Czechoslovak T-34/100 (drawings)

Hello everyone,

long time ago, I wrote a post about the Czechoslovak T-34/100 project (that could theoretically fit the tier 7 in the Czechoslovak branch).



To sum it up, it was a proposal from the 50′s by Konštrukta Trenčín (Slovakia) to increase the firepower of the T-34/85 by mounting the D-10S gun into the tank – this was proposed specifically because the SD-100 (licensed SU-100 with some upgrades) self-propelled gun was already being produced in Slovakia.

The development ran from September 1953 and as its result, two variants were proposed in 1954. Neither was ideal, the characteristics of the tank somewhat suffered. The gun depression and elevation was reduced to -3/+20 and crew comfort was terrible. What was even worse, the amount of ammo carried was severly reduced. In real life, this project was cancelled for not being good enough, but in World of Tanks, it could appear. Later on in 1954 there was a proposal to mount an automatic 100mm gun into the T-34, but that was also scrapped because at that point, the T-54 license and production negotiations were underway.


M.Dubánek – Od bodáku po tryskáče

19 thoughts on “Czechoslovak T-34/100 (drawings)

  1. So basically this thing will be inferior in every way to the chinese T-34-1…

    I give it max tier 6.

    • *shrugs* So is the T-43 probably. I’d compare it with T-43 more the like. Also, if you check the frontal turret armor – specifically variant 1, that somewhat overlaps, it’s not very thin. If you give the gun superior accuracy and aim time (remember, this is the gun that served in 1950′s, not the wartime D-10), it could be decent.

      • Bigger gun so i guess less mobility, maybe not much but less is still less, and -3 depression? At least T-34-1 has -5 and nice turret armor, unless the gun has superior accuracy and aim time like the LB-1 mount on the T-44 (0.35 acc, 2.3s aim time) instead of the gun on the Su-100 (0.4 acc, 2.3s aim time) then no, it’s not decent, it’s horrible.

    • I give it:
      - VI tier basic MT (without autoloader and with D-10 cannon, 175 penetration value)
      - VII tier basic MT (with D-10S with cca 180-190 penetration value)
      - VII tier premium (with autoloader cca 180-190 pen. val.)
      Make a poll SS, please.

      Who’s with me?

      In Polish line can be another T-34 – it will be 4th (USSR, China, Czechoslovak)…

  2. No. Just no way. I want my D-10T on T-34-85 back. Please…

    *cowers away to a corner and starts crying*

    • Remember them too. Played both T-34-85 and T-43 with both 100mm and the new 85mm, and they were still just as good, they just needed their playstyle changed a bit ;)

  3. Reckon it would fit nicely in at tier 7 in the czech medium branch you speculated on about a year ago, so we wouldn’t have so many TVP’s in the line.

    Might be a bit lackluster, but then most of the tier 7 meds allready are.

  4. oh gosh dat depression. I really don’t like tanks with bad depression, it’s hard to play them