Tanks, that never made it…

Hello everyone,

sometimes, players ask the developer a question: “Are there any tanks that were almost done or seriously considered, but never made it?” Well, the answer is “yes” of course, in fact, there were (are) quite a few such tanks. Let’s have a look at some of the most common “vaporware” out there, but also at tanks, that were never implemented in the end.

The Frencch second heavy line is probably the ultimate World of Tanks vaporware (as WarriorOsprey pointed out yesterday). The problem with French heavies is that although they have a fanbase, French tanks as a whole are definitely one of the least popular branches, along with the Chinese. The models for this branch were ready a long time ago (and I am talking years), but somehow, the branch was postponed and postponed again. Check this out, this is likely the AMX M4 (1949), as it appeared in Wargaming materials (or on some promo video, I am not sure).



As you can see, the model exists (whatever that tank is), but the branch was never implemented. The branch development went actually very far, to the point of English descriptions for each vehicle being prepared. Here are the other candidates and descriptions for the branch:

AMX M4 (1948)


Developed in 1945 by the AMX company, this tank was heavily influenced by the German Panther and Tiger II designs. An order was placed for two prototypes, which were given the designation M4. Initially classified as a medium tank, the vehicle was later reclassified as heavy.

AMX 65t


A modification of the AMX 50 with a welded forward body and a standard turret. Existed only in blueprints.

These descriptions were leaked about a year ago, but the icons and pictures are even older, possibly one and half to two years. There is one more vehicle with the description (Char 50t B), but no icon or picture. The last info I actually have on these vehicles comes from December 2012 (!). At that point, according to the info from Czech community organizers, it wasn’t even sure how the branch would look (at one point it was expected both heavy branches to actually end with AMX 50B), then there was some short info about some potential tier 10 and ever since then, nothing. Those, who wanted these tanks had to wait and it looks like they will have to wait some more, because it’s highly unlikely these vehicles will appear this year.

The French actually have tons of various vaportanks. At one point (and I am talking early-mid 2012, there still was no tier 10 artillery at that point!), there was this layout of the French second and partially third (!) medium branch also, with Somua S35, Lorraine G1L, Renault G1R, AMX-13/FL11 up to AMX-30 (at this point, even AMX-13/105 was considered, but in the end it was decided not to implement it). Again, some of these models and their descriptions exist, such as the AMX-13/FL11 (this was supposed to be a premium light tank – a part of the medium branch would actually be the Chaffee with AMX turret):


A modification of the AMX 13 with the Panhard EBR turret. The vehicle did not have an automatic loading mechanism. The vehicle was intended to fight in Indo-China. Five vehicles were built in 1954.

Or Renault G1R


The design was presented by the Renault company in 1937. The hull prototype was manufactured and the blueprint was developed, but the work was discontinued due to the outbreak of World War II.

As far as I know, AMX-30 model does not exist, but the lowtier vehicles do. In case you are wondering “why the hell are these screenies in the old render”, well, that’s because when they were made, there was no new render. And no physics. This is really, really old stuff.

There are some premium French tanks that never made it too. This is the ACL 135 SPG:


The first prototype was manufactured in 1931 by the ACL company on the basis of the Char D1. Two prototypes were produced. Work on the vehicle was discontinued due to a faulty suspension and other unreliable parts.

It appeared in the “big” French tree as a lowtier SPG candidate, but for one reason or another, it never appeared in the game. Part of the reason might be Wargaming’s reluctance to introduce more premium artillery vehicles, it might not have passed the tests or was simply forgotten. Either way, it didn’t make it. There was one more French premium artillery vehicle candidate that never appeared (AC R35), but nothing is known of it. There were plans to introduce three premium French heavies, that sometimes get asked about, the FCM F1, FCM2C and FCM2C Bis:



The 2C model was not revealed, but allegedly it exists. The 2C Bis on the other hand was shown in a Wargaming video in June 2012 (7.4 teaser), but never appeared afterwards. One can only guess why these vehicles were never implemented – possibly the lack of multi-turret mechanism?

Another model that actually exists is the Panzerjäger R35 – two years ago, it was supposed to be French premium TD, but it never appeared.


