38 thoughts on “Bonus Code

  1. Cant activate it on my NA account for some reason. Works fine on EU though…

  2. thank u very much peedu ,and ErwynSmith for the 50 gold code
    ^^ total 100 gold !!

  3. thank you guys in the comments^^ :)
    all of them work, but I had to redeem them through WoWp site, because WoT is giving me connection timeout

  4. ffs i late with 2 hours and no code is active. :S
    WG should do a timelimit and not a personlimit on these codes…

  5. So sad seeing the seething masses crying about these gold crumbs. Get better then join a serious clan or tournament team and reap thousands of gold weekly.

    • Are you really dumb enough to think that any more than a tiny fraction of players will ever be able to do that?