24 thoughts on “Karl Mode: Active until 9.0

  1. Could not care less about the Karl, was fun to play 1 time or 2. But annoying that WoT Statistics won’t work now due to that thing. That sucks.

      • Most, but not WoT statistics as I understand it, it has changed developer, it is now the same as vbaddict and he will not have time until 2-3 weeks after 9.0.

    • Check the forum page of Wot Stat….they gave the link to the page of the update….

      Have fun !

      • Oh thats great, I thought WoT Stats was beeing auto updated now, but the fix worked! Then I dont care if Karl stays or goes!

    • IF u want i will give u mine also.
      For me its an ungly shit folls day joke and it ruins my garage

      • And how, exactly, is something that takes one mouse click to hide ruining your garage? You pathetic, ungrateful, little child.
        Oh and if you want to be taken seriously, it helps if you can spell properly. Moron.