Regarding the Woman’s Day Event Video

Hello everyone,

the International Woman’s Day weekend is gone, so this post might be a little less actual than I actually intended – but nevertheless, I think it’s worth seeing, because this is one of the funniest things Wargaming ever produced. Check this out, this is the World of Tanks video from Russian server (it was never translated to other languages):



It says:

“We made a survey and found out that there are many more woman players than there are men players”

First one: Olga, 34 years, proud of her son, has mastery badge on all vehicles
Mother: “Why did you go through the center?”
Son: “Well, everyone went through there”
Mother: “And if everyone starts shooting their teammates, you will do that too, yes?”
Mother: “I believe in you so much that I told everyone you are better with heavies and scouts”

Second one: Anna, 22 years, loves to cook borsch and to play it (SS: “Borsch”, apart from being traditional Russian soup, is also a Russian nickname for WT RhB)

Third one: Katya, 25 years, Julia, 26 let, friends, they play artillery in platoon
Katya: “I don’t know which one to take first, winter or summer”
Julia: “Listen, camouflage is not the most important thing, the most important is to level up camo skill and the light bulb” (SS: “light bulb” (lampochka) is Russian nickname for Sixth Sense”)
(seeing the guys) Katya: “….and he can’t screw in the light bulb for an enire week!”

Fourth one: Victoria, 30 years, lovers her husband, 64 percent winrate
Victoria: “He was directly in your aim circle and you missed. You NOOB!”
Victoria: “Noob”

“Conclusion: Actually, there are significantly fewer woman players than men. But that’s the reason we love them and value them even more.”

Some of it is hard to translate and it sounds awkward in English, but in Russian it’s funny as hell, even cute and I positively loved this Wargaming video. But what is the entire point of this post, apart from showing it to you?

I was just wondering… why don’t we have stuff like this on EU? You know, something cute, normal, funny, not awkward (I don’t know about you but for example that EU office Harlem Shake video made my face twitch). I don’t know. The Americans seem not to be able to do this type of “normal” humor either (at least not intentionally, as in – the point of the video being humor, I occasionally have a good chuckle when watching the Chieftain’s Hatch videos and I like that a lot) – the last thing I saw from there was that video with Chieftain and some girl moderator (? forgot her name) of him being a “drill instructor” and her a “tank student” or whatever, didn’t understand it much. Not exactly the pinnacle of entertainment.

Tanks are serious business, but can be fun. I remember watching the Operation Think Tank for the first time and positively choking with laughter, when David Fletcher was talking about the Rototrailer or during the description of the wonderful Chieftain heatsuit (if you haven’t watched Operation Think Tank, you really, really should, it’s hours of pure tank awesomeness).

We need more stuff like that.

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  1. We do, Operation Think Tank has got to be one of the most awesome WoT-related thing i’ve seen, mainly because it’s a panel of experts so you take the ability to screw anything up (historically) completely out of WG’s hands. It’s tank related and talks about all those little nooks and crannies of history normally left unattended if it wasn’t for WoT screwing up the perception people are getting over certain tanks. It sketches the differences between the game and reallife very nice, and they were funny!

  2. All I could see was “Camels Toe”….

    Seriously though, probably in Russia they are operating from a ’70′s sense of humour. Women playing games being kind of cool. In the west a woman playing a game like WoT is;

    A. A looser
    B. So ugly you have to put an F in front of the word
    C. Too busy texting
    D. Watching Vampire Diaries whilst texting (multitasking)
    E. Games were so much the naughties (2000-2010)

    • Yeah, and that’s why the average girl has better stats and is more open-minded than the average man…
      Girls playing this kind of games are some experienced girls…usualy those interested in “Vampire Diaries” got nothing in common with tanks/shooters.

      • “Yeah, and that’s why the average girl has better stats and is more open-minded than the average man”

        Based on what statistics?

        • Based on my own knowing.
          Give and prove me that there are more bad girls playing this game than good girls.
          Every girl I’ve met in this games plays ok and I’ve yet to see, at least, one playing bad.

