QA with Rita, today at 7PM or so

Hello everyone,

just quick heads up: today at 7PM (+1, CET), I will be a guest at Rita’s stream, talking about WoT, answering questions and such… like last time. Hope to see you there!


23 thoughts on “QA with Rita, today at 7PM or so

  1. What about a “Unicum QA” regarding in game tips and tricks? I asked that Rita in twitch msg, but I guess it got swallowed by a flood of msgs as she said several times :S

    • Watch QB’s livestream? There is not so much to tell. Every player is different and not every tip helps everyone.

      • QB is due to his popularity of his stream extremely busy and answers maybe 1 out of 100 questions. That cant be ever considered a QA. Also he does that only for the start of his chat and answers very few questions which anyway most of them are totaly retarded stuff.

      • Damn missed the 5 min edit time span :P

        You would wonder what kind of tricks (not mods lol) I have in my sleeve :P. I had in 90% of my games with Rita when I was with her in a toon top exp and mostly also dmg wise. Not bcoz I aim better then her in aiming or shooting, but simply bcoz of some details most ppl simply miss during the heat of the fight. Helped some close friends double their ratings too, lol. :).

        Hands down that everyone has different playstyle, but maps are always the same and even a simple position change for a particular vehicle might improve the gameplay drastically.

        • You are completely right. Especially with that position change. That reminds me of a friend who is still (lets see for how long) better than me in terms of WR and Effi, but for a few month now he playes more and more like a derp. I try to help him, but he don’t listen. He just says, he’s better so he’s right. And this, i would see as a problem for such a QA. We, You, Somebody could make alot of good tutoial videos, guides and what ever, but if nobody exept the player who want to get better and who want to lern reads and watches this than it’s no help.

          Btw.: Most player need to lern the basics first.
          - When and how to go hulldown
          - When and how to angle your hull/turret
          - When and how to be agressiv and how much aggressiveness
          - whats cover and how to use it.
          - choke point

          i could go on, but i think everyone understand what i tried to say.

          • Well ofc… If someone simple refuses to accept these tips, he/she will never improve.

            If there is the will to improve, the results will shortly follow. Ive experienced such ppl as you wrote, but Ive ran mostly into positive results. Some came slower and some are fast learners by nature :)

  2. Damn i wont be able to make it. Can Somebody do me a favor and ask about the Vickers MBT and how they think that is a good candidate for tier ten “hopefully they just buff the fv42″? Also when the chieftain is coming.

    • Regarding the Chieftain i had asked Overlord a few weeks ago if we can expect it until 2024.
      He said, we or better I can dream.

      But i want to point out, that it’s quite possible that he don’t know anything about it and just answered what he thought about it.

  3. What’s the chances of us having a surprise guest speaker like last time? How about everyone’s favourite military historian? [end sarcasm]

  4. I could not ask the question, but I would to do!

    Q1 when does the new U.S line appears?
    Q 2 what will happen to the chaffee m24, when the new line appears?