Flashpoint: Ukraine

Hello everyone,

by now, all of you dear readers are certainly aware of what’s going on in Ukraine. It might actually seem that it doesn’t affect Wargaming, so this issue has no place on FTR, but it actually does – for those, who do not know: Wargaming World of Warplanes studio is situated in Kiev and the developers (I think it was SerB personally) admitted that the situation there does influence Wargaming to some extent.

What is currently going is that Russia is trying to seize control of the entire Crimean peninsula using its military forces. The official reason is the protection of ethnic Russians, who were allegedly persecuted by the new Ukraine government after president Janukovych was ousted from his office and fled to Russia. A lot of people compare the situation to Czechoslovakia in 1938, when Adolf Hitler, using blackmail and cowardice of former Czechoslovak allies, forced Czechoslovakia to secede its border regions at the pretense of “protecting ethnic Germans”. Now, almost 80 years later, we know very well it was a lie and where it led. These methods of armed invasion make Putin look like Hitler probably much more than he would like.

On the other hand, it would be foolish to think Russians would accept the loss of control over such an important strategic location as Crimean peninsula to the new (not exactly pro-Russian) government in Kiev. Furthermore, Crimea is not tied strongly to Ukraine, being a part of Ukraine only since 1954. That leads me to believe that the Russians will occupy Crimea, but they won’t invade further into Ukraine, then there will be talks and in the end, westerners will bow down yet again and accept the status quo.

There is one more aspect though. I talked to Edrard last night – as some of you know, he lives in Kiev. He basically confirmed to me that if Russians continue to invade from Crimea into Ukraine, there will be an all-out war. For the Record is also hosted in Kiev, so if it goes offline suddenly, it’s another DDOS – or Russians. Normally I would add a smiley after the last sentence, but it’s actually not funny.

And what are your thoughts about this entire issue?

Edit: Comments closed. Thank you for your thoughts.

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  1. Whatever happens, as long as it doesn’t end in a war, I think they could come to a compromise somehow. Either leave the Crimean peninsula to the russians BUT making sure that the russians don’t invade further inland.

    • Thats not a compromise, if russians would go into whatever you’re country from and try to take bunch of land, would you call that a compromise just because they graciously decide not the invade the rest of your country?

      and quote from below:
      “I think it all will result depending on how Putin will feel about this…”

      I dont feel great when worlds geopolitical situation is depending on one persons whims, especially if he’s from russia. Russia is NOT the one you would like running this world.

      On the other hand, business as usual, russians will take crimea by force or otherwise, one way or the other they cant afford losing it, west will have their “talks” and “diplomatic action” and then in a year or two we will all forget about it. Its just scary on principle.

      • Dude, what I am saying is that, Crimeans are mostly russians, they want to join Russia(i dont know why would they want it) and Ukranians dont want russian soldiers there..
        The problem is that one country will have to back down otherwise there will be war, sad but it’s true. Im not saying it is good what’s happening..

        • The fact that the Crimea peninsula doesn’t belong to the Russians was mistake at the end of the cold war. Just remember that putin is a product of the Soviet KGB. He is slowly establishing a new Soviet state in Russia similar to communist China.

      • To take power illegally is okay? Democracy from west :D They played with fire and now they will be consequences. U just cant take power illegal and think half of people will like it :D Now other side will take over certain areas with force and they want connection with Russia and this is problem now ? well U have no problem when people want west but when they want Russia it is problem :D i love your opinion about Russia…tell this to all innocent people killed in Iraq or Afganistan :D dont worry maybe USA will print enough money to help Ukraine :D

        • You are a moron, I dont care about USA or Russia. In my opinion, they aren’t that any different, ok? Stop saying bullshit that I have never even said.
          USA has problems of their own, just like Russia.

        • Well, based on the “social contract” (which is rather an “imaginary” thing not a real contract) to overthrow the government… Actually I think it would be fine if Russian would get Crimea back, but who knows if that will be enough for the Russians…
          I might be a bit unpopular with my next statement, but I think more or less everyone agrees with me: Europeans don’t really give a damn about ppl in Irag or Afganistan… It is simply too far, if a local war happened there the civilians in Europe wouldn’t be bothered. But if it happened in Ukraine well, that is pretty close to Europeans…

        • Take power illegally? Well, that is one point of view. I would say that if the government is abusing its power in a highly criminal fashion, citizens have every right to try and do something about it. Russia is up to no good and personally, I think the West should in fact go to war over this and draw a line in the sand. Russia is NOT a super power, it lacks the cohesion, the raw might and certainly the economics to get anywhere at all. It is time Moscow accepts that and backs the hell off.

          • Yes, that is why USA prints money and takes credits from China while Russia offered billions to Ukraine :D

            • Soviet exports of grain peaked during the Holodomor, think about it. Its all about priorities. Your comparsion doesnt really mean, that Russia has more funds than USA.

          • Hitler also thought that Russia is not a super power and it will fall in 2 weeks under the might of the blitzkrieg.

            Turns out how much he knew.

            • Hitler also is to blame for delaying the invasion of Russia by almost 2 months and for not providing winter clothing until the last minute.

              But then Hitler is Hitler…

              • Wow, you need to read more books. Its been thoroughly analyzed that the Germans couldn’t invade before June 22. You cant invade at that level, in that kind of operation Piece meal. LoL. The 22nd was the earliest they could launch that size of an operation.

                And truth be told, if Hitlers Generals had followed his orders and Attacked the Kiev Pocket I believe it was, instead of Complaining they had to refit for 3 weeks, they would have been at Moscow before the Early winter set in…..

                This is where Hitlers distrust of his Generals really comes from. But everyone wants to portray Hitler as this Moron, when truly his Generals wanted to bypass that 650, 000 pocket, so they sandbagged hoping he would change his mind.

                As far as the bullets for clothes thing. I would rather have bullets then clothes anyday. Clothes just let me die my warm.

                It always makes me laugh when I see history written. England declares War on Germany, but Germany attacked them, LMAO

                • Maybe because he was a moron? Do you honestly believe a Lance Corporal has more tactical knowledge than proven generals? Hitler was a terrible commander in chief (and that has been analyzed/proven multiple times)….He wanted super heavy tanks when there were barely any resources to make standard tanks, and those heavy tanks would have been strategically useless given they would have been bombarded to hell by aircraft and cannot cross bridges….

                  And the clothes to bullets thing….you’re entire force would have died from frostbite. Just read about how many soldiers died during the worst winter in recorded history at that time. Both WWII and the Finnish war.
                  You also need to read more books

        • What does one thing have to do with the other?

          The change of government may or may not have been legal. The people of the country or parts thereof are free to protest against it, or to secede.

          But it’s still an internal matter of the Ukraine. How does that allow a foreign country (Russia) to invade?

          Especially since Russia played the “don’t mess with internal affairs of other countries” card very often in the recent past. E.g. in case of Syria.

          Russia has lost any credibility as a political entity.

          It’s pure hypocrisy.

        • Ukraine is roughly 20 percent Russian mainly based in the eastern and Southern portions. The majority has ruled but Putin didn’t like it. The rest of the former socialist republics should be concerned.

    • Hm, and what about Charkov?

      Considering Kiev protesters, or rather, neo-nazi extremists…

      And about comparing this “invasion” with Hitler and 1938…


      I think it’s a time people stop eating western bullshit propaganda and try to find proper sources to know what is really going on.

      • Like Russia Today? Or videos of polish-UA border presented as russo-UA border checkpoint (to prove a massive flight from Ukraine)?

        • Like independent internet forums and blogs with photos and videos? But I guess for some it’s easier to watch the telly and eat everything it says.

          Btw, one of the links is actually from BBC… but again, some people rather cover their eyes than see the evidence presented in front of them, let alone search for it themselves.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R_O-XRZLis&feature=youtu.be (Dniepropetrovsk) as you can see, i would prefer videos and photos of huge pro-russian crowds waving russian flags. Perhaps those tens of thousands on the todays pro-intervention rally in Moscow. Untill now you have shown me only few russian propaganda pics.

          oh and please add some evidence of the harsh treatment of the crimean russians that provoked this brotherly help. thanks.

      • You know why I don’t buy that whole “neo-nazis”/”fascists” crap?

