plus side it doesn’t appear to start out with the absolutely shit 37mm gun that you get on the Leichtstraktor. Though it would be nice to be able to stick that in a Panzer II.

    • Turret in first photo is the Asuf. B.

      Asuf. A had 15mm everywhere including the turret. With Asuf. B it increased to 30mm on the front of the turret and the Front of the superstructure/hull. Sides of the turret and superstructure/hull were still 15mm on the turret and hull until the Asuf. D model when the sides became 20mm.

        • Used Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two (1991) which says 15mm everywhere for Asuf. A. (Chamberlain, Doyle and Jentz )

          Panzer IV And Its Variants by Walter J. Spielberger. However lists 14.5mm hull and 20mm turret.

          Guess Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two (1991) is more out of date then I thought it was. =/. Guess they better write up an new edition of it.

          • Yea the encyclopedia is known to have various errors, even the most recent printing which corrected some still has many. (1999 was the last printing I think)

            • You would think those errors would not leak into the book if they just went tank by tank and checked each of the tanks. It really would not take too long to do. But then I even found at least 1 error in an Panzer Tract Issue.

              • Even then they can be incorrect. Take the M6 heavy tank for example, Lets say the only surviving source of documents on it was the actual tanks manual. It lists the frontal turret armor as being 38mm thick. And if that is all that was left that is what people would write down in books etc (but be totally wrong) even straight sources from gov docs can be wrong.

  5. SerB’s agenda:

    - divide the Pz4 into “ausführung”s…OK and now.
    - divide the StuG into “ausführung”s :)

    • There is not a whole lot of changing going on with the StuG other then slight hull modifications and track changes and one engine change(Power ratting). At best you might get 2 different StuGs out of the current one. Technically you might get 5/6 but that’s stretching it too much I think.

      As there is just the 7.5cm L24, the 105mm L/28 and 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/43 and L/48. The Proposed L/70 never left the wooden mock up.

    • Nah, the problems with the War Thunder German tank tech tree include dividing the same vehicle into two different tiers (Pz IV Ausf. F2 to Pz IV Ausf. G, etc.), downgrading a vehicle from an anti-tank variant to an anti-infantry variant (Pz III Ausf. M to Pz III Ausf. N), and having a cutoff point that I still can’t figure out (if they ended it with World War II, they could have Tiger II versus IS-2, and Panther versus late-model T-34-85, both of which would not only rely exclusively on real vehicles that saw combat during World War II, but also be virtually equal in strength. Instead, they included paper projects and never-saw-combat vehicles from both sides, despite claims to the contrary from a few die-hard WT fans).

  6. If it were for historical battles why would it have the KwK38? I don’t think the Pz4 ever mounted that and certainly not on an Ausf A turret.

    • Nope, that’s just for the grind. The Panzer IV carried a 75mm through it’s whole series, except in the small case where an Ausf. D was experimentally mounted with 5cm L/60

    • Until it shoots back, of course. That KwK 37 75mm L/24 is bad to be in front of at such a low tier.

  7. wild guess,

    -historical battles of the beginning of the ww2.
    -rework the pz4 line removing the cz tanks of the german tree to place them in the future european tree.

    • Does that mean one doesn’t have to grind the Panzer 38nA anymore? Damn would THAT be a relief for a lot of people.

    • Not sure about that happening. Czech tanks were pretty important in the early war, and the Chi-Ha sets a precedent for almost identical tanks in two nations (more so than the Soviet-based Chinese tanks).

  8. What does it means for the current Pz. IV? Apart from the fact that you’ll get this tank (if you already have the Pz. IV).

  9. So we will have PZ4 in Tier 3, Tier 5 and Tier 6!? Looks kinda strange :)
    Anyway looking forward for a free tank and garage slot, if they decide to split or moove something :P

  10. Well good. They realised the current tech tree path makes no sense. Pz38Na into Panzer IV??? Wut.

  11. Why is Pinkie Pie in that bottom picture? ….. Pinkie Pie has officially invaded WOT. the land of tanking shall never be safe from the bouncing pink onslaught of fluffy fuschia doom.. Pinkie Pie being pinkie…