Wargaming: Cheaters prosper…

Hello everyone,

ever tried cheating in a casino? I hope not – that’s illegal and you will be lucky if you end up only with a ban from the venue. However, same strict rules don’t apply for Wargaming it seems.

Some of you might remember Rasco4000 from ASIA (SEA) server. He’s the guy that got caught in competition rigging. He was stripped of his Type 59 he “won” and banned for a week. Well guess what: Rasco is back with vengeance.

In the recent Art of War (Japan) competition on SEA server, Rasco4000 won TWO Type 59′s. How did he do that? By platooning with high tier vehicles. See where this is going?

Now, I asked Mick42 from SEA server, how the hell this guy wasn’t thrown out. Apparently, he didn’t recieve a global competition ban (like cheaters did on US and EU server for example), instead, he was just punished by a regular week ban and that was it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure how he “won” this contest – but even if it by some strange twist of fate was all legit, don’t you think that competition riggers should be simply blacklisted? I do.

Wargaming apparently doesn’t.

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  1. Ahhh…

    Starting my day with such news about WG is already making me feel so accomplished

    Stay away from WG. Your life worths more than being manipulated by those blood suckers.

      • Please understand, coming here has little to do with playing WOT or supporting WG, I used to be a player who supported the development of this game and devoted in promoting its community. It has been almost half a year now since I stopped playing and boy I affirm you that was a good decision I have made. However, I noticed reading this blog that’s full of player’s whining and WG’s stupidness is kinda entertaining so SS kept me as a subscriber.

        • Almost second this…

          I just read stuff for waiting WoT to become something it should had been years ago… But as long as the failings continue I can assure there is no chance I could even hope on coming back to active duty. Just cannot see myself playing with all the wrong there is… especially balance ingame which is utter nonsense and since addition of autoloaders two years ago… never got better.

          I just hit the bottom of how far i can keep on supporting a game which does not go to the direction which would keep me and many of my friends occupied with having fun. I had my fun for long time, and in time it was all sucked away by incompetence.

          I still keep hoping the game to fix itself magically. I loved playing, but it gradually become just impossible to enjoy.

  2. Maybe they follow the same pattern as with afkers and base “bots”. Three times and over for good. One day for the first time, a week for the second time and a month for the third time. If he gets caught again its game over.

    I think WG permabans only VERY obvious bots that were reported with a clear replay proof.

    • I think you are wrong about AFK (don’t know about bots). I have been banned for AFKing three times. In all cases it was a one day ban.

  3. that is the problem if every region has it’s own team, making their own decisions. Problems one region fixes by solution X is solved by solution Y in another (or not at all)

    As far as I know for at least EU platooning makes your submission for these kind of events uneligeble. same goes for the need to be in top 10 xp wise to be able to get the mission rewards (to battle bots) and the fact these missions udually only count for tier IV+. (to battle sealclubbers) wouldn’t it be nice if we all just had the same rules seeing this is the same game… would make it much clearer and effective to battle cheaters.

    • From what I hear from the SEA branch of our clan, the SEA players are all ridiculously racist towards each other.

      Everyone hates their neighbors, I guess?
      Anyway, it seems like if they attempted to actually punish their playerbase for casual racism, pretty much everyone would be banned.
      Hue Hue.

      • Well, for the entire leng of the game, he insult with what ever you can think of, then after the game is over he still continue to do it on private chat so it is not casual racist.

    • That’s because the term ‘racist’ is thrown around with such wild abandon for even the most minor of insults (unless you’re caucasian, since for some reason people have convinced themselves that whites can’t be victims of racism, which is, ironically, a racist belief in itself) as to have almost lost all meaning.

    • Maybe you should contact support with screen shots of the person flinging the abuse. If any mod sees it in game or in chat we will hammer that player.

      PM me the players name and I will see to it

  4. Quote Rasco4000;0
    “as for those who think i cheated-rigged this comp i did not
    i just took a leaf out of dps’s books and up tiered and shot pure gold
    and those saying i should have been baned it was wargamings decision not to ban me from future events.”

    If “up-tiering” is allowed there will always be room for “abuse”, even if it might not be actual “cheating”.

    “Troll platoons” are allowed. (don’t care if you agree or not, they are allowed)

    Replays should be expected from all major competition (top prize) winners.

    No replay. No prize.

    • “Troll platoons” are indeed allowed for MVP competitions.

      I personally used this tactic to get 2nd place in one of the early MVP contests, before they had the automated system and you actually had to email replays to contests@wargaming.com.

      The objective of the contest was to earn MVP points in battles where you earned an Orlik’s medal.
      And not just one battle, you had to submit 3 of these. You can see how even completing this requirement is unreasonable, if you’re not allowed to platoon with higher-tier vehicles?

      I’m not sure what this Rasco4000 guy did to get disqualified the first time around, but the competition riggers that are blocked from participating in future competitions on the NA server (eg: KingAlphyn) did so by counting-in with their clanmates, and once they have a game with enough people on both teams from their clan, they just kill all the randoms, and then allow one person to farm the conspirators on the red team.