        Because us, Romanians, were called the same thing during the 1989 Revolution and the 1990 Mineriad.
        In 1990, shortly after the Revolution that brought down Ceausescu, people were protesting because the provisional government, made out almost entirely out of 2nd echelon communists, ran for elections despite earlier promises that they won’t.
        People protesting in University Square in 1990 were advocating about the famous Point 8 of the Timisoara Declaration, which would forbid former PCR (Communist Party of Romania) to hold public positions after 1989.

        You know what happened? The recently-elected Bolshevik President (who came forward with the stupid idea of “humane communism”, to “replace” Ceausescu’s regime) sent fucking MINERS over the protesters, all the while issuing Bolshevik propaganda that Legionaries flags & icons (WW2 far-right Orthodox extremists), along with mysterious US Dollars were found at the HQ of our historical parties (such as National-Liberal Party, a center-right party, or the National Peasant’s Christian-Democratic Party, another historical right-winged party).

        Of course, there were NO Legionaries stuff, nor US Dollars, nor drugs found at the HQ of the parties. That were devastated by miners, anyhow.

        So please, everytime a fucking Bolshevik starts issuing out ideas like “fascists” or “neo-nazi” threats, they’re lying their fucking ass off.

        And yes, I AM aware that there will be, of course, some extremists involved in mass protests & riots like these. However, they do NOT represents those protests. They only share a common goal with the people that were actually OPPRESSED by Ianukovic and his Berkut forces.

        TL;DR – FUCK Putin! FUCK Ianukovic! HAIL the free people of Ukraine!

  2. I got no idea when Putin makes a military move with atleast a believable reason (I just think he wants an opening to the Black sea) everybody loses their shit, but when the US flat out invade numerous nations everybody is cool. As an Orthodox Christian for me Putin is not the bad guy in the globe.

    I don’t hope for a war ofcourse but someone got to atleast make a stand against the western new world order/domination.

      • Obama hasn’t invaded another country. Drone strikes? Yes. Seal raids? Yes. But that’s far different than actually occupying territory.

        Now Bush on the other hand…..

        • I know what you mean. I’m just saying that the US have always done things outside of their countries when they actually didn’t need to. They should first make sure their own country is doing ok.

          • I dont want to defend Putin, but i need to do it. He only make military moves in countrys, that are by the borders of Russia. Like Georgia and Ukraine. And yes, US is the last country, who has rigth to judge Putin.

            • I understand what you are saying. As long as Russia stops at Crimea, I think it is ok. But if they continue to march to Kiev… well, if that happens, anything to do with Russia will be off my list for sure.

            • They are still sovereign countries. Whatever you may think of the USA is irrelevant, invading border countries simply because you want to control what is going on in there is about as wrong as it gets. Period.

                • But you really dont know thats why they do it. In Ukrain get the things really out of control, so i wont feel myself safe near the borders.

              • So what if they’re sovereign countries? Ukrainian president was removed by force, illegally and non-democratically. Do you want to say that one set of rules applies for Russia and another for everyone else?

    • actually, Russia already has an opening to the black sea, at least in Sochi…

    • “someone got to atleast make a stand against the western new world order/domination.”

      That just took stupidity to a whole new level. Well played :))))) THE WESTERN NEW WORLD ORDER!

      You fucking indoctrinated maggot. The “west” has absolutely no power. Germany? France? UK? They’ll just talk and organize press conferences yelling at Russia to stop. That’s all what they’d do because they depend on Russia. If they anger the tzar, they don’t get gas. If they don’t get gas, they get public unrest and they lose their comfortable seats and thousands of euros. The EU is corrupt as fuck and they only care about getting rich while kissing Putin’s ass for his gas. The USA couldn’t care less about what’s happening in eastern Europe. So tell me… where’s this “western new world order”?

      You’re greek, right? I’d love to see how you’d defend your beloved ruskies when they will want an exit to the Mediterranean Sea and take one of your islands.

      And what the fuck has religion to do with Putin and his monkeys from Crimea?

  3. I think that FTR should stay out of political subjects. We, already, have enough flame war blogs.

  4. Invading other countries is the most important part of the Russian culture. They invaded us in 1848 when we were trying to get rid of the Habsburg rule, they invaded us in 1956 when we were trying to get rid of the Communists. They invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968 (and I’m truly ashamed that Hungarian troops took part in it), they invaded almost every single from Berlin to Vladivostok, from Kiev to Kabul. Am I surprised? Not a bit. I can nothing but hope that the Ukrainians will be strong enough to cope with this danger.

    • Putin is no fool. He won’t risk a WWIII, because he knows he can’t win against all of NATO. Even if China helps.

  5. Dont worry there wont be war. It will end in a status que and NATO with the US will let Putin play on “his” playground on Eastern Europe. Crimea will be voted by the majority of its 54%+ Russian inhabitants for separation of Ukraine and end of story. Ukraine army is in a terrible state and the vast majority would refuse to fight against the Russian army since they know it would be suicide. There will be alot of tension for the upcoming months, but it will settle down. Putin needs to make muscles and thats all.

    • i am not saying there will be a full out war, far from it. However we europeans never tought there would be a (civil)war in europe after ww2 exept if the cold war would have became an actual war. Yet only a few years ago we had kosovo and youguslavia,..

      ”As long as there are men, there will be war”

      But then again, i agree with you that it is mostly a powerplay, showing some muscles. But, that is a dangerious game to play.

      EDIT: there have been more wars/conflicts in europe of course, yet that one is the one wich made the most impression on people where i live (belgium) cause it wasnt that far away, neither that long ago, and from what i heared bloody as well

      • shame on you, everybody forgot about the Yugoslavia.
        my dad was a bluehead (UN troop for peace)
        he said back in 1995 that this will come back
        the borders are just for the globe, but the people cross these borders

    • There’s gonna be an lawful lot of tension and Russians dwell on creating unrest. They already are talking about the security of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. And when Russians express such caretaking approach, I feel a shiver.

    • Your “solution” to the Invasion is the most likely, but the argument a army would not fight because it is suicide is NO argument, so why hold a permanent Army if it refuses to fight when a war takes place? I served for my country (Germany) and i would fight everyone who invades my country, dont matter if its a bigger army…

      tl:dr War is shit, dont fight, find a solution. An army has to fight when ordered to.

  6. On one hand, “sieg heil” to the new Hitler…. On other hand, russians are acting like russians (barbarians, peasants with guns) so nothing unusual.

      • Well, I worked with russians for a while, there was no shortage of inbred degenerates there fueled by nationalist pride, alcohol and drugs – behaving like 3rd world peasants of the rudest kind was just a little extra.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Out of hundreds/thousands of Russians I’ve met I know exactly one (!) family who happens to live in my neighborhood and is not totally fucking retarded – quite the opposite actually.
          Everyone else I know can best be described as “inbred degenerates fueled by nationalist pride, alcohol and drugs – behaving like 3rd world peasants of the rudest kind”.
          There’s a reason why Russians are the least appreciated tourists all over the world.

          • That sounds very much like american tourists as well…

            both countries are as bad as each other, but in different ways…

            Imperialist Empire builders masquerading as democracies (and/or communists years ago)…

            ..with the arrogance to match…

    • It’s funny how you started your comment.
      Those guys thought the exact same thing.

  7. I’m pretty sure I may have summed it up yesterday when talking to other WoWS people, when I said
    “It could be the end of society or we know it
    or, more likely, nothing will happen”
    Except for Soviet Crimea, anyway.

  8. Let the Russians have the Crimea – its historically theirs, they are the dominant there and its not worth fighting over.

    Its funny how back in the day – the Cold War to be precise – we in the West would have nuked them. I hope this does not happen. I live about 4 miles away from Westminster.

    • well, you didn’t nuke USSR and other WarPac countries when they invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968… not that I would want that nuclear war, but from certain point of view, it looks like you (the British, or NATO) would help Ukraine more likely than Czechoslovakia back those days…

    • “Let the Russians have the Crimea – its historically theirs, they are the dominant there and its not worth fighting over.”

      Go read some books before you make such DUMB statements. Crimea historically belonged to the Golden Horde and Ottoman Empire (Turkey) after that. Russians just occupied Crimea in 18th century. Tatars are the REAL inhabitants of Crimea and not Russians. And Tatars don’t want to live under Russian influence. They said many times that Ukraine is their country and not some idiots like Russia.

