T-17: possible Czechoslovak tier 6 light tank

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in my last post about Czechoslovak light tanks (specifically the TNH-57/900), I wrote that for tier 6 I also have a candidate. This is it, Škoda T-17.


On 8.9.1948, Škoda came (likely from its own initiative) with a light tank project designated T-17. The suspension of this vehicle started the development of new “light platform”.

In November 1948, it was decided on the meeting between the Škoda company leadership and the representatives of the Czechoslovak army to create a light platform on which a light tank destroyer, a light self propelled gun and a light tank could be built. This platform was named “Lehký podvozek” or “LP”. It was based on the drawing from Škoda design bureau of the T-17 light tank.

This tank was supposed to be a classical setup tank with 4 members of the crew. The armor was 10 to 60mm thick and the gun was supposed to be a 75mm A26 cannon with a drum autoloader. The cannon itself was introduced to the army in 1947 already, along with the smaller 37mm, 47mm and 57mm guns by Škoda. The shapes of the tank were very modern. The front hull was inspired by the IS-3 design (“pike nose”) and very well angled, the turret was to be cast and rounded, similiar in shape to the T-55 turret. The mantlet however was clearly inspired by the German designs (“Topfblende”). The tank was considered very modern, but in the upcoming age of the main battle tank and with the Soviet restrictions placed on the developement, it never had a chance. The project was cancelled in the early 50′s and it never passed to the prototype stage.


Škoda A25

Caliber: 57mm
AP shell weight: 3 kg
HE shell weight: 3 kg
Muzzle velocity AP: 900 m/s
Muzzle velocity HE: 900 m/s
Barrel length: 3215 mm (L/57)
Recoil: 120 mm
Penetration at 1000m (60 deg): 81 mm
Weight with empty autoloader: 1100 kg
Weight of three rounds in a batch: 19 kg

Škoda A26

Caliber: 75mm
Barrel length: L/55 (4310 mm)
Shell type: AP (unknown type)
Shell velocity: 900 m/s
Shell weight: 6kg
Penetration: 90mm (60 degrees) at 1000m
Rate of fire: 40 RPM
Gun weight, including autoloader: 1600kg


Crew: 4 (commander/radioman, driver, gunner, loader)
Weight: 19 tons
Length: 5451mm
Width: 2451mm
Height: 1939mm
Clearance: 439mm
Turret – width at widest point 2341 mm
Track width: 440 mm
Roadwheel diameter: 732mm

Engine: 200hp (unknown type?), 350hp V8 diesel, 500hp V8 turbodiesel

(350hp V8 diesel, 500hp V8 turbodiesel – both these engines were mentioned in a list of demands from 13.2.1949 for the “LP” platform)

Transmission: Praga 5F 1R
Suspension: LP (for rubber-banded roadwheels, torsion bar suspension, three return rollers, rear drive sprocket)


Front: 60mm
Sides: 30mm (?)
Rear: 20mm (?)
Turret: 60mm (front) , 30mm (sides), 20mm (rear)
Roof (hull and turret): 10 mm

Main gun: Škoda A25, Škoda A26
Ammo carried: unknown
Speed: 55 km/h
Radio: unknown

World of Tanks proposal

Suspension: T-17, LP
Engine: Škoda V8 (200hp), Škoda V8 diesel (350hp), Škoda V8 turbodiesel (500hp)
Turret: T-17
Guns: Škoda A25, Škoda A26

25 thoughts on “T-17: possible Czechoslovak tier 6 light tank

  1. 19 Tonns with 500hp engine, acceptable frontal armor, and a nice autoloading gun? I like it.

  2. Wut? O.o
    ROF 40 rounds per minute? Sounds bestially… Like “WHEEE and DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM DUM”.

    DMG about 110 + ROF 40 = 4400 DPM :) Far highest DPM in the game, a quarter more than Tortoise or Waffentraeger E-100, it has to be balanced…

  3. Be advised: At tier 6 it’s going to meet KV1Siema more than often. Oh right, scout MM. It’s even worse :/

  4. The Soviet authorities should not have been so harsh on restrictions of new designs, this could have potentially strengthen the Eastern Bloc military forces quite well if the Czech, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, DDR and Poland could make their own military designs.

    A big mistake from the Soviet orthodox thinking.

    • >>this could have potentially strengthen the Eastern Bloc military forces quite well if the Czech, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, DDR and Poland could make their own military designs.

      No, it’s no good from the point of view of the Soviet Union. USSR wanted to have maximum unification of armoured forces among countries of Warsaw Treaty.
      Otherwise, there would be more problems with the modernization and maintenance in the future.
      Everything for all be the same, that was the main idea.

  5. western powers shouldnt have sold out czechoslovakia to hitler in the first place.
    politicans-deciding fates of milions. fuck. that.

  6. The DPM of this little guy can be about -2k5 and the pen may not make it work so well like some mid tier RU med i think , but btw , this sexy machine gona get a slot in my gara