The company Alkett converted 174 captured R35 tanks into tank destroyers, designated 35R and equipped with the 4.7 cm PaK 36(t).

Again, a model was made, but no show. Same goes for the French light tank AMR P103


This light tank prototype was developed by Citroën. In April 1935 the vehicle underwent trials and was deemed adequate. However, the AMR 35 tank project was preferred.

Various other French vehicles were considered at that point, but never appeared: the AMR35 light tank, Lorraine 37 AC L tank destroyer, the French were supposed to have captured Italian tanks as their “captured” vehicles too. Pretty interesting stuff, but nothing came of it. We can only hope to see the medium and heavy branch in the future, but one was or another, I don’t think it will resemble these old plans. Too much has changed.

Germany tree on the other hand was pretty much finished according to the “old” plans. Not much is missing. The E-10 tank destroyer model actually exists (it’s again very old):


Here you can see the adjustable suspension “in action”, but apparently (if I recall correctly), this model is a “prop” – functional height adjustment system doesn’t work. Or maybe it does, but it was never implemented. Either way, second German TD branch was considered vaporware for a long time, but it came – for good or for ill. By the way, at one point, Jagdpanzer E-100 was considered to be the second German TD on tier 9. That would have been fun.

Oh yes, I forgot, Neubaufahrzeug. It appeared in the ASAP 8.9 video in October 2013 (or so), but no word ever since.


Now, for the Americans. Americans “missed” a lot of their tanks as well – sometimes because the priorities changed, sometimes for other reasons. The most infamous American vaportank is the MTLS tankette. It was actually implemented a very, very long time ago along with the Panzer IIJ and BT-SV. If I recall correctly, that was the early part of 2012, because these vehicles appeared as gifts on 2012 Gamescom. Of the three, MTLS however was never released. It’s in the game, you can drive it, if you have a supertester or press account, but apart from that, there is no way to get it and if we are to trust the developers, there might never be.

Another tank that hasn’t appeared is the US M1921 medium tank.


This tank model was shown in the April 2013 video about American tank history, but we haven’t heard about it ever since. The model is clearly made, but for some reason, it’s not in the game. It even has its (leaked) description:

Development of the M1921 tank began in 1919. By February 1922, the Packard Motor Company manufactured a prototype. The tank featured a number of innovations, including a commander’s cupola and peculiar tracks with wooden inserts. The vehicle was never mass-produced, but further experimental vehicles, the T1 and T1E1, were developed on its basis.

The third infamous American vaportank is the T24 tank destroyer. It is a very, very old plan for the US premium tank destroyer. Screenies of it come from either late 2011 or very early 2012 and why it wasn’t introduced in the end, I have no idea, but it was planned at one point.


And its description?

Experimental self-propelled gun on the M3 chassis. The Baldwin Locomotive Works Company started the development of the T24 in the fall of 1941. By November, the prototype was completed. The vehicle passed trials, but never saw mass production.

The American tank destroyers are generally a problem. There was a plan for yet another premium tank destroyer (the “derp Hellcat”, T88 with 105mm howitzer), but this was blocked (or put on hold) simply because this vehicle was historically an artillery piece. A description of the T88 in the game also exists though, so its development went on for a while. Both of these vehicles were planned in mid 2012 as premium tank destroyers.

Ah, one more thing though. Recently, you might have run into something called “Super Hellcat”. An icon of this vehicle actually appeared:


Again, this is some really, really old stuff. I recently talked with The_Chieftain about it (on Rita’s stream) and you see, Americans tried two 90mm Hellcats. One was with a 90mm gun in the classic Hellcat turret, the other was basically a Jackson turret on Hellcat hull. This is the first one. In early 2012, it was actually planned to have the Hellcat split into two tanks: the tier 6 Hellcat and tier 7 90mm Hellcat.


And then it was decided to merge them into one Hellcat on tier 6 and that’s what we have now. The Super Hellcat icon and description are relics of the past. There were more US tanks “scrapped” or postponed. At one point, the Americans were supposed to have their own “captured” tanks, the Japanese (Ha-Go, Chi-Ha, Chi-Ri) – imagine that, Japanese tanks as early as 2011/2012. Nothing ever came of it and I have no idea, whether these are still planned (although, with Japanese tanks in the game already, it would be easy to remodel them to American colors).

