BotDetect for WoT 8.11

Hello everyone,

remember the bot-hunting mod Locastan and St0rmshadow did put together?

Well, now a version is available for 8.11, with the list of bots actualized practically every day. You can download it here. And how do you know it actually works? Simple. Wargaming EU locked its thread on forums and deleted several more. That’s the best reference ;)

26 thoughts on “BotDetect for WoT 8.11

  1. I think the only way u can play now WoT is with a bot. rly game is unplayable … after fix this mod is a must :)

    • Strange… I still like the game, and since I stopped grinding other trees, and play the tanks that I like, the game became a lot better! Playing with stock tanks that are crap even when elited is terrible…

        • Similar case in here, but I wait for historical battles. I am eager to try literally all vehicles from that era, I got probably all the vehicles that were actually built and had some sort of significance and were wielded during war in garage. I would love to pierce a hole in supposedly invincible tank or reenact some of the most heroic struggles from history

          • Grinding the trees has gotten quite boring for me too. Over 23k battles and most trees done. I find that most of my tanks are gathering dust waiting for a buff or the next holistic nerf. I.E. spgs and every other stupidly listened too this tank or that tank is oped whine.

  2. will try for sure.

    btw, a pop-up just appeared in-game that they are addressing lag issues at the moment.

    • Yesterday me and a friend (who doesn’t have premium) got one day premium for free without any explanation (didn’t check the forums yet, though). Maybe it’s because of that…

      Brb, need to go check if it’s raining cats and dogs yet…

      • That pop-up was there yesterday, nothing special about it, just at last admitting the problem. Doesn’t mean they are actually doing shit.

        • If they’re admitting the problem then they’re working on it (or already have a solution). Otherwise they wouldn’t admit it.

  3. St0rmshadow said that they stopped working on it cos people started abusing the report as bot by reporting random people or whomever pissed them off in a game. Needless to mention those idiots who started blocking, shoot or even kill the bots they ran into the game.

    A hard work flushed down the toilet.

  4. SS, I believe this article is factually incorrect.

    You state that WG EU locked the thread, but they only did this at the request of the thread starter, System98.

    He asked for this because the mod was being abused, which is why this mod is fundamentally a bad idea. Every time some one is TKed, pushed out or just has a disagreement with someone in game, they will report them as a bot.

  5. I tried it. Bot detection confirmed. Please help the bot detector team to spot bots with these confirmed..uh…whatever, just read the list below.

    Confirmed Bot Symtomps (whatever i forgot the spelling) :
    -Lags behind
    -Turret turns 90 degrees to left/right
    -If blocked by non-enemy obstacle (friendlies/rock/dead tank) it will move back a “fixed distance”, turn, and move, all after bumping into obstacle. Reminds me of a certain bacteria/insect behaviour……

    help expand list with useful and constructive sightings !

  6. Bots don’t exist in WOT WG says, it’s just a conspiracy!

    What if WG is testing secretly bot programs that work only with premium accounts, thus moneh moneh moneh!

    Hows that for a conspiracy? :>

  7. If people teamkill anyone accused of botting I’m not surprised WG deletes the threads (hell, I’ve even seen OP asking to lock bot detect thread since he saw people abuse it)

  8. Does the list have bots included for servers besides EU? If not then I’ll need to contribute to adding a list of confirmed bots for the NA server, and trust me, there’s quite a few of them, and in far too many cases the bots have cost me games that I should have won provided I had competent backup, rather than a T1 HT sitting in the cap the whole game, pointing his gun downwards at maximum depression and randomly shooting the ground. I have the replay for it uploaded to a website that’s currently down for maintenance due to the patch being released, but at the time I thought he was just a moron; it wasn’t until after the fact that I realized he was a bot (on an unrelated note, it was also my first battle in the KV-220).

    • As far as I’m concerned only EU (and it works!)

      I would agree if you can send a botlist to Locastan somehow….which I don’t know :/

      Also to players of SEA and other servers please help with the project and list too.

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