Restoring the BA-10 armored car

Hello everyone,

a video was linked on Yuri Pasholok’s blog about the first test drive of the BA-10 armored car. BA-10 was a WW2 Soviet heavy armored car, armed with a 45mm gun. It was developed in 1938, produced from 1941 and served until 1945. Can’t help it, the car looks pretty badass I think.



20 thoughts on “Restoring the BA-10 armored car

  1. It would be a proper tier IV vehicle. BA-3/6 could be fit for tier III and BA-64 as a tier II.
    I think that lot of us want to play with these badass armored cars. Maybe there weren’t enough of them to make a new game called: World of Armored cars, so I hope once WG will make some ac. minibranches or just put it ingame as premium/gift vehicles.

  2. I really like the “fuel tank” :D Russians are crazy, what if a piece blows off the engine and hits the guy standing next to the engine?! Well, i guess they could find another crazy dude pretty easily :D

  3. I wish WG would implement “wheeled vehicles”.

    I don’t see why they couldn’t work as, for example, low Tier scouts or lights. As we know armour is less important for this class than mobility, which I would assume wheeled vehicles would excel in.

    • Where they would work well along with fast tanks is on larger maps. Racing for a crossroad, etc the early quick brutal battles at the start of the fight, could be a lot of fun.

    • Wheeled vehicled (of the period at least) suck hard at offroad mobility and turning radius compared to “treads” actually.

      Srsly, every time someone even *mentions* armoured cars people start clamoring for their addition into the game while demonstrating massive ignorance of their very real limitations, nevermind now in the context of WoT maps.