SEA competition rigging

Thanks to SealClubber for this one :)

Hello everyone,

today, we have another juicy rigging case, this time from SEA server. Player Rasco4000 from the clan [MP] (“Misguided Pacifists”) thought it would be a great idea to try to get the Type 59 reward from the medium tank competition (running on US and EU server as well). The only problem is, he brought a few friends. Tier 10 friends. Platooned tier 10 friends. Platooned tier 10 friends on both sides of the battle…


Pretty impressive score! But was it a freakish accident like in PomFrit’s case? Well, no. Look who’s in the battle.


That’s right, platooned friends on both sides. I think we all know where this is going. Rasco4000 and his gang got together for a little BBQ along with some friendly shooting to rig the contest.

For those, who still don’t believe: here’s the actual replay of what happened, you can see it quite clearly there after the T71 was destroyed:

I have a feeling Rasco won’t be enjoying the Type 59 anytime soon… :)

442 thoughts on “SEA competition rigging

    • Why should the clan be punished lol? If you steal a Cola from your store should your familly be punished?

      Sometimes I thank God for not letting the mob doing the law.

        • A clan is made up of individual people. Some in the clan may not have agreed with this. Don’t ever make a blanket statement like that. It’s unfair to the people who weren’t involved.

          • well the clan should not suffer, but those involved in the rig should be banned from the clan!

      • If your family was complicity in organizing the theft, then yes, your family will be put on trial too.

        • 1 of them is actually a Deputy Commander.

          But anyways, like ferongr said, if the clan knew about it.

      • In that case your family would be condemned for helping you stole the Cola. You are so wrong, like all those cheating guys. Sometimes i thank the mob for being smarter than other mobs.

      • i guess your to ignorant, so here… if the clan members WERE in the SAME GAME, and were a part of it, then YES they need to be held accountable as well.. has nothing to do, or in common with family at home while ur out stealing bubble gum.

      • @Treborn

        A group of 15 robbers rob a bank.

        Do you:

        a). Take the leader into custody and let all of the others go.

        b). Take the whole group.

        • That’s not a fair comparison. A better one would be:
          A group of 15 robbers steal from a bank. Do you:

          a) Take the leader and let the others go,

          b) Take all of the robbers into custody, or

          c) Take the robbers and all of their friends because they might have known about the robbery into custody?

    • There are roughly 200 people in MP + SMP. You think they should all be punished due to the actions of a few players? Really smart idea there…

    • WG should stop with these rigged competitions. We will give T-59′s to obviously fishy players for their glorious achievement! WG logic at it’s finest.

      And on the other hand they give people who handmade their cards and bothered to mail them to them 300 gold.

      WG community people es #1.

    • MP is perhaps one of the most prestigious clans in SEA server. Why not pay the clan a little respect, instead of accusing the clan of such actions? It is not MP’s fault, but just the players involved.

        • Well they just took on a big western alliance and handed Pravda and TWST their asses. Looking at the map the last couple nights, looks like the only reason Pravda wasn’t mapped is because there seems to have been a call to halt hostilities. No idea how many of the smaller alliance members had already been taken out by MP/SMP in a very bad time zone for them before they let Pravda survive.

      • In the rigged match they had officers involved which represents the clan name and you wonder why there is no respect from the public views here.

      • “MP is perhaps one of the most prestigious clans in SEA server.”
        totally bro, totally
        oh and btw, i wonder how well MP would do without allies lawl

        • Well, what clan does well without allies? SMP does not count as an ‘ally’ because it actually comes under the name of MP. And also, they are quite good. Compare to some random scrubclan with the commander a Lowe Driver and a 0.4 kd with 42% WR, MP is not bad, eh?

          • You know this cheating episodes just make the game look cheap and ugly, like some kind of game for low lifes. Why, if these clans are so respectable, good and pro, do they have to resort to these unsportsmanlike conduct and dirty politics? teaching kids to be corrupt even in a game, how shameful.

            WG should do something about these cheaters because many have come to this game because it is touted as not easy to cheat. Now when you play even a random game you can almost feel somethings not right, like some kind of mafia is controlling the game result.

          • Are you actually trying to defend MP here or are you trying to insult them too? Who _doesn’t_ look good compared to a 42% winquote clan?

        • MP would still dominate, even without allies, but they might hold a little less land, due to chip spamming. I was in clans that spent 6+ months fighting MP, they really are that good.

      • What is a clan, dumbass? A group, a SELECTED group of players. By their actions they are displaying the clan standard, ergo, if they remain there, they show what the clan values are. As simple as that.

        • Mate, you see this kind of behaviour from a lot of clans/platoons with good stats. When they’re the top tier they don’t actually push the battle, they sit at the back, pick off what gets through and then push through once both teams have been smashed to pick off the remaining enemy forces while they still have full HP themselves. It’s how they stat pad in pub matches. I’ve seen it A LOT from DPS players – not all DPS players, but a lot of them. Of course if everyonoe did that, there wouldn’t be a shot fired and the games would continually time out.

          Only thing to do is report them for unfair play – not that that will do anything.

          • um the reason we have to stay back is cause the number of people that can not aim at the weak spots on a tank is so huge even leading form the front a average mp player @ tier 10 will still do at lest 1500 damage

            ur comment also show how dumb you are. why would you run up to the enemy when in most tanks RANGE is ur friend (harder to hit weak spots bla bla bla) if you are moving and the enemy is sitting still you are at a massive disadvantage also the number of players that SIT in the OPEN to take shoots is amazing on the sea server

      • They are not prestigious. They are thugs. I was in a game recently with the MP players from the winning team in the screenshots. I am a good player but I don’t have stats like theirs which is why I was surprised to see them camping up the back corner of the map in tier 10s. Urchin specifically had done nothing the whole game in his Foch155 and we were losing so I asked him to move (I was not rude) but he refused. I insisted so he started throwing abuse. We won the game ONLY after he finally moved and with MY help. But he and his friends kept throwing abuse the entire time. Bunch of stuck up kids is all they are

      • I’d already get thrown out of my clan for an insult/trolling on the WoT forums because it’s not acceptable behavior and having the clan tag in front of your name makes you part of the clan.

      • Well they just took on a big western alliance and handed Pravda and TWST their asses. Looking at the map the last couple nights, looks like the only reason Pravda wasn’t mapped is because there seems to have been a call to halt hostilities. No idea how many of the smaller alliance members had already been taken out by MP/SMP in a very bad time zone for them before they let Pravda survive.

      • respect is what you earn and not what you ask for LAMO for MP / SMP

        they are a bunch of egotistical hahaha serve them right.

    • That would mean my T30 game that got me 3K gold wouldn’t be allowed even though I carried the entire battle on my own since my toony died at the start and the rest of the team was useless.

      So according to you my radley walters medal, sniper and defender with 1785 clean exp should of not been allowed just because i was platooning on tier. it’s not hard to get these obvious cheaters out of the woodwork no reason to punish the rest of the normal player base for that.

      • Who cares about your single good game? Forbidding platooning would mean no rigged competitions anymore, and if you want to participate in contest you can do this game without your platoon – just like you would’ve done.

        • Well, it woldn’t mean “no” rigged games, just harder to rig. They could always just count in together – although they could only be a couple tiers apart not what they did above.

        • actually i had a couple of those games but i just lost those by 1 hit done thanks to a total fail team. this game was won by pure chance/luck and those games are rare that you get away with it. i happened to be platooned so that would make it invalid in your eyes.

          WG just needs to restrict platoon tiers to make this rigging impossible and it would be the simplest option. instead you want to ban the entire thing. that’s like using a shotgun to hunt a mosquito…

    • Nothing wrong with platooning. The problem starts when you allow platoons to have more than +2 ( just like tier spread in MM ) tier to join the platoons = Tier X’s playing in a platoon with a tier 1,2 or 3 or whatever noobtard stupid small tank. No Strok rules? True. But bending the rule is bending the rule = punishment.

      This is almost like DUI ( driving under the influence ). Sorry officer, it’s not like I drank 10 beers, I only had a couple…. DUI is DUI and should be punishable.

    • C’mon everyone calls it SEA anyway.

      “I swim in a SEA of baddies, please someone platoon with me!”

      It only works with SEA!