  9. SS honestly i think you should stay out of politics. I know you dont like (or should i say you hate) Russians, like all people living in (small, petty) former Soviet puppets do – but comparing Putin to Hitler is seriously over the top. At the very least he has to go through whole deathcamps thing before that comparison is viable.

    With that said, all i can add is: it all belongs to the Motherland.


  10. All in all, the only thing the Russians are doing, is extending a helping hand to those in need. They sure will not stay for longer than needed to.

    Yes, I am saying this with sarcasm.

    • Hehe, reminds me of Baltic countries on 1940. Friend Stalin asked nicely to allow troops into our borders so he can defend us from Ze Germans, the next day came ultimatums. And they stayed here for 50 years :) Wanna take a bet on how long will they stay in Crimea?

  11. I’m from Poland and I know both Polish and European history in general. You may think I’m a mad man, but IMHO passiveness is the worst thing and for one goddamn moment Europe should engage Russia. For so many years we’ve observed Putin rebuilding the position of Russia as a new Soviet Union and this does not lead to anything good. But, of course, Europeans and Americans don’t give a damn.

    • Totally agree. It’s the very moment we should take care of Russia and Putin once and for all.

    • US and especially EU is dying. Gay rights and human rights for bandits are most important. Good riddance.

      I hope Russia manages to secure their interests despite what the amusingly hypocritical west says.

      • Fuck you, ok? Human rights is something every civilized country SHOULD have. If a human person cannot have a right to live, what kind of country is that? In my opinion, barbaric.
        Same for gay rights: who are you to judge someone just because he loves a person? Why not read up on how russian psychoes go around beating the crap and sometimes killing 15 year old boys for being gay… Is that good in your opinion?

        • Fuck you. I’d rather live in a country where a murderer isn’t protected more than the victim and his family.

          I judge them in the same way you judge me. I don’t want gays to have more rights than normal people.
          If gays are alright, why not polygamist?Or other deviations?

          • When it comes to that, human rights have nothing to do about it. But the law of that country… I know in Slovenia, the law is you cant be in prison longer than 20 years, no matter what you did. That isnt because of human rights, but because of the law in that country.

            read up a bit on the difference, you might learn something.
            Well about the gay issue, yes exactly! And in Russia and sadly more other countries, gays have LESS rights than other people and that is an issue.

            • When I condemnd human rights I don’t mean people are worms and their life means nothing. But you don’t need some shitty paper named “Human Rights” which only creates absurd situation to respect human life and to create some guaranteed standard of living.
              Recently in Poland there was an uproar after a pedophile who killed 4 children went out of prison after 25 years. His punishment was originally death.

              In my opinion he should be dead. But barbarians got to power and bandits are being protected. He gets paid by the country and even has bodyguards. Removing death penalty was a huge step back in European culture. And a serious blow to morality.

              I don’t care about homosexual laws. If they just stfu and live normally they have the same laws as everyone else. Instead some groups of gays(most homosexuals, and those I respect, don’t give a shit in this whole political “gay” rights mess.)

              • Ye, this news you said, that was stupid to let him go… I’m not saying death penalty is a good thing, but they could just give him life penalty in prison instead…

                And again, about the gay laws, they cant live normally, do you get it? They are thrown on the street, beat up, killed, discriminated, how the hell can they live normally when they have to hide their whole life?

                • I think this is an exaggeration. Gays are funny creatures shoving their orientation in your face and demanging absurd laws. Children adoption? Really? You want that? Or changing the texts in official documents from “Mother and “Father” to “Parent 1″ “Parent2″.

                  I’m not surprised some poeple lose their temper and beat them.
                  And a gay acting like a girl is the most annoying.

                  Homosexuals on the other hand are rational people who don’t care about silly shit and can live normally and are respected even after admitting their orientation.

                • Holy crap, where did you fall of? the Moon?
                  Firstly, Gay is the guy homosexual, lesbian is the woman. Do you understand?
                  There have been alot of times when gay parents made better fathers or mothers than heterosexual ones.This is a FACT.

                  And again, homosexuals ARENT RESPECTED in many countries, alot of African ones, Russia, Jamaica…. So please, watch the news or read some newspapers, maybe you will learn something.

              • Gays are filth from the US. The proper term is “homosexual”. As in sexual contact of the same gender.

          • Polygamia is legal in 1/6 of the world, in it’s islamic part. And for the goodness of human genes, polygamia is the way to go.
            But why do you give yourself to claim what is a deviation and what isn’t?
            Considering the fact that the world is a bit over inhabited means that less children is the way to go. And the fact that ancient Jews(Palestina conquest times; they are the ppl who started deathly discrimination of homosexualists and the idea cought on in other religions, most primal religions did not care about sexual orientations) needed as many ppl as possible and thus tried to throw the rate of natural increase sky high does not mean it is good for humanity at the moment.

            • I could marry you :) At last, someone thought about exponential increase of population as argument. Seriously, I thought about it too :)

      • You are funny troll. Your argumentation – it’s like an attempt to scare a prisoner of GULAG with the horrible vision of German women, French cars and British cuisine.

        Although, I don’t think LGBTactivists give an actual sh*t about homosexuals in Russia. There’s no money and ifnluence to gain by doing so.

    • What do you mean with Europeans and Americans do not give a damn? They have been messing around behind the scenes in the Ukraine for month if not years. That leaked conversation with Nuland where everybody went like “how could she say Fuck the EU” was actually much more telling that what everybody focused on. They were discussing who to put in power and who not. How is that not messing around with Ukraine affairs? EU and US have been fuling the fire for month and now are surprised that it’s not exactly burning the way they wanted. Too bad.
      As a German I wonder : What would have happened if the russian and chinese foreign secretary or embassador would have gone to the S21 protests or meet “opposition leaders” at the usual escalating street battles around May in Berlin or went to nuclear protestors during castor transports and held speaches there about how unfair the government is? What if they would fund parties and institutions here that work on a revolution? There is enough disturbance about the turkish premier coming here for campainging and talking to turkish people. Immagine he would found a party here that was supposed to start at the geneal elections. What a outcry would run thru Germany. All that has been done by German and other EU and US folks in the ukraine. To say that Russias action now comes unprovoked and is without any reason is a very one sided way of looking at things.

      • I feel ashamed to be slavic when i read some of polish and czech guys here. wow this is realy great reply :) finaly some facts and truth…and from German and western :) good job and i love how U compared with turkish president.

      • Nice comment at last.

        Guys please stop discussing politics in such a biased manner. What happens in Ukraine is a power struggle very similar to the “interventions” into Serbia (Russianbashing by the Nato – just look it up, pretty obvious that it was all about limiting Russia’s Influence by hurting their strongest ally in Europe). Same as georgia … Russia will not accept that one of his neighbours joins “the enemy” and will protect its interests with military might. In Georgia russia gave weapons, money and later passports to “terrorists/freedom fighters”. In Serbia Nato took side in a domestic war and fed us bullshit about concentration camps and mass killings. There is no “good” or “evil” side in this conflict – Europe, Russia, USA: They are only in it for power and money. This is not a matter of black & white. We westerners don’t know who supported the protesters in Kiew, we don’t know what exactly happened there, russians will probably accept only their propaganda as truth. And to discuss politics based on biased western or russian press information is extremely stupid.

  12. Russians gonna.. Russian?

    But yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if NATO tried to talk it out (aka not really caring) and in the meantime letting Russian forces steamroll the place.

  13. Russia will not allow a western aligned state to have a direct border. I think crimea will become part of russia, dont think they will press on into ukraine. Last thing russia needs is another guerilla war to fight. (Referencing chechnya)

    • If Crimea becomes part of Russia a guerilla war is what they will get judging by the footage of the ultra nationalists in Kiev, they were very keen that the Russians don’t take Crimea

  14. I like how Russia is meddling with ukrainian internal affairs of Ukraine while at the same time vetoing any help towards the syrian insurgents because messing with their stuff is not cool.

    • Syrian insurgents are terrorist scum. And Syria is Russia’s sphere of influence.

        • Not only on christians. That scum executes everyone who isn’t on their side. There is plenty of vids on liveleak or bestgore of men, women and youth being executed by various extremist groups. I’m utterly disgusted with the west for siding with them. the EU and US are a filthy joke.

