47 thoughts on “WoWs Alpha in Numbers – April

    • Actually, you probably would be disapointed. It really needs some polishing. And making only few ppl(ok, 1k is not exsactly few) able to play lets them keep tensions high. Aslo, closed beta will be this year, so we are ~1 year from release.

      • Though it is very buggy, because it’s an alpha, I just want to know how it will be made… I want to know how you control the ship and guns etc. :)

        I also played WoWP in closed Alpha

  1. Yeah they cannot afford another bust like WoWP. Still, as long as there are no German ships I am out, and not including submarines is also a big negative for me.

    Let’s just pray they get the gun sounds right. KingLear back in MWLL is maybe the best sounddesigner I ever had the pleasure to get to know. His AC20 sounds were just wow.

    • German ships will be the 4th of 5th nation into the game. After the USN, IJN and Royal Navy.
      4th/5th is a contest between Russia and Germany.

    • Oh I can guarantee you that both Germany and Russia will be added upon the actual release.

      • Negatory. Devs have said that Only Japanese and Americans until release with Royal Navy on or slightly after release.

        Ships take too long to model to have that many ships in by that time.

    • The Russian navy will probably be first, since the Russian player-base is bigger.

      Or Wargaming could pull off the ultimate balls the the wall awesome move and release the Brits and the Kriegsmarine at the same time.
      King Georges V vs Bismark
      Admiral Hipper vs Renown

      That punk-ass Soviet black sea fleet can wait.

      • The WWI German Navy will be there too. And I doubt they will release two nations at a time.

        • I doubt it too, but how cool would it be to see rival navies being released at the same time.
          The IJN with the USN at release.
          The KM with the RN in a later patch.

          Then the odd nations that pretty much dicked around with ships, not having the badass battles like the others.
          Like Italy, or Soviet Russia.

    • alexander__l , hey noob. can I delete all the Gery/Nazis tanks from my WoT Client ?
      I never played them, and never gona do so, they are FREE slot for me… CAN I delete them from WoT game Or I about didnt play WoT because every1 play with them, piece of noob?
      thx you.
      P.S – is isn’t fair, I didnt wanna play with them but they Takes/Cost lot of MB from my WoT Folder.
      wish they never come to earth or in universe!

      • Yus PL tenk best tenk ))))

        but do you really think that a machine is some symbol of the political past? i certainly don’t hope so, because tanks are mere machines. and this game is about having fun whilst playing around in such machines. no political BS whatsoever.

        • good man, that’s what you think…
          when gery monster with his nazi tank sometimes when killing usa or ussr (such as allies)teams and Laughs with his monster of pig Ideology. like a ugly company.
          and I doesn’t say/mean about all the blame and shame this “game” make feel, sometimes.
          sure they still here, and they was never should to be.
          why that …. and … didnt died in WW1 … …. …. !

          btw.. good Alpha test in WoWs, looks really cool, (better without “wolf” submarines)

      • polish stronk tenk pleyers , they pley tenks as they fak wemen rash and finish in 10 sek.

  2. 15.000 km2 the area of all maps in the game.

    Out of which 7000 km2 is unpassable terrain, while the rest is subject to choke points, no?

  3. I hope they take their time with it and dont let any of the “professionals” from the WoWp devs group close to it so they could mess this one up too.

  4. Is it only me who is in complete darkness when it comes to warboats? :D
    Oh well, will learn when game comes out.

  5. It does indeed look interesting. I’ve been playing some navy field 2, but it was pretty bad. wow seems more interesting.

  6. “This is actually interesting… WoWs looks promising”

    Call me cynical but after WoWP WG has a 50/50 chance for hit/miss for me.
    (With WoT being a hit and WoWP a miss)
    And since developer studios with much more experience have failed in the past few years
    I’ll wait for a playable version to appear before making any kind of judgement…

    Gaming history has shown time and time again that only the “final” product can show it’s worth.
    Although final product in WG terms probably means patch 0.6.2. ;)

      • Don’t get me wrong, I would love for that to happen, but having played since the beginning of the WoWP cbt and seeing as it went gradually from “Well it has a lot of flaws, but hey it’s closed beta” to “Well this is still bad… what? This is the release version? oO” … …

        Lets just say I don’t have any hope left for WoWP, but hey… if my expectations are low then it’s easier to impress me, right?

  7. I’m hoping that WoWS will be more like WoT than WoWP or even better than WoT. If the close beta is release, I would be glad to participant even through I’m from Asia. Asia always left behind when it comes to awesome games like this. :)

  8. bla bla bla all nice and dandy stats that we don’t give a shit about, but the important thing that is where the FUCK is the fucking CBT is never answered….
    they’re taking far too long to release this

    • Because they don’t know themselves, it all depends on how the testing goes. And people whining like a little female dog don’t do anything to help move the game along in any way

    • Balancing ship gameplay with multiple turrets, airplanes and sizes huge as fuck is I believe not an easy task. Not to mention the fuckload of huge sea maps.

      Let them take all the time they need… I dont want a WoWp fail release that is at best a BETA game atm.

      • The “fuckload if huge maps” will probably no be bigger then 4km x 4km if we go by wot or wowp standards… its still the same crap engine the limits the whole game.

    • It takes 2 months alone for a carrier to be “built” times that by 5(nations) and then by 9(at the least) tiers… its a lot of work… this is not some whimpy ass tank that takes a few short weeks to be modeled.

  9. If we could play the game… that would be great. I can’t wait for open Beta. I am going to rock the socks off this game.

  10. I don’t know… they may make a super good game but the nature of naval combat at WW2 era is very boring for the mass player and it requires really good team co-op skills…
    1.Ships go very veeery slow(10 years old kids will quickly get bored and quit)
    2.Huge maps are needed(For example Bismark was able to fire her main caliber guns at 36km)
    3.The player must know exactly what their ship class role is in battle(Hard to do in random battle as most players will be playing to “BLOW SHIPZ WITH BIG GUNZ” yep there will be destroyers trying to blow battleships with their small guns).
    4.As a consequence from point number 3 carriers will be left without cover(we all know what a loss of a carrier meant in WW2(Midway) and the consequences from the lack of air cover(Force Z))
    5.What about torpedoes??? Wasn’t that the main reason for subs not being ingame but destroyers and cruisers will have torpedoes why???

    I expect a good game from WG,one that i will play with the same fun as WoT but again the mass player wouln’t like it .

    • 1) Ships go faster than tanks, on average
      2) True, but the probability of hitting at range is very low
      3) True, but the community will have to work together on that one
      4) Space is a carriers ally, as the maps are so large
      5) No, the main reasons for not including of subs was the style of gameplay and the additional features needed for them. Torps are fine.

  11. I wanna circle those stronk ships on my armed jetski and make them sink…
    SerB you fatass make this possible pls…for the whines and tears