Historical Battles Vehicle Configurations

Hello everyone,

a player by the name of Dexter5021 made screenies of the historical configurations of vehicles. This post is based on them.


Panzer IV Ausf.H

- generally elite (2nd suspension and turret)
- L/48 gun in Kursk, L/43 in Balaton and Ardennes for some reason
- 440hp engine in Kursk and Balaton, 330hp in Ardennes
- 50/3/34 ammo setup for both guns


- stock, apart from top 700hp engine
- 21/1/16 ammo setup

Tiger I

- elite turret
- 88mm L/56 gun
- stock radio, elite engine, elite tracks
- 54/2/36 ammo setup


- completely stock (engine, 88mm gun, tracks)
- 30/1/19 ammo setup

Panzer III

- elite (Ausf.L turret, 50mm L/60 gun, ), apart from stock radio
- 54/3/36 ammo setup

Tiger II

- elite turret, stock gun (88mm L/71)
- top engine, stock radio
- stock tracks in Ardennes, elite tracks in Balaton
- 43/1/28 ammo setup


- stock gun (75mm L/70)
- stock radio
- stock engine (650hp) and tracks in Kursk
- elite engine (700hp) and tracks in Balaton
- 47/3/31 ammo setup


- top engine, stock radio
- stock tracks (Ausf.F) and 75mm L/43 stock gun in Kursk and Balaton
- elite tracks (Ausf.G) and 75mm L/48 gun in Ardennes
- ammo setup 25/3/16 for both guns


- always uses 88mm L/71, stock radio, top engine
- stock tracks in Balaton, top tracks in Ardennes
- ammo setup 33/2/22

Panzer II

- second gun (20mm KwK 38)
- middle engine and radio
- top turret and tracks
- 230/30 ammo setup



- elite turret, D-25 (elite) gun
- stock radio/engine/tracks
- 16/2/10 ammo setup


- completely stock (45mm gun, 140hp engine)
- ammo setup 52/3/35


- stock, apart from second radio (500hp engine, 152mm ML-20)
- 10/1/15 ammo setup


- stock, apart from second radio (that means 76mm gun! and 500hp engine)
- 55/3/39 ammo setup


- stock, but uses top gun (76mm ZIS-3, 78 PEN)
- uses elite suspension for Kursk, stock for Balaton
- 34/3/23 ammo setup


- completely stock, apart from the gun (second gun 85mm S-53)
- ammo setup 32/2/21


- stock, apart from gun (122mm A-19) and second radio
- 16/2/10 ammo setup


- second gun (122mm M-30S)
- stock radio and tracks
- elite engine
- 49/3 ammo setup


- second gun (76mm F-34)
- elite turret, tracks and engine
- stock radio
- 45/3/29 ammo setup


- second gun (100mm D-10S)
- stock tracks and engine
- elite radio
- 25/3/16 ammo setup


M36 Jackson

- elite (90mm gun) apart from the turret, which is stock (open-topped)
- 26/3/18 ammo setup

M4A3E8 Sherman

- stock gun for some reason (75mm M3), but elite turret
- elite everything else (radio, engine, tracks)
- 41/3/27 ammo setup

M10 Wolverine

- stock gun (3in, 101 pen)
- elite turret, elite radio, middle engine (R-975C1)
- elite tracks
- 30/3/21 ammo setup

M18 Hellcat

- stock turret
- 76mm M1A1 gun (second gun, 128 PEN)
- second radio, stock engine (350 hp), elite tracks
- 25/3/17 ammo setup

M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman

- stock gun and turret (152/152/152 turret armor, 75mm M3)
- elite radio, engine and tracks
- 61/3/40 setup

88 thoughts on “Historical Battles Vehicle Configurations

  1. look everybody! a premiumshell loadout that actually makes sense and does not promote spamming. it must be devils work! imagine: some tanks actually have armour and need thinking istead of hammering “2″ to defeat it.

    • Yet playing the cannon fodder that gets to bounce all day so some potato can feel stronk in his heavy is decidedly un fun. Gold ammo is fine and actually good for the game, infact historical battles needs a fair bit more gold in most load outs or it will end up an boring joyless chore.

      • Gold is far from being needed. In every single map you can manage to flank the ennemies. And if you can flank, 180pen is enough to hurt any tank in the game except Maus. You can also aim at weakspots, generaly LFP works great. I would say gold is OK only with stock guns. Seeing T69 going through your Tiger II HFP at 400m like in butter doesn’t make the game enjoyable, at least for me.

        • Go play historical battles now with 86 pen kv1s against tigers, just now 6/6 shots against a tigers side at 100m all bounces, was that fun…frustrating more like if I play this mode I’ll make sure i’m in one of the two or three tanks than can actually do something, being cannon fodder isnt fun.
          As for randoms, playing a heavily armoured tank takes zero skill/talent/knowledge it takes more skill to shoot gold at the heavily armoured tank. There’s a resaon new players or potatos gravitate towards them.
          And t69 gold isnt penning tiger 2 ufp reliably unless your artificially reducing your angle. That t69 is still having to aim for weakspots with his gold while the tiger 2 can snap shot the t69 without even aiming and pen. There are outliers with gold 330 pen T54 for one, most other gold rounds are balanced. But much I’d rather games were decided by ability to aim (which you still have to do with the majority of gold ammo) than by something as skill less as armour.

          tdlr: Gold is fine, more is needed in HB.