There were a few more American tanks that never appeared, but had either icons or descriptions in the game. The T3 HMC was supposed to be an American premium artillery vehicle, but it was never implemented. I wrote about it recently too.


Mark VIII “International” tank was also never implemented, although it was planned at some point and neither was the T31 Demolition tank. There was some pretty odd stuff going on with the Lend Lease tanks too – for example, the Americans had the M3A3 (Stuart V) planned (description exists) and there were plans for two Sherman variants, the M4 (90)V:

At the end of World War II, consideration was given to a redesigned and upgraded M4 Sherman. A larger and stronger turret ring would have allowed mounting of the M26 turret and a 90-mm gun. However, the M26 was chosen for mass production.

and M4 Improved (Sherman with sloped armor and turret):

A variant of the M4 medium tank with angled hull and turret. It was developed by the Detroit Arsenal in August 1942. The changes were intended to improve the tank’s protection without increasing weight or degrading other technical characteristics. Existed only in blueprints.

There was also the description of the T6 medium tank, which, if I recall correctly, was some sort of Sherman prototype. We might still theoretically see it in the next US medium branch, but who knows? Either way, this is what we have now. Ah yes, I almost forgot. At one point it was also planned to introduce the Christie tanks. From time to time, players ask about them, but these were most likely shelved for a very long time, as lowtier tanks like this have very little priority.


Britain has its own share of vaportanks too. Not being part of the “original three” though, it has less than usual. Most of it counts towards the “Lend-Lease” tanks. Following tanks (without descriptions or any details) were in plans at least around May last year: A7, M2A4, Stuart VI, Sherman III, Sentinel I, RAM, AC IV Matilda I and Firefly. Firefly of couse is the ultimate British vaporware, but by the looks of things, it might be a vaporware no longer and it might actually appear this year. We actually know that the Sentinel models (I and AC IV) exist, but I haven’t seen them. Matilda I was considered but apparently scratched.

The Japanese and Chinese I will skip (they are fairly new, no real vaporware) and let’s focus on the Soviets. Actually, a lot of Soviet stuff was already implemented into the game. Probably the most infamous Soviet vaportank is the T-35. As you can see, a model exists:


And so does English description (again, as early as first half of 2013):

Developed in 1931–1932 under the supervision of N. V. Barykov. The vehicle was mass-produced from 1932 through 1939 at the Kharkov Locomotive Factory. It was the only mass-produced five-turret tank. In the middle of the 1930s, attempts were made to upgrade the vehicle. Most of these vehicles were lost during the first days of the war. The T-35 tanks were last used at the Battle of Moscow. A total of 2 prototypes and 61 mass-produced tanks were manufactured.

If I recall correctly, the reason the T-35 never appeared is the multi-turret mechanism (or rather, the lack of it). It has been shelved for the time being and the future of it doesn’t look too bright. There are other “vapor” tanks too though. The most commonly encountered is the SU-85I:


It exists in the game and it can be accessed via supertester or press accounts, but it was never released. There are apparently some plans for it, but nothing definitive. It’s a very old tank model too, it was released a long time ago. Only a few tanks are missing otherwise. At one point there was a plan to introduce the improved T-46 (T-46-5) and the T-19 and T-24 tanks like this:


It didn’t happen, but the change seems logical, so I guess it might happen eventually, but it has very low priority. There was a plan to implement the T-34M, which happened – under a different name: A-43. The original description was such:

Developed in 1941 at Plant No. 183 under the designation A-43. A new vehicle was intended to replace the T-34 tank. The vehicle was to be equipped with torsion-bar suspension, diesel engine B-5, a new transmission and a reinforced to 60 mm front armor.

About the same time, there was a plan to introduce two alternative (tier 3 and 4) lowtier tank destroyers, the IT-45 and SU-76BM. I am not sure their models exist, but their icons and descriptions do. Why this never happened, I have no idea. And last but not least, there were the premium tanks that never appeared in the game:

- TG (Grotte’s Tank), an old medium tank design, icon exists
- ZIS-30 (57mm on Komsomolec tractor) – this might actually still appear in the game as lowtier premium
- SU-76I (finally implemented recently)
- SG-122 (premium artillery piece – icon and description exist).