      Any bets what will happen first?
      WG will punish cheaters and moderate these competitions so that cheating is next to impossible

      WG will stop doing these competitions so that nobody can “whine” about cheating

  1. This is some of the top ranking officers from MP/SMP who spend most of their time making abuse at the players who are not as good as them. Or are the stats they have all made by cheating too

  2. That tier 1 fully carried that scrub team. Being the ASIA server, that isn’t surprising.

  3. Well… MP are the big clan in SEA here.
    They even have admin/mods in their ranks.

    I don’t think they will take some action on that cheater there…

    • your logic fail.

      the clan got big because it have good people in it.
      pretty sure those “good people” would know better than to let this slip away.

      I would personally leave the clan myself if no action was taken.

    • I doubt the clan would take action against the platoons invovled. They may take action (maybe a wrist slap) to the guy who sent the PM trying to justify it. Lesson learnt – don’t put stupid comments / thoughts in writing!

    • Some punishment is needed otherwise this could send a message that WG is tolerating this kind of stuff and are just crooks themselves, now who would want to support a corrupt organization? well of course the likewise corrupt and I can imagine theres no short supply of those.

  4. To think of it those guys run around with their holier than thou attitude calling everyone scrubs

    Whats more scrubby than cheating?

  5. If you think this is bad check out Granero’s light tank stats ….. 15 years premium and 141k gold (some tanks only had/have 1 battle played in). Something does need to be done to stop this kind of a joke.

    • Hang on. Granero didn’t cheat. He’s just a very, very good player. One of the best in all of the game. There has never been any allegation of him cheating.

  6. They lose my respect… not just the offenders but the whole clan. I respect them as they are a bunch of good tankers in there like -G-/FORGE/HAVOK if on NA, but now not anymore ~,~

  7. I have not watched the replay, no real need. Please show me where it says people cannot assist each other in platoons, pubs or in the hunt for contest rewards?
    Please also note that on the “losing” side, the MP players were in position 2,3 and 4 for damage done. On the winning side, the MP players are not anywhere near that. Rasco is in a medium 1 for heavens sake, with 3k damage – that is carrying to the extreme.
    He is lucky I wasn’t there, I would have probably TK’d him at the start for bringing a dumb tank….
    Maybe he was trying to gain a win in the contest – as i said before, show me where it says he can’t ….

  8. Oh…. LOL. Those aren’t just any old scrubs. I think there are some senior members of SMP/MP in there.

  9. MP and there sister clan are just an elite bunch… of stat whores, I hardly see why these narcissistic losers deserve respect.

    • Didn’t let you in either? Hope they all lose their good looks and awesome tanking abilities….those rich, well hung bastards.

  10. Nothing but a bunch of cheats.

    And MP sit up there all high and mighty and tell the other clans they are all scrubs, and say how they have morals etc but this just shows they are a bunch of cheats.

    SO what will MP do about it?

    I would suggest MP kick those players from the clan. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FOR MP TO SHOW THE OTHER CLANS THEY STILL HAVE SOME INTEGRITY AND DIGNITY LEFT. Otherwise they are a bunch of fucking hypocrites and have lost the respect of all clans..

    • MP wont kick them its some of their top players, they will claim they payed within the rules and everyone is picking on them cos they are the ALMIGHTY MP

      Cheating bastards,

  11. This would have been avoided if people would just SHOOT TIER 1s dragged into high tier battles

    • The T44 was close to doing it, rasco now wishes the T44 rams him to death while going downhill and avoid this entirely.

  12. I have good sollution – tk troll platoons for starter. Always, without excuses and bs.

  13. While I think it’s a bit of a dick move to blatantly try and rig the competition I have to say the baddies unleashing their butthurt at MP are making me more and more sympathetic to Rasco.

    Dear scrubs, post your IGNs so we know for sure not to take you seriously.

  14. Wouldn’t be surprised is this isn’t a setup. The number of absolute scrubs on SEA server is uncountable.

    In a T10 game its not uncommon for half the players in the game to have red stats and a sub 45% win rates both overall and on that tank. Lots of 500+ pings and <100% being rocked.

    • So you didn’t watch the replay then…The Medium I only did damage to the following tanks: Leopard 1, Batchat 25t, and some damage on the 121 (it didn’t die as the rest of the team captured the enemy base).

      Look at the team scores screenshot, see who those 3 tanks on the enemy side are.

  15. wow. since day 1 MP have said they are the most honorable clan’s on SEA etc.
    this is one of the many other things done by them.

    although they have lots of honorable players including their commander, there are many others who just bring bad name to it in regard to fairplay and being “white knights of SEA”

    • Its not just this MP clan that is doing this. Many other clans are doing this cowardly cheating. Too greedy over internet tanks makes you wonder what sort of low lifes these are.

  16. Not surprised at all…
    This is the norm in SEA Server. Cheating / Playing with the loopholes / Befriending the event organizers etc…

    You people should take a closer look on another clan (PVP = Philippine Vanguards of Peace (SIC) ) on how they play with the loopholes and rules on official and non official World of Tanks tournaments.

    Just ask any Filipino and they will surely tell you the whole story.
    No wonder PVP got booed during the ceremony of a local event as well as the Tank Asia tournament.


    • Unless you have any proof at all that PVP has cheated – keep your misinformed opinions up your butthurt ass :) Sigh. Filipino Culture dictates that there are two types of players: Winners and those who were cheated. Seriously. And your side blames PVP that we can’t get a coherent Filipino Allied Front in CW? Tsk.

      Besides, the only ones who you “claim” are “against’ PVP are the same clans who tried to fight PVP in the global map in CW (and lost terribly, if I might add). If we beat the likes of you in clanwars fair and square – it’s not to hard to imagine that we could win easily in tournaments. (Hell, PVP won tank asia. I fail to see any of your sort who give Filipinos a bad reputation even reach the semis.) The rest of the Filipino clans out there are neutral towards PVP or even act amiably. Don’t spread the wrong image of you guys being the victims.

      • Yeah PVP are cheaters, why am I even in this clan anyways? DPS too, damn elitist pricks who can’t even carry my super OP t3400; probably why I left that clan D: . I wonder though, if my epic MSPAINT SKILLS can win me the 15 year prem + gold!?

        -the one true artist of SEA

      • “Filipino Culture dictates that there are two types of players: Winners and those who were cheated. ”

        Are you an asshole? Who are you to say about Filipino culture? I’m Filipino, are you???

        We all know there are real life cheaters and there are cheaters in this sham game and we know corrupt people with connections abuse their connections.

  17. It’s probable that those MP fellas only picked the trick here on ftr from the other servers. It’s impossible for lowly filthy asian Maids Pacifists (MP) like them to pull off a stunt like that with their idiocy.

      • Most of MP and SMP are Aus/NZ, we have a fair few Asian players too, where you are from is not as important as how well you can pad your stats though.

  18. had a MP player the other day in a pub match, saw xvm stats saying 32% wr, complained in chat bout mm and decided to drown himself instead of going through with the game, funny thing is we ended up winning the game and without him too.

  19. Ech, idiots. According to you EVERY random battle is rigged because some dumbfucktards dont play in optimal way.
    Why the fuck when me or my mate make a mistakes than its a rigged game but when morons in my or enemy team make mistakes then everythink is ok?
    Get a brain. These randoms games are for abusing gamers stupidity.
    Shame on you FTR.

    • well guess you didnt watch the replay huh, this is deliberate. its not normal for the iMPerial StorMtrooPers to go use a Medium 1 in a t10 by mistake. hell those guys are statcaring players. Its not even probably normal to have the Medium 1 in their garage. you might say “hey those are used in tourneys and shit” nuh, uh. AFAIK the med 1 is not usually used in stuff like that.

  20. AHhahahaa, I laugh at the fact they failed to stop the MK1 from getting that much damage. They should have felt something was wrong if the MK1 was shooting randomly into a bush…

  21. i read the edit..MP got power..they can do anything they like even locked the treads..wat a bias..for them,wat they do is legal.. shame on u MP..

  22. yawn. Good on em for bringing this stupid flaw in the system where a tier 1 can plat with a tier10. Sick of so many pubs where this happens yet WG do nothing about it.

  23. This is awesome almost as awesome as granero in dps cheating his way to multiple top places, he just was a little more low key.

    • This is exactly right granero won like 10 placings last competition, most of which he played a handful of games. Clearly rigged yet WG did nothing about this

      • Funny how when DPS do it its fine, but when MP do it its sacralidge. Too many moderators in DPS pushing this one me thinks. MP appears to have rigged 1 battle DPS rigged well over 10. Who are the baddies? Not excusing MP but you guys need to get your facts right. It will be very interesting to see the final results. How many more will Granero get and other DPS members.

