American Tier 10 Discounts in Future

Source: Reddit

Hello everyone,

a list of upcoming tier 10 discounts was posted on Reddit, the source being the calendar itself, where it is designated for the American server. Future tier 10 discounts will be as follows:

Object 140 (March 31st – April 14th)
WT auf E100 (April 14th – April 28th)
B-C 155 58 (April 28th – May 12th)

I do NOT think that this list is valid for other servers however, each server handles this discount independently. It might match, but it doesn’t have to.

25 thoughts on “American Tier 10 Discounts in Future

  1. Woo! NA got discounts for spamtillery, OPwaffle, and a standard russian T62 variant. We totally need these three tanks in the queue more often. Oh well.

  2. Obj140 on discount would come handy for me, lets hope they will give it to us. Anyway, T62 was on discout some time ago on EU I think, wasnt it?

  3. Yep, referred by yours truly. :)

    For the next month and a half, pubs will be swarming with Nashorns and Roombas gunning for the Waffentrager. Good time to invest in HE rounds, binocs, and optics!

    As for me…it’s a question of whether I want to no-life it from the T-34-85 and get as far as possible.

  4. It’s way too early for WT to be discounted.
    And I hope EU continues with 2 lines per month, and not this confusing date system that NA introduced.

    • I think the NA system would be better as its simply 2 weeks for each of em. But pls wg eu no discount on Ary or that fucking OP WT, we dont need more of them in the game…

    • The NA Server events always start and end on a Monday. This way, you alwasy have the weekend to grind the last two days. How is this confusing?

  5. some strange things make me anxious about this
    1: the discount on wt is too early
    2: they are other old vehicles waiting for discount
    3: arty on discount ? :\ never saw that

    • 1. The Leopard I line was featured earlier after its release than the WT
      2. Same can be said about other vehicles as well.
      3. The British arty was on discount at the end of February.

  6. Hopefully it’s the ssame for the EU I’m monhs away from my next tier 8 or 9 at so I’m happy not to see any US lines coming up

  7. *Puts Spaz 12 down* Well Wargaming you saved yourself for another day of hunting. I have tier 9s of all those tanks so I am going to have a lot of fun grinding up to them.

  8. My question is: what’s the On Track event before the Obj? 50 M is about to end soon in like 4 days

  9. Well I have been recently averaging 3500 damage per game in the Obj 140, so time to make some credits.

  10. i need is4, amx 50b and E100 discounts
    probably wont see any of thouse 3 (or maby :D)

    • IS-4 did show up briefly on the events calendar earlier this hour for the next On Track event. Now all of the future events have been removed from the NA events calendar and been replaced with empty placeholders.

  11. Thanks for the link.

    SS, can we get a twitter login using oneall? There’s a lot of choice (Windows live, steam, fb, google, but no twitter login ): )