16 thoughts on “Australian Archives VI

  1. Next it will be a BBQ with a scrimp on the turret :)

    (PS: I am a Kiwi, so an ANZAC, and allowed to say this lol)

    • I hear that kiwi males have an unusual interest in their sheep.

      (PS: I am a Siema, so i am not allowed to say such things but i will do it anywhay lol)

    • I don’t believe you’re a Kiwi because you’d write Prawn not scrimp or Shrimp as it is correctly spelt.

  2. I really hope that circle / sphere is just to show gun arcs… please tell me that’s what it is…

  3. Just like the soviets, we had a very eager to help population, who submitted many hairbrained ideas.

  4. Looks like the Leonardo Da Vinci tank. :-)

    If that bubble was also put into a spin that would increase the effective armour thickness by “(armour thickness x speed of rotation) – bullet speed“ I know, a wacko idea but the premise is sound.