          • proof it la..even we have proof u keep denying the fact..u told the whole world that its legal tactics.. MP u sucks at cheating..

        • Well to be fair there is cold hard evidence of MP cheating that got publicisize in an Online Blog of it would cause so much hate against MP

          The DPS cheat howeer got away from the angry mob cause the evidence of said cheatig was not really publicize

          If there was a Replay and screenie of it in an Online Blog like this same shit would have happened to DPS

    • If Granero was reported or even suspected since WG ASIA would realize it is a massive undertaking to win 10 placings, they would and should draw out and review his replays from their backend.

      Since nothing was done i believe he did it the legit way. You can raise a ticket if you suspect otherwise so what is stopping you?

      Congrats and my respect to him for that takes a lot of work and time to do it.

      Also your replies seem to indicate your a butthurt MP/SMP player. Try not to make it obvious next time fool.

        • Luckily replays of Granero rigging wasn’t released at all and we mods have already “freed up the hard disk space” that were used to collect data during the event, we did help to rig the matchmaker to give Granero a bit of help but not much.

          Don’t be jealous of Granero, he’s just a farming cash cow for DPS and most of his gold rewards have already flown into the DPS clan and shared away, leaving him with some gold and prem. tanks for his efforts as well as the 15-year premium.

          • Too bad to all of you non-friends to WG staff tough luck, suck it up or quit the game really we love to rig, show favoritism and cheat events but we only do it so subtly so nobody mind.

            We also rig boring local tourneys and let the competition teams like sd.rhb, PVP and ISG win easily …. why bother giving others a chance? Our e-sports is just for show and a truely skilled team is a team where every member is a good friend of our WG Staff. That’s all

            Too bad for MP not so good friend with WG staff so we can’t help you this time. Helping DPS is top priority.

            • Nice sarcasm Centurion

              Sighs WG staff in Singapore and PH are corrupted and biased and the gold pot/cash reward mostly go to all their friends and family members through the clan sharing function. Ranging from simply choosing maps advantageous to the particular team they want them to win to underhand rigging of games and denying match results. That’s why few even bother to take tourneys and maneuvers seriously now.

              Not sure about AUS/JPN and other communities but the one we have in Malaysia seemed fair and square, we don’t enjoy unhappy players there are already a lot in PH and Singapore we don’t want them in MY too.

            • Fuck You Mick42.. Useless MOD on sea… FUck youa nd your family… idiot madafaker… fuck you i repeat fuck you… now send me the red crayons you mother fucker

      • Well just look at Granero’s service record. (pretty sure he was in 40+ of the top 50′s in the light tank round too just not top 3 very often …. ie over $1,000 worth of gold won)

        Some of his light tank Top 50 scores came in tanks he’s only ever played 1-2 games in (too many to be ‘lucky’).

        Not saying he had complicit help on the other team just that he’s deliberately platooned with players in higher tiers (not as blatant as Rasco and T10′s) to get into battles he shouldn’t be in so any damage and kills he gets artificially inflates his XP.

        (His own clan members have even admitted it happens).

        His uber hellcat game afaik is legit being replay was submitted but that’s not what the ‘cheating’ comments are about afaik.

  24. All MP members need to have their skin flayed from their bodies and their families stripped of all possessions and exiled. This would never have happened if Kevin Rudd was prime minister.

        • I’ve ever seen him engaging with a 3-man full platoon of reds 45-49%’s whom I suspected to be his friends from the botting army, otherwise he’s got to be the owner of those bots.

          He just came out alive from there killing all 3 by himself and full HP, not to mention that the platoon was 2 tiers above him.

          Fucking cheater Granero.

          • Seen is not enough
            Give us a replay or screencaps or keep your mouth shut.

            In this case , replay are the legit proof and no one can’t deny it.

  25. The players should get penalties.
    The guys playing the Medium 1? Take away all of his tanks except the tier 1s. credit penalty of a large amount and ban for a week.
    The guys helping him? Ban for a week and credit penalty. Take away their tier 10s.

    If they are high rankers in their clan, Ban them from CW for a week as well.

  26. I would like to add that there co-conspirants don’t have to be clan mates. There are also so called “back up” clans or “alt junk accounts” where in any battle (random, TC or even CW) these would serve as “foods”. It’s just your bad luck if you were teamed up with these foods because you would just be amazed how fast your team folds and in the battle result you would usually have top damage in your losing team even though you are just a casual amateur player and half or more of the team fail to even do any damage or worse, multiple afks or platoons that tk team mates or themselves. These greedy cowards cheating ways just knows no bounds.

    • mp lost their dignity..even on public match still cheating.. MP THEORY brahhh…we got evident so wat do MP have?

      Fantasy stories to told to everyone?

      They keep pinpoint another fault without state the evident..stop doing that..stop gave idiot theory..stop it..just admit u guys lost yur dignity.. shamefurrr disprayyy

  27. Well, this kind of explains why I never, ever join well known clans. No doubt stuff as underhanded as this would be exploited, and abused. Well, that’s a few clans I’ve lost trust with now.

    • Wow do you guys realy think that this is all mp does to get the good stats

      the type59 was the prize here there is simply no other way to get it

      as platooning and getting that xp multiplier was and is the only way to compete with others platooning and fighting above their tier mm

      as for what rasco has done if nothing else he has exposed a flaw in the system one that wargaming has to respond to and that means no more troll platoons

  28. Simply don’t allow MM to put more than 1 platoon from a clan in a match. Problem solved.

  29. These competitions need scrapping asap. All they do is breed malcontent and distrust amongst the player base. Many of the winners have been cheats, maybe not technically but at least morally.

  30. How is this any different from whole groups of clans rigging campaigns to get the rewards? I want an M60!!!

    • If they keep up with their Field Commander’s sh1tpoasting, updated and shown at OP, they need a major refresh to their commanding posts to get out of this mess.

  31. SMP player above must be blind, deaf, and biased enough to say that they are DC’d. Or actually you belong to these jerks gang? If WOT-ASIA pretend it is a fair play, people, don’t trust WOT-ASIA ANYMORE.

    • With idiots like Nige_SEA from the same clan, of course he would get those +1s. Question is why isn’t he on 200+ already with their 2 clans supporting him? Maybe the rest of his clan members are readying to boot him with the rest?

      • I haven’t +1 that post, I am having too much fun trolling here for now.

        Unlike the majority of posters here, I am open about my ingame name and clan.

        All forum mods are MP, so obviously they will delete all bad posts. Welcome to the brave new eMPire………big brother is watching you….from his Medium mk1……..

    • Please, let’s be serious, it’s not like people are not watching nor reading, for God sake it’s on FTR. It’s merely troll-control, the infamy of the thing did generate well deserved filth from some of the observers. All mods, including DPS mods, are acting the same.

      Again, it’s not because some guys do something in a 200-clan that you should throw the whole clan down the toilets, thank you very much. I don’t even think, knowing the guys habits and being myself a late-night player, that they did the opposite teams things on purpose – beyond 23hrs it’s easy to come across clanmates on that small server. The bigger problem is that when faced with this golden (rotten) opportunity, they just couldn’t resist the temptation, and that makes me very, very sad for them and for my clan’s image. But they knew the consequences. Let’s hope that what is best for the clan and our image as a respectable force will follow, even though it makes me immensely sad.

      • sooo it just so happened that one mp platoon had a t1 along with them and they encountered a “random” mp platoon and then joined in ts and said hey nubs lets meet in the middle of the map so our t1 can shoot your asses? not likely. it’s typical for you to defend them because you are from MP or SMP

        • No, you don’t understand my point:

          - going around in a T1 or a T2 in your platoon an expecting to make wonders is (unfortunately) legit. Completely cheesy and planned for, but legit

          - except most of the time you probably die like shit, except when you get lucky (the BT2 situation)

          - well, you come across a (mainly) SMP platoon (which happens all the time on a T10 match at 12PM on a 4k players server), until then it’s still (unfortunately, again) all legit.

          - what is NOT legit, is that you take advantage of this opportunity to cheat instead of playing the game, and that the present teamates find that acceptable. And that is what makes me a sorry and sad bunny tonight.

