Brainstorming Tanks: 103

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away before the Soviet heavy tree split, the KV-4 was going to be a wonder-tank! It was going to go 50 kph! It would have a 130 mm gun! However, as the deadline for the test approached, the tank’s stats decreased to a more reasonable level that we see today. In a recent developer Q&A, SerB mentioned the tank that was the “KV-4″ with a 130 mm gun: the 103. All he said was that it was based on the T-100 chassis and had a B-13 130 mm naval gun (like on the SU-100Y). He didn’t mention anything else. So what is this mysterious tank?

Tank 103 (wooden model)

Tank 103 (sometimes erroneously called “Object 103″) was a tank born of the Winter War. Its predecessor, the T-100, was sent to Finland along with its competitors from the Kirov factory: the SMK tank and the KV tank. Battle trials proved that the 76 mm guns on all three tanks were insufficient for destruction of thick concrete fortifications. Design bureaus were flooded with requests to make a tank with a big cannon, such as the B-4 howitzer, Br-2 152 mm gun or B-13 130 mm gun. The Kirov factory responded to these calls with SPGs on the chassis of its KV tank. Likewise, factory #185 turned its own creation, the T-100, into an SPG. The results were the T-100-X, T-100-Y (SU-100-Y) and T-100-Z. However, aside from these tanks, another was designed. This tank was not only meant to destroy enemy bunkers, but also ships. Due to the end of the Winter War, the Red Army’s need for bunker busters waned, and the tank did not progress past a wooden model.

The chassis of the tank was still a T-100 chassis, but both turrets were removed. Unlike an immobile SU-100-Y like casemate, a massive turret was built to house the 130 mm gun. The smaller 45 mm gun turret was replaced with two machinegun turrets. Another such turret was placed on the roof of the vehicle for anti-aircraft fire. This kind of firepower came at a cost. The vehicle was heavy, and could not handle a large amount of armour. It only reached 60 mm in the front and sides, which is quite low for the tier SerB estimated (7-8). The tank received an equally powerful engine to propel itself: a 850 hp gasoline engine (for a maximum speed of 31 kph) or a 1000 hp diesel engine (for a maximum speed of 36.4 kph). Additionally, newly designed tracks gave the tank extremely low ground pressure, 0.597 kg/cm^2.

As mentioned above, the gun was the same B-13 we know and love form the SU-100-Y. The gun depression is an uninteresting -5 degrees, with 30 degrees elevation (15 in some turret positions). A creative feature was the ability to move the gun 5 degrees in each direction without rotating the turret, but SerB said this will not be a feature in this game. 196 penetration and 440 damage is superior to both tier 7 Soviet heavies (at 175 penetration and 390 damage), but the much weaker armour could make it a difficult to play glass cannon at that tier, especially since the speed of the tank is not particularly impressive. However, unlike the German Waffentragers, you would have to be pretty clever with how you use it, as the camouflage value would not be very high, and it would not get a TD camo bonus.

I’d play it.

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    • Fully agreed: Mount b-13 on TOG! Better yet, stack two TOGs and make them share a b-13! And sell it with cases of WoT branded beer! Ultimate drunk tank!

      • It was planned to install guns on the side hull of TOG instead of adding the turret, just imagine multiple B-13′s…

  1. I’m guessing seriously shitty turning characteristics given the apparent lenght-width ratio and weight. Well, not like anyone expected something like *this* to be even remotely agile anyway.

  2. Will be a good tier 7 high skill jeavy tank. Might be very fun

    @SS Serb or Storm once mentioned a late IS-2 with the M62 122mm gun (IS-4 top gun). Any chance we may see this in game? As a tier 8 premium heavy?

    • In principle the M62 should fit into the KV-122 (AKA KV-1S in-game) too, since it was specifically designed to use the same mountings as the D-25.
      Doesn’t mean that’s gonna happen.

      • *facepalm*

        We should encourage devs to remove KV-122 from the game rather than telling them 130mm gun would fit too.

        • Congratulation! A winrar is you!!
          …because not only did you completely miss the point, you also got the details wrong. Despite Alex actually even explicitly mentioning the gun caliber.

          Go home, you’re drunk. :P

      • Yeah, I know that. Technically the M62 can fit into IS-3 and even KV-122 as well. However, that would be… unbalanced as hell.
        What I am envisioning is basically a later model IS-2 (with sloped 100/120 mm frontal hull, but otherwise same as normal IS-2) with -4 or -5 gun depression, low rate of fire and a ultra T10 killer M62 gun. Like a brawler, even higher pen and damager but lesser depression and turret armour alternative to the T34 as a tier 8 premium heavy.

      • We have tier 8 premium WZ-111 on CN server. Key stats:
        300 pen HEAT shells Po-471 (CN server exclusive)
        Po-471 price: 9 gold (3600 credit) (again, CN server exclusive)
        Permanent 1.5x XP coefficient (well, the vehicle itself is CN server exclusive)
        Preferential MM: not seeing tier X’s (solo pub).

        IMO either KV-1S or IS-2 with M62-T2 would be inferior except for money making ability.

  3. Perfect, so extend the Winter War with Allied Intervention, bleed the Soviets even more, and get cool tanks.

    I like it.

  4. I hate the SU-100Y. One with a turret driven by gold noobs at Tier 6? Well, that would make me buy a TOG.

    Nom, nom, nom.

    So, when will the Mammut get into the game?

    • I guess not anytime soon, only 3 branches will make it this year, anything more will come after all tanks are reworked to HD

  5. I got a feeling that Woras will like this tank…

    Edit:Oh, fuck, he does!
    (didn’t red above before I wrote the comment)

  6. Got an Su100Y and absolutely love it.

    I see two problems with this tank. On the one hand it will have worse accuracy and rof than the su, even if it is a tier higher and the other things is the premium ammo; it actually loses penetration but gets an increase in damage. 196mm with standard ammo is good, but this tank would face t9s or even t10 while being almost as big as a Maus with 60mm of armor. Bad idea.