Straight outta Supertest: StuG getting split


Hello everyone,

as mentioned earlier, in 9.0, StuG is getting split into two vehicles. This is the tier 4 one, StuG III Ausf.B with 50mm frontal armor and the L/48 as its top gun.




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      • Different mechanics doesn’t make having Identical tanks “Stupid”, from what I’ve seen WT has a garage battle style fighting, in which you bring multiple tanks to the battle, by having multiple say Panther tanks someone who loves the panther can play it all match long rather than have to change to another vehicle.

        • you have a point, dude.
          but then some tanks like SU-85 dont have any other hull improvements etc.

          • SU-85 does have. There are early prototypes that had different front part and late models that had redesigned gun mount.

              • WT does have prototypes, the beta special packs to buy into beta, had either a captured Sherman or a T34 prototype to choose from.
                In Russia Prototypes often fought, Su14, KV220, and many others.
                That’s not just limited to Russia though, many other countries did the same thing.

                • KV-220 wasn’t a prototype, but a limited production series that was basically an attempt to improve the KV-1 by incorporating some features of the KV-3, the prototype being referred to as Objekt 220. That being said, the REAL KV-220 had an 85 mm gun, unlike the one in-game.

  1. The main question here is: Will StuG owners get a free garage slot? I could really use one right now.

    • Nope, most likely have the higher one unlocked if the StuGIII is maxed out. and the previous one will be researched on tree.

    • StuG owners will still have their tier V StuG as it is (possibly even with skirts added to them). So no compensation is expected or even justified.

      VK3001H owners got the VK3002M and a free garage slot as a compensation for getting their tank moved down a tier, but StuG is still going to stay at tier V

      • I do, I prefer it over the 105mm.
        I only used the 105 while HEAT was cheap and easy.

        Now it’s back to shooting T-150s and KV-2 from afar and killing them before they see me.

      • I use the L48 it out performs the 105 derp, the derp is 100% situational, sure it’s great up close, but majority of the maps are open and you have to engage the enemy at medium or greater ranges at which the derp can’t penetrate making it useless. The derp is almost useless at the tier the STuG is at and it’s again only situational on the Hetzer.

        • Meant to say I’ll use the L/48 if it’s a choice between that or the 105, I use the L/70 on the STuG now.

    • You mean, like when it’s mounted on the Hetzer?
      Don’t kid yourself, everyone will run the 10.5 cm derp

  2. Germany will get so much tier 2-7 tanks.
    IF you look tech tree, there is already tons of alternative tanks…wondering how there is space anymore? :D

      • like expand german borders in 1939, hurr durr

        as an alternative they could make the tanks’ symbols smaller, or implement some kind of spoiler for seperat tiers

  3. Dear WG:
    I <3 my stug. Please don't mess with it too much… Not that I mind making its sub-elite configurations tier 4… But please leave us the L70, camo and engines at tier 5. It smashes too many KVs and pesky 1Ss to screw with.
    Muchos gracias!

    • No, War Thunder Ground forces splits the StuG into three seperate vehicles… all of them with the L/24.

  4. In order to understand it right: there will be some splits of several tanks in 9.0, even though these tanks have not yet the new HD models?

  5. So the Marder II will lead into 3 tanks Hetzer, Marder38t and this StuG IIIB?

    but hey it can fit the 105! and probably will have better agility than Hetzer
    that would be a fun sealcluber tank

        • Think THAT’S bad? With what WG intended to do at one point about the KV-1S (which would have been to split it into three different tanks), the KV-1 would have led to no less than FIVE tanks: KV-85, KV-100, KV-122, KV-2, and T-150. Then they scrapped that and said there’ll be no split of SerB’s favorite tank.

          • Nope.avi.
            After 1S split KV-1 still leads to just 3 tanks, while current KV-1S is now KV-85/KV-122 with nerfed mobility. KV-1S will be tier 5 WITHOUT 122mm, T-28 leads to it, i think.
            After split, actually, i think that KV-1 just leads to 2 tanks, KV-2 and T-150, while new tier 5 KV-1S leads to KV-85/KV-122.

            True though, apparently there is NO split, KV-1S will be just optional hull for KV-1.
            But there was NEVER as idea on KV-1S split that KV-122 and KV-85 would be different tank, and not in the same. It could be really stupid anyway. Instead, there was planned KV-85/KV-122 on tier 6.

  6. so we will have 3 tier 4 tank destroyers.

    unless.. is it me or all these pz4s and stugs are alternative to the pz38 tanks?

    • Considering the 38nA is in dire need of an alternative vehicle, yes.