          Not asking for forgiveness here, but I am pretty sure it’s not in itself a planned clan-wise attempt at cheating the competition. It was a planned attempt at rigging the contest inside the limits of the rules using a loophole, that turned bad the moment they decided to take advantage of having a SMP/MP platoon facing them. And that’s terribly wrong. Been working all night at the office, and I am so saddened to read that from the office for the image of the clan.

          Again, I expect things to happen inside the clan. Let’s see.

  32. Maybe people will say, “This is only a personal stuff, MP is still a nice and reknown clan, don’t blame it on them all”

    Yes, while this rigging is a personal issue, and other MP/SMP players doesnt involved, but is it not related to MP/SMP clan at all?

    Let’s see people who help rigging in the game, since official forum doesnt allow naming and shaming, I’ll do it here:
    From the MP clan,
    Rasco4000 : Company Commander
    Phoenlx_Flame: Deputy Commander
    Urchin: Soldier
    Neo691: Soldier

    From SMP clan,
    TexWalker: Deputy Commander
    Horseoftheapocalypse: Deputy Commander

    Realize where is the problem? Other than two soldiers, 4 participants in rigging is the medium/high rank officer of MP/SMP clan.

    Now, looking at this rigging, do you still think it is only occansional and personal behavior?
    IF clan officers participate in rigging like this, will people start to wonder, how about other contests, awards, prestiges, and even CW?

    THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL ISSUE ANYMORE if 3 deputy commanders of the linked clan is helping their company commander to rig the contest.

    Do you still believe in MP/SMP? Do you think they will do something to clean themselves? And do you think they are still good clans?

    Maybe most players in the clans are nice, but there are serious problems on the personS in charge.

    • Yes it is a personal issue. There are still 190+ players unaccounted for in your math, thank you. There are 11 deputies between MP and SMP, not including the 2 commanders. I do expect cool heads inside the clan to find a good way to dispense justice. But come on, as much as you wish I had, NO, I didn’t join MP because there was something like “big bunch of lying cheating scum welcome” written in bold letters on the door.

      I joined them for the many same reasons I have enjoyed them for months, for the same reasons I had fun being part of the only clan that so far mapped itself twice in three weeks to go look for fight and give back the land at the end of the campaigns; for the same reason I enjoy playing in the other clan which didn’t give a damn about land (and thus gold) for 3 whole weeks while we could sit our asses on the best moneypots for ages like we did before. I have many friends, including from before, playing there, and never witnessed something like that in all my time there. No, they are not a bunch of 200 evil scumbags, they are mostly players like you.

      • I think that’s what I mean in part of my texts.

        My central idea is, yes, most people in the clan are not-related to this shamful issue, and they are normal players like you and me and everyone else.

        HOWEVER, with 25% of the clans’ deputies involved (yes, 3 out of 11, I know the sampling is too few), the clans are really facing big problems, in PR, clan management, and trustworthiness.

        I did not accuse of the entire MP and SMP population as cheaters and scumbags, I just plainly says, the clans’ person in charge has a real big problem, which is really related to the clans themselves.

        And whether you like it or not, it is then not an unrelated issues to other innocent players in the clans.

      • ROFL you speak like someone who is asking for sympathy xD. keep defending YOUR clan ;) because soon there will be nothing to defend :)

  33. Me and my clanmates will try this tomorrow or maybe 2 nights from now, If this goes unpunished, it means it’s completely legal, so we can rigged all the competition we want, Thank you for showing this as we’ve been longing to have free type 59 for like more than 6 months already(especially now that it’s been removed in giftshop)

  34. And by the way SS:

    “Edit: a reply by one of the MP clan members. And this fucker is a “community contributor”? GG, Wargaming, gg…”

    You’re going a little far here too. My take is that like Nigel and others, he just simply didn’t check the any sort of replay yet before replying. He was commenting on the “BT-2 effect” (that taking advantage of platoons to squeeze in a tier 2 or 3 and make magic xp out of is “legit” as long as you play it for real (unfortunately, but still)), not trying to excuse and actual act of cheating – for knowing these guys as we know them, again, we wouldn’t believe them capable of something like that.

    Please, the guy’s a honest family man doesn’t deserve that kind of insults, I can assure you he’s not advocating what you think, and he’s talking in good faith. That f… word is uncalled for.

    • Your point here seems right, and this guy’s comment is not really worth of calling of F word.

      But, sorry again, when you did not (or refuse to) watch any evidence yet, anything you say will become a defending for the perpetrators for others.

      Nige1 for example, when he refused to watch the replay and rather believe clanmates saying, it is normal people start laughing and mocking at him.

      Of course, the guy mentioned by SS, by his comment, it is indeed too far out for calling that.

      • Well Brannor’s message is kinda hard to understand out of context. He sounds like an ass when he talks about this game where he “got 15 kills in a CW match against a SMP team”. Well, don’t want to go too much into personal details, but the guy had been building his new house for his family in months, got into a lot of shit with the building company, and the house got vandalized and broken into like a few days before moving, forcing him to move in early. His kid got sick and all… Well shitstorm all over the place. We were in the middle of the first campaign, he wouldn’t get the M60 if he didn’t play, so we all left him a spot several times in the same evening, and what should have been a near-technical against the sister clan with one chipper ended up with him showing in a T10 and SMP giving him a surprise and showing up in 15 T2s to cheer him up. He wasn’t told nothing in advance, we just wanted to get a smile out of him to help him feel better, end of the story (knowing you don’t get medals in CW anyway). Again, that’s the kind of reasons Ive joined MP, and until now, never had to complain about that.

        Hope it helps SS de-dramatize his intervention… The guy isn’t an ass, he’s just trying to believe in his clanmates, and they gave him reasons to in the past.

        • Thanks for the background Fish, yes, 4 months back was not a fun time for my family and I do thank SMP for that game and the smiles.

          As for this topic, I disapprove of cheating 100%. I have not read the rules completely because, as I said I avoid these comps because there is always cheating. When helping run Last Tank Standing events I try my utmost to have at most 2 people from the same clan together.

          I don’t approve of their actions and was pointing out that it appeared to be within the rules and technically legit.

          I contribute to the community to make it better for all because I want everyone to enjoy the game equally. Things like this don’t achieve that.

          Again, it is up to WG to be judge and jury. Wait and see.

    • “f… word” – lol. Please, the internet is not the place to be imploring people to behave in a decorous manner. Put your sensibilities aside and grab the issue by the balls, don’t worry it isn’t gay.

      Also, it’s rather clear SS is somewhat incensed at these consistent abuses of the system and WG’s even more consistent failure to stop them, and it’s his blog, so cut him some slack.

      Although, I agree with Brannor/Nigel. Rigging is easy, legal and endemic. Instead of going full retard on the perpetrators, WG should be the ones taken to task for this.

      Or as the old saying goes: “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”

    • honest family man?
      that guy refuses to watch the evidence, he lost all credibility.
      oh, and SS went too not far. the MP guy is a fucking fucker who fucks donkeys

      • Okaay, right… Hopefully WoT is just a way for you to let go some steam, not just a reflection of your conflicted personality in real life, right?

        • Not quite, but lets put it this way fish.

          If there was even one small turd in the pool, would you still swim in it? I wouldn’t
          That’s why calling him an honest family man is not appropriate. Look at the example above your reply.

          Well, my cussing wasn’t appropriate either, but this is the Internet

          • The guy’s trying to defend his clanmates without having checked the replay first. That’s a mistake, but a honest one at that. It’s not like he was part of the scam or anything… I mean, he doesn’t deserve the heat, he’s doing what he thinks is right even though (and you are right to think so) he is obviously self-misinformed.

            That’s the kind of trust you can expect from a clanmate. That the said trust was betrayed, yes, but not by him. The poor guy just doesn’t deserve to get such a public… “display of affection”, if I dare say. Just sayin’.

            • yeah, i get that part about the trust betrayed thing. But its your own fault if you didn’t check the facts before posting something in public.

              I would give you examples of public figures who got screwed because of this, but you should understand by point by now.

            • No, it shows he is an ignorant fuckwit. So far you and he are the only ones not to see that.

      • Nige1 and Brannor, if a friend cheated you of stealing your house key and rob your house while you had surveillance on, do you not check the replay? If you don’t and will not want to and believe it was the wrong doing of society and blame the goverment then you have all the credibility of being easy prey for cons and scams.

        • I didn’t watch the replay because I knew what happened. Why would I waste time watching something I know about?

