Straight outta Supertest: Panzer Ausf.D and 9.0 German tank split


Hello everyone,

what many suspected is now confirmed – German tanks are getting split in 9.0

Tier 3 will be Panzer Ausf.A
Tier 4 will be Panzer Ausf.D

Panzer III is going to also be split into two tanks and StuG the same.

Edit: Panzer III might not be split after all – the older model will apparently somehow merge with Panzer III Ausf.A





76 thoughts on “Straight outta Supertest: Panzer Ausf.D and 9.0 German tank split

  1. Are there any other informations? Do we get a Bonus-Tank for the Splits? Must we research the splitted Tanks if we researched the “Old” non-Splitted Tank? Thanks

    Edit: Panzer III is already splitted in Ausf. A and Panzer III. Maybe they introduce the last “Ausführung” of the Panzer III Ausf. N?

    • I think they will make the Ausf. F version as a tier 3 medium, and the Ausf. L/N will be the tier 4. (maybe L and the new hull will be the N hull with schürzen)

    • i dont think so, if the old tank remains unchanged(pz4 as t5) you probably wont get anything.

      • We wont get anything if the pzIV stays in its old spot and the new Ausführungen are just added as new tanks to the branch.

    • Well the optional hulls will be there…..but do you really want to get off the Pz38nA grind only to start a stock Panzer IV with 15mm of armor going through all the versions until you get the tier 5 comptetent Ausf. G/H hull? That effectively doubles the grind

        • You have no problems with gaining a tier, having the best of your armor cut by more than 60%, losing your camo bonuses, gaining a larger profile, and having a grind doubled from what it is now

          It’s official, WoT gets all kinds of crazy

  2. The T3 will have less Armor but the 7,5cm L/24 will be funny :)
    Very interesting stuff …

    • I hope so, but probably it will happen only if some tank will take place of some other, like the last VK tank moving. Otherwise you will simply have a new tank to research in the tree with original kept in garage.
      Anyway I will probably buy back Stug and all sorts or Panzers III/IV to see what will happens with them in 9.0 Test server.

      • If they replace the Panzer 38t and Panzer 38nA with these two Panzer IV variants, yes technically they would be (but it would be a hell of a lot better than putting up with scout matchmaking in the Panzer 38nA)

  3. 110 damage and 103mm of penetration on a tier 4 medium. This will put the Panzer IV Ausf. D up there with the M3 Lee, T-28, and Matilda as tier 4 mediums with teeth.

  4. C’moooon…Don’t split the german tree like “War Thunder Style”!!!! Please..

    I fear that we can hear that: “Yeah we inspected books and found that we have to split something into 2 new tank! Now first of all we split Ferdinant! One of them is Ferdinant and another is Elefant!!! Which things was changed??? Hmm lets check it; same fire power, same suspension, same engine, same track oh oh wait a minute please, found it: elefant has one more hull machine gun, new commander cuppola and zimmerit!!! Enjoy it!”

    • Its more intelligent to split the Panzer IV tanks instead of just making them hull options, who wants 14mm of armour at tier 5? You? Most likely not so its better to put that hull at tier 3 and then eliminate the Panzer 38 na grind which is hard enough, it makes more sense having medium tanks instead of a light tank.

    • Fool.

      Ferdinand/Elefant can be split as just simple hull options controlled by the suspension of the tank. Without adding it to another tier etc.

      There are a good dozen different hulls for the Pz IV and WG is cutting that in game to about 6(total hull options). It is a very big difference. Please go back to tank school.

      “Yeah we inspected books and found that we have to split something into 2 new tank!” << I doubt that is what happened and you sound foolish as hell for saying it.

      • Pls go and find a dictionary and read meaning of “IRONY”. I know much more about tanks that you’ve imagine. Cause that’s my old job!

        Maybe you want to read some Spielberger…And maybe u want to inspect WT German Tree! Maybe want to read about an article that i’ve wrote about it:‎

        Just open google translate and translate it turkish into english…!


  5. Looks like they finally put the light tanks into a separate branch. No more “WTF should I do in this match” 38NA drivers.