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  1. Well, alot of these tanks would be cool to see ingame. I reallly like the french heavies.

  2. Wow, that must really have been some work to put together! Might wanna add a “Picture heavy” warning :)

    Anyway +1!

    Will read it all this evening, and yeah I too would love those frenchies and the E10…

  3. nice article, i really hope the french HT to appear, maybe they could revitalize the interest of players in heavy tanks, which i feel they are put aside by WG in the last period. Keep up the good work.

  4. Nice write up.

    I think i saw a rl-picture of the T-35 in the division-newspaper of my grandpa.
    It was named “Grosstank” (“Bigtank”) by the soldiers.
    They didnt shoot it down. One guy wrote it had no fuel left, so the russian soldiers had to leave it behind.
    Pretty interesting vehicle.

  5. “Again, this is some really, really old stuff. I recently talked with The_Chieftain about it (on Rita’s stream) and you see, Americans tried two 90mm Hellcats. One was with a 90mm gun in the classic Hellcat turret, the other was basically a Jackson turret on Hellcat hull. This is the first one. In early 2012, it was actually planned to have the Hellcat split into two tanks: the tier 6 Hellcat and tier 7 90mm Hellcat.”

    You sure about two 90mm Hellcats? I’ve only seen pictures of the one with M36 turret, which is the one we already have in the game. I’m not even sure if the 90mm gun would fit into the original turret.

  6. Concerning the French tanks, we discussed with several other French players about a complete, realistic and historical French tree. The subject was initiated by L_ours_tech who made a great job !
    You can see the thread here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/316995-larbre-francais/page__st__280
    And this is the last revision (v10) of the tree : http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=76815
    We also disagree on some of the propositions of Wargaming of distinct models, and as example we consider that the AMX 13 FL11 should be include as one of the turrets variant of the 13 75 (there is also the AMX 13 Chaffee turret, the AMX 13 with 105mm howitzer …). Same for some heavies where the differences are only on the turret.

    • Wow, didn’t know there were this many French tanks that would fit the game. Is there an English version available, as I don’t know French? xd

      • At the current point no, but we could translate what interests you ;-)
        In addition it could make a nice article on FTR about the available tanks to complete the French tree.

        We propose as you see a Tier 9 light tanks. The status of the tier 10 is debated, i propose it as medium, L_ours_tech wants to keep is as light as it is two times lighter than the BC25t despite being bigger ! It is from 1970 (or 1974 depending of the sources) but has a low pressure riffled gun (so less powerful than the one of the AMX 30) and fine with the rule of no smoothbore gun.

    • My only problem with this French tree are the unhistorical tanks from the Fantasque timeline, ie, the SAV-AU-42, M3F1, M7F2, SAV-41, SAV-42, SAV-44. Also, the SARL-42 should really be tier V.

  7. It is kind of generic to say but just goes to show there is so much more going on then folks realize.

    Allow the game to develop.

    Great read.

    • +1
      And frenchies actually are popular. You see atleast 1 bat on each team when you play tier 10.

    • balance and missing links could be the reason, and “stopp ading moar fuking tenks fix grafix multycoore supprt ftw lulz OPautoloders Imba powacreep guns stronk Soviet tenks omg WGsucx” whine could also be responsible ;)

      • Well…the 2nd heavy french branch will be kind of unique for their nation…armoured high tiers with no autoloaders, but still keeping their mobility…

  8. Check the last photo. You can see that there goes from KV-1 SIDEWAYS to tier 5 tank.
    Any idea what it could be? Was KV-2 planned for tier 5 back then?