      They need to dig up an early or prewar American tank, though, that leads to the M4 Sherman or T1 Heavy. Then the Lee will be less hated.

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  9. I better finish my planned 1k battles with the Stug before it gets the ” German Nerf Treatment ”
    If i remember correctly when the KV series was redone some time ago we got a free garage slot , i hope this will happen again .

    Stug will probably be fucked like the Vk 36.01 H .

    As for the Historical Battles part , i have little hope . Look at the mess with the Confrontation . I predict idiots in Tiger I wanting to pawn some t 34 ‘s and having their asses handed to them .

    • Recieving a schurzen means a nerf to you?
      They’re adding this low tier variants not in order to nerf the tier 5s but to add more variety to the upcoming historical battles.

      VK3601 was nerfed because it changed the class.From a medium to a heavy.And before the nerf it wasn’t very balanced anyway.

      • You are full of shit .

        WG has a history of nerfing german machines while making russian ones OP . I don’t give two shits for the justification for changing the tank . It is good now and these bastards will find a way to make it worse regardless if the add a tier 4 version or not .

        Plz make sure to stick some schurzen up your ass . Dont treat an arcade game as if it was some simulator . The extra bit of armor will not give you any advantage what so even when an OP KV 1 s kills you in one shot ! Cretin , go smack yourself .

        Historical Battles will be as retarded as new mod Conf .

        VK 36.01 was not balanced ? Oh you mean like the Kv 1 S is balanced ? Go fuck yourself !

        WG will always under any and all circumstances make the soviet vehicles better and easier to play then the german ones !

        • hehe, seems we got here a kid with temper problems…
          1.Where I’m saying I’m treating this game as a simulator?…can’t find any words claiming that.
          2.Did I said KV-1S is balanced or something?…can’t find that either.
          Also, sooner or later it’ll be nerfed too.
          3.Get your facts straight dude and stop making a drama out of nothing…duh…ztupid communizt soviets are alwayz nerfing ze germans and alwayz buffing their allmighty tenkz…russian bias, russian bias!…:facepalm:

          • Hmmm Right . . . go fuck yourself !

            You did treat the game as a simulator by saying that some make belief extra armor is supposed to make things better . It will not .
            You did not have to say the Kv was balanced , it was implied . As for getting nerfed sooner or later . . . you can go nerf yourself now you shit ! They keep nerfing german machines and doing nothing about russian ones .

            I did get my facts straight , you are a peace of shit lying scum and WG are thieves and communist shits .

            Suck my dick , communist shit WG employee sock puppet . No money from me . How terrible .

            Ps : Keep lying about no bots in game you lying scum WG .

            • Dude, you sure got some serious problems…really…

              As for your toughts…you’re pathetic.
              I didn’t even said, but asked you, if adding a schurzen is a nerf in your(inexistent) mind.Didn’t mentioned anything about if it could be better or not.Learn to read.
              And if you think that saying a german tank wasn’t balanced implies other unbalanced tanks as being balanced I must say sorry, you’re a lost cause.
              Oh, and WT auf. E-100 says hello.
              Continue with the swearing, seems it’s the most mature thing you say.

              • And forgot to say, how you knew?! I really am an WG employeesock puppet earning billions of euros every week trolling people like you.:)

  10. Basically it’s an alternative to Hetzer….less armored(60mm sloped vs 50mm mostly flat armor) but more mobile than Hetzer….interesting….Stug is my favourite tank in the game and now we get another one on T4….but then again i like the Stug cause of the L70 and 105mm isn’t really my playstyle

  11. They should start using their millions of money to get better servers instead of keeping changing the game the way nobody wants. They are starting like Blizzard and RIOT Games, you can barely play the game but still they keep adding new stuff and it gets worse and worse whilest ignoring the people demanding for better servers, one day it will crash so hard they will give up on WoT.

    • That’s StuiG 33B. Sturm-Infantriegeschutze

      A glance at its page on wikipedia seems like that would be a premium arty, not a tree tank, considering other infantriegeschutzes are arty as well.

  12. great, yet another german tank that has no weakspots on the front. only 50mm armor, but its a very disturbing trend wargaming has with german tanks. They seem hell bent on removing any and all frontal weaknesses from German tanks.

    • Either they got tired of people bitching about German tanks being poorly armored, or the armor model is not finished.

    • Where do you need weak spots when the entire frontal armour can be penetrated by every tier 4 tank and almost every tier 3?

  13. it’s not split, just a new tier 4 td.that’s all. and the old StugIII with 75L43 as stock gun will be renamed as StuG III Ausf.F/2——renamed,not splited,so no free garage slot,of course