Russian Wikipedia Bug

Hello everyone,

just quick heads-up. Yep, Wargaming screwed something once again. When you go on the EU portal ( and press “Wiki” on the top bar, you will get to…


…Russian wikipedia. Now, since you are here, reading this English blog, I am going to assume most of you don’t speak Russian. I am sure Vladimir Putin would like to change that (one peninsula at a time), but before he manages to do that, we’ll stick to English. Now, if you try to go to RU wiki and manually try to set the language to en ( to, you will get an error. That’s due to the fact English wiki is not ready yet (because, you know, copying the new template and filling the text from the old wikipedia is very, very hard and takes half a year), you can use the OLD English wikipedia, that still works:

I hope that explains the issue. English official Wargaming wiki should appear soon(TM).

49 thoughts on “Russian Wikipedia Bug

  1. well, people could also use Chrome to translate the page for them, если они не говорят по-русски, конечно :)

    • He just pissed away the (admittedly debatable) gains of a PR project that took several years and untold rubbles approximately overnight.

    • mhh everything looks great compared to the USA, so I wouldnt call THAT an achievement :P

    • Looks like you are trying to told Czechs how great are Russian tanks on city streets. I think they heard something about that even without your help.

      • The fact their President and Prime Minister are a former KGB and his pet bureaucrat and have been clinging to power since the beginning of the millennia should have been a clue too.

    • Oh yes, all of the countries from Eastern Block just can’t wait to be part of the Russia again. We love your tanks and your bullets murdering our people. KGB, pls.

        • It was just a thing on the map. Separate governments, but Moscow always had the last word. When it wasn’t the case you enjoyed glorious Red Army saving you from fascist rule with their tanks.

  2. SS dont be silly with that one peninsula at the time stuff.

    It all belongs to the Motherland….

    It is known.

  3. So much butthurt about Russia. Anyway all super powers can do whatever they want it’s the cold truth. Super power = you can do what you want. And that being said they are not even doing a bad thing. People of crimea want their freedom and ( democracy). I couldn’t care less and also this blog I am aware that you will post your personal opinion. But so can I unless you want to censor *trollface*

    • I think you need to look up the definition of “superpower” because Russia sure as fuck ain’t one. And no, they can’t. Even trying that shit means all kinds of problems down the road, but apparently Putler decided the Crimea is worth it.
      And lel@”democracy”.

        • They are not the biggest super power but they are among the top countries of the world.
          Economically EU is really dependent on it and especially Ukraine that is in debt to RU ( over 1 billion for gas and oil). RU is protecting their citizens on crimea from the highly unstable coup ”goverment”. You can see the pattern btw every big country takes what it wants be it US or RU or UK….

          • There’s pretty literally not a single statement in that post that wasn’t flat-out wrong or at least painfully ignorant and naive.

            Also ethnicity =/= citizenship. Don’t expect to be taken seriously if you can’t get even such basics straight, dumbass.

          • Oh, wow. You got that info from Russia Today?
            Can’t wait for Putler trying to “protect Russians from highly unstable US government” and land his arm… I mean, to support with diplomacy the “self-defence forces” that bought ships and jets from local store at Florida.

              • Did you react the same way when US invaded other countries on false pretences? We all know how and why they went to middle east. It was all about oil = money = power. All tho Russia is suffering through it’s own economic problems it still has a big enough Army and enough nuclear warheads. (plenty of countries have them too). So that’s what actually keeping them at a table ( all tho they don’t really negotiate shit). My ”freedom and democracy” was a refference to how for example USA handles stuff. They said that in Kosovo case, that people had a right to decide if they want to go independent or whatever. So now it doesn’t apply to Crimea? Hmmm talk about double standards.

                • The US outing into Iraq had “poorly thought-out clusterfuck” written all over it from the very beginning, which is doubtless why they had to dig themselves into that sandy hole essentially without allies. And the vapidity of the blatant bullshit they tried to feed everyone as the casus bellum was an outright insult to intellect.

                  Anyways, I could care less about which state the Crimea belongs to; it’s not like it’s been a part of Ukraine for particularly long anyway (specifically, Kruschev joined it into the Ukranian SSR by adminstrative fiat in, what, ’54). But I’m not a big fan of the brazenness of the Russian policy there nor of the rah-rah nationalist rhetoric employed, nor of you apologist weenies who with a straight face use “freedom and democracy” in the context of *that* state.

                  Also the last I heard the Russian miltiary was a ramshackle pile of shit only good for bullying small neighbours that are even worse off, and that with reservations. The big fish of a small pond, as it were.

  4. Just to point out SS, the English language editors only just got access to the new EN wiki. They changed a lot of how it works behind the scenes and we are attempting to get it working with the limited, and in Russian (Google Translate For The “Win”) documents about what they want and how to lay it out.

    And ya, no clue why the old wiki was locked for so long. One of the new features is an auto stat update thingamabob sooo what was wrong with keeping the old one up to date? Oh, and ya, it’s a Wiki, formerly the WoT Wiki, now the Global WG Wiki, not Wikipedia. Wikipedia would never allow the amount of data we support.

  5. SS, could you please drop the politics out of your future posts? They really do not belong on a blog of this kind, all you’re going to get from adding politics in your posts is annoying your readers (even when they agree with your political views)

    • Pretty much, i mentioned this before, but if there is less crap about politics or how much russia/african children/whoever suck it’d be better. But whatever.

    • agreed on that
      he made an article about the situation there opinions where expressed
      i think it must stop there cause nobody knows what is going on over there trully
      speculations are lot
      should keep it on WoT

    • Disagreed. We cannot pretend real life is not happening. Also, SS is boss in his own house. If he wants to use what is happening out there to give his blog colour, he damn well should.

      • Haha, “color”, its really just dumb racist opinions from the other side of the spectrum. FTR could have looked professional, but nope gotta alienate some people because some mean russians said something terrible about our tanks, or they are giving money to african children or something dumb like that.

        Enjoy being an uncritical buffoon i guess.

        • While SS has certainly voiced xenophobic views before I don’t quite see how snarking about Putin’s foreign adventurism, which pretty much everyone who so much as looks at the news does these days anyway, can be construed as racist…

    • Storm loves to throw his own personal opinion into everything, which isn’t a good thing some of the time.

  6. Your blog SS, your rules. I like your personal comments, it’s what makes FtR what it is. Ignore the killjoys.

  7. But Putin is only protecting his repressed citizens (even though they have a different nationality) and making sure that no violence is happening! Its the Imperialist Pigs, that say he is creating an empire.

    Oh, the irony.

  8. So, SS doesnt like ruskii politics, so what? his blog, his rules, his shitpoasting.

    Half of the world dont like the Ruskii politics either, and you know what? that doesnt mean the Russian people are wrong or should all be accused or a political ghost, stop watching so many Russian Mob documentaries, youll find that most of them just want to live peacefully as much as we do.

    back on topic, In Soviet Russia, wiki edits YOU!

  9. “I am sure Vladimir Putin would like to change that (one peninsula at a time)”

    I have tears in my eyes from the laugh you gave me with this. Thank you. One peninsula at a time! :)))) Good thing my country has no actual peninsulas or very small ones :P

    Also, to all the butthurts that came here to whine about “pls, SS, no more politics!”, I got one message for you: GTFO!

    And on topic: I’ve noticed this wiki thing too. Chrome is translating it for me so I got it working.