      • Troll platoons are not allowed anymore on EU. Of course there was no official statment cuz that would be too competent thing to do for EU WG, but one of the mods mentioned it during last event of this kind (check forums on your own I’m too lazy). And the main point of this is that he should be banned serverwide for good after the first time.

        • They are allowed.. unless there is any kind of statement or notification, they are allowed.

          and why ban them?

          you going to ban them from CW as well??

  5. Is very simple for me.. .the huge succes of the game made Wargaming a small company…what he is in normal case…
    They lost control on player base, employement., client management, development, expansion, servers …even on the game structure.
    So, we talk about a half-year on WG idioting. (mostly after the 8.6 – arty nerf)..they try compensate, and rebalance everything. Or blindfire with new tanks…
    Wait another half year, eventual the Ukraine collapse. We see the same on those retards too.
    Be patient,

  6. Not fair calling a legal win “cheating” don’t you think?

    I don’t know if rules are different from other servers but in asia you could actually play Mk1 in tier 10 battles during competitions and it will be allowed.

    Also I agree on “black listing” IF the offender actually made the violation a second time. So WG is actually wise and just when they did not black list him on his 1st violation. Some research would do you good before shaming the guy over again.

  7. They’re probably the highest paying customers, so you think they give a shit?.
    welfare warriors are usually the most vocal whiniest bunch, thrown in some credit card cowboys that are entitled to the entire game for paying a months premium for good measure and there you go…

    whilst the highest paying customers buy warpack and play the game like it’s supposed to be played:
    1) no artificial stupid high cost automatic consumables (in fact their script activates FASTER than the automated failtinguisher).
    2) better cammera: why should my aim move when some idiot rams me, my guns are stabilized by HOLY POWER and they always shoot tru.
    3) predictive autoaim: do you people even remember that this was ingame when it came out?, back when tanks warped around instead of moving(god this game was uber shitty back then, the netcode was done by cavemen and it took MONTHS, SEVERAL to fix it) autoaim compensated for tank speed, so warpack does it know and everyone calls it a cheat, bullSHEET is what i say!, your gunner must be shitty he can only aim a the center of the tank, my gunner is better trained and he can actually aim at weakspots and y’know… lead a tank… like any non-braindead gunner should….
    4) the laser sight and persistent tracer… i got nothing on that :D hahaha, that is bullshit
    5) the spg mode for TDs: DOH, more than half the TDs in game had indirect fire sights and where even named as SPG/TD, because Wg refuses to add arty mode doesn’t mean it’s correct.
    6) better sixth sense: the perk itself is complete “occult” ashattery, but when warpack extendes it by showing you WHO discovered you all the sudden it’s a cheat?, fuck off your high horse

    so whilst some people cry cheat, i call it “correcting the game”, if you want to play stock brokenshit game, it’s your problem, don’t whine to the people that play the game as it should!

    aaand i got offrail hard… anyway… let people rig whatever the fuck they want

    • Faggot who can’t play fair. Yeah just leave these faggots to rig however they want coz faggots “need” it to boost there ego. Eat your Type 59 cocksucker and take it to hell with you! LOLz

      Meanwhile all good people leave this game to the powertripping fags and let them play with their bots. They NEED it you see.

          • The fact that you are RELYING on a script run by some other program is kinda sad…I admit, Im bad just by playing the game ( :D ), but atleast I dont rely on that bullshit to make me “SOUPER UNI-CUM!”. Id rather have a shitty WR and be educated enough to not use that BS, instead of having a magnificent WR, and rely on that BS.

      • butthurt much?, you need to go learn a little more vocabulary there mr. redneck or even trying to go to school, you might also consider coming out of the closet since you’re so fond of “faggot” “cocksucker”, tsk tsk, it’s a bad thing to deny your sexuality…., or did your uncle touched you in inappropriate places?

  8. GJ SS. Now you spread slander on FTR. Since when being smart is cheating? Blame rules of these retarded “contests/loterry” instead of smart players.

    • This….. SS has a tendency to be biased(fair enough its his blog) but to actually slander and imply that Rasco4000Mk1™ cheated this time around with out any replays or such is retarded….

      CW especially promotes abuse and exploitation of the rules… (campaign 1 etc).

      Till WG grow smarter then their player base, people will continue to exploit the vaguely and sometimes mistranslated wording of their rules…

  9. Simple – any platoon wins do not count, nor do any games where a clan member is on the same team. Then It is up to the skill of the player in pub games without platoon or clan members working to get you a prize. Fair for those who do not ever platoon as well.

    • umm so in order to compete you leave the clan that way you still play with the “clan” but are not affiliated with it.

      platoons i can understand as this abuse of the system is so common you have to do it, But the clan is a bit over the top

  10. Hmmmm ok guys I didn’t need the quote as I will spell it out myself

    I did not cheat in this comp. For those who doubt me here are the replays



    As for platooning out of tier this is allowed on the sea server, and it was blatant abuse of this that drove me to cheat in the first place, as wargaming Asia said its allowed

  11. I personally know that everybody involved in the Kingalphyn scandel on the NA server was banned from future competitions. it could be that SEA people forgot. on NA, when they accidentally awarded Kingalphyn a prize in a later contest, when it was pointed out it was quickly fixed.