          • well, looks like Hizballah (fighting on Asad’s side against those Syrian insurgents, and yeah, it’s the same Hizballah that hates anything non-islamic) is made of saints for you… :D

            • Hezbollah is a terrorist organization for the US, Britain, France and Canada. The EU does not consider it a terrorist organisation. Besides the amount of Hezbollah fighters is like a drop of water in the ocean.

              • Yeah guys .. Assad is such a nice guy, bombing and starving cities, torturing anybody who doesn’t support him and all. Black and White once again!
                A dictator who doesn’t care about his own people on one side, militias including bandits, islamic extremists and other scum on the other. I hope we can agree that the only thing that is sure in this conflict: Less killing and an end to the war will benefit the people there most.
                I sometimes wander how we would be informed about the cuban uprising today. It was actually pretty similar – evil communist terrorists on one side, evil dictator on the other. And nearly everybody was sure that they supported the “good guys” when it actually was a power struggle between two evils.

  15. I guess if a game breaks out, it will have quite negative impact on RU gaming community too. It might even lead to closing of RU servers for some time and more relying on EU/NA servers. But that’s a purely hypotethical situation, who knows.

  16. Like in 1930s Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. I hope that somehowe Russians stop. Gorgia, Ukraine, next Baltic states…
    It is bad that Obama is president of USA, Bush would be beter for time of war. Cowboy diplomacy is much better for contacts with Russia.

      • You DO of course understand that NATO wouldn’t give a rats ass about Baltic States if they were invaded by Russia? NATO would try to “talk” with Russia and then just do nothing. We’re simply too small to be useful for anything.

      • Chechoslovakia had deals with France and GB, and when germans got in, it was sold.
        If we want to compare the 2 situations, and Russia to 3rd Reich, than:
        Georgia invasion was like Suddeten Mountains overtaking
        and then Ukraine would be like Austria’s anschluss.
        Following the plot further, if Georgia gets fully ocupied by Russia we will be 6 months away from a war. So now we are 1 year away from it…

      • I dont think Russia falls behind USA. To be honest, every country hates “native russians” thats for shure! Well atleast in EU.

    • Uchinator please get some info. Bush was a homicidal warmonger and he invaded several countries on the pretense of fighting terrorism. Just get some real knowledge what afghan leaders today think of the Americans (their president whom they installed for example).
      Or how they justified the first and second gulf war. Lying Cowboys who bomb countries into rubble and leave chaoting war zones behind when they leave? Who doesn’t want Reagans and Bushes back! Gotta love em!
      If Putin wanted to do it Bush-style he would already be bombing Kiew, would have shown fabricated evidence to a neighbor to get support and justification and would have gone before the UN to show how Ukrainian Leaders were building weapons of mass desctruction. Ah – and they would support tchetchen terrorists – almost forgot that. Putin is not really worse than Bush.

  17. Well from where I am, in Australia, I’m hoping for Euro War 1 (WWIII).

    I’m just glad it won’t affect us here at all. A nuclear winter would only mean I have to put on a T Shirt.

  18. Georgia, Moldova, now Ukraine. Probably the best option would be the UN intervention. Probably everything will end with the russian annexion of Crimean Peninsula.
    I just hope so the UE gonna sanction the sh*t out of Russians and USA start export enough shale gas and oil to make Putin’s Russia crumble.

    And sorry for Munich betrayal, SS. We could do better.

    • UN intervention is extremely unlikely (like it was in 1968 during the “Prague Spring” in Czechoslovakia), because Russia is one of the five leading countries of UN, so it can (and surely will) veto everything that would be directly against Putin’s wishes…

  19. What makes me sick is that Crimeans actually WANT to join Russia but warmongering American liberating everything in Middle-East says no. That really makes me mad!

    • 60% of russians there, others dont. You need greater majority than this to annex something. At least in my eyes.

  20. Well taking from the intrest prospective
    Russia lost Lybia and Syria but couldnt do anything about them cause they where too far
    now Crimea is right on there doorstep they wont let this stratigically part to be in the hands of EU and NATO
    and also now Russia is the bad guy i guess and poor EU with Nato are the guy’s gonna save the situation again e???
    btw when this thing ends Ukraine must prepaire from a nice visit from IMF and the EU economical stuff cause as they say they are gonna bankrupt….soo yeah! russia is bad EU(cough Germany cough) and Nato(US/IMF) are the heroes where they are waiting with their hands open to starting and draining money from this country too….

  21. This article supports the research that says that the right-wingers are less intelligent.

  22. Corrupt politics – thats what I think. And Russian politics wants to be an Empire once again.

    World havent changed for few thousand years it seems – always wars and control zones…

    • Its sad but true everyone always has an agenda. I think we can all agree its a shitty situation that Ukraine is in atm.

  23. Ukrainian army is in bad shape, so a war is not going to happen. And Crimea wont join Russia as well, it could even remain in Ukraine but with higher autonomy.
    But it’s only if Putin didn’t lost his mind completely.
    BTW that TV propaganda from both sides sounds ridiculous. What a shitty world we’re leaving in.

  24. We have this shit in my country for last 10 years. Occupied territory and all the problems that come with that. I hope we will free Kosovo from Albanian occupation in peaceful way, and I believe it is better that Albanians continue the occupation as long as necessary, just to avoid war. I hope this shit in Ukraine will be resolved without war, in the end, it’s better to be mad but intact, than to be mad and bombed…

  25. sadly, this needs to end up in a military intervention – yes I absolutely know what I’m saying and I’m not saying it lightly
    it’s the Xth time RU government / leadership involves itself into independent states business, remember Georgia?

    EU and non EU countries need to pull their collective heads from the sand and mobilize their armies at the Ukrainian border, flood the Black Sea with warships – Russia needs to get out of Crimea, one way or the other
    Russia need a beating they’ll never forget and needs to happen from a unified Europe, not US – actually US needs to stay away this time

    Cold War never ended, it only got warmer a bit

            • As a european citizen I feel oppressed by EU and the west as is 70% of my country’s population. And I have a feeling other country’s citizens feel the same way. Who ever disagrees with your pretty ugly opinion is not a troll.

              • I too have some issues towards EU, even if i live in a EU member country
                but that doesn’t come even close to the threat Russia poses to the security of the region

                • You have to understand our greek friend here. Ever since he lost his 14th salary and his country got the message that “you can’t have an economy based only on tourism”, he thinks that Germany, the country that loaned them but requested them to work, is a tyrant and likes enslaving Europe, and creating the 4th Reich is the next thing to happen.

                • 4 people living with a 900euro salary with half of it being only the rent. It’s not the 14th salary. I am a 20 year old guy that has absolutely no future and I don’t even have enough money to eat anything but pasta every day. Something you people with your 2k euro salaries and half the living cost you’ll never understand.

                  Greece never had a chance. Since 1973 all the prime ministers have been appointed through mass media propaganda, controlled riots and assassinations plans. It was all planned. A guy that actually tried to boost Greece’s economy and make it independent was almost assassinated by US secret agencies and had to step down for his family’s sake. Then the west appointed one of their guys again. And don’t think these are conspiracy theories. They are official reports by EYP and FSB. Google “assassination plan pythia”

                  So yeah we never had a chance. This is what this fascist western nwo is all about.

                • why don’y you move to mother Russia since you love them some much?
                  I’m out of a job for about 5 years now and I see no light at the end of my tunnel
                  but damn if I die and let Russia set another foot closer, they’re around 500Km away from me, practically at my door step

    • Funny you should say that zMeul. I cant count the times the US and NATO has invilved itself into independent states’ buisness either, dispensing freedom like PEZ. Remember Vietnam, Lybia, Sytia, Iraq, Afghanistan, those stuff?

      If someone needs a beating its the goddamn yanks, allways with their noses in somebody else’s buisness. Most of the time countries that are half a world away.

  26. This is a dangerous situation not for ukraine,but for europe.If crimeea will separate,many countryes will have problems..Moldova with Transnistria,Kosovo,Romania with hungaryan population..and many many more..

  27. Here, the world can see once again that Putin is a greedy nationalist, who uses fascist methods to reach his goals, in short: he acts like Hitler in many ways and still claims to be a anti-fascist democrat. Strangely enough, a lot of Russians are proud of their country and history. How can a person be proud to live in a fascist dictatorship? How pitiful!

