24 thoughts on “Testing tank brakes…

        • Keanel, you know that Pneumatic means it uses Air, and Air can be compressed, while Hydraulic (that is used on cars) uses Oil that is nearly uncompressable. Hydraulic > Pneumatic if it comes to immediate pressure generation.

          The reason is, you have breaks on all or most roadwheels (7 per side on this one if i count correctly, bad video quality) vs 4 brakes on a car.
          and then the area of roadcontact comes into play, there is nothing that has a higher contact area then a track.

          • A car on his side has more contact area :P But I dont think you’ll break fast anyway then…

            And quite a nice video.

  1. Looks like we Dutch like doing brake tests :P (It’s a video from a Dutch website called “dumpert.nl”).

  2. I remember a norwegian comedy where a conscript nicks a CV9030 to go pick up his daughter in kindergarten, and brakes it onto it’s nose right outside the doors. Shame it’s not on Youtube.

  3. How it would look like if the tank didn’t have rubber pads? Skidding over the tarmac? Sinking into the road due the weight and clogged tracks? Tipping over the nose (probably damaging the gun)?