Upcoming Hotfix Micro-Patch

Hello everyone,

Russian server will recieve a hotfix micro-patch on 3rd of March, so I guess WG EU/NA will not be far behind. This micro-patch will bring the following:

- FOV will return to the way it was before 8.11
- the bug, where the effects of shell impacts on your tank appear with a delay will be fixed

According to previous statements of Storm, this micro-patch will have like 150 megabytes.

17 thoughts on “Upcoming Hotfix Micro-Patch

  1. 150 MB micro patch :D I wonder… is it the size of the 9.0 that distorted how they look at sizes now? :P

  2. 150MB just the FOV setting ?
    :D :D :D
    Well russian game.. even their cellphones need dedicated suspension…
    The bigger the better, comrades.

  3. A “micro-patch” is 150 bytes… text – to fix FoV settings in the config files or whatnot.

    This…. this is something else… watch the tin-foil hat-wearing crowd flood the forums about stealth-nerfs.

  4. Interesting, that there will ne a micropatch. Didn’t WG always say that there will never be hotfixes or micropatches? They always told us we need to wait vor the full patch.

    The shitstorm really seemed to be huge about a damn FOV…

  5. if my tons of mods will stop work cos of this not nesessary BS i think ill have break for a while from this game tbh

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  7. Hotfix Micro-Patch?Just a few things but the patch is 150MB!?WOW,that’s really MICRO!And the bug, where the effects of shell impacts on your tank appear with a delay…well I don’t want to say how bad this is…I always shoot a round and then…no response?Did I miss that?And then maybe a few seconds later I received the result…that’s a disaster,when you shoot or get shot by autoloader,and you don’t realize it…

  8. will they fix more bugs?

    i got a bug where the entire game looks very dark as i start it, but if i press alt + tab and then back in the game it’s gone! and this only to this computer, played on other, no problem there!

    • or bug where i cant add consumables or bug where i cant speak on platoon when in garage, or bug where closing chat- button is in wrong place