    • So wrong… There are actually alot of gamer girls, but tanks ofc arent much apealing for much of them. The most you can find playing MMORPGS, Dota or LoL. Most of those I know are not only decent looking, but also are quite succesfull in life and in their games.

    • They could, they did and in quite some jobs they easily outperformed men…

      So what’s your point? (Except, that from my experiences, it’s back to kitchen and bedroom duty for women again in “modern” Catholic Poland…)

    • Nah, there’d be too many militant feminists bitching and moaning about it to even consider having this sort of video in NA. The Russians have the right idea on political correctness: don’t give a shit about it.

  3. I do what Anna does.


    Make myself some tea while the count-down timer runs, then come and play. When the match is over, microwave the tea :-)

  4. Anna should play high-tier arty, she will have time to make a dinner for four person while reloading ;)

  5. Very funny.

    We had a girl acting as FC on our clan TB last night.

    When a girl asks you in a sexy voice to take on a 100% Rhm B in your 40% AMX 50 100, you do it with a smile on your face!

  6. “why don’t we have stuff like this on EU?”

    Because they dont get the money/manpower for this kind of stuff.

  7. The clip shows women:
    1. Taking care of kids
    2. Cooking
    3. Getting pretty/in shape
    4. Sleeping with men

    There’s the problem. “Hey girls, please play WoT with us guys, as long as you behave as stereotypical women in every other sense”. I get that WG is trying to show appreciation for female players, but this clip shows just how far they are from understanding girl gamers.

    • You mean how far they are from understading the real world outside their soviet cave. For wooden 1-core CPU computers and Stalin !!!

      And seriously this is a game not online dating, who gives a damn about players’ sex except pervs.

    • i dont know if you are a girl or not, but as a girl i didnt felt a bit offended with the vid, its funny and it actually portraits some true stories.

      those 2 first examples are really a true story, 1st when i’m watching my bf playing and he plays like a fucktard and the 2nd when i’ve to go to cw which are always during dinner time and i’ve to make dinner while i play and btw games.

      yes i’m a girl, i work, i cook, i clean my house and i dont have kids but if i’d i would take care of them gladly. If i were a guy i would do the same things if i’d to, like screaming at my noob girlfriend or making dinner while playing or taking care of my kids if i’d them etc

      I thought the vid was funny as already said, i also think who cares if i’m a boy or girl while playing, i’m just a number as anyone else. But for a company is important to reach as many people as you can so i understand the WG marketing point of view.

      And just a final thought, the discrimination is in the viewer’s mind, i dont get offended with stereotypes, they can be pretty funny if used in smart humor. i can laugh of myself without crawling into a corner and crying…

      And if you think that portraying women as normal people who cook, who take care of their families, who have social lives etc is offensive i really dont understand what is normal to you, maybe they should just starve to dead, dump their kids somewhere and be in a hole with wi-fi just playing games.

      • Don’t forget the ones with overrated ‘Make me a sammich instead of playing games’ mentality. And thats applies to mostly NA/US players.


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  9. Well. It is a different mentality. In Russia, a female gamer is seen as “very cool” and being a gamer for a girl means that the guys will actually treat her better “As one of them”. You mistreat a girl gamer who is in your clique – and entire group of your friends will come after you – she is their friend too. Same way as american guys treat a girl who is into baseball or football. That’s why back home, many more girls are involved in such things as: historical swordsmanship, martial arts, historical reenactment, roleplaying games, LARP and videogames. It is seen as a hobby. A girl who is into videogames or lets say swordsmanship will be respected much more than a girl who hobbies are “shopping and talking on phone with her friends and gossiping”. Such girls seen as more “real”. On another hand, much fewer girls are sports fans here, since sports fans in Russia (especially Soccer fans) are very well known for getting drunk like a swines and starting a huge brawls. Even if they are sports fans, they will watch it on TV:-)