    • It is plausible that somebody suggested fitting it on the Pz IV but I have never heard of such a proposal. I will dig through the books and find out.

      • The only reference I’ve found was for the artillery designs of the Pz4 hull. AFAIK mainly it’s just there as a relic of the Schmalturm and a balance against Derp M4′s

  6. And once again WG gives the playerbase the D…

    I’ll just show myself out.

    OT: Do you think we’ll see some other re-shuffling of the tech tree at the same time?

  7. What are the chances this means we might see the late model Panzer IV and Panzer III with Schürzen on them with this split?

    Also, any indication if they intend to change the current Panzer III (Represents the Ausf M in it’s elite config) over to have the 50mm hull with 20mm spaced armor, rather then the solid 70mm plate? You can clearly see the 20mm spaced plate on this picture.,_Russland-Mitte-S%C3%BCd,_Panzer_III.jpg

    As well as fixing the III’s gun mantlet to actually provide armor protection? Currently the actual mantlet provides it’s 50mm, but the 20mm plate before it provides 0mm protection.

  8. Oh boi! More tonks! I wonder what’s [REMOVED DERPY LoZ CDI REFERENCE] the gun selection for the Ausf. D…

  9. Fascist box tenk is stonk tenk glorious defender of the Fatherland! Will destroy much socialist weak tanks no mach for fascist box tenk armor and gun more important that moving!


      Seriously tho, this change looks sweet. A tier IV Panzer IV is gonna’ be epic.

  10. Woot, 0.384 accuracy on it’s L/43? That’s better than the same gun on current tier 5 PzIV. 0.41 if i remember it right

  11. I am all for removing the need to grind the 38nA,
    But will WG please stop it with the German , Russian and Yank tanks we have plenty of them and the other lines need filling out, more Brit tanks , more French, finish building a basic China and Jap tree’s.
    Why Add them at all if they are going to ignore them ??

  12. Tier 3 medium tank with a 75 mm howitzer?

    Yes please! :D

    Also, the Panzer IV Ausf.D might finally be a tier 4 tank I would consider worth playing (after the HORRIFIC experience that was the Durchsbruchswagen 2); admittedly I haven’t played many of them, but there’s currently only a few tier 4 vehicles that aren’t premiums that I might consider to be good enough to use on a regular basis (before you ask, yes the M3 Lee’s on that list, but only if you have the patience to figure out how to use it and fully upgrade it – turning it into an absolute monster with 2200 dpm).

      • So I hear. Haven’t played the Matilda yet (I’m working on other lines atm), but I’ve played the AMX-40, which when top tier can be just as trollish as the Matilda from my understanding (fully-upgraded, that is – without all of the upgrades it’s REALLY painful to drive).

        But yeah, the Matilda is one of the tanks that’s on my list of “Tier 4 tanks that don’t suck so bad to drive”, which consists of the Matilda, Hetzer, Panzer III, SU-85B, Chi-He, T-28, AMX-40 and even the M3 Lee (though it takes time to master it – I have a friend who has pulled off AMAZING things in the Lee, and makes use of its bad reputation to psyche opponents out). Of course, the caveat for those are that they need to be full-upgraded, and in top tier to really be fun (with a couple of exceptions, namely the Panzer III and the Chi-He, the latter of which I’ve used as a passive scout with notable success).

        Note, I’m not counting premium vehicles here, because if I were to count THOSE I would say hands-down that the one I’ve found most enjoyable is the Panzer B2 (pretty much the only low-tier premium German Heavy, and it’s almost never sold because of its special matchmaking). Why, you ask? It’s always top tier, with the downside of being unable to platoon with anything other than other Panzer B2s, Lend-Lease Valentines or tanks below its tier unless one is willing to risk the chance of it getting into games higher than tier 4 (and trust me, it NEEDS that special matchmaking – one only has to look at the regular Char B1 or the DW2 – which was a nightmare I do NOT want to repeat – to know how it would perform against tier 5s). The lend-lease Valentine would have come in as a close second (it gets the same MM as the B2) with its trollish armor (in some places, and not as good as the Matilda’s or AMX-40′s armor), but that armor lost most of its value when premium ammo became available for credits.

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