FOV in 8.11

Hello everyone,

recently, there has been a lot of talk about changed FOV in 8.11, so let’s have a look at it.

FOV stands for Field of View. It’s basically the area you can see in the game on your monitor. Previously (or rather as it is now), Field of View was different for each resolution. Now, they have been unified. And what does it mean practically?

Russian player Tikhonovetskiy made a comparison (made on 1920 x 1028 on a 24in screen, 16:9) – basically, in 8.11, the field of view for wide screens will be somewhat limited.


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    • The zoom out mod doesn’t “correct” the Field of View. The Field of View is a certain angle on which the graphics are projected to the “camera,” where the camera represents what you see on the screen. With the zoom out mod you just move the camera further back, but the graphics are still projected to the camera under the angle of the Field of View, which will be narrower. You will still see more, but not as much as you used to.

      • Difference is pretty small fro what i can see. If i understand correctly the FOV is not affected by zoom. I mean you can still zoom out as much as you want. From the change of the angle on this picture – it is pretty minor.
        Most players have “tunnel vision” anyway. They see only what is directly in front of the gun.

        • that difference is huge.
          Prepare for a big headache when rotating camera.

          It’s same when playing console game on a pc – the FOV is narrow, it looks okay on TV when you sit few meters from TV. But it feels very frustrating when sitting in front of the screen. The closer you sit to screen the wider FOV should be.

          Good job wargaming… another step backwards… now just give us low res textures and it looks like console port.

  1. Bah its only to bring up average fps on PC.
    So when they put better effects, older PC (mine too) can still make this 40 fps.

      • this is the most stupid way to increase fps.
        Well wargaming, I know how we can play this on automatic washing machine! Just allow us maximum resolution 6 pixels x 4 pixels !

        And now the trcik! get the FOV so narrow that not even one polygon will fit into it! that way the GPU dont have to draw anything and the FPS will be insane!

    • Situational awareness…
      like the most of the playerbase knows what those two words mean… :D
      even I don’t, sometimes… :D

      • People dont know what situational awareness means. Today I reminded my team about situational awareness at the beginning of a battle, and got shot by a team mate as a reply.

    • I still don’t understand why this isn’t part of the official game. Why would I have to install a mod to get something as simple (and useful) as that.
      Same with XVM. I don’t even use stats, but if WG implemented showing damage dealt, tank types, last spotted positions and three circles (50, 445 and 707 meters) around my tank I wouldn’t even install that.

    • Adjustable FOV it’s not commonly accepted for games that want to be part of e-sports since it affects the player’s performance. That’s why it needs to be the same for everyone.

      • No, it does not have to be. If you want to be a competitive e-sport gamer you would simply choose best fov for you, most probably the widest one.

        If on the other hand you have a low end machine you can opt to have narrower fov to boost fps.

        Also no one expects you to play e-sports on a potato, so if you can’t maintain fps good enough for optimal settings it is your problem.

    • Zooming in/out while the focus is still at your tank (as in you can’t freeflight move the camera around as you please) are as far as I know not banned.

      The ones that can, well uhm I think it isn’t allowed on NA, EU and russian servers afaik. I don’t really keep track of it, but there’s not an explicitly allowed list of mods (that’d require wargaming to verify them and approve a list) but there are some announcements every now and then that certain mods are declared illegal.

      Detachable free cameras, laser beams coming out of guns (including enemies so you could see where they aim) and the likes of that.

  2. Meh, I do not see problem with that new FOV ( I use that 1920×1028 ). How can one even drive with that full zoom out? Only good thing about that is when you are at a corner, you can look behind it to see where is your enemy aiming at. But during battle, I need to be closer to the barrel, so I can actually use hills, rock or any other cover and to stick the least of my tank out. No worry why so many people camp with half their tank sticking in front of enemy out of bush or why so many people stick their tracks out and think that I can not shoot them because “they are supposed to be in cover”… Damn my Leo 1 loves to kill those people on 600m.

  3. LoL – I had planned to buy myself a widescreen monitor. Thank the devs for saving me money.

  4. So if you zoom out it will be same? wtf is WG doing….why cant there be adjusable FoV?

  5. horseshit, i invest on a massive wide monitor to be able to see more, not to be limited.
    yep, luckily i have zoom out mode, the perfect anti-idiot developer mod.
    Or someone will probably do a mod that fixes FOV

  6. *cue memories about setting FoV to 120-130 in Quake 2, binding it to Q & then binding FoV 20-30 to E for those tricky Railgun shots… ahh, those were the times where the average PC player used the console extensively

  7. Has anyone tested this on a triple monitor display?

    I currently run at 6028×1080 and I’m quite used to the field of view that gives me. Am I going to be playing in a tunnel with warped graphics after this?

  8. My screen is 1920×1080, and if they set it back to something squareish, will quit the game. I have a widescreen specifically so that I can have all the extraneous stuff (chat logs, hit logs, mini map) on the outside of the screen and the view of the battlefield un-obstructed. I have a first rate graphics card on a first rate machine, get 50-70 FPS now, and am not willing to play a second rate game especially with all the other games out there vying for my attention. Wake up WG

  9. sorry but unified FoV is sh1t :D FoV in games exist exactly for different aspect ratios. I’m able to sorry this in WoT because it’s not FPS, but it still s*cks (yea next step is aspect ratio 5:4 only for best player balance…)

  10. What a f’n idiotic decision by Once again. Arc is perfectly on the spot. Actually, if you want to unify FOV, you need to distort the image on screens with all aspect ratios except the reference aspect ratio. God, the game designers obviously are completely incompetent (that is maybe nothing new, but they seem to be striving to reach new lows with every new patch).

    I am completely fed up by this game.