          Note: I am not saying what they did was right, nor am I saying they should be publicly executed. I am the middle ground man, kinda disappointed, kinda not really fussed, y’know, just chilling.

          Trolling in a pixel tank is not robbery, or murder or a crime at all, its just naughty. Get a life.

    • SS should take that part off – agreed.

      Brannor deserves his community contributor tag too.

      everyone here should calm down.
      no rewards has been given yet – the event is not even over yet.

      like what has been said, “hate the game, not the player”.

      me, I’m fine with stat padders, baddies, etc. – doesn’t really give them actual advantage/disadvantage over me.

      what I’m not fine is with WG not “fixing” what they should (not saying they aren’t) – anyone remember about the Pz I C guess the tank ? I complained about it, and guess what ? me, my brother (3rd to answer PzII), and one other guy (2nd to answer PzII) won gold because of what I did. wait, that’s not the good part – the good part is, the “guess the tank” competitions that followed now use in-game screenshots to prevent “guess the tank”s with the image showing tanks that aren’t similar to the one present in the game.

  35. Simply require that these be done in random NON-PLATOONED battles and this shit will stop immediately..

  36. So much Hate towards the clan and statements that MP have no honour.

    Why don’t you give the clan an opportunity to resolve this at a clan level given that it happened a day or too ago.

    I certainly don’t condone this type of stunt but it was the players and not the clan that did this

    • I hope so mate. I think it’s fair to say many players are disappointed. At the end of the day it is what it is. No matter how certain players try to convince themselves that it’s a legal loophole is just plain bullshit. Artificially manipulating the MM system to gain advantage to score higher XP is blatant attempt at abusing the system which is stated in the rules on the competition.

    • Its got nothing to do with MP/SMP

      This issue is between WG and those players involved and has nothing to do with the clan, from what I’ve heard (and the mods have posted when locking threads … WG is looking into it).

      Do I personally agree with what occured …. No. Still its nothing to do with the clan.

      PS ‘stat padding’ butt hurt comments have been humorous to read.

    • Looking at the replay and a comment from “community contributor,” I can safely proclaim that MP players are full of losers.

  37. Dont bag the whole clan for the actions of 6 cheaters. They clearly broke the competition rules by staging a win for the Medium. And there is no defence for what they did under any pretext at all.

    But there are a lot of good people in MP/SMP and they should not be tarnished by the incident.

    MP should act with honour and remove the offenders from their clans at once. that will show that they are a clan with integrity and e-honour

  38. Simple, strip the accounts of the cheaters, just leave prem tanks and gold that they have. Take all exp In current trees etc and make them start again, also ban them from any other comp.

  39. Intredasting.

    I know I have said on MP TS more than once regarding previous XP comps that attempting a game like this is a terrible idea. Because this happens.

    Having said that, considering that the Community Manager for ASIA has blatantly stated that you can ignore the EULA and have as many accounts as you want with the new transfer how can you take any of their rules seriously?

    Why follow the rules when game management says they don’t matter? It’s not like the previous event rigging wasn’t obvious and not MP. The fish rots at the head – WG management.

  40. I can understand that seeing this makes people angry. People are missing the bigger picture though, I believe the only reason they decided to do this was because so many others have got away with it in previous competitions.

    I tried hard in the TD comp for a placing and had some great TD games. Then one DPS player wins 15 yrs premium, a heap of gold ($100′s of dollars worth) and I think a couple of tanks (might of already had them IDK). Since there were no replays available from WG and nobody uploaded any of his replays it is impossible to prove the cheating unless a member involved came forward. This happened again in the Light competition with the same player, this time winning roughly double the already large amount of gold as the previous competition. This shows that either WG don’t want to admit people are breaking the rules, or they are okay with people exploiting the system as it takes too much effort for them to stop it happening.

    Interestingly the community couldn’t care less about this instance, in fact most people congratulated him on his efforts as though it was all above board. While a replay would be more solid proof, the results really speak for themselves.

    Upon seeing this happening do you really think that no one else would try to do the same? Unfortunately for the MP guys someone dobbed them in. If they hadn’t, most likely they would of won a prize and it would be a case of ‘working at intended’. The point is the whole competition is rigged so if you want to get a place you need to exploit the game, at least for the low and mid tiers. It is still possible to get a place if you are super lucky, but if you want to win for every single tank you can’t rely on luck. You can hate MP and the players involved all you want, but they were just finding out if the cheating was as easy as it seemed to be.

    Until WG makes only solo games count and posts all replays from winners then the cheating will continue, and only a few will get caught.

    • Sadly it is incredibly easy ….. it afaik it took them just 1 game to do :(

      I’m not overly impressed personally with the stunt and that they couldn’t resist the urge to join all the other exploiters and ‘cheats’.

      Its a shame WG haven’t done more to fix this since it first happened on NA (and its been rife ever since) let alone keep holding such competitions with so many glaring ‘loopholes’.

      Simplest measure should be to exclude any game in a platoon from counting.

    • To add to the above, the competition rules only say that the results will be discarded if the way the result was obtained was faked, there is no mention in the rules of any other punishment. That explains how the NA person came up in a second competition as a winner – there is no ban in the rules.

      WG in all the competitions have shown they go by the letter of the rules, if it is not described in the rules, or can not reasonably be inferred by the rules, then only what the rules explicitly say can be actioned.

      I certainly don’t condone the actions, but obviously gaming the system is attempted frequently, and until WG introduce specific rules to include punishment beyond exclusion from the results, then future competitions will continue to be open to this.


    From a moderator on the ASIA forums:

    “Morning Everyone,

    The threads created discussing the recent activities of some players regarding the anniversary manoeuvres event needs to stop. Wargaming ASIA has taken the matter to HQ to discuss a course of action as you can be sure we aren’t the only server that has this issue. The matter will be investigated and a course of action will be pursued.

    Please leave it there and let Wargaming deal with this. Any further threads on the matter are not necessary and will therefore be locked, and any rules violations appropriately enforced.

    If you wish to discuss this please PM me and I will see that your grievences are passed onto the right area.

    Many thanks

    /Chappo “

  42. Hi.

    I am Afoxi, from MP. I was the 7th person to join MP and i transferred in along with the other NA–>SEA transfers from 82ndAB (what MP was before MP).

    While I believe in not fighting honorably, I don’t believe in rigging competitions. I do not condone this. Phoenix_Flame is one of my favourite commanders and Neo691 is a friend from the same country as I am from, but I am slightly disappointed this happened.

    And as for camping behind the pack, I simply believe that it’s the only way to survive the SEA meta.

    I myself have not adapted to the SEA meta after transferring from NA, and as a result, I frequently end up pushing out the frontline alone, only to die alone because everyone else is too afraid to push out with me.

    I think we are all doing what we believe is the efficient way to do things. I go for the XP/Credit bonus for fighting under 150m and spotting damage (no, i do not drive lights), my clanmates rack up the damage and kills.

    The only difference is that my method just doesn’t work very well in SEA because I frequently end up holding defensive positions near the middle of the map, and everyone just doesn’t capitalize on it, and just camps where they can not assist me.

    Again, I blame the SEA metagame/mentality.

    Finally, I would like to stress again that I am slightly disappointed they did not attempt to fight properly and ended up rigging the match for the other.

    I would have thought it would have been funny if they had even snuck into each other’s channels and attempted to gain intel while still fighting properly, but eh… too late for that now.

      • I think a lot of people underestimate British English powers of understatement. Our “slightly” isn’t very “slight” at all?

    • in other words, “im kind of irked, but whatever LOL, ITS WGS FAULT”

      what a sorry excuse for an officer

      • I am not an officer. I would rather not be. Too much responsibility.

        Also i did not mention that it’s WG’s fault.

    • I think a lot of people underestimate British English powers of understatement. Our “slightly” isn’t very “slight” at all?

      • Well I am “slightly” amused that you blame your clanmates absolute fuckery on the “SEA meta.” Afoxi, kindly stop tongue-punching MP’s fartbox, and admit that the only thing that “slightly” disappoints you is the fact that they got caught.

  43. It states in the EULA pretty clearly in section C.14 (Prohibited Uses)
    14. Exploit errors in design, features which are not documented and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage

  44. I don’t think it’s fair and rather narrow minded to point the finger at all of MP and SMP, as they have many fantastic and good natured players in both clans.

    It’s a real pity that a few players decided to jump on the exploit wagon. But I trust that MP will deal with the members with their own justice, as they take the game and their reputation very seriously.

