Premium Day Reminder

Hello everyone,

just to remind you, according to the latency post on EU portal, you will be awarded with a free one day premium. In order to claim it however, you have to log on your account until next Sunday or so, so don’t forget it.

- SS

9 thoughts on “Premium Day Reminder

  1. So if some of my friends who are new to wot log in Friday, will they be able to play with premium Saturday? (Does it start the premium day directly when they log in?)

  2. As I discussed in here with someone before, this is not the best move. The same compensation for those with normal account and for those with premium is kind of strange, since they suffered different loss.

  3. Logged in yesterday evening and got +1 premium day automatically added to my account.

    “I lost 2 weeks of premium already, but lets use this one day at least” I thought.

    Tried playing a few battles, but after getting 10-40% packet loss on all Telia hops/nodes, making the game unplayable for the rest of the day, I simply quit.

    Basically “fuck you” from WG EU:

    Working as intended.

  4. I’ve had fun with WoT, but there are too many competitors for my free time. Ho Hum.

  5. According to WG its not compensation, just bonus for staying with them in “hard times”. Anyway yesterday both servers were steady at 50ms for me and I think without red light. Before it was like 150-200ms and red from first CW prime time till late evening.