27 thoughts on “Russian WoT Wiki now functional

    • Lean and functional…

      Am I the only one who likes heavy keyboards and big cassette radios with inch-wide buttons sticking out ?

      • I like a keyboard that makes a good, solid “click” every time you hit a key.

        On the cassette radios, I like the buttons to almost make a “clunk” noise when you push them.

        There’s something about a good, solid button that gets me going…

  1. Wow….it’s actually possible to switch to other “World of …. ” wikis just by pressing a button….really handy I must say

  2. i found info on Ke-Ni Otsu

    so basically a stock Ke-Ni with only better suspension, same stock gun and engine, only better radio range and same MM


  3. Nice-looking.

    But still have minor bugs – you can access Japanese tanks via nation portal, but not tank type portal (there are no Japanese tanks under Medium Tanks).

    Looking forward to english version.

    • Yeah. Looked at batchat.
      Under “medals this tank is good at getting” it lists sniper – “use tank at close range and hit with a lot of shells”

      Ofc. Sniper is already depreciated…

      “These are not word for word quotes – obviously”

  4. Just checked an article on VK2801. Just look at suggested crew skills. What a joke. xD I think some kind of idiot had to write such BS.
    If the whole thing is of such quality, then our EU wiki is just much better.