    It will be interesting to see what wg do if anything,

  45. Really, the number of people calling MP stat-padders and cheats to get their stats is fucking laughable. Let’s break this down shall we?

    + Haven’t seen the replay (work computer) but from what I can see in the ss, it looks like some serious shenanigans were going on. Not good as it is rigging (not cheating) to get the rewards.

    + As others have said, it’s been done before and no action. WG only have themselves to blame allowing troll platoons, not doing anything about them and continuing to run these competitions without doing anything about the previous rigging that has gone on in the past.

    + How do MP stat pad/cheat to get their stats? There’s a reason why their stats are good. They are that good. The butt hurt displayed by sever of these “Anonymous” players is pathetic. Show some balls and post your IGN. Sorry, bit too much to ask as you’ll probably come back as being a 44% scrub. Maybe if you learnt to play the game instead of writing butt hurt posts, you could actually win a comp.

    + Out of the opposing force, 2 of the top 3 players were from the platoon and the other tank did over 1.5k damage. yes, it is an indictment of how shit some of you hypocrites can be. L2P and stop bitching.

    It’s up to WG to hand out the punishment but the calls for banning the entire clan are moronic and probably an attempt at ridding the server of some of the best players so your own grubby scores can be inflated by a couple of hundred spots.

    • What the… you trying to justify rigging? that is just ONE FORM OF CHEATING! you corrupt ass kisser and why do you challenge people to display their ign? so you can abuse them in game?! Why you… I’d really like to know you in real life and make your filthy lying mouth swell like the ass kisser you are. Butthurt over internet tanks? go and eat all the gold and premium tanks or even stuff it all up your ass. If your so pro and respectable why resort to such cowardly acts?

      • Where did I justify it? Please show me where I justified it? I said it’s not good as it’s rigging the system to get the reward. You are clearly another moron though who hides behind the aegis of “Anonymous” which isn’t surprising. Considering my clan was beaten by the eMPire in the great war, I don’t see how my comments are arse kissing. I’m just sick of reading the shit posts like yours.

        Where are my cowardly acts? The only coward around here is you champ. Using “Anonymous” instead of your IGN and threatening me with physicality (the sad thing is that I’d welcome it but it’ll never happen) is just a sad, sad way of being a weak keyboard warrior.

        • In your post above you say rigging is “not” cheating. So it’s just like that because they are your so called “friends” or “partners in crime”? If your not a cheater well ok sorry for calling you a coward but somehow I suspect you have taken part in this in the past.

          Oh yeah and we all know you if not for somebody exposing this, all this BS is happening everyday and you can say all you want since you are part of this mafia and you even have the nerve to post here your real ign’s and defend these cheaters because one way or another you have been a part of it. Truth is it’s not just this MP “gaming” the system other groups are doing it as well.

          As for posting anonymously, I suppose that is implemented here to protect individuals from greedy cheaters who are capable of anything dastardly. That’s why they are cheaters, that is their nature. Cheating in any way is just cowardly.

          • Well here’s the problem champ, I haven’t ever taken part in those comps so no, your suspicions of me previously taking part in that would be wrong.

            Did you ever consider that the players involved inadvertently took part in the event because they took a Tier I into a battle, just trying to do a troll plat and not actually compete in the event? It’s not that hard to look their profiles up and see they have T-59s already.

            WG have stuffed up by incorporating every result into the comp and not relying on a submission of a battle result. WG have stuffed up by allowing stupid platoons to exist and continuing to not do anything about it. The fact that the trollplatoon could actually fight because they’re skilled players doesn’t mean they were deliberately competing in the event.

            On the SEA server we see this shit all the time. Teams filled with red, lemming rushes, stupidity at high tiers and other numerous things. Maybe they thought “It’s early in the morning and we’ll do a trollplatoon.” It’s called playing Devil’s Advocate and not actually saying “GUILTY!!!” without exploring all the options.

            • Reasons… anything for your friends. Clearly you post with bias, post anonymously as an impartial outside observer. And you are right this “exploiting” of the system does not just go on during events. It goes on everyday, it is what’s behind those afks, those team killers, etc… and you say people are rude when they react when in fact these people have only been provoked and insulted by dastardly acts.

              They already have Type 59? what can we do? greed knows no bounds…

        • Oh yeah bring the whole gang of cowards who can’t fight fair and square by themselves. Why don’t you just admit you see yourselves as the ones who “own” WoT and do whatever you want in the game at the expense of other players? go on reply to “Anonymous” lol. Still we all know the crooks and you want to defend them.

          • It’s only because you “Anonymous” players suck so much on the SEA server that the skilled players have inflated stats and “own” the game.

            • Says a member of the WoT mafia. Yes continue to fool people. Your “pros” at everything (including all manner of cheating) what can we do?

            • The WoT mafia controls the server, that’s why my stats make ppl point and laugh at me. Fuck the wot mafia, I get bad mm and play for fun.

        • well both grow a pair and probably get considerably better @ tanks so thats highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

      • Van Pelt’s was one of the only sane posts I’ve seen in this schmozzle. Your cowardly drivel is the stuff of psych evaluations and court ordered hospital stays.

        Go find a person who cares about your welfare and tell them to get you some help.

        BTW I haxed ur mum.

          • No I’m not, just pointing out the facts that it is an actual possibility that they weren’t competing in the comp. I’m guessing you’re the sort of people who get red dot syndrome and chase a tank without actually thinking about it, just like post in here without thinking about it.

  46. The guy who got busted on NA ended up with some sort of sanction I think so those people saying WG having done nothing in the past are wrong (I believe that’s the case may well be wrong)

    As you can see by the people who have posted with the integrity of including their IGN showing they are from MP/SMP they don’t condone this action.

    How many of these torch bearing anonymous posters were in the running for winning the type 59 anyway?

    If your so tough calling out MP/SMP as stat padders post under your real name.

    From the AA intro speech

    I’m Tinwing and I’m a stat padder in SMP……… (padding in tier 8+ since transfer)

    • “How many of these torch bearing anonymous posters were in the running for winning the type 59 anyway?”

      Even if there were none does not justify cheating in any way. Integrity? do you even stand by the real meaning of that? Fight fair cowards.

      • If you read my earlier post I stated I did not condone this as I think it is blant abuse of the system.

        But how ironic is it that someone labeled anonymous uses the statement “fight fair cowards”

        Label your posts with your IGN before calling people a coward or labelling some a scrub or stat padder.

        • Still trying to justify, typical corrupt minded. As for ign, you don’t need to post your ign to voice your opinion here and we all know what these greedy cowardly cheaters are capable of in game thru there cohorts and maybe even hacking capabilities.

          As for calling people cowards, well cheaters don’t fight fair and that is just cowardly. Why not fight fair and let fairness take its course? Ultimately that’s best for everybody.

          • Thats a bit harsh man. Tinwing is as honest as they come. Don’t tar him with the same brush. If you read earlier comments you wouldn’t be saying this.

    • Don’t worry Tinny it’s an easy fix. Come toon with me for a couple of hours and we’ll fix that Stat Padding problem of you :)

  47. I really don’t understand that guy.

    I’ve stated twice that I think what was done is wrong and is cheating yet I’m being accused of trying to justify why they did it?

    Some people SEA red and post without reading things properly.

    And as far as hacking goes talk to PVP I hear they have the best hax around.


    Tinwing… your local cheating coward stat padding baddie from SMP

    • Your earlier comment:

      “How many of these torch bearing anonymous posters were in the running for winning the type 59 anyway?”

      which clearly tries to justify the cheating.

      • I’ll give you that. That statement certainly has an air of trying to justify what has happened. Consider my retraction of that statement it was made in hast and poor judgement.

        You still gonna stand by your statement that MP/SMP are cheating hacking cowards?

        Maybe we just have more luck

        • As to why your clan got hit was unfortunate why? Because the DPS/PVP/ISG guys did it on a much bigger scale and got away with it.

          It’s all about clan diplo. and maintaining good relations with WG staff…….you guys should learn from DPS/PVP/ISG and the likes.

          Not too sure about other countries.

            • hey Mick42, why would you drag other clans in this issue? because your baby pig coalition clan lost their goal??? get a life man..u shouldn’t be modding WG. if there’s a corrupt scumbag in WG Asia that’s fucking YOU! fucker….

