Marder III with 75mm L/70

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some of you might remember that before the Waffenträger E-100 tree came out, I kinda wrote about various vehicles of that tree and commented on the fact that Marder III (now Marder 38T) could have the 75mm L/70, because this project is mentioned in one Czech book (Obrněná technika by I.Pejčoch). That however was before we knew for sure that Marder 38T would be the mid-gun variant (Ausf.H) and not the rear-gun variant (Ausf.M).

The basic issue with Marder III with the L/70 gun was the weight distribution obviously – the gun was pretty long after all. I was almost sure that the L/70 variant was based on Ausf.H somehow and with the introduction of 38T into the game, the question kinda lost its importance. Still, it’s an interesting project and I managed to find a photo (not sure how I missed it in first place anyway):


The description says that it’s a project of a tank destroyer, based on the Panzer 38(t) Ausf.A hull with the KwK 42 gun. No more details are known unfortunately at this point, but I am in the process of getting them, I will publish it when I know something more. At least we know a mock-up was made.

Francev – Československá obrněná vozidla

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    • Yes. I hope it gets implemented. As much as I wanted the Nashorn and Sturer Emil I just couldn’t play the battub. It’s worse than jagdpanzer IV and that’s saying something. They could just make a bypass like jagdpanther II and ferdinand.

      • Bathtub? You mean the Nashorn or the tier 5? Nashorn is in my garage to stay, it is epic. And the Pz Sfl IVc isn’t a bad tank. The speed and the gun traverse is awesome. Just stay faar back as possible and shoot :)

        • The tier 5 thing. It was horrible for me. The only TDs I played were the american turrets and the russian derps, SU-152 is slow but at least you get to blow their face off. But the tier 5 monstrosity was so bad I just couldn’t handle it. The “free XP piñata” effect was too strong.

          • Really? I’ve played all the tier 5 td’s save for the T49 and the S35 CA, and the Flakbus was definatively among my favorites.

            Were you by any chance using the top gun? I’d recommend using the short 88. Much better gun traverse and aim time actually let you hit moving targets.

              • I played it like that for a long time, and after lenthy onsideration switched to the long gun this week. It’s pretty awesome really, no fear of KV-1s bounces anymore, and in T7s you can still kick ass… Though it is a little more dependant on your team. Sitting in cover and using your 50° gun arc is easier to do “alone”. Then you are a serious threat to everything you encounter with the long gun, but the short one excels in taking out lights and mediums that try to flank your comrades, though.

    • Armor non-existant. These were built for the steppes of Russia, engage T-34 outside their range and shoot them dead before they come close enough.

  1. Yes, this would have been a much better choice than the 8,8 Toaster for Tier 5.

  2. Hey SS, have you ever played CoH? There’s a Marder III rear-gun tank destroyer in game. Is that historical? I think yes, because of the appearance of the same tank in famous movie: Saving Private Brian (Tom Hanks).

  3. Is there any chance that the Marder will be split in to the three variations: I, II and III?

    I know they have the Marder II and whatever the Marder 38t is – III?

    • Marder I are French tank conversions, one is in the game as well by the way (the premium French TD). Marder II is based on Panzer II chassis, Marder III on 38t chassis. I think Marder 38T (which is a summary name of several Marder III models) will have an optional hull.

      • The question is, what advantage the Ausf. M hull would have towards the current H hull. After all I don’t think we’ll see the L/70 on tier 4, and a purely cosmetic option wouldn’t be well used ressources.

        • Ausf. M was less armored, shorter, carried less ammo but was faster and had more horsepower.
          So the hull is basically a downgrade (50 -> 10 or 20mm).

          • That’s a big upgrade.
            It looses some armor (although that armor was useless anyway) for a more compact size. Not to mention it gets faster! I want the Ausf. M hull.
            Although the ammo sounds a bit problematic.

      • There is the Marder III and Marder 38T. The T is build on the same hull as the III but more time was spent engineering the thing to lower the gun down closer to the chassis and to lower the gun shield to lower the profile and make the vehicle less top heavy and less conspicuous.

        The Marder 38T is technically a development of the Marder III and is also sometimes called just Marder III although I would call it Marder 38T as it is a noticeable improvement over the Marder III as originally built.

        See Image.

        • Interesting, I was always bothered that it wasn’t called Marder III or Marder III ausf H in-game. In the image you provide, I think it’s rather interesting that the one on the left is called a panzerjaeger, but the one of the right is still a panzerkampfwagen. Though I’m not sure if that’s something unique to that publication or an official difference.

          • That’s because I cut part of the page off that says Marder III and Marder 38(t).

            The image is an older image I slapped together to show the difference between the two designs a few months ago.

            Images from Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two.