WG EU: Stronk marketink skills

Hello everyone,

so, how do you like the new gift shop offers? Wargaming has apparently adopted new marketing strategy:


See, if you order LESS, you actually pay MORE :) That’s some stronk marketink! But wait… when you enter the gift shop, it’s the other way around…

Yea, Czech section screwed up the news once again (it’s correct in English version at least). Such competent, much proofreading, wow!

19 thoughts on “WG EU: Stronk marketink skills

      STAP IT
      or it will become another D…Do…Don…gaarh, that name is impossible to say.

      • The creature that shall not be named?

        Also your ID reminds me of a certain French medium tank that shall not be named…

        • 113 is Chinese heavy tank.
          I know what you mean…113 haves connection with that creature and with that French tank, which shall not named…

  1. I so can see people getting it, then getting accounts blocked for “cheating” and EU staff who did it getting promoted…

    • Oooh the evil WG, banning people in your dreams for imaginary crimes.
      How about you give them a rest? Just to put things into perspective, back in the days of the gamereactor giveaway, some people hoarded dozens of magazines and activated the codes contained inside, each code worth 1500 gold. These codes were supposed to be once-per-account-only, but WG messed up. You can imagine how much gold this guy got this way: http://img807.imageshack.us/img807/1729/freewotgold.jpg. I myself was gifted a dozen codes by a clanmate, which I used, among other things, to buy a Löwe.
      For all intents and purposes all of us knew we were cheating: the rules were clear, the fact that in practice we were able to use mor than one code per account was a technical error on WG’s part, we exploiting this error was our own fault.
      WG could very well have banned all the people exploiting this, or at the very least been in the right had they removed the gold and items we bought with that gold. Did they? Well no WG let us all get away with thousands upon thousands of free gold. I’m sure some people are still running premium time right now with their ill-gotten gold.

      Yeah, evil evil WG always punishing players for their mistakes.

  2. from now on i will wait first for reaction from community before i buy something with discount….as it seems they put a trap in anything


    • They made me grow a habit of taking screenshoots of everything posted by WG, including my garage, tank stats before update and results after battles. You never know when silent WG ninjas will attack and change something!

  3. It’s a mircale to me how they can fail so hard time after time after time again. Must be hard to read their own news or offer before actually posting them.

  4. Fuggen hell, one would think they would at least proof read anything concerning their money… but nope, Chuck Testa!

  5. Well thats nothing. What got me was the lag solution.

    We solved EU1 problem. But you players tried to log on EU2 and caused the problems there. So EU2 was perfectly fine. No compensation everything worked fine.

    Seriously, shouldn’t they teach EU staff to make better lies? This is like 6 year old child claiming it didn’t eat the cake with its mouth full.