    • What’s fascist is the way the “democratic” west appoints leaders in countries through mass media propaganda, controlled riots and assassinations plans. Ex. 2009 Greece.

      And whoever country slips their grasp and actually dare to be independent with a strong independent leaders gets the Libya, Syria, Iraq etc. treatment.

      • it is actually not only the “imperialist western” aproach ;) remember 2008 Georgia? or from more distant past, remeber 1938, München?

  28. I completely understand why Russia wants the Crimea. They just want it for two simple reasons: Their biggest Black Sea fleet lies there and 54% of the people are Russian. But they shouldn’t have gone there with military forces. They should have diplomatically done this. Now, the Russian armored forces are there and the Ukrainian army is getting ready for a hell of a fight.

    Still, for once I choose the USA side. Mostly because they are trying to do this very carefully by talking and asking a lot. This way, I completely agree. But if the US army is going there. Fuck them. Let them fight it out, Europe can help because Ukraine lies in Europe. The European Union can just send their military forces there to support whichever side. Because the US should just focus on defending their own territory and they are NOT a part of the European Union and the US is not situated in Europe.

    So, I would choose the side of the European Union, because it’s more their business than that of the US.

    • +1
      but IMHO EU would do nothing…
      If all the time was used to build common EU armed forces and to unify foreign affairs, then EU would really be a force to be reckoned with… yet, the leadership has too much trouble deciding what should be called “butter”…

      However, it would be a pleasant surprise if Europe would help Ukraine in case of armed conflict.
      Yet, I still hope diplomatic sollution will be found…

  29. This is the first comment I will post here after SS changed the comment system.

    I am a German twenty somthing, just to give you a little background info.

    Russia’s interest mainly lies in securing their military basis in the region and maintaining access to the Black sea.

    Same as ossetia this conflict will turn violent unless there are troops of other nations present. This will not happen however since this would really be risking wwIII. Russia will take the Crimean and the west will just watch. I consider this to be really sad, but it is better to sacrifice the Ukraine than go to war from NATOs perspective.

    I do not like that Russia is not even engaging in talks with Kiev.

    • You are right.
      And the reason Russia isn’t engaging talks with Kiev is that in their opinion, Janukovich is still president so they think they don’t need to talk to anybody there.(this is my opinion)

      • It’s mainly because Russia do not want to talk to people who stood on the Maidan under the flag of Ukrainian WW2 collaborationists, and with people who were actually fighting in Chechnya against Russia in 90′s.

        • and also because of typical behaviour of “superpower”… Had Russia (or USSR for that matter, or any otther regional or “super” power like USA) ever talked about something like that? AFAIK no…

  30. And Polish politicians will be the first to lead the charge when shit hits the fan, as always… *sigh*

    Well, at least they won’t flee to Romania this time. :P

    Instead of talking it out with Russians in the first place they went full retard – much support, doge solidarity, wow. Yeah, sure – romantic, but dumb as hell. It would be best to decide on Ukraine’s fate without it’s knowledge. Realpolitik ftw, and it’s about time Polish politicians start using ther brains instead of their asses.

    And I would let Putin do whatever he wants to upa scum.

    Gotta feel sorry for the average people though, since they always get it worst.

  31. Bombing Serbia for 3 months to protect some Kosovarians is ok, but sending some hundred soldiers to protect russians on Crimea is not?

    I think russian militaries and leaders cannot understand why US and Europa can invade every country they want, but they can not!
    I think the EU made a bad decision to support a self pronounced “new government” and the illegal change of leadership. Some 100.000 in Kiev shoudnt decide for 45 Mio. citizens of ukraine.
    So now EU, you started the fire, now fight it!

    • funny thing, the indigenous population in Crimea in not russian
      who’s protecting them? not Russia, of course

      if they love Russia so much, pack their bags and off you go, I heard Syberia is nice this time of year

    • There’s a difference. The USA really wants to protect human rights, while Putin only wants to control and expand his sphere of influence and imperialistic dreams, under the smokescreen of “protection of Russians”.

      BTW: It’s an insult to compare the USA with a de-facto fascist state like Russia.

      • “The USA really wants to protect human rights”

        Yeah no point reading further in your comment really. Can you count to potato or only until firetruck?

        Like I said in a previous comment what’s fascist is the way the “democratic” west appoints leaders in countries through mass media propaganda, controlled riots and assassinations plans like Ex. 2009 Greece. Not Putin.

      • and it’s insult to me that you said USA really wants to protect human rights.

        don’t mix americans with their government.

      • USA has a law where any citizen/foreigner can be inprisoned indefinitely, solely based on “suspicion”.

        Human rights USA style.

  32. Crimea belongs to Russia, Ukrainian Nazis should fuck off. Russia should carpet bomb Kiev like they did with Grozny. Lets see if those cockroaches like some Russian firepower. And while Russia is at it, they should send in Spetnaz to butcher those Western Imperialist Fascist puppet government.

    And if we are lucky Russia and the whole west can destroy each other so I can enjoy some great movies from China about WW3 while I eat popcorn from a safe distance in Iceland.

    • Haha, good trolling there ;)

      I wonder what you where you will get food from a country that depends almost exclusively from importing goods when the west is destroyed :)

    • Hm, and play Chinese wot? Sounds nice… And I always had a thing for asian beauties…

      Yup, moving to Iceland now… :D

      But I don’t think things will escalate that much.

        • I’m neither right nor left winger. Strange, huh? See, if something works then why should I care if it’s a bit socialistic (that’s the right word?) or Friedman-ish deregulation?

          As for the non-economic aspects – I don’t care either.

          3rd option ftw!

          • Third Way is just another lie to implement Laissez Faire Capitalism that will destroy humanity with poverty, corruption and birth control.

            Third Way is a stupid argument created by Neo Liberals. Stupid Liberals does not understand that Capitalism fails and will always fail, its a disease such as history proven. History not written by the elites of the west.

    • ….says someone from a country with no standing army. You’d better hope nobody discovers that active volcanoes actually have oodles of gold hidden at the bottom of them.

      • Invading Iceland? Someone is wasting resources. Cold wasteland with nothing but Icelandic horses and fish. Good luck standing up against our secret volcanic laser cannons.

  33. I like how the USA and NATO are like “Russia, meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs, not cool” when the same USA and NATO tried to meddle (and succeeded to some extent) with Afghanistan, Lybia and Syria. The irony is baffling.

    Also, directly after the ousting of the Ukrainian president (which was chosen for that position by ways of democracy) , a new one, pro-EU pops up and without any democratic backup starts taking loans from EU…a BIT too convenient if you ask me. Something is not legit there. Random-ass snipers killing protesters? No sane president would sent snipers killing protesters, that’s insane.

      • Did not see anything about tanks. And also the ones responsible were sent to prison for this.

        • “The forces used in the main thrust against the miners consisted of eight companies of riot police (ZOMO, supported by ORMO (police reservists) and NOMO) with seven water cannons, three companies of military infantry fighting vehicles (each of 10 vehicles) and one company of tanks.”

          • Doesn’t mean the tanks actually fired in anger. They are just there to spook people off. Turns out if bad comes to worse tanks are not as effective against hordes of people toting Molotov Cocktails as one would think.

  34. Ukraine should secede control of Crimea to the Russians and the Crimeans should create a new country called “Crimea the Russian-Gay-Cock-Sucker-State” since they’re so PRO Russians and would otherwise throw away liberty, freedom and democracy all in favor of Communism hiding in a Parliament form.

    The thing tho is that Ukraine is practically helpless should Russia invade them to take back control. EU doesn’t seem interested on Ukraine, nor Ukraine offers any significance to US… UN would be of no help too since Russia and China would simply veto any decision to aid Ukraine. *sigh*

    Well good luck to Ukraine…

    • EU doesn’t seem interested in Ukraine? So that’s why they are immediately sending financial help to the new self-appointed president there, who is strangely enough pro-EU as fuck.

      • That\s the point EU(cough”Germany”) gives money now as a help to the poor country but when Ukraine enters EU well there pretty good boddys will start asking for there money back and cause the Ukraine economy is shit let’s say we will have another Greece/Spain situation on the horizon where EU guy’s threaten Ukraine that if it doesnt certain changes in the economy they will bankrupt and also they will put some other lies like if Ukraine falls EU falls too and then there we go we have another country bound by the lawns and the good guys from EU decide what to do to help

        It is about the money and it was always about the money
        All working as intended and all according to plan

  35. Split fake state Ukraine and gief back ukraine territories to the rightful owners Russia, poland, Slovakia and Romania

      • since when Romania is a fake country m8 :D?, and why in Transylvania there are a lot more romanians than hungarians since they never have had any kind off mass movement policy of population like USSR had.

