WG EU: Weekend Fail

Hello everyone,

you know how it is with Wargaming EU: not a weekend without fail! This Valentine weekend was especially ripe with it. Let’s start with the “1 day premium” account, that was awarded ever since Wednesday (before the missions were announced) and many people quite reasonably thought it’s some sort of compensation for the terrible lag fiasco of last weekend and this week. That was not the case, it was a Valentine gift for everyone – because, you know, it’s SO hard to set a mission to start during the actual event time.

Funnily enough, even WG support staff thought that it’s a compensation for the last weekend’s lag.

And the weekend event itself? Well…


Retraining 50 percent off? Cool, isn’t it? Yea well…


No discount for silver retraining. Which would be okay, if it was announced properly!


Russian players have this meme, that can be roughly translated as “Wargaming as usual” – maybe we should start such a meme here too. As usual.

18 thoughts on “WG EU: Weekend Fail

  1. I lost my confidence about playing good on WoT, so I decided to polish my skills on OVERKILL’s “PAYDAY 2″ game.

    I must say, the game is completely different than WoT, but at least it doesn’t fail like WoT.

  2. This is so annoying, was hoping to retrain/reskill a load of guys this weekend so it would have saved me a bunch of silver.

  3. The compensation thing is not a fail. The support guy was referring to the fact that you get one extra day for your premium account as a compensation due to servers being down during a new patch update. That’s how it’s been always and has nothing to do with server lags or the valentines special.

    Just to clarify: Everyone got one day premium as a Valentines gift. Those who already had premium account at the time when 8.11 went live got also another premium day in addition to the Valentines gift. For server lags there was no compensation.

    • But they dont given out special as much as EU or heck RU
      and they did fail too remember, kill 25 with 3 tanks mission? one of them being T-34 and change to Type T-34 luckily they still reward people who did the mission with T-34

      Anyway WG EU seem to fail harder than ASIA while having more special so pick your poison

      PS. Greeting from fellow Asia server btw!

  4. The lack of a silver retraining discount is also there in NA, so that one’s not EU specific.