Meanwhile in Russia…


“…but I have a Bat Chatillon 25t in my garage”

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25 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Russia…

  1. The effect is better with the Bat Chat than it would have been with a T62. Maybe people would think he really has a T62 in the garage IRL. With the Bat Chat it is clearly a WOT reference… smart dude :D

  2. Too bad he didn’t take his batchat out of the garage, it would probably drive a lot better than whatever that crappy car is…

    • Yep it is they have 8 servers and millions of players it is the most popular MMO in Russia and such car decals are common there.
      Also they have the so called WarGag a 9gag clone but only with WoT related jokes it is really funny if you can read Russian.
      Here it is:
      In Soviet Russia games play you! :D