          • So if no humans live in Romania what were these guys :D ? Matei Corvin (Hunyadi Mátyás), Iancu de Hunedoara (Hunyadi János)
            p.s. ofc U kno that these 2 guys are Romanians no?

            • Stop arguing silly people… I know how to sort this disagreement out.

              I will take all the land for myself, so you guys don’t need to argue over who it all belongs to.

            • Just leave the troll with his wet dreams which are older than his ancestors.
              No reason to start a flamewar.

          • well on 4 august 1919,alliens(romanians) entered in Budapest,but here is not about ro..not atm we hope.

  36. That’s it! Fuck you SS. I’ve seen a lot of moments where you was making some BS stuff and behaving like a faggot but politics this is too much – just fuck you.

    • Even though I got Czech friends and I know how they feel about Russia SS included. This article has been pretty neutral. I think he just wanted to cause some nice drama to eat his pop corn. :P

    • Butthurt Russians :P

      Not so long ago that hypocrit Putin told that no one should mess with internal affairs of Syria. Guess that doesnt count for Ukraine too…

      • And Putin is right – noone should directly interfere with matters in Syria – let it bleed. And what would you do if things your neighbour country, in which you have very important millitary base went to shit? Grab a popcorn?

        Hypocrite or not, Putin is doing the most sensible thing from his country’s point of view.

  37. I think USA and Russia should back the fuck off and let the people of Ukraine decide what the heck they want in a nation-wide referendum. Also the Crimean people should vote on whether they wanna be a part of russia or not.

    • For Ukraine some thinks might become easier if they get rid of crim with the Black sea fleet.
      So they could trade it for russia allowing them to close up to europe maybe.
      And the conflict with russian minority solves to…

  38. Putin has to accept that the recent regime change in Ukraine is the will of the majority of people in Ukraine. The new Ukranian regime has to accept that the majority of people in Crimea have allegiance with Moscow. Kiev and Moscow have to come to the diplomatic arena. The UN cannot intervene, Russia has a veto on the Security Council. NATO could do something but the citizens of NATO countries are tired of war. We’ve just come out of Iraq and Afghanistan. The British and American public do not want to send troops into a conflict they have nothing to do with.

  39. My guess, and probably very common overall, for what will happen: EFE will face lots of teams made of Russian tanks.

    And Russia will take Crimea, and they are like “deal with it” with the rest of the world. Imagine if they didn’t invade Crimea now, next Ukraine government might join NATO, and that would mean US in Crimea.

  40. I don’t really want to comment on whether Russia is justified in being there beyond reinforcing the Black Sea Fleet base, because I’m not there, nor am I a fly on the wall in any decision making process, or have access to intel or anything, so I don’t feel it’s right to judge.

    What I WILL say, is regardless of Russia’s actions being right or wrong, the USA(The government, not the people!) has absolutely no right to sit there and tell them to respect Ukraine’s “international sovereignty” and all that jazz. While I do agree that it does need to be respected, the USA (again ,the government, not the American people!) is not the country to be telling someone to do it given there history, like Iraq for instance.

    Lastly, I’m pretty confident that if the tables were turned, and the US or UK had a naval base and an entire fleet + millions of their people in a foreign country that was going through what Ukraine was, you can bet they would have had additional military forces in that country a lot faster then Russia did.

    Plus did the Crimean PM not ask Russia to come and help anyways? The whole situation is gotten way more stupid then it needed to be IMO.

    • Agree with you on this, USA has no moral stand point on this matter, not least because they have illegally invaded a large number of country’s in recent history, but also funded coups in many more. Here is another fact, the US has spent $5 billion funding the opposition to the Ukraine regime.

      I am no fan of Russia or that midget Putin, but how else did America think Russia would react to them funding a regime change on their border? Feels like someone actually wants another world war…..

    • A-and, we have a winner! First sane, not BS biased person in the whole thread.

  41. I like how EU media is trying to make russia look bad. Im not saying russia is doing right, Iim saying that EU media are cocksuckers who like to brainwash us into believing what USA want us to believe. This is no different than what USA and other countries are doing on daily basis imo.

      • Just look at the BBC, state run, publicly funded, bullshit broadcasting corporation. The British state gets to pump out propaganda for free… nice.

        I don’t have or want a TV, but I still have to put up with the harassment from TV licencing. Next time I get them on my doorstep, I will give the tossers a nasty shock.

  42. >>A lot of people compare the situation to Czechoslovakia in 1938, when Adolf Hitler, using blackmail and cowardice of former Czechoslovak allies, forced Czechoslovakia to secede its border regions at the pretense of “protecting ethnic Germans”. Now, almost 80 years later, we know very well it was a lie and where it led. These methods of armed invasion make Putin look like Hitler probably much more than he would like.<<

    The west was fine with a new fashist regime in germany. They tought the can use it as a shield/weapon against the soviet union. Now, 80 years later, we know very well where it led.

  43. Sovie… err Russians will just gank another country (Georgia 2008) and the rest of the world will just watch. I just wonder what is their next target after Ukraine, Poland or Belarus?

    • >Belarus

      That’s highly improbable, as long as Luka is at the steering wheel (and the situation won’t change for at least 10-15 years, before he sinks in a complete senility). And nobody gives a shit about Poland besides pollacks, so stop worrying.

  44. Ah…the usual US+EU+Russian influence over a country with some nasty internal problems…they’ll never fuck off and leave the “lesser” countries take care of their own…
    Sometimes I hate the world I live in.

  45. @Loki March 2, 2014 at 5:29 pm (Yeah, I screwed something, but who cares)

    Why Belarus? O_o

    As for Poland – well, I don’t care. I don’t care if he gets some of his minions stage a revolution and replace those fucktards that were ruling this country since ’89, if he annexes it (might be best for Poles, since we suck at ruling our own country) or nukes to hell and back.

    This is coming from Gdynia, Poland! Hell, I even wanted to join the millitary, but was rejected (not enough money to recruit more soldiers). Im one hell of a patriot… :P

    • “Yeah, I screwed something, but who cares”

      I do…FFS, how dare you screw something!?…how could you!?
      You don’t deserve to live anymore!

      (Change this font’s size to 4 or lower)Sorry, this thread’s discussion got boring as hell.

      • >You don’t deserve to live anymore!
        I know… I’m a complete failure. T_T

  46. The Russians are certainly talented at screwing other countries in the long term and just profiting when the smoldering fire bursts and this is just another example.

    I have no hate for the Russian people but I simply loath the way they go about their business on the world stage. They have been at it for hundreds of years. I wouldn’t mind at if someone showed them a lesson, but a full scale war is not something we should be wanting. Nothing good will come of it.

    • Every country that perceives itself as STRONK tend to screw with other smaller countries. That goes to US as much as Russia. I wonder why China is somehow keeping calm when there’s so much funny shit going around? Well, they probably have a nice bright future of world domination ahead, so we should start learning chinese as it would be kinda useful soon.

      • I agree that all big powers tend to step over the little guys in order to pursue their interests. Though I perceive Russia’s methods as being more crude and cruel. It systematically tried to control other lands and populations by forcefully changing their culture and imposing their own, by bringing other ethnicities they could control and carving up their territories ensuring that even if things don’t go their way in the short term they still could win in the long term.

        About China; I think what we can take from China’s long history is that it likes stability and has phenomenal ability to adapt. I think their domination will be more subtle and less violent, but I could envisage they’d take advantage of a weakened Russia to carve some new territory.

        • > It systematically tried to control other lands and populations by forcefully changing their culture and imposing their own
          Is that why nowadays kids drink Coca-Cola®, go to McDonalds™ and actually know more about Spiderman and Batman than about any historical person of their countries? Or is that why I am replying to you in English? Cultural influence of United States is much more noticeable, to say the least, and Americans have not even invaded my country yet (thank god that we don’t have any valuable resources). Now I don’t think that this is bad, but it’s not any better than what Russians would probably do if they had the strength.

