T-54 Turret Armor in 9.0

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Hello everyone,

in his post, Storm shows how the T-54 turret armor will change. Every model, that gets transferred to HD quality, will have its armor changed – some slightly, some significantly so. Most of the time it’s about the increase of number of armor zones. In connection with this, Storm admits that they made a mistake, when they made the 9.0 turret armor for the test. Check this out. This is how it looks now (8.11):


This is what it was changed into in HB Test (or the current running test round)


And this will be the final 9.0 release version:


(the scale between pictures is slightly off, so no, size doesn’t change)

This is also the way the Chinese will be reworked, when transferred into HD, but Storm states that it is not decided yet, what (if anything) will be done with Type 59 armor. I asked around and the info is however that it is unlikely its armor will be touched due to player reactions.

35 thoughts on “T-54 Turret Armor in 9.0

  1. Can they also fix the nerf to the Tortoise armour? It’s aready slow for how big the weakpoints are.

  2. Why add so many different armour layers and zones at all?
    If they are going to nerf it, why split the existing armour layout into strips of different thickness?

    • Because that doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual armor layout of a real turret.

      • Real sad that the T-54s armor gets nerfed, and not the HEAT round. “More realistic”? It’s WoT, they threw all “historical accuracy” overboard long ago, so imo they should only nerf/buff depending on the vehicles performance and not some silly RL numbers.

    • Nerfing the armour was never the point of this. The point was to make the models more realistic. They went and actually measured T-54 armour and that’s how it is.

      • The final 9.0 model is much closer to the real thickness of a T-54′s turret. Overall while I was playing it on test the armor really didn’t feel any different from the T-54 I know and love. It might be -bit- squishier but it’s not really that noticeable.

        • Exactly. Even the cupola bounced a few shots.
          This is a lot more realistic too, because you never have sharp transitions in armour thickness, it’s a single cast with smooth transitions, think of it as a gradient – from 200 to 150 mm gradually. Now for a realistic model there would have to be 1mm strips, but that wouldn’t work well so here’s a compromise. It’s actually pretty well done.

    • Yea, these are not intentional nerfs. They are just making the models as accurate as possible and are only making the changes to reflect the HD models from archive data and test data on these tanks.

    • I really like what they are doing, and I am looking forwards to seeing the changes to a lot of tanks, such as Centurion and Conqueror, T-62A, Object 140 ect. I expect armour will become a little less for most tanks in some places.

      If this is any indication of things to come, we will see less disparity between a lot of tanks, where some have glaringly weak armour spots, while others seem to be made from pure starlinuim frontally.

      Keep this up WG.

    • Compare the side angle of the first picture and the second. Is it not straighter at the turret ring? Wouldn’t you agree that a straight line is simpler than a < shape?

    • You know, the Tier 7 T29 has better turret front thickness than the tier 9 E-75.
      The 59 was a modified copy of the T-54, nothing wrong with making improvements yeah?

      • In game Type 59 is a T-54A with Chinese made equivalent to T-54A parts…
        It is worse then T-54 in all areas.:
        Hull armour : 100 instead of 120. Will change slightly when T-54 also gets 100 mm option.
        Gun: no need to explain :P
        Mobility: Type 59 aint bad, but T-54 is better.

        Only real thing Type 59 has is -7 gun depression and I am not sure whether that is historical. Probably not.

          • I can’t understand why WG listens so much on the Type-owners, why don’t they do a Super Pershing refound all over again and make the Type 59 as it is IRL with -5 degrees gun depression, if you don’t like what has been done with your Type then sell it and get your gold back.

            Since the introduction of the “Light T-54″ for Soviet will be like a Soviet version of the T-34-2 (armor-vice) the Type will still have better armor but probably worse mobility and the same gun as its siblings. Maybe they can put it back in the shop and you have to chose between armor or mobility, Type vs Light T-54.

            I am just tired of all the nerfs on other tanks but as soon as they try to change the Type (was reduced to -5 gun depression one test server) but all whining made WG pull the change back and made it exclusive for special ocations etc.

            What does the Type owners have that we other don’t (except for a good premium medium)??

            • Yeah, and they nerfed superpershing into the core of the earth. Screw them, not touching type for no reason.

  3. I wonder if this armor rework is going to be part of their “storm of rebalance”. Make historically correct armor models, then back the pen down on the guns to match. They must have balanced the guns against the old armor model.

    • This would work if every tank model in the game was historical. Unfortunately, WG started with paper-projects that never existed to fill holes where real tanks would never fit in the tech trees. And this practice kept getting worse, and worse, until the pinnacle of non-historical, the WT E-100. Never drawn, never proposed, and only the barest line of text outlining a future of potential projects on the E-series hulls. One, of which, was a TD version. The JP E-100 is the tank imagined for the proposal. So, the WT E-100 is a ‘what if, instead of a logical TD design, the german tank design bureau all took some acid and absinthe and came up a Frankenstein that even Hitler would have rejected’.

      Yes, the HD remodel of the WT E-100 with respect to historical realism will be hilarious.

      • Please get the stick out of your ass and engage brain before posting next time. The Wafflemonster uses a slightly modified E-100 hull with the same armour, while the gunhouse is so thin it is wholly irrelevant in regards to protection how they’ll model it in HD because literally *everything* will go through anyway.

        Also not even the most made-up critter in the roster, since both of the component parts certifiably existed and even if putting them together was never proposed IRL it oughta been technically doable.

        And Hitler had to be *talked out* of pursuing far more idiotic projects so eh.

  4. I dont like this at all. The way they are going to make these layers on tanks will just even more minimize the very little you could do with your armor and will now get penned randomly on random places. Well it doesnt have to be true but its just what I feel from this this.

    • It’s okay, it still plays well on test server. 155mm guns still bounce, calm your titties :D