  9. AMX M4 (1949) could have OP frontal.
    Also, it uses same hull as 50 b and likely same engine.
    Though, look at its gun. It looks 100mm, the one from AMX 50 100.
    Basically, though, as it haves about 230mm pen, it could work, even on tier 10. E-100 haves 235mm pen, so it could not be a problem. Imagine super fast heavy tank with fantastic frontal armor but horrible gun.
    It could be blast to play

    • that’s 120mm gun ;)

      EDIT: oh, my mistake, you are right… different muzzle brake

      • When the branch idea was first released the M4 ’49 was supposed to be a tier 9.(M4 ’48 as t8 and AMX 65t as t10, with M4 ’46 being replaced with Somua 50 100 variant and moved to this branch)

        • Nope, 65t was supposed to be tier 9 and M4 49 tier 10.
          M4 48 uses 50 100′s hull.
          65t uses 50 120′s hull (or very similar one)
          M4 49 uses 50 B hull.
          No logic to put tank which uses tier 10′s hull to tier 9 and then it leads to tier 10 which uses tier 9′s hull.

    • that tank also have the 120mm, i think it is like this,

      see the batchat that have a couple of guns to choose maybe the same,

      coz i’ve seen the amx m4 49 with 120mm gun

  10. these tanks will come someday but we need to remember that this game is made to make money — you don’t give money to buy gold to convert free xp for none popular branches. In time people will need new content and this tanks will come to be but i don’t expect them until 2015 . First new tans for this year will come in june or july by my opinion (allot of players are not in school so they need to keep them online somehow)

  11. It honestly seems tragic. So many interesting vehicles, so much exra potential variety never implemented for ridiculous or unspecified reasons.

    I really wish they’d implement multi turret and multi-weapon into the game. It would be interesting, different and it would give some tanks, like the M3 Lee and Churchill I a much needed edge. Even if things like the 20mm Polsten automatic cannon on the AT-7 and the Centurion I’s stock turret could be useful for detracking enemies, destroying scout tanks and as well as cover destruction.

    I’m never one to bang the ‘Russian bias!’ drum, but considering that many tanks remain unimplemented or crippled for the British, French, Japanese and Americans but that it would only seem to benefit one Soviet vehicle… it makes people suspicious as to why it’s been given such a low priority, “Because so few tanks will benefit…”

    • Don’t forget the Maus that is probably the most useless tier 10 vehicle right now and can use only its one gun.
      The proper translation is “we wouldn’t get enough money from it”. Kids from Russia need to spend their pocket money to get another T-62 clone, not some “le surrender XD tanks”.

  12. I wouldn’t describe these tanks as vapourtanks as that implies they will never ever appear in the game.

    I’m guessing that with the HD client work WG have decided to shelve any major plans for new tanks as unproductive and will probably only start looking at these vehicles again after all the existing vehicles are HDified.

    This means we will probably see a lot of these vehicles eventually, but only in 2 years time at least. Still, it gives us something to look forward too.

    My TOG is waiting for it’s monstrous FCM F1 brother to be unleashed ;-)

    • Not the Firefly, that would probably be tier 5 Sherman leading to the Firefly. That thing has M1A1 gun, not the 17 pdr.

    • Fireflies were built on Sherman I and Sherman V hulls. The other British Sherman will be the bridge from the M3 Grant to the Fireflly

    • They didn’t have to, a drawing exists of this tank. Although it’s just a variant of AMX 50B, the M4 was designation of classic turret tanks for which drawings were made in case an oscillating turrets were unreliable. Such were made for both AMX 50 100 and 50 B, the AMX 65t was a design drawn in parallel to AMX 50 120 but it was completely new design and it was never developed beyond drawing board…



  13. The 1949 amx reminds me of st-i and m103 ..
    no problem playirs, we need more stronk tenks on great redstar tech tree, if we run out space we’ll delete brit or franc tenks, they have no nuclear engines, and rocket cannons.

  14. I am still waiting for the French heavies…

    Side note – does anyone with French tech knowledge know whether there is material for a 2nd TD line?

  15. @Renault G1R
    Is that some kind of AMX 40′s evolution? Dem turret… It’s the ugly duckling’s lost big bro!

    @ACL 135 SPG
    I have no clue how that thing could works as a SPG in the game. I mean… look at that gun! Probably as a TD?

  16. Nice work SS ;)
    Since so many French tanks have been scratched, is there any possibility some may appear as premium vehicles?