          >I perceive Russia’s methods as being more crude and cruel
          White phosphorus and cluster bombs are equally cruel regardless of which country’s army uses them. Soldiers are prone to killing for fun and raping regardless of their nationality. And I don’t see why destabilizing other countries almost to the point of anarchy (this becomes some kind of national sport for US; guess they just like to wipe out arab people) is more gentle than taking control of some territory and establishing puppet government. Can anyone really tell which kind of shit is tastier?

          • Dude, I don’t love the USA and I know it did plenty of bad things, but even so I don’t remember the US killing millions of its own people or sending them gulags because they seemed “suspicious”.(I know about the Japanese Americans in WW2 and still does not compare). I don’t disagree that they too pursue their interests cold heartedly around the world but does your hatred for the US make you blind. Learn to distinguish the shades of gray here. There is no black and white in this world.
            Even if aspects of its culture are global now, do you think it’s equal to having to start speaking Russian the next day or be killed or imprisoned, because that’s what you’re comparing the spread of English and American pop culture to.
            If I were to choose between 2 evils, US and Russia to conquer my country I’d choose the US in a heartbeat. My people have seen what the Russians are like already, some of them for the past 200 years, They have been so manipulated by them they don’t even know who they are and what language or history it is they have.

            Also I’m rather tired of people butting in on criticism of a certain country and saying the other one did the same or worse. So what, criticizing the US does not make me love Russia or the other way around

    • The Americans are certainly talented at screwing other countries in the long term and just profiting when the smoldering fire bursts and this is just another example.

      Works both ways i guess.

      • Every time I criticize Russia or China, etc somebody has point out the obvious about the US. I don’t disagree, they just use somewhat different methods.

  47. I’m not sure the damn Russians would stop at Crimea if Ukraine will mount any resistance. Maybe they will not advance further only if Ukraine gives them Crimea without any further incidents. They are not content with the fact that their influence in Eastern Europe will decline in favor of the American’s influence who would control the new government in Kiev.

  48. Interesting comments. The bottom line is this. The Crimea is part of Ukraine. No ifs, ands or buts…….. Before 1948, the Occupation forces of Israel unilateral decided to declare war on Palestine, it was Palestine.

    BTW, for all you pro Israelis, The UN cant give a piece of Land away that is not part of its Organization, LMAO. “They weren’t recognized by the UN Jon!” DUH! That means they have No Control of them as well, you fools.

    10 yrs ago Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Kuwait was actually a break away province. Up until 1918 it literally was part of Iraq. Didn’t Stop the World from declaring war on Iraq and ultimately killing him and his Sons. Personally, I believe the World did the right thing, but its not what I feel that matters.

    Its Human Nature that matters. Russia has no Right to anything in Ukraine. Remember this is country that welcomed the Germans in 41′.If they welcomed the Germans as Liberators from Russia back then, how do you think their going to feel about Russia invading them Now! You think they don’t see Putin using the same old Hitler move!

    If you think Ukraine, or even a Single Ukrainian Nationalist isn’t going to be upset by this, you shouldn’t be commenting on this issue and should just read for this one….

    You ever call a Ukrainian a Russian by mistake? LMAO, try it sometime and see what happens.

    This is not good. Not Good at all, and the US, hell everyone, should stay the hell out of it. In case you guys missed something here, THESE ARE TWO NUCLEAR POWERS!

    I find it comical that Putin is using Hitler’s old lines from 39′. Human nature…..cant change it, just endure.

    Good luck my Ukrainian brothers, your in my prayers and have my vote for Freedom and Liberty.

    Будьте здорові

  49. I think WoT will soon have special offer to celebrate the liberation of Crimea from terrorist/nazi/fascists who occupied Kiev. Believe me, I would not be surprised at all.

      • “The Crimean Offensive (8 April – 12 May 1944) — known in German sources as the Battle of the Crimea[citation needed] — was a series of offensives by the Red Army directed at the German-held Crimea. The Red Army’s 4th Ukrainian Front engaged the German 17th Army of Army Group A, which consisted of German and Romanian formations. The battles ended with the evacuation of the Crimea by the Germans. The German and Romanian forces suffered considerable losses during the evacuation.”

        One month and we can celebrate it. The Russians “liberate” Crimea again.

  50. It doesnt matter how Putin feels about new Ukrainian government.
    Bases on Crimea are used by Russians on the basis on Ukrainian-Russian agreement and Ukraine didn’t do anything to harm Russian usage of the bases, while Russians are taking control of the territory they have no right to be under signed agreements.
    So even 1 soldier outside of Russian bases in Crimea is an act of invasion. Pretty simple.

    Also Russia is one of the countries who guarantee ukrainian freedom and sovereignity by the treaty from 1994 – instead they violate that treaty.

    This should be reminded Russia every time Russia will try to make any new deal, any new pact, any new treaty with any other country.

    I only hope that if Russia will start shooting, reaction of the rest of the world will be quick and severe – not by using military force, by alienating Russia, removing them from WTO, blocking their access to the OECD and banning them from all international sports events for the start.

    • “I only hope that if Russia will start shooting, reaction of the rest of the world will be quick and severe – not by using military force, by alienating Russia, removing them from WTO, blocking their access to the OECD and banning them from all international sports events for the start.”

      You mean, the same things that happen every time America invades someone, or France, or UK, or Germany… or any other country?

      I know how one becomes Stalin. He reads a lot of stupid posts. After some time you start dreaming gulags and the world becomes a better place.

        • Well just think about what he said. “If you attack someone you should be removed from all world organizations including sport events.”

          Makes sense right?

          Except that who would then be in these sporting events and organizations? San Marino?
          Name 5 countries that exist today in the world that never attacked another country/land in last 10,000 years. Guess what the Ukrainians did – oh yeah, they had to kill someone to get this land.

  51. Comparing Putin to Hitler? If you said Bush or Obama were like Hitler I would get it, but Putin? He is awesome.

    He should overrun half of Ukraine as far as I care. And the western Ukraine can join EU and starve to death there.

    • lie RU has so stronk economy they can feel a broken 1/2 country with their own resources
      guess what will happen if indeed Ukraine splits – genocide

      Russia has no need for population that even hints at not being on the exact same page with their government orders

    • Hahaha, is more easy the East starve (under the rule of the Neo-Stalin) and his only ”8th place” economy.
      Russian economy Str0nkest!!11

      If the Neo-Stalin wants to recreate his satellites, go behind the Urals and have fun. Ukraine is independent, no one have rights to interfere on what Ukraine should do.

      • You’re still living a hundred years ago. Russia starving? Stalin? Ural? What?

        If no one has the rights to interfere in Ukraine then how come USA and EU could interfere? Double criteria much?

        Everyone has the right to interfere in Ukraine, it’s called international law system, which Ukraine accepted when joining UN and signing many treaties.

  52. U lost one subscriber, with writing this bullshits, where you obviously know almost nothing about, and u just trying to create flame.

    • He just like many still living a 100 yrs ago when grandmas were scaring little Czech people with comrade Stalin.

  53. I predict, using my limited knowledge that there will be some political grandstanding, a lot of politicians strutting around and making noises like big angry birds, maybe a few small skirmishes between the Ukrainian army and the Russian Army and/or pro-Russians in Crimea. Then the EU will try to act but will be bogged down in its inefficient bureaucracy, the USA will do slap on the wrist sanctions, give some money we don’t have to the Ukrainians. Everything will be really tense for a while.

    And then the politicians will settle on a new border for the Crimea going back to Russia, probably with the Russians withdrawing their demands for Ukraine to pay its gas debts today, maybe going back to selling them gas at low prices and then that will be that.

    Traditionally, historically and ethnically Crimea is Russian and there seems to be a stronger sentiment in that area that wants to be Russian instead of NATO. It’s somewhat autonomous already. I doubt the Russians want to deal with a full invasion and occupation of the whole of Ukraine, they’ll act like they want it for leverage but I doubt they want to pay for it in blood over the next ten or twenty years through dealing with resistance groups.

    As for the question of “Is Russia justified in this action?”, I’d say “yes”. They have a lot of interests in that region and have for a very, very long time. Militarily the loss of the Crimea to the EU would be very bad for Russia, so they obviously don’t want that to happen. My country, America, has gone to war over much pettier reasons in the last twenty to thirty years so, really we can’t look at the Russians and go “Shame on you!” when we’re just as bad if not worse at relying on our big green kill power dick to enforce our foreign policy.