            • you fucking cheebye Mick42 fuck you and fuck your whole family KNNBCCB don’t you dare to touch us ISG/DPS or u will fucking get it. Don’t fucking mess with Enforcer just mind your own business.

              whole family pig U.

          • Mick i’m a little confused. Are you suggesting if clans had a good reputation with WG staff they would more likely get away with it????

            • well just going the last two results for TD’s and light tanks that would seem to be the case (although don’t think its actually true …. just think no-one posted the info to FTR so WG just ignored the obvious).

              I guess some are just more subtle

            • Well too bad you won’t understand even if I explained to you properly. Only if you had been in a well-known clan before and ever received a complain ticket against you… having good links and friendship with WG staff would ensure you safety even if the complains proved you guilty.

              That’s just one part…

              Personally I feel that Tanitha, hoha and LiquidSnake are ok and quite professional. But people like Soulspectre, Enforcer and Carves are cheapskate, either being lowly educated or school dropouts and that’s why they love to do such things like giving free gold or exclusive access to friends and clans they favor because WG only want to pay them cheaply for their education level.

              Every single tournament in Malaysia is fair and that is why you do not see any complains about FURY cheating in the forum, likewise in Taiwan and Australia. But I wouldn’t say the same for tournaments held in Singapore and Philippines, where their own WG staff will always intentionally rig games in whatever way they can to ensure their own favored team (PVP,ISG) will win, in exchange for a fair share of their tournament payouts, in real cash.

            • ‘Every single tournament in Malaysia is fair and that is why you do not see any complains about FURY cheating in the forum’

              actlly mick fury suck ball here in malaysia….the only good one either from mvp or DPS xo

            • he might be the real one because the real one posting habbit is just the same in sea forum. fuck you mick go fuck yourself. stupit bias Mobs childish kid. go home drink more of your mother milk and maybe you be more wise in modding the forum. you red ink dont work here you fucker. GTFO …I.. (“;..;”) ..I..

        • I’m directing my statements on all cheaters and not any particular clan. I’m sure this kind of cheating has been done not just by MP clan members and I’m not saying they are not skillful players. I just hate any kind of cheating it just kills a lot of good and makes everything associated with it ugly. Give them all the gold, all the premiums, but there actions leave the game just like a fucked up bitch.

          • How did you know about all that Mick?

            It’s like every time I tried to play for the top 3 position in the monthly organized Singapore event I would definitely “lose” to the ISG/SNTR, which is well known in Singapore WoT players here to be favored by Enforcer and his WG staff.

            First time we were asked to collect a medal within 3-4 hour period, but the moment my number of medals overtook those DPS/SNTR players they asked me to take a break saying that other players also want to use the PC. They purposely limited the number of PC available to save cost and force me to leave so I went from winning to losing, and while I was being chased away I saw ISG farming those medals non-stop throughout the event…………….yes very FAIR game. I PUI!

            Second time was a “highest kill” event in a tier V or above tank, where I was already leading with 12 kills, so I asked the nearest WG staff to check my score and he already said it’s ok but need to go and take his file to record my kills… and then shortly after my computer was restarted for some unknown reason. Then he finally came back and I told him about it, he started to act blur and said if there is no screenshot “it didn’t happened”. And so …….the top 2 went to ISG and SNTR got 3rd place again, the same old shit happening every month in WoT SG.

            Wasn’t surprised that most SG players got issue with ISG especially because they seems to cheat in local tourneys too not just the monthly event.

            • hahaha you guys made me wanna laugh.

              I’m the biggest cheater? Show your proof.

              ………….You can’t!

              Just accept it , losers.

  48. half inclined to think with all the stat talk people are more upset that this is probably going to be the highest XP in all of WoT rather than the fact the rascal might get a Type 59 out of it.

  49. Look at what we have here, looks like MP/SMP members are here to harass SS, what you did was non tolerable and completely out of the question, trying to defend your clan’s reputation? then u failed miserably. Please continue harassing SS, just hope that another FTR article pop about your rudeness.

    • So much hate out there… I agree, when you have such hating scavengers flying over someone’s head, you’d better be irreproachable. MP and SMP sure weren’t, and that’s a terrible shame. But, Man, that’s still a lot of anger! Like if SS was to expect finding an angry Australian on his doorstep with a gun anytime soon because he obviously points out something he has every right to find shameful – and I am obviously ashamed of this state of affairs, of course, but that’s as far as collective responsibility goes though…

      One wonders what kind of thing happened to you in-game or in-forum to show such ruthlessness. Seriously, if you hold such a grudge towards MP clan as a whole, probably for something that happened months before I join them, outside of all present considerations, don’t you think we can rather talk it out like the real life adults we are?

      Life’s really too short and internet too virtual to waste sweat and temper on things like that. My 2 cents.

  50. Frankly, I’m disappointed in MP/SMP. With my assistance they have managed to secure high placings in all the previous contests, however, this one time they did not take adequate care and were platooning at the wrong place and wrong time, I have a very strict set of rules that I tell people interested in reaching a “working agreement” with me, and MP/SMP simply chose to violate it.

    However, I’m happy to continue these arrangements for a small fee, for those interested, you can contact me on the forums


    Mick42, WGASIA Forum Moderator and Community Manager

      • Your slur campaign is getting ridiculous, dude. Impersonating real moderators is retarded and saying things like that even more so. Grow up.

        • Who, what, where, when? are you talking to me? Am I me or we?
          We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. :{D

          • Oh yeah, now MP is like the Scientology to you, I was sooo underestimating our power all this time!

    • stfu Mick and stop making it worse for us or I will complain to WG to strip your moderator position.

      • We have alliance with Tanitha don’t you dare try us.

        Go corrupt with your FURY gang and stop poking into other clans like DPS/PVP/ISG I noticed you love to badmouth them so much here. So what if we know they’re all corrupted bunch just suck it up and curry flavor eventually I will get my well deserved rewards, at least I know how to not be a fool like you acting intentionally to screw up your own WoT careers.

        • …….you sure are one to speak after accepting the “shot tracer” server access privilege with client mod from some of our corrupted WG staff. They specifically told you not to excessively abuse or even enable them at all in high tier games to avoid detection but you guys went on with it anyway, the only few whom actually obeyed was MrDec2u and his MP clanmates trolling with T18 but they already left the MP for PANZM, showed how bad the state of MP is currently.

          I can confirm that so far only

          have received the server sided “shot tracer” package, FURY has not and our players in Malaysia will continue to fight fairly and uphold true gaming spirit.

          • Only stupid people like you play like that…… Ooops sorry I had forgotten that most of your countrymen aren’t allowed to eat PIGS because they are already STUPID enough and can’t get worse.

            Whether you play legit or not is none of my business but since you have violated our Non-Disclosure Agreement be prepared to have our WG staff hunting for your asses, and it’s not just from one country.

            Stupid foul mouth bitches always die and go to grave early

            • Enjoying my plate of fried rice with pork …….too bad you can’t.

              Google translate says it’s called Nasi Babi………real yummy don’t you think.
              But only for non-muslim and smarter people which doesn’t includes you!

  51. Limiting the tiers you can have in a platoon would really help combating these issues, but WG is apparently to stupid.

  52. MP use hax so all the bad Thai players get bad stats and here is the proof because MP take away our tracks and make us not move and have only HE to shoot and they are hackers and stuff.


  53. This shows how the super clans and paying players rigged the game and the system yet they walk away with no liabilities.

    A certain player named DiamondHead is immune from ban even though there are multiple reports of him violating the game rules multiple times with evidences but WG is not doing anything to him because he is paying a Malaysian admin monthly.

    PVP uses hacking tools in their tournaments that affects their opponent’s game play but instead of banning them, WG gave them 60,000 USD.

    MP and PBKAC use their mod members to control the forum.

    Corrupt WG is corrupt.

    • Bahahaha. PVP ‘Hack’.

      You couldn’t make this stuff up. Oh. Hang on. yes you do.

      Also can you name me which mods are PBKAC?

      • Wasn’t one of the PBKAC guys perma banned from the forums? I remember reading his insightful, witty comments and THen one day BAM!, he was gone.

        If what you are saying is true, wanker, then PBKAC (ASIA) are as bad at conTROLLing the forums as they are at medium centric strats.

        FG_ just said you’re a wanker again.

    • Nah theyr just trolling the delusional DH. Hes been warned. theyre not perma banning him because they know the people who intentionally annoy and provoke him in-game usually with their alts.

