51 thoughts on “Another 50 gold code

  1. Now everyone go buy some gold ammo for it and see how many times you get called gold noob :D

    • You know firing hold ammo is almost as fun as playing Arty.
      The tears are so tasty.

  2. Just asking: is it only for ppl that didnt got the first one, aye? Or everybody can take it?

  3. Thanks a lot!
    Would you mind keeping us up to date with these bonuscodes, even though we could easyly find them ourselfs on the official homepage? I visit ftr way more frequent than the official hpmepage and I don’t really want to miss them. :)

    Also I wanted to say that you rock and that I love you very much.

  4. first time entering HOWWEROLLWGLGRANDF1NAL and i get this: you have reached the cod usage limit

  5. How do I activate the code? Sorry, I’m a new fellow, don’t know much.

    • It’s down because FTR is basically Ddossing it. There’s at least 5-10k people trying to get free gold at the same time…

  6. Too late. EVERY. GODDAMNED. TIME!!!

    Could we get a gift code on the NA server for once, BEFORE everyone on EU spams it to hell?

  7. They explained in the portal how to get the code. You need to use a QR reader on your phone and aim its camera at that black&white symbol at the bottom of the news article and it’ll show you the link for the code. Personally I don’t understand this BS. If they want to give away some gold just show the code. Maybe they hope some people will not understand how to get it and they’ll have to give away less gold.

  8. Tried using it like 15 times, it timed out on me every damn time. Also, every 5 times, it said “hurr durr tried to many times, wait 10 minutes”, which was retarded since it kept timing out on me :| and now it’s not usable anymore.

  9. 50 gold is nothing, 5000 or 50000 gold I would add the code to my account. people get happy for such small potatoes.