EU: 8.11 hotfix

Since it’s not on the main portal yet: today, a hotfix was applied on EU server, containing following changes

- returned the FOV to the way it was before 8.10
- fixed the incorrect display of tank damage messages bug
- fixed the incorrect mission counter

13 thoughts on “EU: 8.11 hotfix

    • Nope it just got back to normal … You probably started to get used tot he narrow one, or You are sitting much further away from themonitor than most of players out there (FOV should always be adjusted individualy to compensate for screen size and distance from viewer)

      • it’s probably the first one…..although I have been using XVM to alter the FOV it might not have been quite right.

  1. Someone reported, that after this hotfix KV-1S’ tracks go to the other side when blown off. I dunno if it’s true, or it is caused by mods.
    Anyone noticed anything like that?