Once again, Wargaming EU dropped the ball – 9.0 test patchnotes do not mention that Pearl River and Severogorsk recieved MASSIVE overhauls, I suggest you check both of these maps out.

- there is a bug on test server 9.0, where ISU-152 runs around with its top gun (152mm BL-10, 286 pen) in the Balaton historical battle, this will apparently be fixed

26 thoughts on “23.3.2014

  1. Hmm but in the videos and pictures for the maps, Pearl River could be clearly seen that it got a massive overhaul. Especially the “mountain” that separated the valley of death from the rest of the map can now be driven over.

    • The test server isn’t a full test. its just for historical at the moment. they’ll be fixed in due course. Its like the M5 Stuart, the 76 howitzer is floating on the front because the turret has been removed.

  2. heh as if not letting a large chunk of their oldest and most dedicated fans not play on the test server wasnt enough of a gaffe. you keep fighting the man SS!

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  4. also, did anyone notice that they reworked the reportsystem? and we now have 10(!) report per day

        • Republican Spain wins the SCW, proceeds to defeat the Axis with minor assistance from France and the UK.
          And shoots V-2 equivalents into Berlin for shits & giggles.

          Hearts of Iron games often tend to go… weirdly.

          • Long long time ago, in HoI2, I gave a Communist China a try. After winning against nationalists (I can’t remember what I have done in the east, did I fight Japs or not, hmmm…) I went west, attacked USSR and Germany while they were busy fighting each other. I got as far as Turkey and Ukraine and Moscow up the north. Funny how 75% of my divisions were without a leader because the nation had none to choose from …. Then the USSR signed a bitter peace and the game arbitrarily gave the Germany quite a chunk of the land including a lot of the Russian land I had under my control and returned some of the Russian land back to USSR, again the one I have occupied … all that when I was still at war against both of them. After that WTF moment I gave up.