    • “Traditionally, historically and ethnically Crimea is Russian…”
      Oh yeah, Russian… Stop smoking that cheap shit. Crimea historically was inhabitated by TATAR people. Russians only started living there when Russia defeated Ottoman Empire in 18th century. Yeah that’s right, Russian people are the colonists there. Russians always use the SAME tactics – occupy a land and tell everyone that it’s their historically…

      “…and there seems to be a stronger sentiment in that area that wants to be Russian instead of NATO.”
      Only Russian people who live in Crimea don’t want to be a part of Ukraine and NATO. Tatars, the REAL inhabitants of Crimea, want to be a part of Ukraine and NATO. They oppose the stupid pro-Russian government there and will do anything to be a part of Ukraine.

      • And the Tatars lived on Crimea for 1 million years? Is that what you’re saying? Or did they come on horses, butchered and raped the people there, and stole their country?

        Feel free to support Tatars and their allahu akbar islamic state.

  54. SS is correct. This echoes exactly what Hitler did decades ago.

    Read up on Ukrainian history. Why are there massive Russian enclaves within Ukrainian territory? It’s awful that some people cannot empathise with why the Ukrainians distrust Russia. The Holodomar is a traumatic memory on all Ukrainians to why they don’t trust brother Russia.

    Russia is country run by gangsters. That isn’t Western propaganda; it’s well known fact from people who have done business within Russia that the corruption and bribery that goes on at all levels is astounding. The corruption surrounding Sochi (the most expensive Winter Olympics ever; mroe expensive than all previous Winter Olympics combined) just shows that state money is simply funnelled into the hands of the few Oligarchs in favour at the moment.

    The best way to punish Russia is to boycott the next World Cup and kick them out of UEFA!

    • “SS is correct. This echoes exactly what Hitler did decades ago.”

      Echoes in empty heads. Russia is being attacked on all borders and is on defensive for 20 years and you people are comparing Putin to Hitler. While NATO is invading country after country.. but no, that doesn’t remind anyone of Hitler, it’s Putin.

      When you become a person you will be able to see the flaw of your indoctrinated state.

      • It’s more an indoctrination to assume the CIA are at play for every Russian failure in foreign policy. It’s not that the CIA have the means to be that devious but more the lack of understanding for why these former satellite countries want nothing to do with Russia.

        The legacy of Soviet times for many countries are large Russian minorities which conveniently replaced their former national deported populations.

        I’m not condoning these people either but it’s an interesting fact when one can argue to at what point does a planted ethnic minority have rights to self-governance or a union with their ‘motherland’.

      • so if let say nato invade countries it is ok to invade countries …. man I dont know how old are you but you must mature

        • Where did I say NATO have the right to invade anyone? I’m just wondering why every Russian foreign policy blunder is apparently ‘Western’ subterfuge.

          • What foreign blunder? Where is a Russian foreign blunder? I don’t see any.

            As for why it’s “western subterfuge”, that’s because it is western subterfuge. And it’s about everywhere.

        • Only country that NATO ever “invaded” was Afghanistan and i dont remember any substantial opposition from Russia over it. Not even France wanted to protect Taliban and thats something!

          • “Only country that NATO ever “invaded” was Afghanistan”

            Yea good joke. It’s a NATO invasion even if not all NATO countries participate. That’s how it is when you form a pact.

            • Lol nope. Its called “collective security” for a reason. Without approval of ALL NATO members its invasion/intervention of its particular member and the organization cant be held responsible for it, as some of its members may actualy object it (for example Libya). Its not a fuckin Warsaw pact you are perhaps used to.

      • You cant even distinguish between USA, OSN, NATO and EU. USA is invading countries for more-or-less (in)valid reasons (i dont really want to get into this), sometimes sanctioned by OSN (Gulf war), NATO (Afghan war) or with “coalition of the willing” (Iraq). EU is so weak that it cant even do anything ilegal and if Ukraine wants to be part of it in the future, i dont care. But it certainly isnt for Russia to decide. Because otherwise its called “interfering into the affairs of the sovereign country”, but i would never suspect Russia to be doing it..

        Btw i dont think, that USA care about Ukraine, i think they are totaly fine with russian spheres of influence over Caucasus, Ukraine and Byelorussia. Its just the usual babble.

        • You don’t think USA care about Ukraine? Wow. Just how ignorant can people be, and still come online post their opinions instead of being silent in shame.

          • I am perhaps ignorant, but you seem to trust every single world of those usual shitstorms exchanged between foreign offices. Ukraine or for example Georgia will never join NATO.

    • I think Stalin (creator of Holdomar) is from your brother country Georgia, not Russia

  55. “These methods of armed invasion make Putin look like Hitler probably much more than he would like”
    Yeah, He and Bush, Clinton are Hitler’s fan. They all did the same things. lol

  56. Lol, liberal mister SS once again makes strange comparisons. Don’t you think that obvious analogy with USA (and European in some cases) forces invading Middle East is more appropriate? Russia is finally re-acquiring it’s place at geopolitical arena – it’s only natural that main competitors feel like criminalizing the issue. Of course, Putin looks like Hitler, while Bush looks like Bringer of Democracy and Justice.

    Please, answer me, SS: don’t you think, that securing your people (citizens of Russian Federation currently in Ukraine and ethnic russians, who are citizens of Urkaine) is at least a little bit more honorable than securing your oil wells and economic parthnerships in Middle East? Or don’t you honestly think that what US were doing for last decades is virtually the same as what Russia is doing know?

    There is not only Rimland, but Heartland as well – and once RF reminded you about it, you start dirty comparisons. What exactly is difference between US Middle East activity and current Ukraine situation adequatly responded by Russia?

    • Tell me something about american minority in Iraq or Afghanistan that needed protection. The casus beli was completely different, if perhaps fabricated, noone really knows. But overthrowing bloody dictator is good even if it comes hand in hand with profit.

      To prove us that “securing your people is at least a bit more legit…” was the real reason you first have to show some evidence of their opression. Without it it seems as punishment for overthrowing a pro-Kremlin president and securing the Black sea military bases, which doesnt seem to be very different from securing oil wells.

      • You can’t say “no one really knows” because we know it was fabricated, we knew it even before the attack. And everyone knows it’s fabricated now except mindless zealots.

        • Yeah, yeah, but next time please read the second paragraph as well, its quite short so i think you can even manage to write a coherent counter-argument.

  57. 1. In last survey only 23% of Crimeans supported adding Crimea to Russia
    2. Current prime minister of Crimea was elected by 47 out of 100 deputies, so he isn`t legit.
    3. Almost all information which comes from Russia is like Nazi/Commie propoganda and it explains next points.
    4. Nobody harrases Russians anywhere. In fact it`s more like Russian harrases other nation and races, google up Racism in Russia, at least few dozen dead every year.
    5. Russia broke agreement from 1994 when Ukraine gave up Nuclear warheads for an agreement, in which Russia, USA and Great Britain guaranteed borders of Ukraine as they were.
    6. Ukraine currect government was elected by 300/450 elected deputies, so it`s legit controrary what Russia says.
    7. Western leader idiots apparently haven`t learned any of history at school, because situation is exactly same as it was with Nazi Garmany (lost empire, nazi like ideas, international agreement broking, invading “lost territories”, etc), just 21th century edition.
    8. World should understand that whole Russian government is like mafia, i mean real maffia and act accordingly.
    9. and final point: Western world should understand, that Putin won`t stop, just like Hitler didn`t stop, unless he will be stopped economically or military (i really don`t want to experience 3rd world war, but it seems, that Russia is pulling in that way).

  58. Putin should leave the revolutions in Syria and Ukraine and everywhere else the fuck alone.

  59. hate to say this, but honestly SS you just lost one old reader….in recent weeks you started to post some real bullshit about things that has nothing to do with the game we are playing, no offence but dakilzor article and this is something that 90% people who wants to RELAX with game and have some FUN simply dont give a shit, and you are more often starting to chose sides, promoting one side or one way, hope u get back to real issues that drived FTR in the beggining couse this is not the FTR i know……

  60. I got a feeling that this thread will break the last record on comments count with all the flaming+political ideas around.