  17. No viable US premium TDs they said, yet the Super Hellcat is just bloody standing there.

  18. Hmm…Those who played the 8.3 ts when they first released the chinise tree might remember the old t10 heavy(WZ 111 model 5)…are there any ideas of what happened to it?…scrapped forever or just postponed?

    • I think that one was scrapped when they introduced the 113. Sadly, I think the old WZ-111 5 was better than the 113. Hell, Even the WZ-111 1-4 is better in its top configuration. :))

      • Yeah, it got replaced by the 113 in the 8.4 ts…but what happened to it…still planned for a return or just thrown into the bin?

        • My bet: it was thrown into the bin.
          My hope: they’re saving it for a secondary heavy branch.
          My idea: they could make it a Campaign reward tank.

        • Wz-111 5a. A shadow of the past. A tank with IS-7 chassis and IS4 gun. but i don’t think it will comeback. I don’t think WG want a better IS-7 ingame.

        • Nope, WZ-111 5 never saw live server. It wasnt come in 8.2 release because Chinese didnt come at all in 8.2, actually, thats the reason why chinese tanks DIDNT come in 8.2, then they replaced it with 113 to 8.3 test.
          Personally, i dont hope that WZ returns as way it was, it was insanely OP,
          what i heard. Think about 113 with front which is better than IS-7′s, it seemed also even more mobile, choise of two guns, and better depression. It could deserve nerf or atleast re-balance, as it was better than IS-7 almost on everything expect it had worse LFP armor and side armor.
          If we think, though, there could be two chinese HT lines in theory;
          WZ-111 line and 11X- series-line.
          WZ-111, tier 8 only for super testers could moved to techtree as normal tank, and that could lead to current wz-111 1-4, and that then to wz-111 5.
          On other line, it would be as current one expect for that WZ-111 1-4 is not in tier 9.
          Thats the problem. 112 is already premium, and it couldnt make sense to move it to normal line, or would it?

          • they presumably replaced it as it was too similar to the tier 9 (wargaming likes variety, the tier 10′s model was nearly identical to the tier 9)

            and as “113″ said, it was extremely OP.

          • Seems I messed up the test server phases…I knew the chinese got introduced into the ts and were delayed for some reason, but I didn’t knew the exact patch(8.2/8.3/8.4)

  19. Hey, SS, do you happen to have the old “complete” tech trees somewhere? I remember saving all of them when they were published on the wiki but I can’t seem to find them.

    Edit: Scrap that. Found them :P

  20. Thank you SOOO much for doing this, I love reading the stories behind ghost tank. Also y u no write about Agrimotor

  21. Matilda I would be interesting. You couldn’t justify it being beyond Tier 3 both because of Matilda II at T4 and the fact that it’s armed with an MG. But then you’d have 60mm of armour against Tier 2 and 3 opponents frequently. And god help you if two Matildas are the last remaining tanks in a game.

    • It would be an !upgunned! pz2J. Which is why it probably won’t make in.
      Too weak for tier 4, too stong for tier 3. Unless they give it some weak ammo. It would still be frontally immune to anything but TDs and gold shooting tetrarchs. So it would be kinda balanced, but I am kind of against tanks that rely on premium ammo to function properly.

  22. Nice info, but the case of the G1R went further than that. There was a collision model on gamemodels3D and at some point it was “confirmed” to appear in the french SPG+TD patch (7.4), as a bridge between the medium and heavy line. The model had the G1B top turret and a 75 mm gun (probably the SA49).
    For reference:
    G1R “confirmed”: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/120525-renault-g1r/
    Collision model: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/261072-wg-we-need-to-talk-about-the-french-tree/

  23. a shame, I am kind of looking forward to the French non-oscillating line and especially want the Land battleships, just because.

  24. the AMX (M4 1949 i think), was in this video:


    Jump for 1:30 to get some drama.

    i remember seeing him killing an old T30 Heavy tank (very old) from behind. it was show with the horn mechanism, remember?
    I used to like the old realese videos, they came most times with awesome musics! Nowadays… its lame…

  25. Well there is one Japanese vaporware tank, the Type 97 Te-Ke that was cutr when WG (wisely) decided to shorten the Japanese light branch from going to tier 5 to going to tier 4

  26. ALL of these need to be released – all of them. Moar is better. Still waiting on the 7.0 gold tanks… that are over 2 years old and many covered in this article.