          • skill less as armour LMAO.

            evil heavy tanks cant get penned if they angle their tank correctly. how can they dare to do that. why does a tank, weighting 170 tons, boasting massive amounts fo armour and sacrfice most of its speed dare to bounce my shots!!!!

            i dont mind gold ammo itself actually. i am pissed about goldspammer, shooting nothing but that crap as soon as…well the battle starts. some seem to be thinking that t10 means you arent allowed to shoot anything but gold. that way they dont learn how to drive their tanks. or how to flank an enemy or how to shoot at weakspots in general.

            no the current situation is far from perfect as long as she offers those statobsessed wannabeunicum/sealclubbers the oportunity to overcome their lack of knowledge by just paying more.

            iscending, a mod from the eu forum once said the only limit to gold ammo is your own pocket. which means for me its bottomless. all those specials keep on flooding those credits in without me even being forced to lift a finger.

          • Gold is fine? KV-1s is insufficent against Tiger? Tiger II can snapshot even without aim?

            What the fuck. <:O

      • Histroical battles is much much better than randoms with its no overpowered guns and gold ammo limits. Things like flanking and aiming are actually necessary – shock. Less players on the map and no top radios etc make sthe whole experience a lot more tactical in general actually. Obviously its imbalanced in terms of numbers sometimes but that is easy fixed.

        KV1s is best used for ramming though, otherwise you are better off in a t-34, which so far has been the most fun tank to play in HB other than maybe the Jackson.

      • I used it once and came top through 2k spotting damage, though admittedly my team was terrible and we lost hard. The Su are so blind they really need someone scouting, pure su teams just sit and wait to die.

  2. To think that I did this sort of thing already about 4 months ago… For France, Russia, Germany, US, and SPGs. Mind you for all tanks…

    If SS wants it I’ll send him a copy but it is lengthy…

  3. Thing to notice – radios are stock (or low range) – so you have to ASK whats going on in the other flank.
    Good thing I speak communistish – useful on test :)

  4. IS

    - elite turret, D-25 (elite) gun

    So it is a IS-2 and not a IS? or am i wrong?


    - stock, apart from gun (122mm A-19) and second radio

    ISU-152! with a 122mm gun? isnt the historical gun the 152mm?

    • IS-2 was IS with 122mm gun.
      Also IS-2 was IS with different front shape.
      Call it how you want it.

      ISU had both guns. Yet 152mm is better to kill stuff.

      • Apparently the ISU-152 represents the ISU-122 in this case, cos it was more used as a TD, the 152 version was more of an assault gun (and SPG)

      • Nope…the shape stuff is incorrect…there were 2 IS-2s…
        1 using the IS-1 hull shape and 1 using an late model(of which year I forgot).The late one is the Chinese IS-2 in game.

        Correct me and feel free to slap me if I’m wrong.

        • Later hull is IS-2 model 1944 afaik. But both IS-2 had 122mm, while IS-1 was using 85mm. Woras is the one wrong here.

          • Nope. There wasnt IS-1 – it was IS-85.
            Just IS-2 was called the ISes who had 122mm – get your facts straight.

            • IS-1 and IS-85 is the same thing, and you can call it by both names.
              Then you have the IS-122, which uses the same hull as the IS-1, but with an 122mm A19 gun.
              IS-2 uses the D25-T gun, which the IS in historical battles is fitted with.

              Get >your< facts straight.

    • IS-1 barely fought (compared to IS-2).
      And ISU-152 has 122mm to make it ISU-122 – almost same TD, just different gun. Historical.
      There is also SU-122 made of SU-85. SU-152 with 122mm would be SU-122M(? not sure if M or something else)

  5. I think hp difference between tiers 5-6-7 has too big influence on battle result. Nobody wanna play pz4 or t34 when IS and tiger have better armour, gun, 20% higher dpm (1800 vs 1500avg), and 3x more hitpoints. T34-85 is much better option, but Germany has no historical tanks on tier 6.

      • To drop the waiting time people need to play more of the mediums and lights… But currently people are suffering from Derp Fever. And I don’t expect it to change any time soon.

        • Unless they’re adding an limit to the times you can play a top tier in a row…hell, you need to be a masochist to play a pz2/t70 in a battle against Jtigers/ISUs…

          • My PzII did quite well (hink im a masochist) I am/was (i rarely play it anymore) a sealclubber with my pzII, it has 4skills. Got 2.1k potential damage and stood on top of the list xp wise. It was 5su’s against 5tigers. Maybe that was the problem, when there would have been more tiny tanks i think i would be dead.

            • We did some Historical Battles in out clan about 4 months ago (training room) and the Pz III with its camo kept sneaking behind the ISUs and killing them…

            • This is my experience with the light tanks as well, in games where it is all high tier heavies and tds you can rack up big spotting scores and pretty much decide the battle. In games where some people roll out t-34s or stugs your life expectancy is way shorter (though whoever exposes themselves to kill you generally dies themselves soon after).