      • I don’t have an alt but I usually say “Hi DJ” or “Hi DH” and the shit hits the fan. I’m only trying to be nice!

          • And the best part? No-one wants to work with the dickhead geologist who was pissed off at that. I mean, grass never grows back does it? (In my case I mowed it a little too-low so it still hasn’t grown back).

    • The game is their bitch, its a fucked up bitch and they are the low life jerks who keep on fucking her. Maybe some gold coming your way just to shut you up webpilotz or maybe gold rounds? The drama :)

      • nah. i have real world money to purchase in-game-gold. want me to put some real world money where your mouth is?

  54. hi everyone this is my first time posting here.

    I want to exposed the disgusting behaviour of WG staff in-charged of a certain region, these corrupted staff formed an alliances with the top clans/tournament team under their region. As WG Staff are entitled to free gold and other privileges monthly, most of them choose to be corrupted and gave them all to their affliated clans, and rigged monthly events so they would always win most of the time, they also assisted in rigging the locally held tournament matches in exchange for a portion of the payout from the winning team.

    It is win win for both parties as the teams will be able to win easily with the help of rigging and extra pocket money for the WG staff.

    It is because most of our staff are lowly paid, and wouldn’t hesitate to bring in “extra pocket money” coming from our tourney team.

    • ‘A certain WG staff’.


      Wouldn’t it be more accurate to title yourself ‘A certain low win rate SEA sped’.?

      Because what you’re saying sounds like crap, and the sped Filipino clans are the only ones squirting it out.

      • I hear that the reason all Thai and filo players afk so often is that they have to jump back on their bike to charge the battery that powers the bungalow that 38 family members sleep in.

        Wouldn’t surprise me if corrupt Thai WG staff were taking bribes. That way they can get a better bike to charge the battery

  55. I hear all members of MP/SMP got given type 59′s as hush money due to uncovering the corruption behind the tank manoeuvres.

    They also got random amount of battles assigned to the tank to help cover it up.

    • This is hactually true. PBKAC members received the same, but in the form of M60s, so as not to AROUSE suspicions.

  56. Rather than punishing these 6 guys, WG ASIA should limit all the sub 47% 5k+ battle sped filTH to only play training rooms.

    Also, FTR should have linked WG accounts like the replay sites, as most of the BS comments on this THread of ASIA serverretardation confirmation have been made by sped PHuckwit low win rate filTH using false names.

    • You piece of BS if by chance we will know you we will slam your head into your ass so you could smell your own stink you ass kissing faggot!

        • Wahaha proud of his so called fake win rate, whoever you are. Shows just what kind of trash you are. Greedy for win rates and pixel tanks in an internet game to the point of faking it, wahaha pathetic low life scum.

          • So, I am correct in assuming that your winrate is still only slightly better than what a bot gets?


            • Assume all you want. If you really are who you say you are, you’re just someone who needs to be ignored to death, just a real life asshole. I know what cowardly treachery you are capable of and it even extends to a pixel tanks game… poo poo poo… and btw nothing you ever say can have any effect on me, not least even if you had a 100 % win rate in WoT ahahaha.

    • FTR link to WG? so you can finally stamp out the only place where WGs corruption is being exposed?

      • Well yeah, if their corruption is fully exposed all the lucky players with good + winrates will be stripped of them and be yellow like all the scum. Fk that I say

        • …and here you see the twisted mentality of these assholes. What can we do? the game is their bitch.

    • Far as I know your the fucktwit filth whose using false names here, and you being racist? we all know what kind of persons irl are racist, just assholes.

      • FG_YOLOs. I’ve pointed it out a coupla times now.

        Once again, for you DH, because we all know you may well be the missing link – my IGN on THe ASIA server is FG_YOLOs.

        For all we know, your IGN may actually be Anonymaus, but more likely that you are DH.

  57. So what did MP/SMP do about this?

    Have the members been kicked?

    Or is there pats on the back for such effective cheating?

      • “real name”? asshole cheaters hanging on straws. Go ahead stuff it all up your ass we know how full of shit you all are. It will come back at you.

  58. Why should they be reprimanded?

    Have they won anything? No

    Will they win anything? No

    Has this affected anybody in anyway? No

    So much butthurt over a game.

    But but tanks is srs bznss

    • is this ‘but but tanks’ another game mode? Is that when you play tanks while sitting on a DVD spindle?

      sounds interesting.

        • Ahahaha he must be great! seeing that it takes all of you corrupt assholes to take him down. He’s just laughing at you internet nazi assholes. I’m telling you nothing you ever say will affect him now that we clearly see just how weak and corrupted all of you are, LMFAO. Yeah keep it alive forever internet nazi FG_YOLOs, whoever you are.

    • Where is your thread now asshole? all it proves is that you and your so called “friends” are just greedy assholes who project their greed even onto an internet tanks game, fuck you forever asshole FG or whoever you say you are. I’m gonna let this thread live as a reminder just how much of an asshole you and your groupies are just for your pleasure. We know your corrupt assholes control the game, the forums so here this thread lives.

  59. I think dickhead…. lol whoops that wasn’t intentional, is the most well known despised piece of Shit on this server.

    The fuck knuckle is a useless oxygen thief and a Shit stain on the face of this planet.

  60. Clearly someone is trolling badly. This is the final time I will post on these comments for this post. Anyone wishing to have further comment from me can do so via Whirlpool or the official forums where my posting can be verified…

    The racist comments post above as me are most definitely not me.

  61. The commanders and rank holders have a responsibility to the clan name and the members. Yes the Clan can be punished as a whole to let everyone taste the result of screwing around with the rules.

    Innocents are bombed likewise in war. Does this make it any different?

  62. Bad form MP/SMP. This really makes you all look bad. If you do not kick all the players out of clans, it will make it even worse. I do not think this is something that will just go away. At least community wise.
    And next time you rage (as we all do) at scrubs, people will just answer, go rig another competition bitch…. And that will be it. There is no comeback from that.

    Throw the responsible out of clan. There is no other alternative. Hell if they were half decent, they would have left the clan themselves in order not to harm the clan name and rep.

  63. Really, I dont think he used hack or some thing to made this round.
    Wargaming Net will catch right away if he is using hack, i dont think we have to care

  64. Pingback: SEA Competition Rigging Affair: Epilogue | For The Record

  65. Fuck you all so fucking tired all of you stupid whiners crying about me cheating everywhere dropping me PM in-game.

    So what if I cheat, none of you can catch me anyways was a nice collaboration with some of our WG staff. What that mean is I am legit and not cheating because I had the help of WG staffs and no matter what they do is not against the rules.

    Can’t believe cheap whining humans like some of you had forced me to make a clarification at the offical forum…………. what a waste of my talented time.

    Suck it up!

    • Ease up mate, pretty sure most of the people with half a brain checked your stats, and await hard evidence before we start sling around the “c” word. But from what i see, its a pretty baseless accusation by a bunch of idiots and/or trolls. Hopefully it all goes away soon enough.

    • Fuck you too and your gonna pay as well as your corrupt WG staff, let’s see your talent then cheap pro cheater. Eat all your tanks and your premium time you think anyone cares? You and those like you are just pieces of shit and you know that!

        • Coward? Are you one of them corrupt assholes controlling WoT or are you just an ignorant fool? either way you should know what these real cowardly sadistic assholes are capable of in game and I’d really know who you really are and break your neck you ass kisser.

  66. Granero, Its completely obvious that you cheated to everyone with a brain.

    Dont even defend it, you got away with it but dont pretend its due to good play.

  67. So far the list of official SHIT EATING cheaters and those ASS KISSERS that support them
    (accdg to the ign’s they proudly advertised here):

    1) rasco4000
    2) Phoenix_Flame
    3) urchin
    4) TexWalker
    5) Horseoftheapocalypse
    6) Neo691
    7) Mustang_sally
    8) Brannor
    9) Granero
    10) Tranipr0n_Phapdong aka FG_YOLOs aka Fireguard

    btw how many of these MP riggers were from the Philippines? or alt accounts of PVP players?
    Fuck you all and I hope you eat shit and die!

    • added:
      11) Nige1_sea
      12) certain WG Asia management and staff
      13) StormCrowReaper

      Go ahead lets all keep this thread alive.
      You wanted to be famous from WoT, here’s your chance…

      We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

      • You have reported them? those greedy assholes need to be taught a lesson. They’re the ones who want the game all for themselves and make the game ugly they should be thrown out.