  27. “Matilda I was considered but apparently scratched.”

    Strange, I’ve seen a promotional pic of it fully textured and in camo paint on Dragon Ridge

  28. Welp thanks for the nostalgia. Especially regarding the french ones, I remember them showing off a lot of these French tanks before they released the French tree, the first tree to be added after release, and a cause of much whining as everybody was like “WAAAA FRENCH SUCK GIVE BRITISH TANKS”

  29. I am waiting for the frenchies quite long and it looks like i will have to wait even more :( .
    They have a lot of tech which can be implemented to the game. Now FR tree looks like only 4 lines with no connections, would be really nice to have all these frenchies and even more french vehicles, like S35 etc.

    They are not popular, why? i can see a lot of Frenchies ingame and especially in team battles and companies.
    SilentStalker can you try to point them on russia forum? maybe they forgot about them. And at all models were made , only need to be tested and implemented.

    And i hoped that next branches are the French one :/ .

  30. WG hates the French. Certain people whine about Germans getting the short end of the stick, but if that’s the case, then the French don’t get any of the stick. The French get screwed over more than any other nation.

    • Then why did it take them this long to nerf the Foch 155? And of course, with national battles coming up, anything from tier 8 on up will be unquestionably dominated by the French (possibly the Americans as well).

      Compare that to the Germans, who occasionally get really good vehicles, only for them to get nerfed in one or two patches (i.e. the Waffentraeger, which could do obscene amounts of damage but requires it to expose a weakspot that allows pretty much any tier 10 tank to take out at least a third of its health with a single HE shell). Granted, that still leaves some of them pretty good (while others become borderline unplayable, i.e. the Marder II), but still, do they HAVE to yank our chains so much? Oh, and that isn’t even counting that somehow WG thinks its fair that the Tiger should go up against the T29 at tier 7, a tank that was designed to counter the Tiger II (which is at tier 8), and how even if one angles the tank effectively, it’s ridiculously easy to kill a Tiger.

      I’m not saying they should dominate in-game, but seriously, one can’t help but be disappointed in the apparent imbalance there is.

      • They took so long to nef it because it was never that op. wait till u own 1 and ur sitting there with a 45 second reload getting owned by a t 71

  31. ‘The problem with French heavies is that although they have a fanbase, French tanks as a whole are definitely one of the least popular branches, along with the Chinese.’

    Does WG understand cause and effect? For starters, French tree is arguably incomplete for national battles: no real medium line. Then: unavailability of ‘real’ heavies. Both of these are historically available at least from blueprints, perhaps even modelled, but yet not added.

    Average player is looking to play ‘normal’ but unique tanks, and if you have neither of those in MT or HT, then your nation will be unpopular. -_- For French it is: bad armour + autoloaders + no mediums. For Chinese it is: copy paste + bad gun depression. (From what I gather it would be much harder to make the Chinese tree more popular than with the French tree, besides making tanks OP.)

    • In term of French tanks, i showed in a link up that there was enough material for: two branches of mediums, two of heavies, two of TD and two of SPG + one full line of light tanks (up to tier 10 !) and 3 mini-branches up to tier 4-5.
      And that’s quite a frustration to know that …
      But yep, a line hybrid light / medium was not really a great idea of WG … But i guess the goal was to have a distinct gameplay from what was already ingame considering that the British and Chinese tanks (aka the Russian clones) were coming.

      I also guess that the problem is the long term: what to do if all these tanks are proposed extremely quickly ingame ? The quantity of material is not unlimited and i guess WG starts to deal with it with max 3 new branches a year.

  32. its safe to say about 50 tanks that have not been added into game yet! they are low tier tanks with possibly in time a 2nd french t10 heavy and 2nd french tier 10 medium line

  33. there are a lot of MTLS and su-85i in chinese sever! You can easily get one from the gift shop in chinese sever——for about 40¥(6~7$)