      • I waited close to 10 min last night with JT (just wanted to try 1 time), around 5-7K players online. there was me, Panther & afk KT. ended up doing over 4K damage and lost :/

        • i waited close to 5 mins (dont u get kicked out of the qeue after 5 mins in historical battles?) with my jt, also wanted to try it out one time. well, no brain and even less luck –> 5 mins of waiting wasted ^^
          Rly thinking about trying out a t-70 or pz2, just for trolling ^^

  6. Couldn’t you add the parameters of the named guns like pen/dmg? I only see names like 88mm L/56 gun. I can’t do anything with it… I have to look up all :(

    Besides I had the 152mm BL-10 (286/329/90 pen, 750/750/950 dmg) on the ISU in historical battle! Bug?

  7. Tiger II
    - stock tracks in Ardennes, elite tracks in Balaton

    I get the whole balance parameter thing, and the part where both tracks have the same model, but it’s still bugging me how the tigerII will basically be running on transport tracks during the ardennes…

    - second gun (122mm M-30S)

    So the only SU-85 chassis SPG available during the historical battles will be the SU-122. With an SU-85 nametag. Same thing with the ISU-122 sporting the ISU-152 tag. Am I the only one here that thinks it’s a missed opportunity to implement dynamic tank names?

  8. They just have to give limited battles on top tiers (maybe something like with CW blocked) because it will be big lack of low tier tanks such as pz IV and t34

    • Even that wont work, people will play a game with their big guns then go play randoms. The need to buff the rewards in some way for playing the lower tier tanks well. I doubt its even that difficult, they already modify rewards for damaging higher tier tanks in randoms, they just need to expand on that. If you could get the best reward by playing a pz 3 people would do it.

      They plan on running the historical battles witha rotation much like the missions, so they could easily encourage the smaller tanks by linking them with missions. “Win Kursk 20 times driving Pz3 or t-34″ for example. Or “get patrol duty driving T-70 or Pz2 on kursk”. Do that and get the balancing of the teams right and people would quite happily mix up their vehicle choices.

      • I find it hell-ov-a-lot more interesting playing Kursk (and the other maps too) with IV H & StuG, knowing there is 4-5 x 152mms waiting in the forest looking at you. Keep your head up too long & You get Derp-slapped in the face. Flanking & sneaking to the enemy, shooting them to the ass is much fun :)

  9. I am sad that the Easy 8s and Jumbos don’t get the 76mm :-(. Are there hostorical records saying that they did? Cause I’m sure by the battle of the bulge they should have 76mms

        • Exactly. I mean even in terms of balance that decision doesn’t make sense. The Easy 8s are outclassed as it is by the Tiger, the fact that it has the 76mm at least gives it a fighting chance. I feel really, really disappointed that I won’t get to use the 76mm in HB. I just wanted to take my Easy 8 out for battle and if it can’t have it’s historical loadout, what’s the point of there being Historical Battle?

            • E2 is surprisingly effective even with the 75mm, lovely lovely armour hehe.

              But yeah why would you take an E8 in this battle?. If they left the jumbo with the 75mm and gave the E8 the 76mm at leats there would be a reason.

    • Remember that you wouldn’t meet anything better than stock ISU. Neither 9th nor 10th
      Besides, have u tried stock T28 Prot? meeting t-54s and other?

      • haha yeah exactly
        after you make it through that terribly average T25/2 you unlock the prot and… yaaay the same crappy gun only on a tier 8
        me -> prot. unlock -> gun check -> lol nope -> insta-free-exp -> gg

  10. This should be a team-battle mode not random pub. Teams are too small to have people running around without direction and a common plan.

    • Yeah, the game style benefits from team work (more flanking needed and such) but there is not even platoons.

  11. Man these guns will make Panther and Tiger armor great…..Hell the T34`s armor vs 20mm German will be OP :)

    Also now we see how OP the long 88mm really was…. 203mm Pen anyone vs T5 tanks? :) Also 43 rounds of it….To bad the KT would have broke down mid battle.

    Maybe they can work in Mech failure rates and balance it :)

    Also if they ever fix HE mechanics to shed/weaken/crack armor that will be the tactic, the M4/T34 will fire 5 HE rounds and then fire AP and hope they killed enough to pen or hurt enough crew.

  12. Those historical set-ups for russian vehicles are completely fucked up.

    IS = 85mm gun. Only IS-2 had the 122mm D25 gun.
    ISU-152 = always uses it’s 152mm ML20s howitzer! If mounted with 122mm A19 – than it’s ISU-122 not 152.

    • The “name” if the tank means nothing, especially when the chassis was used in multiple variations, each with a different name.

      There is no “IS” being used in historical battles, but there is no Russian tank called the “IS-2″ in WoT.

      So, historic battles don’t use the “IS”, the “SU-85″ or the “ISU-152″, they actually use the “IS-2″, the “SU-122″, and the “ISU-122″.

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