    • I was not given a ban from future events, A weeks ban and removal of any rewards i won in “That Comp”

  12. Guys this time around i did not cheat here are the replays

    http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/52f3ac029c81a53b12010000.html tier 5 win
    http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/52f3ab659c81a53ada010000.html tier 4 win

    On the Asia server platooning is allowed even forming troll platoons and then the lower tier preforming well in.
    This is not out of the norm, And it was abuse of this system that lead me to cheat in the first place. I will not trying to say i was in the right the first time around but this time I did it legit.

      • If you watch the replays the Tier 4 one is OK (they are platooned with two tier 7s in a Tier 9 game). It is on cliff and they manage to get up onto the hill with the lighthouse and do a lot of spotting and actual damage by shooting down onto vehicles.

        If you watch the Tier 5 one there are several occasions where the platoon mate (and Obj 416) is not firing at targets but is drawing attention away from the tier 5. In some occasions not bothering to fire at them (especially the IS-3 towards the end of the replay) but also the encounter with the Rm Borsig and T34 prior to that.

        So, I’d consider the tier 5 game to be flawed but the tier 4 one legitimate.

        But they should have been banned from all competitions for a very long time and not eligible to enter them because of the previous cheating (enemy platoon presenting the rear of thier vehicles to get destroyed). I can’t see how anyone would consider that anything but cheating.

        • Im confused as to why the tier 5 game is flawed, The platoon was making use of distracting the enemy to try to win (people point the gun to the bigger target). Yes he gave me some kills (hes a nice guy) but it was not a “fake” fight we where fighting legit targets they where shooting back and we still lost.

          • It was flawed becuase on several occasions the Obj 416 did not shoot when it could have done. Therefore, they are not doing thier best to help the team to win the battle. But then again they weren’t there to do that were they – they were there to help you get a higher score.

            Clearly, you have problems understanding that – I guess you think the battle in the T2 Medium was fair as well? Getting the enemy platoon to present the rear of the tanks to you was crass. But then again you probably don;t understand that.

    • I wonder how many games you had where you were one shot trying to get into position? You should have died going up the hill on cliff when you were shot in the rear with HE. You got lucky. Though it is nice that you didn’t cheat “this time”, you are clearly gaming the system.

    • He doesnt.

      What SEA server is basically saying to us is.

      You can cheat all you want. If we catch you its ok.
      We’ll let you participate in the next competition. Just cheat better scrub.

      • and that’s ok, whoever cheats more cleverly will always win any competition, it’s basic human behaviour and in fact should not be punished but encouraged.
        this just shows that WG is unable to come up with proper rules that bar rigging.

        stuff could easily be set like:
        1) no troll platoons allowed
        2) in the event of winning, a replay WILL be requiered and checked before the prizes are awarded
        3) any intentional rigging will null everything, examples: having people of the same clan on the opposite side and doing the most damage to them. Countdowns should also be barred
        In fact, it could be expanded that in the event that there are more than 2 clanmates on opposite it is invalid, to prevent countdowns

        stuff like that

        • rasco should have been perma’d from further events, however, WG ASIA decided that there were mitigating circumstances (or something) and just gave him a playtime ban. No one is really sure why he cheated in the first place, hes more than good enough to win on his own (as this shows), whether through creative platooning (is there any other way to win these things anymore?), or just a regular battle.

          End of the day, these comps are flawed, and as irritated as I am by this, its not like he knocked me out of the running, so no point being butthurt. Although, rasco, seeing as youve had a type 59 for a damn long time, why do you feel the need to do this? Surely youve got plenty of gold out of CW etc.

      • Stop being such a butthurt child, Deathskyz.

        Are you going to quit DPS over Granero being in an out of tier platoon for more than one of his wins?

        Didn’t think so. He played by the rules set out by WG ASIA and won a Type 59 twice over. Let it go.

        • Go away anal rodent. Let the butthurt continue to flow(im guessing Deathskyz tried the T4/5 and lost hahaha)

          • Imagine what granero should feel if he was the one in this shat hole.

            I’d say the same thing deathsky said and laugh at his own words.

  13. Donkey….
    Just kidding ;)
    Donkey wont appear…but i miss it. Really, it was important part of FTR…atleast when it was funny…
    Sad that trolls ruined it.

  14. If you watch the replay then you will see that the platoon on the enemy team all stop and present the rear of thier tanks to the cheater to fire gold at them until they are destroyed (well they destroy two of them (Leopard and BatChat) and do a fair amount of damage ot the third but the team caps before that can happen). I was expceting the other tanks in the platoon to start TKing the cappers to allow the cheater to do more damage.

    Now if that is not rigging the results of a competition then I’d be amazed.

    edited: The link to the replay is in this web-page: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2013/10/09/sea-competition-rigging/

  15. What if he actually corrected himself and wont be cheating anymore (not that I believe in it)? I think one another chance should be given to anybody. But… if he cheated again this time and did not get banned, then … how to say it politely about mental development of those organizers?