9.0 HD models and maps

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so, FTR is back after a nasty crash. Truth to be told, we don’t know what EXACTLY went wrong, we think it was the hotlinking, that caused the server to overload. That’s why I will (unusually) not re-host the pictures on FTR, but I will link to the Imgur picture hosting. That means that for full size, you have to right-click the picture and press “view image”. You can check the entire set here.

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    • When the war thunder ground forces tanks were first shown everyone was saying they were way too dirty… ( there is a slider to change the ‘aging’) These look fine to me.

      • I never was on the side you mentioned
        that Tiger is way to clean for a desert environment – how did it get there? teleported from a mothership in orbit

        • Since when did “HD models” start equaling “environmentally interactive textures” or somesuch? Buy some fukken camo onnit if that look’s what you’re after.

        • If you cover it up in desert sand, it’ll look off on a summer or winter map. Likewise, covering the tank in dark mud will stick out like a sore thumb on any map that’s not summer. Squeaky clean is a passable tradeoff for having a decent set of textures.

          • I believe somewhere is stated they will implement a feature that shows the terrain youve been driving in (so dirt/sand/snow on your tank (idk if a tank gets rly hot to melt the snow though..)

            • Which would explain clean base models released prior to implementing that system…

    • I agree. It looks out of place in the terrain it is on. They should at least make the tracks look dirty. However, they might have to implement a clean version for the garage and a dirty version for the field which I doubt they’ll do.

      • There already is a way to make your tank blend in with the environment. It’s called BUYING CAMO. if they just made the tank dusty when on sand there wouldn’t be a point to the whole camo system.

        • Well all they need is “nocamo” paints for each tank for each type of map.

          All it is is a free, automatically installed camo layer for when you load into a game without camo. It wouldn’t give you any bonus camo-rating, just make your tank a bit muddy etc.

          In WT, people were moaning about the amount of rust etc on the tanks, not the mud.

          T-54 looks pretty good, Sherman looks great, Tiger looks like they made it from plastic.

        • I HAVE CAMO. That’s not the point. It’s not about blending in, it’s about not looking like a plastic toy in a playset.

          And do they sell camo for the track threads to make it look dirty/muddy?

          Don’t be stupid and don’t act like you’re the only one who pays in the game.

  1. Hey where’s the damn LOGS they’re so fond of putting on the Russian tanks?

    EDIT: Oh I see they put it back where it belongs.

  2. The M4 is a bit “shiny”, too much reflection IMHO., but a huge step forward anyways. I am looking forward to them ingame.

    • Shiny tanks means used tanks. If you look carefully, only edges are shiny – that’s where paint got scraped off first. It looks awesome to me, I like this used look. Not like WT models that are hellishly rusty.

      • Actually with this kind of damage on the paint, the shiny spots would rust pretty quickly unless brushed or scraped regularly. Could use -some- rust I’m sure, though, as I said, reality is unrealistic, and whatever looks good, looks good. Also, there’s the mindnumbingly simple camo system you have to take into account while making those as well…

        • Given that the paint wears off those parts first *specifically* because they’re the ones most readily exposed to random wear from everyday operations…

          • True to a point, though I’m left wondering what kind of constant wear keeps the weld steams on the backside of the sherman turret this shiny, or why the tow hooks on the tiger are in better painted than the rear fenders…

    • Good question, kinda similar to the one I made myself. Will there be HD models and the rest will only be as they are now with better textures, to make then “look” better? Imo, the tiger looks like a regular model, as it is now, only improved texture.

  3. Forget the model changes for now… did you look at the full set and see the MASSIVE changes coming to several maps?

    • Yep, looking forward to test the changes on Pearl River and Suckogorsk…hope the slow-paced gameplay will be forgotten.

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  5. If I have understood this right, the HD stuff in 9.0 will make all objects higher polygons and hence make then look “nice”, appart from that some tanks will look extra nice and those will be the so called HD tanks? Will all tanks get higher polygons, or will they only get new textures so they appear to look “nicer”. Please clarify. Or will we have majority of tanks with higher polygons and better texture and also some tanks with extra high polygons and extra nice textures (HD tanks)? Similar to the cars in gt5 and gt6, only some are superdetailed, while others only have different textures so they look nicer.

    • Nope. The models will be gradualy replaced with higher-poly ones, with 9.0 marking the beginning of the process. The HD tanks are the first in line of the updated models, and aside from the tanks on the 9.0 HD tank list, nothing else will be updated to ‘HD’ yet.

    • No, the new HD stuff will only make the HD tanks look good with more polygons. At first, these 12 tanks (IS, panther, M4, tiger etc.) Will be HD and they will have better textures and more polygons. The rest of the tanks will stay the same, until a new patch comes with more HD models. So over time all of the tanks will be replaced by HD models. Until that happens, no changes will be made to the old tanks (they’re gonna get replaced anyway).
      Hope this helps.

      • Okay then I understand. So no new textures to the other tanks then, no improved lightning etc that makes then look nicer? What about the maps and other objects like trees, water, building. WIll they get more polygons/better textures in 9.0 or will they saty the same as now?

        Edit: Okay, so only 12 tanks in 9.0 will be HD content, the rest will be the same. Okay thanks.

  6. Am I the only one here who finds that their water physics are bad?
    I also hope for improvements in the death of a tank, very happy of the introduction of the flying material turrets. :)
    Btw. is the tiger the right grey?

    • The water physics needs a lot of work. However, that will mean a large drain on CPU resources unless they can move it to its own thread.

      • Can’t see the point in pretty looking waterscapes lowering the fps.

        I dont see any water on my low settings… lakes look like quarries…

  7. I dunno.. that Tiger looks… a bit plain =/

    I’m sure it’ll look brilliant in-game when we’re playing it though.

  8. Anyone else wish they had remodeled everyones favorite shit-stomping T29 ?

    If only it held a place in everyones heart like mine XD