Pretty much nothing new today.

- there was a video on Russian server, where players can apparently send their dumb ideas and developers answer them. Some player proposed to implement equipment (or consumable? didn’t notice) that would create a “holo-tank” on the spot where the original tank was (“mock-up tank”). Apparently, this idea won’t be implemented…

68 thoughts on “2.3.2014

  1. Oh yeah, awesome idea!
    Apart from the fact that this idea is completely stupid…

      • Hey, I once managed like the first thirty episodes or so out of curiosity. Then I concluded it was irredeemably fucking stupid and not going anywhere.

      • Those mofos who created this shit should be sent in a little(permanent) vacation in Siberia or North Korea.

      • I do.. And when you have IQ bigger than your shoe size, you are able to pick up that there is more to it than just humor and action… There are moral lessons in there, you know?
        But I can safely assume that you’re not the case, as you’re clearly very eager to insult others because of things about which you have no idea.

        • If animated shit gives you “moral lessons”, then real life what gives you?

        • Weeaboo spotted.

          And you’re going to have a really hard time convincing me those “moral lessons” aren’t the same stale platitudes every single damn one of these things recites whenever the makers think the story needs “depth”.

      • Opinions. Some people just derive enjoyment out of watching something. I consider spongebob and regular show completely stupid. But opinions. :)

  2. …this week on Duck Dynasty…err…. Tank Dynasty…

    So basically he wants decoy tank consumables… seems legit…. the British used inflatable ones to fool ze chermins before the Normandy invasion.

    Oh god, I actually supported this idea with a historical fact…

    …I feel dirty, I don’t support the idea, I swear! :p

    • Pretty sure the Brit inflatables and balsa-wood models date well to North Africa already.
      I’m told they managed to conceal the entire damn Cairo harbor or somesuch from Luftwaffe bombers by really kunnin’ use of mirrors – it pays to have a very accomplished stage magician as your decoy-ops consultant.

      Hardly game-relevant ofc.

      • Never heard of the use of mirrors to hide a harbor, though I know attempts were made to “hide” bodies of water from nighttime bombers through the use of coal dust on the surface of the water.

        Naturally no one took into account that most bodies of water move about somewhat, so all your coal dust floats away. Still, an entertaining thought to muse over.

      • They did hide the harbor by finding a location a short distance (few miles) away that looked similar and by turning on a lot of lights to make the area look like Alexandria and by turning off the lights of the real Alexandria they managed to make the Germans bomb the wrong location.

      • Looking through my sources Rommel created a force of dummy tanks on Volkswagen chassis to increase his numbers (he only had 106 tanks) before he advanced out of Tripoli when he arrived in North Africa in March of 1941.

        • Also it seems that the Germans beat the British to the masquerade. Since the British did the reverse and hid their tanks by making them look like tucks well after the Germans made their fake tanks.

          • I’ll raise you Sun Tzu’s (or Sunzi as the name is apparnetly supposed to be spelled nowadays) “all warfare is based on deception”. :P

            Then again, by Western and Central Eurasian standards the Chinese tended to spend way too much time dicking around instead of actually getting on with the fighting…

  3. “Apparently, this idea won’t be implemented…”

    But why not?…it could be EPIC
    And the gold version of this consumable could make the tank using it, apart from the mock-up creating, teleport somewhere on the map and also give 10% chance (for the enemy) to bounce the mock-up.

  4. I’d send them a video of the countless numbers of people sending in ping-plots through Telia.net to WG’s servers in NA and all the dropped packet nonsense that’s plagued us for the past 2+ years… with a suggestion they actually change hosts – but hey, the RU could care less about Murrca’s connection problems :(

  5. This actually isn’t that dumb of an idea. Make the vehicle model so that it clearly visible as a wooden or inflatable tank copy, BUT keep the red icon above the head and make them destructible after one shot.

    Of course it would be extremely annoying having 15 enemies randomly doing this at any point in the match; you’d have to limit them to a couple per team.

  6. Surprised the developers don’t talk to the best players/clans in the game instead of wasting time with this garbage.

    • And you assume “the best players/clans” would actually have anything more worthwhile to say because of why exactly?

    • Except that the majority of them would all say the same two things:

      1) Skill-Based MM (WG said many times that this won’t happen for random battles)

      2) Complete removal of Arty from the game (most common on the NA server – a couple of Unicums who were banned for one reason or another were particularly famous for raging whenever they got killed by arty)

      • “a couple of Unicums who were banned for one reason or another were particularly famous for raging whenever they got killed by arty”

        How terrible…

        Just because they are unicums they have rights to rage?

  7. Holo tanks will be op.

    See a lemming rush? Put down a holo-waffletrakor in their path hull down behind a rock.

    Proceed to watch lemmings cower in fear for next 15 minutes.

    If a lemming get brave, they will scream about haxs that waffletrakor cannot be damaged and resume hiding.

    • Actually since a ‘holotank’ would most likely be comparable to the inflatable decoy tanks used irl, it’s more likely that one hit with any weapon to anywhere on it would destroy it and reveal the ruse.

        • Because you can totally create photorealistic holographs in free air with technology half a century more advanced than the game’s timeframe… right? (And definitely not physically dubious either.)

          Back to /tv/ with this crap.

  8. “that would create a “holo-tank” on the spot where the original tank was”

    Maybe that guy played too much State of War 2? (its a crap game)